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It Takes a Village

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The mission was supposed to be simple, easy for young students in their early years. A scouting mission on the edge of the village to ensure they were upheld and intact. Unfortunately for the newly banded Group Seven, nothing ever ended up easy, much less than simple. They were wandering at the furthest point from the main city, and even farther from the rendezvous point at the other end of the border when they encountered a slight whispering. Sasuke noticed it first and pulled Naruto into the bushes, covering the noisy blondes mouth and telling him to, in the quietest way possible, shut the fuck up. Naruto was about to protest, but Sakura joined them with a look of such intensity that he felt the weight of it all lay over his chest.


He fell silent, silently shaking the grip over him and staring into the thick forest. The trees blocked most of his sight, but his keen ears caught the shuffling of half concealed footsteps spanning the outside of their periphery. He strained to catch the mumblings of something sinister as they came into view from the shadows. They wore unmarked clothing and held several weapons between the group of six of them. All men with masks covering their faces, though none of them seemed uncertain. The aura they gave off alerted all of the young ninja to their less than kind intentions.


Sasuke looked to them and they looked to him and nodded. They were outnumbered and out matched, but they had to get news to the others of what they had found. Naruto, ever the bold young leader, volunteered by simply bursting from the bush and darting away from the others and towards a clearing not to far off. After getting ten yards from the others he shouted loudly to the intruders: “Hey dummies! Come get me,” then continued to dart to the clearing. When twelve feet came stampeding after him, he let the relief hit his chest only long enough for him to realize that he needed a new plan. Off the cuff, he had one simple gesture dancing at the tips of his fingers.


Just as he burst forth into the clearing, he was surrounded by a cloud of smoke, then his body transformed. The six men came soon after to be met with the enticing visage of a blonde haired, completely nude woman, standing in a flirtatiously vulnerable way. “Help! I’ve gotten lost,” she complained, but the smile that came after was anything but weak as she rubbed her breasts together. From one moment to the next was a strange blur in Narutos memory, but the next thing she knows, her face is being pressed into the dirt as she is fucked senselessly.


There was a strange completeness to the feeling of having a cock shoved inside the manifested cunt that made her whimper and call for more in the heat of the moment, forgetting that these people were foes to her and the hidden leaf village.


One man pulled her bare hips up and her legs wrapped around his waist, letting out a soft moan as he forced his pants down low enough to free his already hard cock. He pressed it inside her embarrassingly wet entrance, causing her to writhe as he bucked his hips forward. She felt no shame as she begged for more and bucked back against his hips. He obliged by fucking her harder until her back was scratched and bleeding from the tree behind her. Her hands went up to alleviate the pressure from her back, moaning loudly.


Her arms gave way as another man slipped behind her, holding her up at a new angle as his companion pounded into her tight heat mercilessly. Eventually he filled her with his spend and set her down on her knees. When she thought she was done, there was a cock in her face. The man behind her pulled her head back so the head was aligned with her lips. She parted her jaw willingly and was immediately met with a cock in the back of her throat. She choked around it and pulled back slightly, but was immediately pushed back onto it. She gagged and drool dribbled down her narrow chin. She whined around him and swallowed as much as possible before giving into the current of bobbing her head. Her mind got pleasantly fuzzy after that, giving in to receiving as much as they would give her.


Unfortunately, her form wouldn’t stay sturdy. She received the last load in her and laid back, spent and dazed and strangely happy. The men around her were pulling themselves together as her body went back to its natural state in a cloud of smoke. Naruto sat up, gulping slightly before running off into the woods before anyone could process his new shape. He found a stream to clean up in before returning back to the rendezvous point.


Dodging questions about what he had done were easy enough to avoid, spinning a magnificent tale that no one believed about how he fought the whole group of them off by his lonesome. The bruises from their grabby hands were the only evidence he had in his favor, and those were too intimate to share. Naruto didn’t mind going on unbelieved for this particular incident.




The next time, it wasn’t nearly as discreet. By now, all of those who knew him were well aware of Sexy Jutsu, as well as Sexy Harem Jutsu, but that didn’t make them insusceptible to his charms. He was bored and absolutely aching for that feeling again. Being used wasn’t a new experience for him by now, but that sensation was completely new and now he found himself daydreaming about it to the point it distracted him during missions. So he didn’t bother hiding as he transformed in front of his team and began to tease and flirt with some of the males in the academy.


It was too long before eventually they decided to take Naruto up on his offer. Lee was surprisingly pleased by this development and taught the blonde a few tricks that he would take with him, such as how to breathe while sucking a cock and how to incorporate the whole body when flirting. Lee was an interesting coach for this matter and it was hard to make eye contact with him after, but that didn’t make the lessons any less important. Naruto was all too happy to use his lessons to appease the man that taught them.
Lee loved to pull at the long blonde hair as he pounded deep into her cunt and pin her against walls. The two of them would have semi-regular sessions when they could where Naruto would take the chance to learn more about how to use this body to pleasure men- purely for in the case of needing to be a good distraction. Had to be convincing, right? To be convincing you have to be good at it, and good Naruto was. Lee had also gotten good at encouraging the competition in Naruto. Calling her all sorts of names and challenging her to all sorts of mischief until he’d cum at least three times in one day.


“Fuck…. Naruto you’re getting so good at this, you little whore.” He laughed as she hummed with pleasure at his words. Her throat constricted around his cock as she bobbed her head, big blue eyes looking up at him as she worked her way down- each time she swallowed him whole and brushed her nose against his pubic hair. The hand in her hair tightened slightly in a rare sign of losing his self control. Naruto's hands went up to his hips and nudged him slightly and they jerked forward causing her to gag horribly and pull back, coughing with the effort.


“I’m so sorry!” Lee exclaimed, dropping to one knee to take her face in his hands, but when they locked eyes again, Lee was certain that Naruto was not upset in the least. Which was only confirmed when her hoarse voice came through.


“Do it again,” she demanded dreamily. Lee grinned and kissed her forehead before getting up and resuming their position. The head of his cock rested on her lip and she opened her mouth, taking a short lip to the precum coated head before he buried himself deep in her mouth again, groaning as he began to thrust. Even as the tears began to well in her eyes, Naruto took it with happy moans and pride at being able to handle this new thing.






Kiba was a whole new situation. He loved to make her beg for exactly what he wanted until all that was left was needy, carnal desire and tears of pleasure. Before him there was only providing and gaining pleasure from what was taken. Now, she knew what it was like to want and beg. It began with a lazy afternoon. The students were given a day off in their final year to prepare for their final exams. They were all tense, and Kiba offered a chance to blow off steam, so Naruto couldn’t resist.


They found themselves in Narutos usually lonely apartment, sprawled against the sheets in the summer heat. Akamaru laid by the door, not watching but still aware of the acts taking place in the room. Kiba laid over the lanky blonde, licking and kissing everywhere but the one place that craved attention. Narutos arms were bound above her head to keep her from touching herself, but the way her hips jerked each time the man between her legs seemed enough to earn a warning growl. She squeaked and settled back into the mattress, resigned to simply writhing and whining.


“Kiba. Kiba please,” she pleaded, tears forming at the edge of her eyes from the overstimulation. Too much and at the same time not nearly enough. The brunette seemed to take mercy on her and finally placed his tongue on her dripping entrance, sealing his lips around the wanton hole as his tongue pressed inside, causing her to cry out with pure ecstacy. He lapped at her insides with an extraordinarily long tongue. He pressed and prodded before happening upon a bundle of nerves inside of her that made her scream, arms tugging around the binds on her wrist. Her hips bucked before pressing back against his mouth, needy and obediently his as he pulled her back to him and torture that spot.


The tears began to fall freely from her eyes until everything exploded in a bout of white-hot feeling. Her body spasmed against the mattress once again, near violently as everything that was in her unraveled in a mess of thick liquid. She was left a limp, sweaty, twitchy mess as Kiba pulled back, licking his lips. There was a clear indication of lingering desire as Naruto caught her still pitchy breath. “Fuck…” she whimpered, eyes half lidded as they caught his.


“You up for more?” He asked after a moment, reaching between his own legs to stroke his achingly hard cock. She took a moment to answer, instead looking up at her bruising arms.


“Untie me first, give me a minute, then fuck me until I lose my voice,” she said with little ceremony to it. And that is exactly what they did for the rest of the afternoon. Naruto couldn’t speak for the entirety of the written portion of the exam, not that anyone seemed willing to complain.








The spring was cool and rainy, but there were days where the sun would dry everything to soft dirt and warm air. Flowers bloomed and swayed in the slightest of breezes. Sasuke sat alone, waiting atop a large blanket in the most isolated part of the forest. Naruto walked up, still in his boyish form, and sat next to him. They didn’t speak, didn’t even look at eachother. “We don’t have to,” the blonde suggested. The other shook his head slightly, but his hesitant breathing stuttered in his chest.


“I can change, if it’s easier,” Naruto tried. There was a long pause between them, but eventually the blue haired boy nodded, seeming so vulnerable in that moment. It was nearly heartbreaking to see, how someone so young could hold that much fear and restraint. So naruto shifted, wearing a soft dress that billowed out like a flower at her hips and ended mid-thigh. She stretched out her legs, looking at her toes instead of the boy next to her- the one she cared so deeply for. She waited for a moment, and was rewarded with those piercing, always studying eyes looking into hers as he tilted her face up to meet his eyes. His leg was braced between hers as he brought their lips together.


It was the softest thing Naruto had ever felt in any of his forms. Even in this one, a body made for gentility, as their lips worked in a steady pace. She laid back against the blanket and he followed after, keeping their lips together the whole way. Her hands unzipped his vest slowly, letting him get used to the idea of it being taken off before it was. He stopped to lean back, shrugging it off his shoulders, then working off the shirt underneath of it. She ran her hands against the scar covered torso, slowly tracing the defined muscle and studying him, even as he came back down to retake her lips in his.


They stayed like this for a while, occasionally splitting for a new angle or to catch their breaths, then returning. Sasuke seemed unsure of how to proceed, and Naruto was showing a rare sense of patience with him, but slowly there was a crescendo of emotions and desire rumbling deep in her chest and she rolled her hips up to catch his half hard cock under his trousers, making his body tense and breath halt completely.


“Do… do you want me to lead?” She asked, studying his face. He had his eyes closed in concentration, thinking and working through this like it was any other mission or problem he had faced. He slowly nodded and she sat up to switch their positions, letting him lay beneath her. She pulled the dress up and over her head, slowly tossing it to her side before bending to kiss sensually against his neck. Her hands went back to wandering his torso, finding every sensitive spot as she traveled lower and hovered over his crotch. It took a moment for him to arch up against it, pressing into her hand with a quiet moan, hidden behind his hand.


Naruto leaned back to look down at him, taking his hands and pulling them away from where he was trying to hide himself. “No one is going to see us. No one has to know,” she said softly, a strange understanding settling into her voice and seeming to ease him into moaning again as she shifted her grip against him. She guided his hands to her hips and began to grind against him slowly.


After a few moments of this she captured his lips again and began working open the front of his pants to reach her hand inside for a better grip against the flesh there. He moaned, more freely now, and reacted by shifting back against the hand. She seemed pleased by this, shuffling back off of him to tug the pants off and set them with the rest of the clothes they had accumulated. She bent down to lick slow stripes up his cock, looking up each time to gauge his reaction. He settles into the blanket and grips her hair gently, rocking up slightly. This makes her pull away. As used to rushing through as she was, she wanted to savour this, to make it gentle and secure rather than a simple tumble worth forgetting. She crawls up him again and takes her time in kissing every part of his body, gripping his throbbing member in her hand and giving it two slow pumps, letting him know how the rest of this would go. He settled as recognition flashed across his mind.


He sat up again as she lowered herself down onto his cock. They both groaned and stopped for a moment, letting each other get used to the sensation. It was close, and intimate. They breathed each others air for a few moments before getting lost in their kisses again. Slowly, ever so gently, Naruto began to rock against the cock inside of her. She panted slightly and rested their foreheads together.


They remained like that for most of the afternoon, exploring bodies with hands and tongues and eyes and words, finding all of the good and bad things in one another's eyes.




Years later and so much has changed. And yet, hardly anything at all.

The life of Hokage was one of luxury and dedicated work, keeping Naruto Uzumaki busier than a bee in the summertime. The children were young and kept Hinata busy as well, and neither could be brought to interact with each other too often. However, age had not made the ninja any more patient. The day was slow, and peace was settling across all of the clans as new leadership rose in all of them and they created new alliances. Trade was well and the village was prospering. Very few were capable of complaint.


There were no meetings today, seeing as the only one he had decided to cancel last moment. Hinata had taken the children on a weekend trip to the Village Hidden in Sand. There was no one around to keep the Hokage entertained, and this was of course the day that there was a deep and primal urge clawing at his gut. He needed adventure and to be deeply and thoroughly fucked. Hinata would occasionally humour his desires behind closed doors, but when she wasn’t there, she couldn’t possibly expect Naruto to remain entirely faithful, could she?


The Hokage was a familiar in his usual attire, making his way through the busy streets and thriving on the electric thrill of knowing exactly what he was about to do. He smiled and grinned at passersby until he found exactly what he was looking for. There was a local pub that many ninja spent their days off at, drinking and laughing and unwinding before going off on their missions again, a chance to get caught up on each others stories. Naruto thought this was the perfect place.


“Hey, guys! Come check this out!” He shouted, drawing the attention of many of the ninja inside and pulling them out to see what their Hokage wanted. After seeing a handful of familiar faces, he grinned wickedly and placed his hands together to form the all to familiar hand sign. With a puff of smoke, Naruto felt his body shift and change before she stood, nearly naked before her former classmates and teachers. The only thing covering her supple curves was an orange string bikini with green pinstripes making her already large chest appear larger. The triangles of fabric were to tight on her chest and cunt and left nothing to the imagination. She shifted her weight so her hip popped out, accentuating her curves further. Her long blonde hair fell down to her waist, even where they were done up in her pig-tails.


She smirked, ruby red lips twitching up at the action and turning into a grin as she watched the men in front of her drop their jaws nearly into the dirt. It would have been laughable if she wasn’t so ready to be fucked into oblivion already. She provided an intentional wink to the boys and blew a kiss out to them, making sure to bend and push her chest together slightly as she conducted the action as the men were provided more reason to drool. “Come on, boys, who wants to take a ride?” She asked, reaching up to grab her own hair like the twin ponytails were handlebars. “Come on, someone come play,” she said when no one moved, voice an intentional whine.


Kiba was the fist to clear his throat, blinking slowly at the female version of their Hokage. “I- I uh… Are you being serious, Naruto?” He asked, face red and eyes dark with pure want. The way she responded was to walk up and tug on the front of his vest with a wicked grin, pulling his flushed face to be mere inches apart. Her nose brushed up against his and their breath mingled together between them.
“I’m deadly serious, Babe,” she cooed, locking eyes with him. Kiba leaned forward just as she stepped back with a wink. “But you don’t get to call dibs,” she states with the same wicked grin.


At this point the crowd was gathering a bit more quickly, full of male ninja and a handful of civilians that were gawking at her luscious curves- her round ass and narrow waist coming up to bulbous breasts. Her nipples were already straining against the fabric of her top to reveal their point- and it was much too warm to be from the cold. She was very clearly aroused, turned on by the thought of being watched and fought over; an attention whore to the end.


“Come on boys, who wants me?” She asked with a giggle, blowing a kiss out to the crowd once again. The hand that was resting gently on her hip traveled lower toward the wetness of her cunt, rubbing lightly over the fabric and giving a feather light moan. In the time it took her to close her eyes there were hands on her. She squealed in delight as someone pulled her backwards against his chest and placed his lips to her neck. His cock was hard against her back and the rumble of a growl was familiar enough to make her knees week.


“Hmm… Hiya Lee~” She purred back, letting her darkened eyes open enough to lock onto another familiar face across the circle that had formed. His old teacher, Kiruba with his brown hair tied up in a ponytail. Hints of grey were speckling the dark mass atop his head with pieces falling around his face in gentle, unruly curls. His eyes, once caring and authoritative, were pure black with blown pupils and pure desire. Lees strong hands pulled her hips back against his cock and redrew her attention. “You wanna show everyone what you’ve learned, darling?” He asked with a low rumble in his throat and she nodded with excitement.


“Yes sir,” she purred, pointing her finger to the closest gentleman and beckoning him forward. “Here, pretty boy,” she called, grabbing Teuchi by the collar. The ramen shopkeep was hesitant in walking forward, looking at the female version of the boy who single handedly kept his business running. His hands landed on her hips and her hands went up to his shoulders, pulling him closer.


“You’ve filled me up so many times, what’s one more?” she asked, pulling their lips together in a sloppy kiss, left hand travelling lower to grasp at his slowly hardening cock. He was getting up in age, but he was still as fit as ever. His cock responded happily to the touch, pressing warmly through the material of his pants. He let out a low moan as she pulled her lips away and found his neck, licking and sucking deep bruises. Her hand busied itself with working open his pants. When that was complete, she pointed to a stump where he could sit. “Over there,” she hummed, and the speed he obeyed was almost comical.


Pulling away from Lee’s hold, she stepped forward and slowly lowered herself onto her hands and knees. The ground was hot from the summer and dry from the drought that had taken the city for the last week. She didn’t mind it as she crawled forward, staring with a predatory gaze and moving her hips in a suggestive way towards the others behind her. Her hands came up to his hips first, then her tongue darted out to flick against the man's head, causing a shiver to wrack through his body. She licked again and grasped the base of his cock with her hand. She bent forward and took the head between her lips and rolled her tongue around the swollen flesh, drawing out a bit of precum. There was a hint of satisfaction that came with doing that to someone that made her giddy with excitement.


She bobbed her head slowly, taking him inch by inch until all five were in her mouth and pushing against her throat. Naruto held where she was, swallowing thickly and looking up at him with shimmering blue eyes, moaning at him before closing her eyes and bobbing her head to take him fully each time. Her nose brushed against his pubic hair, almost making her giggle around him. The rumble in her throat caused him to let out a louder moan and his hips twitched slightly in her direction. His hands stayed at his sides, as if respecting her space and body.


So she tried harder, challenging his self control. Sucking and licking and tugging at what wasn’t in her mouth until he bucked his hips up with a cry of pleasure and filled her mouth with his spend. She pulled back panting and red in the face, some cum dripping down from her lips. She chased after it with her tongue and swallowed what was left. The man above her was out of it, but looked at her with a strange sense of care. Naruto leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips before pulling away.
There were hands on her then; Lee petting her hair in understanding, another gentleman brushing his hands against her back wanting her attention. But more noticable were the eyes watching from afar. Something pricked at her senses and she turned her head to look at it, seeing far off down the road.


A single figure stands down the way, watching the scene with intentional indifference. The flash of blue was enough to bring back old memories that pulled at her heartstrings. A flowery meadow and sunshine came to the forefront of her mind. Where he had held her face and fucked her gently rather than the rough and painful way she’d become so accustomed to. The figure turned and disappeared toward the roaring sun at the same time Naruto was standing to face the next figure.


“Come on baby. Show me what you can do,” came a small purr. The new face was a local shop keep, and she grinned up at him, turning to push him back against a tree. She ducked her hands around his waist and pressed her lips against his. They slotted together in a clash of lips and teeth. His hands gripped at the round flesh of her ass and pulled her closer until they were grinding roughly against each other. Breathy pants and whines escaped the pair as their thighs pressed against each others genitals, mouths working in the same desperate pace.


The feeling of hands on her hips and another clothed cock pressed up against her drew her attention backwards, long enough to pull her lips from the pair they’d latched onto to instead find the lips of another man, one she recognized from the lake- a fisherman who often provided warm meals to younger kids with no one to look after them. He ground his hips down and earned a pleased moan from the girl, who turned to capture his lips next. She made a game of teasing one man and grinding against the other, then switching to the opposite, earning upset huffs from each of them.


Finally, it seemed, the first man grew tired of this game and pulled the other man closer, giving her little room to tease. Happily, she went about rubbing herself against both of them, the moans quickly building between the three of them as the grinding became thrusting until both men stuttered to a stop, groaning and resting their foreheads against each of her shoulders. She could feel the warm seed seeping through the fabric of each of their pants and laughed breathlessly, moving to get out from between them. They leaned against one another, spent and panting with small bits of laughter bubbling out from them in the euphoric afterglow of the situation.


Naruto looked back into the crowd and locked eyes with her old teacher once again long enough to see him disappear, replaced by a log as a call to what he had taught Naruto early on in their relationship. Suddenly there were arms behind her, wrapping lazily around her waist and pulling her tightly against the secure body. A cheeky grin spread across her face and she used the same jutsu to take the place he had just been occupying, leaving him with a heavy log in his arms. Instead, she turned to the next familiar face, pulling in Gara, who had been otherwise quiet through the encounter.


The red haired man was visiting from the Hidden Sand Village on more diplomatic grounds, but he didn’t protest the action. In fact he kissed back with fervor. The ground beneath them began to fill with something that Naruto was unaware of, and suddenly, there was a dome surrounding just the two of them. “You seem keen on putting on a show, Uzumaki. I wonder what happens when I deprive you of that.” He grinned wickedly as she pouted.


“Not fair,” she whined, pulling him in for another kiss. He chuckled slightly and kissed back, reaching down to undo the strings of her bikini bottoms, then moved his hands to press against her entrance. She moaned as his fingers worked against her clit, rubbing in slow, intentional circles. She moved to bite into his shoulder and rocked greedily against the friction, begging for more without a word. This continued on for what could have been seconds, hours, weeks for all she cared. It was blissful, the things he could do with his hands. That is when the fingers slipped in, scissoring her open and probing deeper into the wet heat. She cried out, hand gripping into his unnaturally red hair and clinging on tightly. He bit into the side of her neck, working to leave an angry red mark as he worked her open, slipping in a third finger.


When he pulled completely away, she was left dazed and confused, whining at the loss. He smirked at her, then began to move the sand. She was left standing in a makeshift stockade, surrounded by her people and almost entirely unable to move. Her ass hung out and her arms were fastened parallel to her head. There was something so undeniably sexy about being entirely on view and at the mercy of anyone who wanted to use her that made her whimper with pleasure. Gaara pulled out a marker and went behind her to sprawl something on her back. If she followed the movements properly, she could almost make out the words “Free Access”. She wiggled her ass back against him teasingly, earning a firm grip to the supple flesh.


Unceremoniously, she heard the fabric of his pants fall, then his cock pressing against her entrance as she finally, was being given exactly what she wanted. He thrust forward hard enough to make her jaw fall open and slack, making eye contact with a single eye, the rest of the face obscured by a mask. Another teacher, she noted with a sex crazed grin. Kakashi made his way over to Iruka to whisper something in his ear. They seemed to agree with one another, but neither turned their attention away from the blonde as she was pounded into mercilessly, sending moan and cry out into the open air. Gaaras hand had reached around and resumed circling her clit, causing her to tremble and moan in loud breathy noises. It wasn’t long until her body was spasming against the effort of orgasm. Her wet walls tightened around the cock that was still inside of her. His hips sputtered forward as he came, filling her up with his spend.


That’s when the past teachers seemed to make up their minds and advanced towards her. Both of them opened their pants as Gaara stepped away. Kakashi disappeared behind her, but Iruka released his cock to hit her in the face. She giggled delightedly and opened her mouth for him. “Always were an attention whore, huh Uzumaki,” came the brunettes husky taunt. This drew a pleasant shiver from her as she nodded shamelessly. Kakashi huffed a laugh from behind her, then brought a rough hand down against her ass, a loud smack ringing across the clearing. She moaned immediately in response to it, jerking forward to lick at the cock in front of her hungrily.


“Now you’re just a whore, aren’t you?” The white haired man hummed darkly and rubbed lazily at her already overstimulated cunt. She whimpered at the feeling and pushed back against it.


“Fuck… yes, Kakashi-sensei,” she responded, opening her mouth again to lap at the cock in front of her. The brunette kept her from speaking any further by thrusting deep into her throat at the same time Kakashi thrust his cock into her dripping cunt. She cried out against the cock in her mouth and had to resist the urge to gag on him.


“Now you’re just a slut, parading around. Even being Hokage wasn’t enough recognition for you. Now you’ll take any cock that will send you more than a sly glance-”


“Fuck it, Kakashi. Naruto will take any cock period. No glance needed, sly or otherwise. Isn’t that right slut?” Naruto moaned around him as the two of them pounded into her orifices without any semblance of mercy. She choked and gagged and spit around the cock in her mouth, and rocked relentlessly against the one in her cunt, tightening the stretched muscle to get the most pleasure drawn out for her mentors as possible. They came about the same time, covering her face and back in cum that dripped down her skin.


Lee joined her again at this point, trailing a and down her back and pressing a thumb against the tight ring of muscle that was her ass. His fingers were slicked up by the jizz already covering her, and he began working her open once again. Nara made an appearance then. He was good at that, just suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Naruto hadn’t even noticed him before. He gripped her ponytail and didn’t even waste time with words or taunts, simply began using her exactly what she was for: a good blowjob. Rock Lee took his time, stretching her ass out, finger by finger and stretching her until her ass was loose enough to take yet another cock inside her. Nara finished, forcing more cum down her throat and rolling down her chin.


Things continued this way, taking two, three, sometimes four men all at once, when they were particularly creative. Some passed simply to jerk off and add their seed to the mess that accumulated on her back or face, or any exposed skin, for that matter. The day progressed by hours and became more and more wearing on her body, but she thrived in every bit of it. Especially when Kiba came to lick her insides clean, making her whine and moan like a bitch in heat.
The sun began setting and everyone seemed to have had their fill of her and dispersed. The stockades began to crumble and she was left waiting for someone to take pity on her pathetic form as a lone set of footsteps approached, casting a small shadow in the dim light. “Look what you’ve gotten yourself into,” came a familiar voice, followed by a long suffering sigh. A lazy smile drug onto her face as she looked up.



Sure enough, there were those beautiful red eyes and long blue hair that Naruto knew so well. He didn’t move for a moment, but eventually seemed to make a decision to step forward and broke the crumbling stockade and lifted Naruto into his arms, carrying her disheveled form to the nearest spring bath. He settled her into the water and stripped himself down before joining, slowly scrubbing the filth away from her body, working gently to clean her out without sensitizing in any way. He laid the occasional kiss to her shoulder or neck or wrist, led her through another orgasm with his fingers as she did the same with him. It was familiar and lazy and so far gone, it was exactly what both of them needed to pull the day to a close.


With that, Sasuke carried Naruto home on his back, wrapping the beautiful woman in his coat. When they arrived at the Hokages home, he laid her down in her bed and pulled the blankets up in time to see the cloud of smoke that revealed the Hokages true form. The fully grown man laid curled up in his coat, otherwise naked, snoring contentedly. Uchiha pulled the blankets up around his shoulders and pressed a kiss to his temple before disappearing somewhere into the night.


By morning, Hinata was home to take care of him as he took a very well earned rest day. His entire lower back ached to the point that no one could blame him for not wanting to move very much. His voice was so hoarse it was decided that he best spend the day resting, and not talking. Hinata sat besides him, petting his hair with a knowing smile and all the compassion she could muster- which was a lot. Naruto was the love of her life, and that included his tendencies to parade around like a slut in a female form. Hell, she loved him all the more for it.


So they spent the day in while the children enjoyed the nice weather. After all, so much had changed, but it was hardly anything at all in the face of time.