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Red queen

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Leon was sleeping when the phone ringed. he answered it. With sleepy tone he said " yes this is Leon Kennedy" someone talks behind the line, Leon expression changed, sleepy to annoyance.
"Fine give me an hour" he said
He roll up from his bed but while doing that he hit the empty bottle of whiskey with his toe. It rolls until it met another empty bottle.
When he got up his head spins and was throbbing, and his legs were wobbly.
Eventually he regains his balance back. He looks for his pants in hordes of whiskey bottles.

He had severe crisis last night for some unknown reasons. And had to drink it away.

Then his phone ringed again, he grunts in annoyance, and pulled the phone.
"Yeah" his voice was rash but wasn't cold.
"Ummh hey Leon" said the male gentle voice speaks behind the line. Leon quickly recognized the voice it was Wesker's son Jake.
He cleared his throat and answered
"Hey how you been?"
There was hesitant silent. "Well were doing fine, Sherry is working as always" he said.
Leon without hesitant "do wanna talk about?" He asked. Leon can picture Jake shaking his head.

"No not really, i.. i was just bored" he said Leon can picture him being bored as well, it makes sense. Clearly Sherry have been working for an hour, whatever her new work is.

"Listen Jake i'm about to go on a mission, it will probably take long could you like to come?" He gives him an offer.
"Yeah yeah of course!" He said with excitement, Leon can hear that in Jakes voice.
"Good i'll be on my way about an minute"
"Yes i'll get ready" then he rumply ends the call.

He wasn't expecting this kind of a call from Jake. He still doesn't know how to consume all the information that Jake was Wesker's son.


His phone ringed again, he was already clothed. And was ready to head out.
He picked his phone.
"Talk!" This time he was clearly annoyed and ready bite someones face off.
"Leon where are you?" Chris screamed.
"I heading out i need to get Jake first"
"What? Why?" Christ asked, almost screaming
"Just because he was bored I decided to take him with us" he said Leon clearly knowing Chris wasn't happy about it.
"This is dangerous mission Kennedy! You think taking that kid just because he was bored. I won't let-" Leon cuts him off
"There is even more than just that. I believe his antibody could help with the young man.. whats his name was Ethan i think. Jake can help him to cancel out the molds. Luckily Ethan is stranded on western pacific island. He won't be treat to people on the main land." He paused for second, waiting for Chris response but he didn't
Leon smiled.
"thats what you said.. or did you not"
"Leon just get here" he said sighed ending the call.
Leon finally left alone as he started to pack his things.
Almost an hour later Leon pulled over at Jake and Sherry's place. It was small old apartment, he wondered how they live like this.
When he reached the front door. It opens it self as old grumpy lady pops out of the other side. Leon startled for moment but eventually politely greeted the lady. But in response the lady gave him suspicious look.

The door bell ringed, Jake opened the door, He was already geared up.
"I guess you're ready" Leon greeted
"Good because if we late for one minute, Chris will blow my head off" Leon said holding Jake's bag full of guns and ammo. Leon weighted his bag. "You know all this guns and ammos are no use" Jake smirked.
"I ain't trusting any of there boy-scout guns. I'll use my own hand gun, thank you!" He said snatching the bag from Leon's hand.
Jake was clearly excited about going on a mission. Hell how long has it been, Leon himself have missed going on a mission.

They eventually reached the BSAA HQ but was 30 minutes late. When he get in the chopper, Chris met him with raging red face. He smiled hoping he could spare him, But that hope was shortly lived, Chris pinched Leon's cheek harsh.

But was interrupted with Jakes loud grunting.
Leon and Chris both looked at him, then Chris tosses a glare at Leon. Secret agent gives him mocking smirk then shrugs it off.

He nodded at Jake. And welcomed him on a board. There was tension between two man as Jake got on the chopper. Lean cleared his throat.
"So I believe both of you haven't meet since China, right?" He asked. Both man didn't answer him but only silently sat there.

Eventually the pilot told them that they were about to go off. They started to gear up as the chopper started to hover on the air.
Chris finally breaks the silent

"So you probably know our mission, but incase you don't" he glanced at Jake, but Jake didn't even notices it. " we are about go on rescue mission, but also dispositional mission too"

Jake shrugs "who the hell are we rescuing? Or killing?"
Chris pulls out his tablet out of his pocket, theres picture of young blond man, who is mid twenties. Probably same age as Jake, Leon heard about him but never seen him. For some reason he reminds Leon of Wesker.

"This is Ethan Winters, two years ago, we rescued him and his wife back at Dulvey Louisiana in Bakers stated." Chris explained.
Leon sighed "Jesus!"
"What happened out there?" Jake asked
"There's an Connection was working on E virus, the B.O.W but it got loose, infecting the Baker family and Ethan got tied in middle of his wife doing"
"His wife what about her, what happen to her"
"We put her in custody, while her husband was still healing. We tried to cure him with the D series but it didn't work, so we send him to pacific island, named Red queen. Thats why were here"
"We tried to communicate with them about year ago but never got a reply"
"So its our mission? Him!" Jake mockingly said.
The chattering stopped between them, as the plane started to fly over the pacific ocean, the pilot warns them about the shaking and they will be at the island shortly.

About tree hour of flying Jake dosed off, only leaving Leon and Chris. Couple minute of silents until Chris decided to break the tension.
"You know i still against it. Him! And you!!"
"Chris, i swear he won't be a trouble, i know you problems of him being Weskers son but his different." Leon said smiling trying to ease Chris.
"I hope you're right!" Chris sighed staring at Jakes sleeping body.

"Yeah" he glanced at the open just to see mist.
"Christ, if things got nasty, we will have back up right?"
"Yes if we won't report in matter of 24 hours they will send Bravo team, it will be leaded by Jill Valentine."
"Well thats good to know"

"Were here!" The pilot screamed as Leon saw the green dot that is Red queen island. It was bigger than expected. He can hear Jake waking up.
The plane landed, they stepped out, as the mist covers them gently.
The pilot screamed once again " if anything goes haywire, give me the drop point, i will be your air support, good luck" he said started to take off, Chris give him big tumps up.
"I guess this is start of the mission" Jake grunted as he lifts up his shotgun.