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Unlikely Encounters

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He was sitting at his desk pouring over a particular tome from his collection and scribbling notes when the door burst open. Thalia came through the door dragging a large, dead dragonling behind her. She sounded a little winded and her hair was matted from the sweat of combat. She dropped hold of the dead dragonling shutting the door behind her then faced him leaving the carcass where it lay.

“I really hope this is what you were looking for,” she said disgruntled. “I'm done for the night and deserve a day off.”

“You found it. Excellent!” Solas eyed the dragonling. Yes, it was exactly what he had been hoping to find. He had faith that she would be more than capable of hunting the creature he needed to further his studies. It was just a matter of locating its whereabouts. It may have taken her all week, but she found it in the end and that was all that mattered.

He heard the clanging of metal on the stone floors and looked over. She stood in the middle of the room now and had just dropped her blades onto the floor. They were melted off and jagged in many areas, no longer suitable for combat. “You owe me new ones,” she said to him as she started unbuttoning her leather shirt. “Those were my best blades.” She peeled off her shirt and merely allowed it to fall to the floor at her feet as it slid off of her arms. Solas' quill hovered in the air as he stared at her standing in the middle of the room topless; her perky breasts glistening with sweat, her black chin length hair matted to her face and head. She turned and walked away and began peeling off the remaining layers of her clothing dropping them to the floor as she went. There was now a trail of clothing on the stone floors dropped haphazardly behind her as he drank in the sight of her while she made her way to the bath. His quill was still poised in the air as he momentarily forgot about his studies. Her muscles rippled as she walked, her thin frame a sight to behold. She did this on purpose, he knew. She liked him staring at her in the nude every bit as much as he enjoyed seeing it.

She sat on the edge of the tub and began filling it with hot water in silence. Her back was facing away from him but he could still see her slender legs and her back. She was very lithe but her body showed signs of years of training. She climbed into the hot water and stared at him as she lowered herself into the water. Solas went back to what he was writing having forgotten where he had left off as she bathed. She dangled her legs over the edge of the tub as she slipped beneath its surface to wash out her hair. When she resurfaced she began scrubbing away at the sweat and grime from her body.

“You know, Solas, it would have been nice if you had warned me that the damn thing was made of acid. Those blades were my favorite ones.” She leaned her neck back against the ledge of the tub and allowed the hot waters to soothe her aching muscles.

“Had I told you, Thalia, you would have been too cautious in your approach.” He put his quill down on his desk and closed the book he had been reading. There would be no time for further studies for now, she required attention and would seek it from him. And, as usual, he would comply in his own manner.

“Too cautious? What is that supposed to mean?” she asked through half shut eyes.

“You are either too cautious in your approach, or you fight with blind abandon. You have no middle ground,” he pointed out plainly.

She sat up in the tub at this and eyed him. “Are you implying that I am predictable?”

He leaned back in his chair and stared at her before replying. Her hazel eyes meeting his. “I'm implying that I have fought at your side long enough to know you well. Had I told you that your target was that dangerous you would have approached it too cautiously and would probably be dead now. And I can't have that, can I?”

She laughed a bit and stood up in the tub, water dripping off of her body. “You weren't able to predict my actions at The Crossroads, now where you?”

No, he wasn't. She had caught him completely off guard at The Crossroads when he intended to leave. He had removed the Anchor from her, as well as part of her arm, and just as he was about to step through the Eluvian she had called out to him one last time. He had turned to see her struggling to her feet, tears in her eyes, begging for one last kiss. He thought nothing of it and obliged her. He had kissed her passionately losing himself in her and she had used it to her advantage; she had slowly turned them around so her back was to the Eluvian then pulled them both through it together. Wherever it was he was heading she saw to it that she was coming as well. He was not leaving her behind if she could help it. He had to hand it to her, she had outsmarted him which took considerable talent. She wanted to write her own destiny and he applauded her for outmaneuvering him and allowed her to stay. The memory brought a small smile to his lips.

“I will admit that you have your... talents in certain areas that are unparalleled,” he chuckled.

Thalia got out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel and began making her way over to him, a slight sway to her hips. Her hazel eyes sparkled as she looked at him. When she made it to the side of his chair she allowed the towel to drop to the floor. He had a full view of her nude body now and her black hair was already beginning to dry. Choppy wisps of black. She absentmindedly brushed her bangs out of her eyes with a hand sweeping them away from her face. He could smell the lust permeating from her body as she made her way between him and his desk.

He leaned back in his chair to accommodate her and as soon as he did she was pouring herself onto his lap. He wrapped an arm around her waist and she draped her long legs over the arm of his chair. She leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and let out a soft sigh as she relaxed.

“I'm no hunter, Solas,” she said looking up into his gray-blue eyes.

“Are you not?”

“No. Before all of this, before you, I was an assassin and a thief.” She shifted in his lap to look up at him.

With his free hand he began caressing one of her exposed breasts circling it slowly. Using the arm that held her by her waist he pulled her up towards him so he could bring her lips closer to his own. “Being an assassin and a thief requires remarkable hunting skills in order to catch one's prey, wouldn't you agree?” he asked before he kissed her on the chin giving it a small bite before moving to her lips.

“You got me there,” she breathed as his lips brushed up against hers. She parted her mouth to let him in and moaned as he pinched her nipple.

He ended the kiss so he could move down the side of her neck. “Do you not feel compensated for the tasks I set before you?”

He gently moved her outer leg and draped it over his while keeping her other one over the arm of the chair. Her legs were now spread open for him and she arched her back as his free hand captured her left breast while his mouth clamped down onto her other one. He heard her moan softly. He swirled his tongue around her nipple causing it to harden before teasing it between his teeth. One hand caressed, squeezed, and pinched at one breast while the other was suckled on and scraped with his teeth, pulling at the nipple every now and then with his mouth.

“If this is your idea of compensation than I am more than pleased,” she said relaxing back into his arm and resting her head onto his shoulder enjoying the sensations of him toying with her body. She placed her hand over top of the one that was cupping her breast. She enjoyed feeling his fingers move beneath her own as he worked her body.

He released her nipple from his mouth and moved his free hand slowly down her abdomen, her hand still resting atop his own, and brushed her clit with his fingertips softly. Her hips lifted up ever so slightly and she moaned. He brushed his fingers against her clit again circling it this time in a steady motion. She opened her eyes and watched as he played with her masterfully, her hand still resting atop his. He knew what she wanted, that she liked it rough, but he would tease her mercilessly with gentle, soft caresses before he would give into her desires. She reached up and grabbed him by the back of his head bringing him to her mouth. She kissed him deeply and he allowed her this much. Her tongue sought his and she nibbled on his lower lip. Her body felt like it was on fire, he was able to kindle her so quickly. No other lover had ever mastered her body quite like he did.

Finally she broke off the kiss and relaxed back into his arms with her eyes closed so she could fully enjoy his hand playing with her most sensitive area, feeling his fingers moving beneath her own. “I wouldn't trade this for all the gold in the world,” she managed between sighs. Her hips were now moving upwards slightly to press against his fingers. Her clit was all pleasure and his ministrations were making her wet, her sex begging to be filled. She could feel his erection pressed against her and she wondered if he planned to allow her that satisfaction this evening or not? She attempted to press his fingers harder onto her clit but he was far stronger than she and denied her with a chuckle. She released his hand and let it dangle off the side of the armrest.

“Is what I do to you all that great?” he asked in feigned ignorance. He knew he was torturing her by dragging this out, but he enjoyed their sex play. He enjoyed controlling what she got and when she got it. He enjoyed teasing her, denying her, and having her.

“No amount of money or jewels has ever made me feel this good,” she said as he began to slide one finger between her folds. She moaned in pleasure as he moved his finger up and down between her sex painfully slow. She was so wet that his finger was already coated in her slickness. He slid his finger from her clit to her opening, made lazy little circles at her opening causing her to gasp each time, then slid back up to her clit again. She rocked her hips up and down and moved her hand to squeeze one of her breasts. With her free hand she reached over in search of his erection that was pressing against her. She already knew he wouldn't allow her to have it tonight, but she caressed it with her free hand in rhythm with the motion of his finger anyhow. It swelled and pushed against his trousers and he let out a small groan.

“Will I be able to play with this tonight?” she asked looking up at him with a lustful grin giving it a gentle squeeze.

“No, I have work to do.” He wanted to give into the temptation of taking her, but he denied her intentionally. As tough as an act she may put on, in the bedroom she was his to control. And he did have work to complete before the night was over even if her hand on his cock did feel inviting. “You're going to have to just settle for this,” he said as he plunged a finger deep into her sex without warning. Her hips lifted off of his lap and she cried out in pleasure as his finger slid in all the way to her depths. He pressed the base of his palm against her clit as he plunged his finger into her repeatedly. He moved in a slow, deliberate fashion and pressed down onto her pelvis to prevent her from being able to rock her hips off of his lap again. He heard a low growl coming from the depths of her throat. Her desire to buck against his hand denied to her.

“Does this please you?” he asked as he continued to finger her slowly.

She was only able to manage a small, “Mm-hmm...” as she bit down on her lip.

“How about now?” he asked as he slid a second finger into her. She gasped in pleasure as he moved his palm off of her and used his thumb to stimulate her clit while plunging his fingers into her again and again. He slowly began increasing the speed in which he dived into her sex with his fingers until he reached the one he knew her body loved most. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her breasts heaved so he took one into his mouth again.

Thalia both loved and hated him for this. That he could manipulate her body so easily. She loved the sensation of being filled, and though it wasn't his cock, his fingers were still enough to satisfy her sex. She began to moan each time he plunged inward and felt her loins catch fire. Her orgasm was fast approaching. She looked up and locked eyes with him. She was only able to rock her hips up and down a little bit as he still had her somewhat restrained, but it was enough. The heat from her loins spread throughout her body and her legs began to quiver in anticipation. Her orgasm was right around the corner as his fingers moved within her and he moved his mouth to nip at the side of her neck. His mouth on her neck coupled by his fingers diving in and out of her was too much to bear. She threw back her head and let out a loud cry as her legs locked up in position the moment her orgasm hit her. Her sex throbbed, pulsating against his fingers, grabbing at them. She was awash with pleasure from head to toe. He moved his fingers in tandem to the pulsations of her sex as she came on his fingers. She cried out again and again as she rode her orgasm out to the very end. He clamped his mouth over hers and swallowed her cries, tasting her mouth, teasing her tongue, and allowed her to buck her hips against his hand while he continued to move his fingers inside her at a slower pace as she came down from her orgasm.

He knew when she was done when her body went limp in his arms and on his lap. Their kissing became softer and more tender. He pulled his fingers out of her slowly and she pulled away from the kiss. She took his hand and brought it to her mouth. His fingers were coated in her juices and she slid them into her mouth and suckled them, licked them, cleaning them with her tongue with a glint in her eyes meeting his gaze. He pulled his hand out of her mouth gently and kissed her deeply once more to taste her sex on her tongue.

She slid off of his lap and turned towards him, her sex was now at face level with him. He planted a small kiss on her clit, flicked it with his tongue once, then looked up at her. She smiled as she walked away, and looking over her shoulder repeated what she had told him earlier, “I wouldn't trade this for all the gold in the world.” She headed for the bed to get some rest. Though he had satisfied her it wouldn't last and they both knew it. It wasn't the same as sex. Even then she always craved more. It was simply a part of who she was. Wanton for him.

Perhaps tomorrow he would grant her the pleasure of his cock?