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The Misfits

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The Misfits consisted of 6 members, or at least that's what people think.

The members are Momo, Tokoyami, Shoji, Satou, Monoma, and Shinsou. They are feared, and that's something everyone could say about them.

The only other gang in the school was called The Dekus, and they were mostly known for being nice and sweet, and the only gang in the entire town that the Misfits made peace with.

Their members are Midoriya, Todoroki, Iida, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Koda, Ojiro, Hakagure, Mei, Kendou, and Aoyama.



The first day of school, for their junior year was going to be amazing, Momo had decided, she had been the one left in charge, by their leader.

She was someone their leader knew he could trust to run his gang, the one he created in their middle school.

"So, when are they getting out of juvie?" TetsuTetsu asked as he sat at their table and immediately started to eat.

"He told me it would be at least 2 more weeks," Momo announced to the table as they looked at her for a response.

They knew it was wrong to keep things from the other gang in their school, but they didn't have a choice, they made a promise that they wouldn't tell the Dekus until they asked.

And that's exactly what was about to happen.

They watched as Iida and Midoriya walked over to their table, Momo and Tokoyami stood up to greet them as always.

"We have a question... Do you guys have any other members of your gang? I know that a rule about gangs states you need more than 8 members," Midoriya's voice was sweet and unthreatening, as always.

"Yes, they're in Juvie," Tokoyami answered for her, as he sat back down, and started to eat his food again.

"Are you the leader of the Misfits or are you like the leader's co-leader or what?" Iida asked as he looked around the table.

"Actually I'm his 7th choice as his replacement while he's in Juvie. All 7 of his first picks are in with him," Momo explained as she looked at the two members of the Dekus in front of her. She knew why her leader wanted peace with them.

It was because he grew up with Midoriya and they were close until he was put into a different foster home, where he lost all hope.

"We will be on our way now. Thank you for telling us, Momo," Midoriya said as he smiled at them.

She looked around the table and thought more about what they looked like, they were all unique in their own ways, they all had a lot of tattoos and piercings.

She, herself, had over 10 tattoos, and she had her nose pierced with a skull stud in it, she had huge hoops in her ears, and she had her belly button pierced. She also always kept her long black hair in a high ponytail.

Tokoyami had a lot of tattoos covering his body, and he had a simple eyebrow piercing and tongue piercing. He had black hair in the styled like a mohawk.

Shoji had quite a few tattoos as well, and he had quite a few piercings as well, he had his eyebrow pierced, his septum, he had spider bites {a type of lip piercing}, gages in his ears, an industrial piercing in his right ear, and he had his right nipple pierced. He had white hair, in a low cut fashion.

Satou had exactly 13 tattoos, and a few piercings, he only had gages in his ears and his septum pierced. He had his brown hair in a loose fashion down to his ears.

Monoma had over 10 tattoos, and he had his nose pierced with a simple black nose ring in, along with snake bites, and he had studs in each ear, with a helix piercing in his left ear, and an industrial in his right ear. he had blonde hair that was right above his ears and it was loose.

Shinsou had exactly 17 tattoos covering his body, and he had exactly 5 piercings, and those were both his ears, he wore studs, a labret, and both of his nipples pierced. He had purple hair with an undercut.

They weren't exactly people like the Dekus would want to be seen with, sure a couple of them had tattoos and piercings, but their tattoos and piercings were nothing compared to theirs.

"When will you talk to one of them again?" Monoma asked as he looked up at their replacement leader.

"I talk to Kiri when I get home, and he will be telling me the day they get out," Momo said as she smiled, she was happy that her best friends were getting out.

She remembered the day that she met Baku and Kiri, they were foster brothers, always hooked at the hip, never going anywhere without the other. Soon the small circle of friends they created became bigger as she, Kami, Mina, and Jirou joined them.

And it gradually got bigger as they got into middle school, where they met the rest of their gang. They created the gang after learning that everyone in their little group had been harassed, assaulted, or in foster homes, and they spent days trying to find the perfect gang name.

Until they settled on one, the only one that described them.