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Roman was nervous, terrified really. Enough that he felt as if he would hurl up his small breakfast. It was his first day at a new school halfway through the year. Of course he was grateful to start anew after the fiasco of a school he used to go to. But he was worried that the people at this school wouldn’t be any better. That they would make fun of him again and call him stupid.

He had put on his favorite outfit. Not too casual but not too formal. It was perfect. A pair of mom jeans (the best jeans) that he had splurged on after finding out they existed, with a Gucci belt from Santiago back in Mexico, a vintage Queen shirt he found at Goodwill, a yellow cardigan that was really his mother’s, a pair of black knee high velvety black heeled boots with small yellow flowers that he had bought from Payless, and a small silver necklace with the words ‘I am enough’ engraved on the silver plate that hung from the chain that Santi had given him after he went through his darkest time of depression. He felt killer. He had made sure his hair looked perfect and adorned it with a yellow flower crown and he had slipped a yellow velvet scrunchie on his wrist. He put on his eye makeup and his signature red lips and even though he had bought all his makeup from the Walgreens in his old town, he looked great.

The day was off to a good start. But that wasn’t saying much as it was 6:00 am and he hadn’t gotten to school yet. He had high hopes, he knew, but every time he was disappointed. But he refused to start off the day with a negative outlook. He was going to have a good day. Even if the fates didn’t want him too.


Patton was absolutely ecstatic! It was March 20th, 2019 and he was ever so excited to show around the new student. His name was Roman King and he had just moved to Dexterville from Chicago, Illinois. He was a sophomore at age 16, two years younger than Patton, and he excelled in theater according to his old school. Pat wanted to make a good impression but didn’t want to try to hard so he wore his normal outfit.

Sometimes people made fun of Patton for his clothes. But he liked them and he wouldn’t let anyone change that.


Logan was annoyed. He had somehow let Virgil convince him to sleepover on a school night. Not only was it a school night, it was also the day before his German test. He was only mediocre at German. He knew English, Spanish, French, and Latin. But not German.

Of course he want actually mad at Virgil. Just slightly upset. The night overall had been, as the kids say, ‘lit’. It was a fun night. They had chatted about sports (Logan) and bands (Virgil) as well and boys, girl's, drama and school in general. They had watched A Nightmare Before Christmas, it went well with Virgil’s Jack Skellington hoodie, and Despicable Me, which matched Logan’s unicorn onesie. They ate pizza and ate ice cream but overall the best part was when they FaceTimed Patton.

Logan would never admit it himself but, he was quite fond of Patton. The bubbly boy added a light to his life that Logan wouldn’t have otherwise. He was glad that Virgil’s sibling Remy had become friends with him. It was them that introduced Patton to Logan. And even if he was confused about his choice of clothing, he was grateful to have another close friend.


Virgil was emo. That’s it that’s the story.


I’m kidding. (Kind of)


Virgil was suspicious. He had heard of a new kid moving to the school from Patton. The little gossip. His name was supposedly Roman King. He was a 16 year old sophomore from Chicago.

Patton was nice. Too nice. He would invite Roman to sit with them and Roman would say yes. Then there would be a new addition to their friend group that he didn’t want. He was in the same grade as Thomas, Virgil’s brother, so maybe they would become friends. Then he would be forced to know him.

For all Virgil knew, this dude was a total jerk. So why should he try and get to know him anyway?


Roman gathered up his stuff and walked out the door. He ignored the few wolf whistles he got from older men who thought he was a girl. No matter how many times he told them, they just wouldn’t believe it.

His heels clicked on the old broken sidewalks as he walked, humming an old Queen song under his breath. He watched his surroundings as they slowly changed from the ‘ghetto’ to the suburbs. And then. Then he saw his new school. He’d never been there before. He had only ever seen it once.

He pushed open the extravagant wooden doors and stepped inside. The place was huge. It was big and beautiful. He saw a map posted to the back of the door. A freaking map! For a school! He found his way to the main office, the sound of his feet echoing loudly in the big room. The second he stepped into the office he was tackled.