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Big Bad Wolf

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Jungkook couldn't help himself.


The little omega couldn't help the fact that his neighbor was sex on legs. He couldn't stop himself from watching him from the window each time he got back from his run, his shirt sticking to him like bees on honey. He just wishes he had the balls to talk to him, but alas, he was much too shy. The boy always had a face mask on, and even glasses so no one could see his face.


It could be considered creepy watching the alpha each time he got back from his run, but Jungkook didn't care. The first time he laid eyes on the other man, he couldn't get enough. His divine abs bulging out of the white shirt, his perfect lips wrapping themselves around the water bottle as he drank, and the outline of his cock in sweats-


Oh god; he was wet again.


“Nice going, Kook.” He groaned to himself as he wobbled to his bedroom to get a toy to satisfy his greedy hole. He opened his bedside drawer to his small collection of toys. It consisted of only a pink dildo, nice in size, and a vibrator for when he was feeling lazy. That wouldn't satisfy his hunger though, so he reached for the dildo. He impatiently shuffled off his pants and panties and flopped back on his bed.


First, he brought the dildo to his lips, teasing it like he would to his neighbor. After licking around the head for a bit, he pushed the tip into his mouth. He groaned as he felt the weight on his tongue and started to push farther down his throat. He moaned as the tip began to hit the back of his throat, forcing him to gag. His other hand trailed down his body, slipping underneath his shirt and pulling at one of his buds.


Jungkook gasped as he touched his one of his most sensitive places, rolling and pinching his nipple with his index finger and thumb. He let out a tiny mewl as he felt his cunt heating up. After enough teasing, he pulled the fake cock out of his mouth and down to his eager hole. He rubbed his clit with the tip for a bit before sliding it up and down his soaked slit. After getting the toy soaked with his slit, he sucked in a breath as he pushed the toy inside.


He let out a loud moan as he arched his back off the bed. It had been a while since he stuffed his cunt with his favorite toy. He thrusted the toy in and out of himself, wasting no time and hitting his favorite spots. “A-Ah! Oh fuck!” He cried out a bit too loudly. He grabbed his panties and shoved them into his mouth, muffling his needy moans. All he could imagine was his neighbor fucking his brains out as the toy pounded his slick cunt.


You're so wet for me baby girl.


Jungkook imagined his neighbor whispering to him with that deep and sultry voice. He moaned at the slutty thought, as his mind raced with various scenarios of how his neighbor would fuck him. Would it be when Jungkook bends over to get his laundry? Or in the pool were no one suspects it? Mabey the sauna, where they would be already hot and sweaty? He choked on a sob as the toy fucked into his sensitive walls, thinking about each and every scenario.


“I-I'm so w-wet! O-Only for H-Hyung!” Jungkook cried out in response to no one. His other hand left his nipple and went to his clit, his pearl enlarged from the arousal. He rubbed it in hurried circles just in time with his thrusts. The omega was twitching and thrashing from the amount of pleasure his body is feeling. “H-Hyung! Feels s-so good!” He moaned out as he felt his orgasm approaching. “H-Hyung. Please, c-can I c-cum?” Jungkook whined, completely engrossed in the role play.


No Jungkookie. Slutty omegas like you don't deserve to cum.”


Jungkook let out an annoyed whine, but he was only doing this to himself. He slowed down his thrusts, all for the sake of his hyung. Tears welled in his eyes as his orgasm was delayed. “P-Please hyung. What d-do I need to d-do so I-I can cum?” Jungkook cried out.


“Ride Hyung baby. Use Hyung's cock to get your whore of a cunt off.”


Jungkook quickly scrambled off the bed, thanking god his dildo had a suction cup at the bottom. He quickly suctions it to the floor, hoovering his dripping cunt over the toy.


Go ahead baby. Use hyung's cock.”


In no time, Jungkook drops onto his toy, screaming as every inch impaled his cunt. He braces his hands on the floor behind him as he begins to bounce. His thrust are shallow, the omega is hardly rising before he's dropping back down again. The entire act is lewd, the sounds of his ass cheeks hitting the floor, and his cunt squelching each time he bottoms out.


Don't you wish you had the real thing, Kook?”


“Y-Yes hyung. W-wish I h-had your thick c-cock and fat k-knot.” Jungkook whines, his head dropping back as his voice cracks. He feels his orgasm building up again as his chest starts to heave up and down. The omega chokes on a sob as his cunt twitches, demanding an orgasm. “P-Please Hyung! M-My cunt w-wants to cum!” He whined, his muscles starting to hurt from the pace he was going at.


Go ahead baby. Cum all over hyungs cock like the omega bitch you are.”


And that's what Jungkook did, continuing to ride his toy, one hand coming up to rub at his sensitive clit. He feels his release coming soon, and he can't wait. He just wants to sleep after this one. He rubs his clit in hurried motions, his wrist starting to hurt. At doesn't take much longer for him to arch his back, his cunt letting out jets of his squirt. “F-Fuck!” He screamed out as he came, falling back against the floor. The toy slips out of him as he twitches on the floor in a puddle of his own slick.


Good job, Bunny. Did so good for hyung.”


Jungkook whimpered out a small “thank you” to his imagination. He rested against his cold floor for a moment before he attempts to wobble to his bathroom. He turned on the hot water, stepping in and hissing as the water started off cold and slowly shifted to the hellfire. temperature he was used to. He lathered his body with his floral body wash, trying to get rid of the shamefulness. He let out a groan as the water washed over his body, soothing his muscles.


After the much needed shower, he threw on some fresh panties, gray joggers, and a sweater he stole from his elder brother. His throat constricted with thirst, so he made his way to his kitchen to get something to satisfy his thirst. He peeked inside, seeing nothing satisfying, not even water. “Fuck me.” He grumbled, realizing he needed to go shopping.


Jungkook slipped on his shoes, his black face mask, and grabbed his keys from the counter, heading out into the world.




Jungkook heaved as he carried the 24 case pack of banana milk with a 12 pack of water bottles on top, and two bags filled with various flavours of ramen. This used to be nothing to him. He really needed to go to the gym more often. He let out a pleased sigh as he made it up to his hallway. All he needed to do was get inside-


“Hey. Jungkook, right?”


Jungkook dropped his keys at the familiar voice. He looked next to him and saw the best thing at the worst time. His fucking neighbor, sweaty from his run. Jungkook choked on his spit as he laid eyes on his walking wet dream. After gawking at him for a few moments, the little omega spoke.


“O-Oh h-hello T-Taehyung.” Jungkook stuttered out, already internally smacking himself for stuttering.


The alpha chuckled. “You need a little help?” He asked with the fucking box smile. That smile. Oh god, Jungkook was going to lose it. Jungkook was going to say no, but before he could, Taehyung was already bending down to grab his fallen keys, his face dangerously close to Jungkook's cunt. He put the keys back into the omega's sweaty hands, picking up the banana milk and water like they were nothing.


Jungkook's mouth was agape like a fish, and he thanked every God there was that he had a face mask on. It covered his embarrassing expression and flushed cheeks. Taehyung just stared at him, waiting for the door to get open. Jungkook internally smacked himself again, and scrambled to unlock the door. The alpha closed the door with his foot, following the doe-eyed boy. Taehyung looked inside once he entered, noticing how clean and kept up it was.


“Y-You can j-just set it on the c-counter here. Thank-” before Jungkook could finish his mess of a sentence, he felt Taehyung press up against his back, an erection poking at his ass. “Cute little omega. You're drenched.” Taehyung whispered into his ear. “You realise how loud you're always are? I can hear and smell you from next door.” Taehyung grunted, grinding his hips into Jungkook, making him moan. “The amount of times I've thought about your little cunt and nutted to it is immeasurable. Now that it's right in front of me, you expect me to leave?” Taehyung growled, leaving Jungkook with goosebumps.


Jungkook moaned at the words. Knowing he had made his neighbor feel the same way made him clench. The omega turned around to face the alpha, seeing his eyes burning with lust. Feeling bold, he wrapped his arms around Taehyung's neck and pulled him into a heated kiss filled with nothing more than need. Taehyung's big hands ravaged Jungkook's tiny waist, running his hands all over making him shiver.


After devouring each others faces, they pulled away to breathe. Jungkook's eyes were lidded as his body began to be taken over by the need to be bred by the alpha. Taehyung lifted up the omega like he was nothing, sitting him down on the counter. He quickly pulled the sweats off of Jungkook, groaning at the sight of his cunt sucking in his wet panties. A primal growl bubbled out of Taehyung's throat as he ripped a hole into Jungkook's cute panties.


“H-Hey!” Jungkook squeaked. Those were one of his favorite pairs. They had bows and little bananas on them. Before he could protest some more, a fat strip was licked from his opening to his clit his sensitive clit. “A-ah!” Jungkook moaned, lacing his fingers into the older mans silky locks. “I'm so thirsty Kook, especially after that run. Need to refuel baby.” He grunted.


The alpha spread his plump cunt lips, exposing his sensitive clit to the open air. He blew on the pearl, watching as the omega shivered above him. “Perfect.” He groaned, lapping at the slick. His licks alternate between fast attacks, and slow long drags from his entrance to his clit. Jungkook couldn't help it when his hips started to buck up into Taehyung's face.


The alpha growled into his pussy, slapping his hips to make him stay down. The slap snaps him out of the euphoric phase, making his keep his hips down. Taehyung pulls back to look the omega in the eyes, making Jungkook blush even more. Taehyung's lower face was coated in his pussy juice, and he wanted the omega to see it. Jungkook doesn't have time to be embarrassed before Taehyung dives back into his cunt.


Kisses and licks come to his clit in fast cycles, Jungkook’s breath becoming ragged and his moans becoming whiny. Taehyung pulls away again, using two fingers to rub at his entrance. Two fingers push into his cunt with 0 resistance, sliding them in and out. Taehyung needed to see this little cherub cum, he was tire of imagining it from the other side of the wall. He curves his fingers, pressing on Jungkook's spot and assaulting it as soon as he finds it.


The feeling is too strong, and Jungkook starts bucking his hips again trying to get the long fingers deeper inside. The alpha feels Jungkook's cunt squeeze down on him, signaling he was about to cum. Taehyung clamps back down on his clit, flicking his tongue on his sensitive clit like no tomorrow.


“H-Hyung! G-Gonna cum!” Jungkook screams as his abdomen tightens as he's about to orgasm. Taehyung smirks into his cunt, fucking his fingers in deeper and harder, his licks only getting faster. The pleasure came in waves as he orgasmed.The omega let out a silent scream as his back arched off the table. He squirted as he came, Taehyung drinking down the liquid. After Taehyung cleaned up his wet cunt, he looked up at the flushed omega.


“Thank you for quenching my thirst, Kookie.” He chuckled, wiping his mouth of his fluids. Jungkook's mind was in another place as he heard a zipper unzip. His cunt twitched in anticipation, knowing it was about to get the fucking it's been longing for. Jungkook looked down and moaned. Taehyung was more than well endowed, he was huge . The only thing Jungkook has taken up his cunt was his dildo and fingers.


Fuck. The omega realised he would be lose his virginity. He couldn't believe who he was losing his purity to.


“You're gonna be a good little omega for me, right? Take my big knot up your tiny cunt?” Taehyung growled, pushing Jungkook's thighs up until they touched his chest. Jungkook nodded, ready for the cock to fill him up. Breed him full. “Are you a virgin, Kookie?” Taehyung asked, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down his slit. Jungkook nervously nodded, a bit afraid. Taehyung leaned down and kissed the tip of his nose. “It's alright baby. Hyung will go nice and slow for you.” He smiled, making Jungkook feel with warmth.


They both sucked in a gasp as Taehyung's tip was pressed against Jungkook's fluttering entrance. The alpha did as he promised, barely pushing in an inch before he looked up at Jungkook to make sure he was alright. This continued until Taehyung was barely 3 inches in. The omega couldn't take it anymore, and wrapped his strong legs around Taehyung, making him slam into his cunt.


“F-Fuck. Alpha is so b-big. I-I feel s-so good.” Jungkook babbled out with a look of pure ecstasy on his face. The alpha slowly and shallowly thrusted inside of the tiny omega. Fuck, Taehyung's cock was better than he had ever imagined. It filled him up perfectly, every vein sliding deliciously inside his cunt. The grip on his hips was much too strong and there would definitely be marks.


Taehyung promised he would go slow, but he just couldn't. He fucked into the omega's raw cunt like it was nothing. “Fuck baby. So tight. Pulling alpha in.” Taehyung grunted as the cunt of the omega pulling him in and refused to let go. Fucking this perfect boy was better than listening and jerking off his cock next door. The amount of times he's came from Jungkook and his cute little moans was innumerable, same with the omega.


Jungkook's eyes rolled to the back of his head as Taehyung's thrusts became more aggressive, pounding into the omega's pussy with a primal desire. The alpha's cock was insanely big. It filled him up to the brim and was much better than the pathetic dildo he used. Taehyung groaned as he felt the same pressure he felt on his fingers on his cock. His hips snapped violently against Jungkook's ass, his once perfect skin becoming red from the intensity.


Jungkook moaned as he felt Taehyung's cock twitch inside of him, signaling a nice knot was going to pop into his cunt soon. “H-Here it comes, Jungkookie. G-Get ready f-for alpha's knot.” Taehyung grunted as he fucked into the omega, slamming his cock into his womb with each thrust. “P-Please Alpha! B-Breed m-my naughty c-cunt!” Jungkook begged, clawing at the older mans back.


After a few more thrusts, Taehyung's knot formed, popping into Jungkook's little cunt. The omega came on the spot, squirting around his fat cock as his cum painted his insides. Jungkook's body twitched as the seemingly never ending flow of cum filled up his tummy. Taehyung nipped and licked at his omega's neck, littering his beautiful body with marks.


Jungkook became delirious as the room around him began to spin. “It's alright baby. Sleep.” Taehyung coaxed as his cum continued to spurt out. Being the good omega he was, Jungkook did as he was told and fell asleep.


“Rest easy, my little omega.”




When Jungkook woke up, the light was shining directly into his face. He grunted, his body hurting everywhere. He looked next to him and didn't see Taehyung. Tear drops welled in his eyes. Was it all a dream? Or did Taehyung use him only as a little fuck toy? Before he knew it, the blankets below him had tear drops.


“Hey, I'm sorry I ran out I-” Taehyung stopped his sentence once he saw his little omega crying. He quickly went to his side of the bed, setting the drinks down he bought for them down. “Hey. What's the matter?” He asked, the alpha genuinely worried about the younger.


“I-I thought y-you l-left me.” Jungkook hiccuped, furiously trying to wipe his tears away. Taehyung took his cheeks into his hands, wiping away the salty liquid with his fingers. “Oh baby. I would never leave you. Especially not after yesterday.” He cooed, peppering kisses all over his face, making the younger giggle.


“This is a bad time, but will you be my boyfriend?” Taehyung asked, a blush forming on his cheeks.


“I would love that, Kim Taehyung.”