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A Break to Travel

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The glow from the Black Lion’s panel was soft, highlighting Keith’s face in a way that made him seem younger. He was reclined back a little, knees pulled to his chest while he slept peacefully. He could’ve stayed on the Atlas in his room next to Shiro’s, but he’d grown use to the comforts of the paladin’s chair in his lion. The aforementioned ship loomed nearby, dark and ominous as everyone aboard rested, a threatening presence to anyone unfriendly with her captain and crew.

Nearby, Shiro was perched on a stack of crates, admiring the softness of Keith’s face as he slept. He had come out here to tell him it was time to wake up and get moving to the next objective, but he didn’t have the heart quite yet to disturb him. That, and he may or may not be enjoying the ability to look at Keith like he’s the most beautiful omega he’s ever seen without getting his head bitten off.

In the chair, Keith stirs a little, groaning softly as he stretches, coming back to a state of rest with one leg propped over the arm of his chair. Shiro can see a faint sheen of sweat on his brow, and he wonders if he’s having nightmares again when the smell hits him. It’s faint, almost undetectable through the ventilation in his helmet, but it’s there. Sweet, spicy, with a touch of cinnamon. The scent of Keith’s pheromones is unmistakable. He’s smelled it dozens of times before, whenever he has the lithe omega pinned to the mats of the training room floor and things get a little heated or when he gets his bursts of energy and corners Shiro in any alcove or small closet he can find. He takes a deep breath, letting his eyes close as the scent curls around his spine and dips into his skin. Goosebumps raise along his arms, and he bites his lip a bit.

Shiro...” Keith sighs on the edge of a moan, and Shiro’s whole body reacts. He straightens up, blushing a little as his cock gives an interested twitch beneath the fabric of his undersuit. Maybe he should leave now, before Keith wakes up and thinks he’s creeping on him or something. He stands to leave, and completely misjudges where he was standing, cracking his forehead against one of the beams of the lion. The sound is hollow and echoes a little, and Keith comes to in the paladin’s chair as Shiro takes his helmet off, rubbing his forehead a little.

“Shiro? What’re you— how long have you been here?” Keith asks, sounding sleepy and confused. Shiro halts what he’s doing, glancing over his shoulder with his eyebrows raised a little before his features soften a little.

“Not long, Keith. I just came to wake you up. The Atlas is getting ready to depart to a nearby solar system to respond to a distress signal, and I didn’t want to leave the head of our team behind.” He chuckles a little. Keith sits up properly in his chair, yawning and rubbing his eyes a little before he puts his hands on the lion’s controls. He shifts a little in his seat, grimacing, and Shiro catches another glimpse of that cinnamon coated scent. He bites his lip, wondering if Keith had been dreaming of him.

“Right, yeah, let’s go.” Keith leads the lion back to the Atlas, landing her in the hangar. As they walk to the bridge, Shiro can’t help but to notice every little glance that Keith throws his way whenever he thinks that he’s not looking. The scent of cinnamon has all but faded by the time they reach their destination, but Shiro knows it was there. He keeps thinking back to the oddly intimate moment, unable to shake the breathy moan of his name out of his thoughts.

“Are you all right there, captain? You seem a little flushed. You’re not getting sick, are you?” Veronica looks up at him with concern from where she sits to his left. He waves his hand a little, shaking his head.

“I’m fine, just power-walked from the lions’ hangar to here.” He laughs it off, stepping up to the railing to get a better view of their course. The solar system really wasn’t too far from here, maybe a few days of travel at most. Something was nagging at his conscious, almost like he had forgotten something important, but he couldn’t pinpoint it. A few days there shouldn't be any issue, though. It wasn’t a major distress beacon, just a smaller planet that had reported signs of Galra activity in the area.

“All right ladies and gentlemen, let’s make this trip quick and efficient. A small colony on the planet of Ichippe has sent out a minor distress beacon, outlining a few Galra ships in their area. There have not been any signs of hostile activity, but that doesn’t mean anything. Just remain alert as we approach. Coran.” He nods at the engineer, sticking around long enough for the ship to get in motion before he excuses himself, heading down the hallways towards his room. He wasn’t tired, but he had a feeling that if he wanted to find Keith, this is where it’d be. His door slides open with a hiss when he touches the keypad, and he’s not at all shocked to see Keith sprawled out on his bed, face buried in his pillow.

“You’re scenting my pillow.” Shiro can’t keep the amusement out of his voice, and for a moment he thinks that Keith might be asleep again, until a steely purple eye meets his own, looking thoroughly unamused.

“It’s comforting,” Keith quips, burying his face in Shiro’s pillow again. Shiro watches his shoulders rise as he inhales before shaking his head a little, joining the omega on his bed. That cinnamon scent was there again, albeit faint and more like a whisper of a memory than anything actually present. Shiro reaches over, resting his hand between Keith’s shoulder blades lightly. Beneath his touch, the other tenses a little, but only for a brief moment before he relaxes again. That causes Shiro to raise an eyebrow.

“Keith?” He asks softly, sliding his hand up to run his fingers through the silky strands of his hair. After a few moments, Keith glances over his shoulder again, fixing Shiro with an intense stare before, slowly, he moves, sitting up and leaning his weight against Shiro. This close, the alpha could smell all sorts of scents on him. His shampoo, the scent of his pheromones, and, faintly, Shiro’s own scent from where he’d been nuzzled into the pillow. All together, it mashed into something that was inexplicably Keith. Shiro wrapped his arm around him loosely, holding him close as he nestles into his hair, inhaling deeply. The scent was comforting, familiar, something that Shiro would never grow tired of.

“Did you change shampoo? You smell good. Well, better than usual,” Keith snorts a little, amusement tinting his voice. Shiro rolls his eyes, lifting his hand to ruffle Keith’s hair.

“No, I’m still using the same one. I’ve been using the same shampoo for quite some time. You know me, I stick to my habits.” He laughs a little, tugging lightly on a strand of Keith’s hair. The black paladin hums, eyes drooping half-closed. They sit in a companionable silence for a few moments, with Shiro lightly tracing the outside edge of Keith’s arm with his fingertips. The silence is broken when Keith shifts, a faint blush rising to his cheeks before, slowly, the scent of cinnamon gets stronger. Shiro’s nose twitches a little, and he tilts his head down to nuzzle against the junction of Keith’s neck and shoulder, nose brushing against his scent gland. At the brush of skin against skin, Keith goes stock still, hands curling into fists in his lap. Slowly, things start to click into place for Shiro.

“Keith...” he hums, voice deep with a playful edge. He watches the omega turn his head away defiantly, crossing his arms as he tries to hide the blush staining his skin. Shiro can smell it on him, though, mixed in with the cinnamon and cloves and general omegan sweetness. Heat. He shifts closer to Keith, crowding him a little as he buries his face in his neck again, inhaling deeply before he exhales, tongue darting out to lick a solid stripe along the edge of his scent gland. The noise Keith makes in response is barely audible, but there all the same, and it sends a wave of heat prickling under Shiro’s skin. He thinks of the moan from earlier, realizing with no small amount of satisfaction that Keith had been in fact dreaming about him.

“Shiro, what are you doing?” He can't hide the way his voice quivers a little at the edges of his words, leaning away from the alpha a little. Shiro can’t help but to follow him, practically pinning him to the bed as he nuzzles and licks at his scent gland, nipping the smooth skin around the area. Keith squirms under him, fingers knotting themselves in the stretchy material of his undersuit. Suddenly, Shiro is surrounded by his scent, enough to make him feel drunk off it, and he notices the way Keith has stopped fighting, red in the face but more or less trying to pull him closer, a soft whine riding his breath as he squirms for a different reason.

“Trying to take care of you. I can smell it on you, all too enticing to ignore,” he murmurs, pulling the collar of his undersuit down and sucking a bruised mark into the pale skin under his collar bone where it would be easy enough to hide. Keith presses his torso upwards, pressing close against Shiro.With the extra space, Shiro reaches behind Keith, grasping the zipper of his suit and slowly pulling it down. He can feel the heat radiating off the omega’s skin, and he stifles a groan with his teeth, biting down on his lip.

“The distress beacon--” Keith starts, but Shiro doesn’t give him a chance to divert his attention, giving into temptation and pulling him into a sloppy, uncoordinated kiss. Keith goes still under him, freezing for a moment before he starts to thaw, arms wrapping around Shiro’s broad shoulders as he closes his eyes and starts to kiss him back. It takes them a moment to find their rhythm, teeth clacking before Shiro takes control, cupping Keith’s jaw and guiding his face to a more appropriate angle. When he pulls back, he can’t help but to chuckle a little at Keith’s dazed expression as his eyes flutter open.

“We’ve got a few days, Keith. The ship will be fine without me.” He promises, leaning down to kiss him again. Keith stops him, blocking his descent with his fingertips before he squirms, sitting up beneath Shiro.

“You’re not obligated to take care of me during my heat, Shiro. If the crew needs you, you should be available at a moment’s notice, not...stuck here, with me.” Keith raises an eyebrow, looking down at Shiro. In lieu of a response, Shiro just snorts, sitting up on his knees and taking ahold of Keith’s undersuit before he drags it down, exposing the expanse of his torso inch by pale, beautiful inch. With some help from Keith, he finds himself staring down at the omega with a soft smile. He’s flushed from the tips of his ears down to his chest, and Shiro can finally tell that the thick scent was coming from the slick that had accumulated between his thighs.

Shiro leans back down over him, kissing him briefly before he breaks off, leaving a trail of stinging nips and kisses down his neck and torso. He pauses when he reaches one pretty, pink nipple, pebbled with arousal. Slowly, and carefully, he takes it between his teeth with little to no pressure at all, the tip of his tongue darting out to toy with it. Keith’s body jerks and tenses a little, like he’s been electrocuted. Shiro hums, reluctantly releasing the bud for now in favor of continuing his slow line of kisses and bitten marks down his body. When he reaches the bone of his hip, he stops, lips brushing against the edge of his hip bone. Above him, Keith holds his breath, biting his lip as he reaches down to thread his fingers through Shiro’s frolick of hair.

“What are you doing?” He asks, voice barely above a whisper as he gently tugs on his hair. Shiro hums, low and deep as he traces the line of his hip with his tongue down to his inner thigh, where he leaves a few gentle nips. He glances up at Keith, admiring the slightly-dazed expression on his face. Grabbing his hips, he pulls him a little closer to him, holding his gaze as he draws his tongue along the line of his folds. Keith’s eyelids flutter a little before shutting, his grip tightening in his hair. The reaction prompt’s Shiro to do it again, sliding his tongue over his slit and listening to the soft sigh as Keith pushes on his head a little, keeping him there. Continuing with his motions, Shiro holds Keith’s hips in place as he presses his tongue into velvety warmth occasionally, enjoying the way that Keith squirms under him, bucking his hips up with barely-restricted moans.

If their time together has taught Shiro anything, it was how to read Keith’s body. He didn’t need to ask when he was close- the way his breath started to stutter and stop as his movements became a little more jerky and unrhythmic told him enough for him to back off, pressing a soothing kiss to Keith’s inner thigh when the omega starts to complain.

“Relax, I’m not done with you yet.” He sits up, reaching behind himself to undo the zipper on his own suit. He slides it down, taking his time and enjoying the drag of Keith’s eyes on his body as he exposes the skin. He tosses his suit aside once he’s undressed, dragging his palms up Keith’s thighs to his knees, where he pushes his legs a little further apart to accommodate him as he settles between them.

“You’re so beautiful, Keith.” He hums, low and throaty as he holds himself steady, dragging the thick head of his cock along his slit to gather up some of Keith’s slick.

“And you’re a tease. Are you gonna take care of me or are you just gonna spend your time admiring the view?” Keith snaps a little, agitated by the amount of time Shiro was spending on unnecessary foreplay. He would have found it sweet in any other situation, but right now, he just wanted Shiro to fuck him into the mattress. Above him, Shiro chuckles a little, leaning over him to press a chaste kiss to his lips.

“The view is pretty nice...” He trails off a little, tilting his head like he’s actually thinking about it before he grins, kissing him again. “I’m going to take care of you, Keith. You’re so impatient.” He snorts a little, pressing his hips forward a little to start sinking into him. Unsurprisingly, there’s little to no resistance, and Shiro nearly loses himself in the tight, wet heat that he sinks into. Beneath him, Keith draws in a sharp breath, eyes widening a little before he groans, pressing his hips up desperately to meet Shiro’s.

“Keith...” Shiro breathes, taking a deep breath as he tries to steady himself. Instinct was telling him to let go of his control and take what he wanted, but he wanted to savor this moment. He wanted to capture each expression Keith was making under him whenever he moved even in the slightest. He starts out slow, drawing all the way out to the tip before thrusting back in a little harder each time, pulling punched-out moans from Keith each time he sheathed himself fully.

“Y-you’re gonna kill me. Are you gonna make me beg?” Keith’s voice is strained, fluctuating between Shiro’s steady pace, and causing the alpha to chuckle a little before he shifts, grabbing the back of Keith’s knee and pushing him up a little until Shiro’s weight has him nearly folded in half. From this position, he starts to thrust his hips a little faster, bracing one of his palms on the headboard to keep himself steady as he does so. He growls a little, biting his lip as the noises Keith was letting spill free combined with the sharp scent of his pheromones slowly pushed him to the edge. He could tell Keith was getting desperate. He could feel the sharp sting of his nails cutting lines into his shoulders as he scrambled for purchase, his moans getting more and more high-pitched until Shiro was positive that anyone walking by would be able to hear him, even through the thick walls.

“You’re quite the noisy little thing when you’re needy, aren’t you?” Shiro groans a little, feeling the heat start to coil and tighten in his gut. As a result, his cock started to thicken at the base, causing Keith to arch his back into him with each thrust from the added stretch.

“Shiro, please, fucking hell--” Keith’s words cut off into a sharp moan, and that does it for Shiro. He snarls, hips driving home one last time before his knot swells and catches, locking them together as he comes. As he starts to come down from his climax, he nuzzles into Keith’s neck, letting him unfold and adjust until they’re in a comfier position. Slowly, Shiro drags his hand down Keith’s chest, resting his palm over his slightly-bloated belly. He smiles, content, as he presses a soft kiss over his scent gland.

“This could take...” he murmurs, voice barely audible from where he’s tucked into Keith’s neck. Under him, Keith snorts a little, thoroughly exhausted as he reaches up to rest his palm on Shiro’s cheek. He’s hiding a half-smirk, sliding his hand up into his hair.

“And what if it does, Captain Shirogane? Are you prepared to bring new life into this world?” He hums. Shiro’s silent for a moment, brow furrowing as he contemplates it. They had made huge progress with the Galra, and from here, it was about rebuilding and cleaning up their mess. He smiles a little after a few moments, lifting his head to press a soft kiss to his forehead.

“I am. Our goal from here on out is to rebuild. If this takes, that could be a good start.” He smiles softly, nuzzling into him again. Keith chuckles, yawning a little as his eyes start to close.

“Well, we’ll see what happens. Hey, Shiro?” he hums, lazily playing with his hair. Shiro grunts a little, eyes already half-shut.

“Yeah, Keith?” he murmurs, holding him a little closer.

“Can we clean up after we take a nap?” Shiro could laugh a little at the statement, but he nods, lazily reaching to pull the covers over them.

“Yeah. Get some rest.” He presses a kiss to his temple before laying back down, yawning a little as he dozes off. Deep down, he hoped that something came from Keith’s heat. He hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about starting a family, but the thought was appealing.