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Reign on a Train

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Kara was typing a profile on Brian, when Nia took her notebook from her.

“Train from Metropolis.  About to be derailed,” she explained.

“Umm…okay.  Can I…have my notes back?” Kara asked, holding her hand out.  Nia, rather apologetically, handed them back to her.

“Sorry!  Had to get your attention, somehow.  And, as much as I would love to help out…”  She bolt back toward her desk, shouting “I REALLY HAVE TO FINISH THIS FOLLOW-UP TO THAT PELICAN STORY YOU SADDLED ME WITH!”

As Kara stood up, ready to rip off her glasses, she said, under breath, “I see Cat definitely passed her snark onto you…”

Once Supergirl flew to the rails, she used her telescopic vision to see if she could find anything wrong with the rails.  CLICK!  She heard it. A mistimed switch tossed the train off its course.  She flew down to steady it, until it came to a slow stop.  As she helped the passengers off to ensure nobody was hurt, she spotted a familiar face.


“Supergirl!  Nice to see you, again!” Sam responded, as she helped her daughter Ruby off the train.

“What brings you back to town?” Supergirl asked, as she surveyed the train with her X-Ray vision.  That’s everyone.

“L-Corp stuff.”

“You know how it is!”  Ruby added.

“Alright!  I have to go take care of things!  See you around!”

When Kara returned to CatCo, she immediately sat at her desk.  “Sorry, Brian.  You’ve been bumped.”  Then the elevator opened.  It was Alex, with a bag of Chinese food.

“Hey!” she called out, as she held up the bag.

“Oh, that’s right!  We had lunch…I totally forgot!  This…train story came up.”

“Ooh…What happened?” Alex asked, as she sat down and handed some food to her sister.

“Derailment.  Don’t worry; everybody’s fine.  But guess who was there!”

“I’m at a loss.” Alex responded, a potsticker in her chopsticks.

“Sam Arias!”

Alex dropped her potsticker.  “Sam?  She’s…in National City?”

Kara laughed, “Yeah…And Ruby.  What about it?”

“Nothing.  Nothing,” she responded as she picked the potsticker up off Kara’s desk.

“That’s not — ” Kara tried to stop Alex from putting it in her mouth, but despite superspeed, she wasn’t fast enough.  “ — clean.”

Alex couldn’t spit the potsticker out fast enough.  “You’re a lifesaver, Kara,” she said as she wrapped it in a napkin.

When they finished their food, Alex got up and headed for the elevator.  It opened, and there were the Arias. “Sam!  Ruby!  Kara told me you were in town!” she greeted them.

At her desk Kara rapidly wrote down, practically tearing her notebook, SHE DOESN’T KNOW, ANYMORE!!! and held it up for Sam and Ruby to see.

“Yeah, um, she happened to be on the scene, when it happened,” Sam responded. “Thank goodness Supergirl was there, right Ruby?”

“Yeah!” Ruby added.

“So…how long are you in town?” Alex asked.

“Until Tuesday,” Sam responded.  “There’s some…shake-ups at L-Corp I need to help out with.”

“We just thought we’d stop by to give our account of what happened,” Ruby added.

“Kara…didn’t get it there?”

“There was just so much going on.”

Alex nodded in understanding, then turned to Sam to say, “Well, it was great seeing you again!”


“OH MY GOD!” Ruby blurted out.  “SOMEBODY’S GOT TO SAY IT!”  She took a deep breath.  “Alex, my mom likes you.  Like, likes you likes you.  But, apparently she’s not going to ask you out, I see.”

“Umm…”  Alex was at a loss for words.

Sam, blushing, said to her daughter “Okay, Ruby…” then, to Alex “Sorry about her she’s just — ”

“Is this true?”

“Well, um, I mean, I am bi, but — ”  Ruby nudged her mom, before she could finish that sentence.  “Yes…”  Alex responded with a little smile, and she continued, “I probably would have asked you out last year, but you had just broken up with Maggie, and I had the whole Reign situation…”

“I get it.  In that case…”  Alex deliberated before finally asking, “Are…you free tonight?”

“Tomorrow night I am.”

“Ooh!”  Kara made her way over.  “You can pick her up at my place!  And drop off Ruby; I’d be more than happy to watch her!”

“I’m thirteen.  I don’t need a babysitter!” Ruby protested.

“Yeah, well, it’s a dangerous city, and there’s human supremacists going around, so…” Kara countered.

Sam, siding with Kara, said, “You can’t be too safe.”  Then, to Alex, asked, “So…seven?”

“Alright.  Seven.  It’s a date.” Alex smiled.