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Lovely Prisoner

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Dabi leaned back against the plush surface of the well-aged couch. Reaching over the side to run his fingers over a small mound of coins he’d placed there. The cold metal contrasting pleasantly with his constant high body temperature. Looking around the well-decorated room, over his part of the stolen materials, he couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride at how much he’d managed to get for himself. Priceless paintings they’d found in different rooms and jewelry hidden in almost every crook and crevices. Like it had been purposefully hidden when the owners had first heard they were coming. As his eyes wandered over everything, lifeless and unmoving, he saved the best of his spoils for last. Blue eyes as bright as his own flames fell on the only treasure he owned that held any sign of life. Like every other time, his eyes seemed to find him, the teen was sulking in the farthest corner of their bed away from him as he could. The dark red duvet wrapped tightly around his torso. If Dabi didn’t know any better, he’d almost assume the teen was cold. But even with the quirk canceling collar wrapped snugly around his slim neck he knew the teen would still be able to balance out his own body temperature. Light from the few lit candles around the room caught the rows of rose quartz lining the thin silver frame of the circlet that sat atop duel colored hair as well as the same thin silver curling enticingly over muscular arms and wrists. The sight of all of it making Dabi shiver with excitement. “You’re gorgeous tonight as well.” He purred lowly.

Shouto went ramrod straight. Pulling his knees closer to his chest while tugging the duvet closer, he sent a hard glare towards the villain on the couch not too far away. “Stop saying that, you know I hate it.” He hissed. Putting as much venom as he could into his voice.

Dabi just smiled, his stitches stretching slightly, as he leaned forward slightly to get a better look at the teen. “But I love it. And taking the time to appreciate my greatest possession is one of my favorite pastimes as of late.” The slight flinch he saw only making his smile grow wider.

Shouto’s glare only sharpened as he fought the blush crawling up his neck at the words. “You don’t own me. I’m not a thing that you can just… hoard because you want to.” Turning his glare away from the villain to look at the candle burning brightly on the bedside table. “Nothing in this room, not even this room, belongs to you.” He spat.

Dabi just shrugged at the attempted sting. “As much as that’s all true, you haven’t done much to try and escape since arriving.” Leaning back to stretch his arms over the back of the couch, one leg crossing over the other while a lazy smirk took over the wide smile. “Besides, I haven’t even needed to restrain you. You’ve been such a good boy.” Letting his words drift lazily between them, he had to restrain himself before his smirk turned cruel. “But it’s understandable why you’re extra mouthy today. I didn’t want to keep my hands off you last night so you didn’t get much sleep right?” He didn’t mean it as a real question. Dabi knew all too well that Shouto hadn’t been able to sleep much, especially when Toga had practically broken the door down in excitement to get him up and moving for their ‘special and important’ mission.

Throwing the duvet off of him as if it’d burned him, Shouto scooted to the edge of the bed as fast as he could, almost buckled at the knees with his sudden weight. He growled at the unwarranted reminder of the unsolicited activities of the night before. The bed no longer felt as safe as it had just a moment before. Once he was sure he wouldn’t fall anytime soon, he crossed his arms over his chest. Now feeling self-conscious without the blanket covering him. “Even I know when a fight is pointless. Even if I did manage to get out of this room without you knowing, the League is scattered all around this place.” Making a point to ignore Dabi’s last comment as he lashed out at him.

“Correct. Not only that but that little collar of yours also acts as a long distance tracking device.” Dabi agreed, his tone low but sharp, matching his grin. “I’m just biding my time for the day that you stop pulling away from me after our little fun times. You’d find it to be the best thing in the world if you stopped guarding yourself right after.” His face softening as he watched something flicker in beautiful mismatched eyes. “This isn’t hell Shouto, I want to spoil you and take care of you to the best of my abilities. All I ask is for you to accept me.” He said softly to match his expression. He wasn’t sure, but he knew that he was getting closer to his end goal. Maybe just a few more days or weeks at the most before the teen would be fully his.

Shouto squished himself as close to the wall as possible, squinting in the candlelight to try and keep his eyes on the villain at all times. Keeping his lips firmly shut to keep in his frustrations. He’d already tried explaining to Dabi why he wouldn’t let his guard down but it seemed either the villain didn’t understand or he just didn’t care. Both leaving a thick and bitter feeling churning in his stomach. But eventually, his thought and opinions spilled out before he could choke them back down. “I don’t want to accept you. What we’ve been… what you’ve been doing to me isn’t right!” He snapped. “How can you expect me to after you threw the world into chaos after saying on national T.V. who you are?!” Shouto couldn’t help but shout. His voice was uncontrollable with his frustration and anger. “I shouldn’t even be here! I should be back at UA with my friends and continuing my training to take down people like you.” Pointing an accusing finger at the black haired villain, he completely forgot to feel ashamed for what he was wearing. His breath coming out in short huffs now that his small tantrum was done.

“You don’t need to worry about becoming a hero any time soon,” Dabi said after making sure Shouto was done with his shouting. “We aren’t too far off in launching our final plan and after it’s been seen through, the hero structure of society as we know it will no longer exist.” He said slowly, making sure to watch the teen’s movement carefully. He went rigid at the words but didn’t seem to have anything to say to that. Summoning his flames, he let them creep out towards Shouto in thin bright lines. Taking the time to admire how the blue made the silver of the circlet and the silver around his arms shine gently.

The teen bared his teeth and tried to step out of the way of the hot tendrils but it was useless. Dabi wanted him closer and it was up to Shouto whether he would get burned or not. He hated these moments. They were always false senses of choice that made him feel like he had no choice at all. Making his way to the villain in only a few long strides, he made sure to keep his eyes averted in his own form of rebellion when he was standing between the now spread legs.

“I’m the only one you need to pay attention to anyway mister hero in training.” Warm hands starting a teasing train up scantily clad thighs to rest gently on perfectly narrow hips. If only the teen had been born a girl with wider hips. Perfect for carrying all the children he could only dream of putting in Shouto right now. Maybe he could find someone with a gender-switching quirk in the future? Snapping out of his thoughts when a rather violent shiver passed through the teen. Shouto’s scowl had worsened and he took the barest hint of a step back to get out of his hold. “You’ve been avoiding my touch ever since you arrived.” He said almost offhandedly. A frown taking over his face as if to show his displeasure at the statement.

“Well forgive me if I’d rather not be touched by someone who admitted to being my brother, ” Shouto growled. His fight or flight was telling him that he needed to fight the man before him so he could run. Run and be safe somewhere that wasn’t here . But he couldn’t. At least not yet. When he felt the touch of those almost burning hands back on his skin, he fought his first response of stepping away again. The heat not as painful on his right side as he thought it would be. Turning his head again to look off to the side, he couldn’t stand the look in those bright blue eye as they watched him.

Dabi's eyes softened as he tried to catch the teen’s own but it seemed Shouto was adamant in keeping his gaze away. Standing to tower over the still growing teen, he let one of his hands travel lightly from a hip to gently cup the back of his neck. Playing with the soft baby hairs that sat at the base of his nap. “I won’t let you go back to that cesspool of monsters trying to disguise themselves as saviors. The sooner you accept your place here, the better off you’ll be.” He said as gently as he could. Sidestepping around the teen, he leaned down to pick up one of his newer finds. Holding up another thin silver band, he held it up to Shouto’s skin as if to check if it was the right type. “If you’re worried about staying here forever, you don’t have to. Once hero society has crumbled or at least starts to, then we’ll move somewhere where we aren’t known. Maybe even somewhere near the ocean.” Even while smiling at the thought, he still didn’t miss the way shock and slight disgust ran over the teen face.

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you.” Shouto murmured to match Dabi’s own tone. He wasn’t even sure where he was at the moment. There were no windows in the room and he’d been drugged on the journey here. Now that he thought about it, he wasn’t even sure what day it was...

“I can’t have you if we stay here Shouto. Everyone would try to take you away from me and I can’t let that happen again.” Finding that he didn’t really like the way the silver compared with the rest against the teen’s skin, he tossed it over his shoulder. They could probably sell it with the rest of the things they didn’t want. “Even with your face plastered on all types of magazines and T.V. stations, there are still nicer places that don’t bother with news like that often. You’ll have everything you’d want, I’d make sure of that. Money won’t be an issue after all.” He wasn’t above bribery if it gave him the outcome he wanted but it seemed he’d have to try harder then that to win over Shouto’s cooperation.

“None of that matters to me Dabi .” Spitting out the villain’s name felt like trying to swallow a pound of ashes but he managed. “All of this, I don’t care about. The friends I’ve made and mom. Our siblings! They are what I care about. After all this time I’ve finally started to get to know them and you want to take me away from all of that because you love me? This isn’t how you show love, especially to your youngest brother!” Sweeping an arm out to address the entire room he finally looked Dabi in the eyes again as he said, “Everything in here is something you wanted, but I’m the only thing you even pay the barest hint of attention to every time you’re in here. What will happen if we do manage to get a home away from everyone, what then? How will you keep yourself busy that won’t involve molesting me every minute of every day?!” He screamed in the villain’s face. As if his anger wasn’t already making his body shake in an attempt to control himself, Dabi had the nerve to outright laugh. Like he’d said something funny instead of trying to make the villain see reason.

Circling around Shouto, grinning with amusement as the teen followed, he couldn’t help but want to tease him. “You say that like it’s a bad thing. Touching you every day sounds like a dream come true to me.” With Shouto’s back facing the couch, he makes his move and pushed the teen down with lightning speed. Following closely after to cage Shouto in with his arms slamming against the back of the couch on either side of his head. The furniture sliding back slightly from the force. “Whether you intend to listen to me willingly or not is of no consequence to me.” He said lowly. Almost like he was sharing a secret between them. Lowering the rest of the way to his knees between Shouto’s spread legs, he curled his hands around each leg to hold it still. The teen stilled but only for a moment before he started to try and squirm away from the touch. Freezing only when Dabi’s warm lips caressed the naked skin of his inner thigh. “I could just as easily break you faster than this. Mix a bit of pain with the pleasure and have you saying my name to the point you won’t be able to remember your own. However,” Turning his gaze up to see what expression the teen wore, he was delighted to see shock and a bit of apprehension swimming in those lovely mismatched eyes. “It wouldn’t be fun anymore if you didn’t fight back. As much as I want you to listen to me, I won’t risk losing the part of you that I love the most.” Giving the other thigh a gentle kiss, he finally pulled away so that he could properly see the rest of Shouto.

“But when you do end up breaking me, I’ll just be another thing to throw away and replace right?” Shouto demanded. “You don’t see me as a person, you see me as just another one of these priceless pictures or jewels. And when my value is no longer enough I’ll be either given to someone else or disposed of.” Something dangerous flashed in the villain’s eyes. He wasn’t quick enough to see exactly what it was but he knew it wasn’t anything good.

“That is where you’d be wrong my sweet little Shouto.” Seeing the teen visibly flinch at the little nickname gave him a boost of adrenaline to keep going. “Unlike anything in this room or anything else I find that I want, you are the one thing that no one is allowed to have or touch besides me.” Sitting up to his full height got him to eye level with Shouto and he used his strength to pull the teen closer as he leaned forward until their hips were flush together. “Even if I do end up breaking you, whether by accident or intentional, would never decrease your value to me. It would just mean that I get to put you back together the way I want.” Giving a smirk at the angry blush that was slowly making its way up a pale neck and under the quirk neutralizing collar. “You’re my baby brother, Shouto. I’m the only one who knows how to love you the way you were meant to be.” He said with the barest hint of desperation in his voice.

His blush rushed to his cheeks, and Shouto could do nothing but try to push Dabi away by his shoulders. It seemed to have the opposite effect when he felt two warm arms wrap around his middle to pull him the rest of the way flush to the villain. Equally warm lips feather light on his cheek and jaw moved quickly to trace up and down his neck. Skimming over the collar every chance they could as if to remind him of his helplessness. Shouto groaned and tilted his head back at the feeling. Closing his eyes to try and ignore the way the kisses were making him feel. He’d never been held by another person before but he was sure if the person right now wasn’t his brother, it’d feel so much better. At least, he hoped it would. A flash of what the villain’s face looked like during their post-orgasmic high as if he was the most important thing to the Dabi had him gasping. The sound seeming to make the villain happy as his touches grew harder, more defined against Shouto’s skin. A sudden thought pushed itself to the forefront of his mind that had him going rigid, but Dabi didn’t seem to mind if his continued ministrations were anything to go by. If pushing the villain away didn’t do anything to make him see reason… What would pulling him closer do? His cheeks almost burning at the thought but he had to admit to himself that it was something that could very well help him get back home. Pulling back to lock back onto his eyes, Dabi’s own falling to half-mast he quickly made up his mind. Hot hands skimmed along the fabric of the thin and flimsy top that had been given to him to wear that morning. If Dabi lit his flames right now it wouldn’t even take a second for the material to disintegrate into nothing. Fingers moving from material to skin made his breath hitch but he tried to keep most of his voice in. Warmth spread over his chest, between his pecs and over his shoulders and abs. Calluses catching here and there when the fabric had snagged before.

Sea glass and storm cloud eyes snapped away from Dabi’s gaze as his hands circled back to press over the teen’s rapidly beating heart while the other went higher to cup Shouto’s face. His thumb running along the teen’s bottom lip with the barest hint of pressure. He looked breathtaking. Unearthly in a way that only his little brother could with his two-toned hair and dual-colored eyes. Even his quirks helped with his appeal even if he can’t use them at the moment. Dabi needed him the same way he needed air. Every time he got back from a mission to find the teen either curled up somewhere reading or just simply sleeping made something in his chest loosen so that he could breathe again. All these years of being separated had left a hole where his heart should be that only eased whenever he had the teen near him. Moving his hands again to rest along both thighs again he let his fingers wander up towards the matching shorts to go with the top. Lightly touching along the small tent in the fabric.

Shouto hissed at the touched. Ashamed that his body was acting this way without his full consent to a man he didn’t want it from. Dabi grinned, staples stretching, and an unwanted shot of fear curled it’s way up his spine. He didn’t want this, but he would use it. Just this once. Closing his eyes tight, he tried to force his body to relax as he let the lust slowly begin to make its way into his system. Leaning back against the couch, though away from the villain, he didn’t hear any complaints and settled as best he could. Opening his eyes only after a few deep calming breaths and instantly shivered when he met hooded blue eyes. His mouth opened but he couldn’t think of anything that didn’t sound like he was desperate. “We-” He started but a gasp forced him to stop when Dabi’s hand curled as best he could around the now prominent tent in his shorts. “O-once-”

No ,” Dabi hissed through clenched teeth. Keeping their eyes locked as he wormed the hand that had been stroking him fully past the elastic waistband to properly wrap around the teen now hard cock. Shouto’s mouth audibly snapping shut to keep in his noises much to his annoyance but he let it go for now. “Don’t you dare try to tell me I can only have you once if you plan to offer yourself to me now. I’ve wanted you for so long. Even if you managed to escape, get passed the rest of us and the security system, I will do everything in my power to track you down and bring you back to me.” Letting the threat hang in the air between as he watched Shouto’s eyes widen with each word. Ripping the shirt off was easy, and he had plenty more like it to dress the teen in later so this one was nothing to fret over. But seeing the now visible skin had his mind treading dangerously towards a part he only thought about when Shouto was asleep or he was out. Treading himself wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it? Leaning down to where shoulder met neck, he gave a small nuzzle to the tendon and waited until the teen’s shoulder relaxed back before biting as hard as he could into the skin. Instantly tasting copper fill his mouth and throat while the sound of a surprised scream filled his ears. He almost wished the walls weren’t so thick. Letting the other hear the beautiful sounds he could make him make would be the best thing. He could even feel Shouto’s racing heartbeat like this in two different places and it was doing things to his own throbbing member. After a moment he finally pulled off to lick at the still bleeding wound. “I have all the patience in the world when it comes to you though, so I can wait as long as it takes for you to give me your everything. Not just your body, though that is a good start.” Straightening up to give a predatory grin at the now panting teen. “You’re mind and then your soul… all of it will belong to me eventually.” He promised lowly.

Needing to grab something to keep himself grounded, Shouto’s fingers found their way into the shoulders of Dabi’s well-worn jacket. “I still don’t understand,” He started when he was able to gather enough of his mind to think . “What… what happened to make you want me like this? You hardly knew me when we were-” A broken moan cut him off, but it seemed if the sound hadn’t, Dabi had been about to anyway.

“Of course you wouldn’t remember that far back so whatever you’re saying now must have been told to you by either that trash or Fuyumi, right?” Dabi sneered. Of course, they’d want to keep Shouto in the dark about the truth concerning him. Since these feelings were nothing new to him, even back then. “I’ve always loved you like this Shouto. Not in a sibling way. Truth be told I didn’t even know mom was pregnant with you since I was always either training or passed out from the pain. I only learned after you were born since he wanted to be there for your birth and told me to train on my own. Even after that I never saw you. He kept training me just in case you weren’t what he wanted but then your quirk manifested and it was like I was invisible to him. It was freeing .” He breathed. His breath fanning over Shouto’s face making his nose twitch cutely. “That day that you began your training and mine ended I finally got to meet you. All wide-eyed and innocent to the point you asked me if I was one of his hero friends since I was training in the dojo. It was like I’d seen an angel.” Basking in his memories was nice but he willed himself to leave them for the present. After all, he had the real thing in front of him now instead of just his memories.

Shouto didn’t know what to do or say. Whatever he’d been expecting Dabi’s reasoning to be it definitely hadn’t been that. What did he do now? All he had was his idea from before but now that was looking to be more of a problem down the road then he was willing to work with right now. But did he really have a choice at this point? Gathering his wits and nerve he looked deep into those painfully familiar eyes and leaned as close as he could until their noses were basically touching. “I… I still don’t understand why you like me the way you do, even after what you just confessed. But-” He cut in quickly when he both saw and felt Dabi take in a breath to interject. “I don’t... I don’t see why I can’t give you a chance to properly show me what it would be like to…” God he didn’t want to say it, but he needed to use the only chance he has at getting out of here. “To surrender completely to you.” Making sure to tilt his head just slightly so that Dabi tried to close the distance but pulled back at the last second. “Prove to me that you deserve my submission and I’ll see if it’s worth my soul.” The challenge came at last minute, but by the look on the villain’s face, it had been a good addition.

“I’ll prove whatever you want me to if it means you’ll willingly give yourself over to me.” Dabi chased after those lips. Even if they had been chapped the first time he’d kissed them, it was so much better then he’d imagined. And now was no different. “I’ll make sure you enjoy it enough that you won’t be able to think of anything but me for the rest of your life.” Dabi purred as he tore the shorts the same way he had the shirt. Since the shorts had been so small, he hadn’t seen any reason to put underwear on Shouto. Especially since it was just an extra piece of clothing to get rid of at the end of the day. When his bright red cock was finally put on full display, Shouto seemed to make a  move to use his hands to cover himself instinctively but stopped when a low growl reached his ears. Taking the now leaking member back into his hands he gave it a few stokes while his other carefully wrapped around Shouto’s back to help his hips scoot to the edge once again.

With each sound that crept its way up his throat, Shouto thought for a moment of biting his lip to keep the more embarrassing ones to himself but his own stubbornness stopped him. This whole situation was because he told himself he’d let himself get swept under, just this once, to see if he could use it to escape. If he wasn’t committed to the full performance then he shouldn’t have gone along with this in the first place. Swallowing his shame took a little longer then he’d like but when he finally got it down, his mouth dropped open and the first moan sounded like it came from one of the cheap porno’s Kaminari and Mineta snuck into every once in a while. None of the ones that came after were any better but from the way Dabi’s movements stuttered or his own breath hitch, he supposed the villain didn’t want him to stop. Reining in his voice enough to force coherent words out seemed to be equally hard once the noises started coming but he managed. “Are you sure you’re experienced enough to back up such a big claim?” Crooning as a particularly hard stroke sent a delicious shiver up his spine.

“Of course,” Dabi said with maybe a little too much smug in his tone but the little noises that just kept falling from the teen’s mouth unfiltered were making him feel high. “I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself in front of you by both of us being virgins. Don’t worry though. I made sure to get tested before bringing you here so you wouldn’t catch anything unwanted.” Leaning back on his haunches for only a quick second to slip his coat over his shoulders that was soon followed by his shirt. The cool night air felt almost soothing to his scarred back and sides but he paid it little mind as his eyes instantly caught how Shouto’s eyes practically zeroed in on the newly exposed skin. Hesitant hands just barely brushed against the skin of his now bare shoulders and he couldn’t be more on cloud nine then right now. But they hadn’t even gotten to any of the good parts yet. Licking his lips he moved back to his place between the tees legs and let him have his fun with exploring any skin he could touch.

“You wanted to practice?” Shouto murmured as he watched, mesmerized, the muscles in each arm stretch and pull the stitches and healthy skin in a way that almost seemed like a predator. Every time his fingers found where purple skin met healthy, he was surprised by how smooth it felt. Almost like leather that was only interrupted when he brushed over a startlingly freezing staple.

“Wanted you to enjoy your first time with me as best as it could be, I also didn’t want to risk hurting you if I didn’t know what I was doing.” Dabi purred. His own hands getting back to what they had been doing. Desperate to hear those cute sounded again.

Soon, Shouto’s legs were pushed up and open with the instruction to keep them up and out of the way. Reluctant to part with the touch of the villain’s skin had Dabi cooing to silence his displeased whines. A promise of better was whispered against his lips and he finally allowed his fingers to leave the area they had been pawing at. His grip was a little slick from sweat, but he was able to do as told after adjusting a few times. Waves of anticipation and dread mixing in his system as he watched the villain stand only long enough to remove his jeans and boxers, as well as quickly grab something from the inside drawer of the end table on the other side of the couch before he was back down on his knees. A heated kiss was pressed against his taint making his breath hitch as the familiar sound of a capped bottle was heard echoing around the room.

The bottle of lube wasn’t that old, maybe only a couple of days, yet it was already at half full. He really did have a problem with keeping his hands off the teen if it was already that low… Oh well. He’d just need to buy more the next time he was out. His high body temperature helping to heat the liquid in record time before looking up to meet slightly hazy mismatched eyes. “It’s been a while since the last time I did this. Just remember to breath deep and relax. I promise you’ll feel amazing.” Dabi murmured encouragingly. Pressing one slicked finger against Shouto’s entrance, he anticipated the instant clench of muscles and waited until they’d relaxed enough to push one digit in first to test the waters. The teen’s insides gave a few experimental clenches around his finger but when it seemed no pain was detected from the action it almost felt like Shouto melted into the feeling. A soft sigh came from above as he started a slight in and out motion and Dabi couldn’t have been more pleased with himself, or the teen for that matter, that they seemed to be getting somewhere. The second finger was a bit harder, however. When the digit began to poke and feel around to enter alongside the first, the same initial clench had to be waited out but when the muscles eased back up they instantly clenched when both entered to the first knuckle.

Shouto hissed as the feeling of both fingers made a twinge of pain shoot up his spine. Instead of whispers or coos of encouragement like he’d been expecting from Dabi, he nearly jumped out of his skin when a cold mouth encased his still straining cock. “Oh, f-fuck .” He groaned. That had to be the weirdest thing he’d had to get used to whenever the villain wanted to taste him instead of touching him. Dabi’s touch might be warm, even burning sometimes, but his mouth was freezing. That included any fluids as well. He’d had cum spilled on his back and face to many times to not be aware of that fact first hand. As the feeling of perfect coldness made a steady rhythm over his member and he lost himself to the lust now throbbing along with his heartbeat, he couldn’t help but lean back until he was basically laying down. The villain seemed to notice when he tried to adjust and found it difficult to get comfortable again. Pulling out his three fingers- when had he added a third?- Dabi maneuvered them so that they were properly laying down on the couch now. Tossing one of his legs over the back while keeping the other in a, now shaky, grip so that he was more spread open for easier access. As the thought crossed his mind, the blush that had been sitting at a warm reminded instantly flared and he had the urge to hide in his free arm but knew it would be pointless.

He didn’t go right back to what he’d been doing once they’d been situated. For a second, maybe longer, Dabi let himself take in all of the teens. How his chest rose and fell with his labored breaths. His hair and where it was mixed in some places both over and under the circlet that matched the soft pink color. The way the silver on his arms and sweat seemed to make his skin practically glow in the candlelight. God, he was in so deep. So much deeper than Shouto would ever know, more than even he knows himself. Finally, after a small whine to remind him of his main objective, he returned his hands to their proper places. Sinking three fingers in easily right off the back had a scream ripping from the teen’s lungs. Next was his other hand to simply caress up and down the leg now slung over the couch. Drawing patterns every now and again. Taking the proudly standing cock of his little brother back into his mouth felt like a deal being sealed. For a second, he wondered what it would feel like if Shouto was the one with his member in his warm, much smaller mouth. The thought alone made him moan around the teen’s cock and a small squirt of pre-cum erupted from the tip to lay across his tongue. It was so bitter, but he always did prefer bitter things to sweets.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over Shouto and he wasn’t sure just how long he’d be able to last with all this stimulus. Especially when all four -when had Dabi...?- fingers brushed just on the outside of something deep inside him. The first close call had made his free hand launching forward to grip the, surprisingly soft, black hair that was available for his holding. Wiggling his hips didn’t help much if only made the feeling worse when it caused the fingers to move farther away from the spot. After the fifth -or was it more?- attempt to get what he wanted, he finally let his frustration win. “N-noo…” He whined in a much higher voice than intended. When the cold feeling of that mouth detached from his cock he gave another whine of disappointment.

“No, what Shouto?” Dabi huffed breathlessly. He didn’t think he’d done something wrong but he wanted to be sure the teen felt nothing but pleasure. As he watched those dilated eyes try to give him their hardest glare, he wasn’t sure what the issue could be. “Tell your big brother what you want.” He cooed. Smirking when his words rewarded him a shiver.

“Spot.” Was the only word Shouto could think to blurt out. His eyes desperately trying to convey what his voice couldn’t when confusion crossed the villain’s face.

“Did I hurt-” The violent way Shouto instantly shook his head made a frown settle on his face as he tried to figure out what the teen what trying to get at. But it seemed patience was neither of their specialties right now as Shouto made a sound of frustration.

Untangling his fingers from black dyed hair to grip the hand not holding his leg up. Shouto placing it over his stomach where he thought it might be located and rolled his hips enticingly. Dabi’s hitched breath made a smirk of his own stretch across his lips. “Th-there's a spot that…” Trailing off to roll his hips again, he hoped the moan the action caused conveyed the rest of his message.

Dabi hummed low in his throat. Confident that he knew what the teen was asking for even with the vague direction. Moving the hand that Shouto had moved to pin his hips down to the couch before getting to work searching for the supposed ‘spot’ his baby brother was almost begging for. A desperate hand tangled back into his hair as he swallowed the hot cock back into his mouth but only going down enough to keep an eye on Shouto’s face. It took a few times and switching up the angle just slightly, but soon enough Dabi watched as the teen’s face contorted into a look of pure shock and lust. The most beautiful gasp following soon after. Only being blocked when seconds after his spine arched up like an archery bow about to be released. Now that he’d found the spot Shouto wanted he couldn’t help but use it to his advantage. Pressing his fingers as hard into the spot as possible without causing pain, he started up a fast but short back and forth rhythm with his hand while finally going all the way down until his nose touched the ridges of Shouto’s lower abs.

Any chance of a coherent thought went right out the window as both Shouto’s front and back were touched in the best ways possible. Once the rhythm was set, he followed with his own version of rocking up to meet Dabi’s mouth in a downward while right after thrusting his hips back to meet those sinful fingers as they hit that wonderful bundle of nerves deep inside. Only slightly aware of the feeling of wetness gathering in his eyes and spilling over to cool his heated cheeks. His thighs beginning to shake with the strain of keeping them wide open and a to familiar pressure was becoming too tight to ignore but he didn’t have enough sense to voice this fact to Dabi as he felt the villain’s mouth slow just slightly so that their eyes could find one another again. Seeing this man, his brother , sucking him off so expertly was making his blood sing in a way he’d never felt before. Was this really how good he could feel if he just gave a little in return for Dabi’s attention. What would it feel like to be on the giving end of something like this instead of the receiving? The villain certainly seemed to be enjoying himself if the vibrations against his dick every once and awhile were any indication.

Shouto unexpectedly clenching around his fingers had his eyes snapping open -when had he closed them?- to see what was wrong. When all he saw was pleasure and no signs of pain playing across the teen’s face, Dabi wasn’t sure what had caused the sudden reaction. His next thrust inward had Shouto tightening so hard around him that he honestly couldn’t move while he cried out in surprise. Popping off for only a second to properly look at Shouto’s now hidden face he jerked back when something hot hit his face. Blinking in slight confusion, his tongue poked out to taste a little of whatever was now dripping down his check. Pure bitterness. His baby brother had cum on his face. Pulling out his fingers earned him the most obscene squelching sound he’d ever hear as well as a whine of overstimulation but he ignored it in favor of sitting up to loom over the now limp figure practically melting into the couch in his afterglow. To his surprise, he didn’t feel as proud of this accomplishment as he thought he would. Instead, a burning irritation was blooming in his chest that if this kept up if Shouto couldn’t keep up with what he had planned, then he wouldn’t be able to show the teen just how good it could really be for him here. Standing fully proved a harder task than first thought with his own erection straining against his jean on the wrong side of tight so he took a few extra moments to completely rid himself of them. His shoes had been off since he first came in so he didn’t have to worry about that as he looked around the room, now stark naked, in search of what he’d need to make sure their time together lasted as long as he needed it to. Walking to a table with a large mound of jewelry piled high on it to see if it had what he was looking for.

When he’d come down far enough to actually be aware of his own surroundings Shouto was a bit surprised to notice that Dabi wasn’t still over him. Turning his head a bit, he caught the sight of the villain’s scarred back not too far away. His blush rushing back to his cheeks when he noticed that there was no longer any clothes on Dabi’s body. Using what little strength his body had gained back so far to rearrange himself on the couch, he took in deep breaths to stop the few aftershocks that still rolled through his body. Leaning his back against the armrest felt a bit uncomfortable but he was able to pull his legs up to his chest and shield his lower parts as best he could. Without the distraction of an orgasm, he was starting to feel exposed and vulnerable. Something he didn’t like feeling even in his most relaxed state. “What are you looking for?” He asked if a bit hoarsely, which did nothing to dispel his blush. With as much time as he had, he knew practically where everything was in the room. Both out of habit and possible use of anything he might find useful.

Dabi only hummed in response as he looked over what he was looking for. A few rings in various metals with all kinds of gems or engravings. Finding one to his liking, thin and silver with a simple pattern on the outside, and made his way back to the now sitting up teen. “Something to help you feel everything much more vividly than before.” He finally answered as his free hand reached out to card through the now almost fully mixed two-toned hair. Amused when he noticed Shouto’s eyes trying their hardest not to look down his body.

“We… we’re not done?” Shouto hesitated as a pit of dread started to form in his stomach, chasing away the remainder of his afterglow.

“Of course not,” Dabi said simply. “You said that you wanted me to prove to you that your submission would be worth your soul.” Moving down to caress one hot cheek, his thumb followed the line of Shouto’s cheekbone. “But I can’t prove myself if your body won’t cooperate. Not that it’s your fault. I’m almost flattered I can make your body respond so fast even after having as much practice as we have.” Holding up the ring he’d grabbed so that the teen could properly see it. “That’s what this is for. A little hint, it’s not a ring for your finger.” Shouto’s face turned a bit curious but seemed more hesitant than anything towards the jewelry.

Having never had any experience in any field of anything sexual, Shouto was drawing a literal blank. Looking back up into Dabi’s eyes to see if maybe he could find another hint proved to only make him more confused. “I don’t follow…” He confessed. Hesitant to admit any kind of weakness to the villain but he curiosity seemed to be winning over caution. Another hum and he watched Dabi use the hand not holding the ring scoop up a bit of the cum still on the villain’s face and smear the slightly cooled fluid on the inside. Gently pulling his legs apart again, he fought his first instinct to close his legs again in favor of seeing what would happen next. Dabi took his now flaccid member and gave a few tender strokes, a few shivers chasing each other up his body at the feeling. When it seemed he started to grow hard again much to his own shock, the villain slipped the heated metal over the head with as much care as if he was slipping it on one of Shouto’s fingers. His face scrunched up in discomfort. Not from the heat, though it was unexpected, from the slight weight it caused at his base. It wasn’t fully snug against his base but it was enough to make him squirm. He didn’t like what this meant.

“I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t fit but from the looks of things, it will be a perfect match. Silver always did look better against your pale skin than gold.” Dabi said softly as his fingers touched the ring one last time before making his way up to touch lightly along the silver wrapped around Shouto’s arms and up further to feel where the circlet tucked behind the teen’s ear. “We can’t have you tapping out so soon. This will make sure I have all night to show you what I’ve been wanting to do for so long.” He murmured against slightly quivering lips before giving them a light peck of reassurance.

“Wait-wait!” Shouto jerked back. “I said I’d give you a chance, not a night.” Trying to scoot away form Dabi proved to be fruitless as he realized he was already as far away as the couch arm would allow him. Trying to take the thing off proved the same way when a sharp glare and small puff of fire proved a warning if he really tried to take it off.

Wanting the teen to relax so that they could continue with what he had planned, Dabi maneuvered himself back down so that he was eye level with Shouto’s cock once again. Giving the head a few kitten licks before a longer lick from just above the ring to the head. Following this pattern for a few more moments before enough blood had gathered down south to make removing the cock ring difficult if not painful. “The whole night is my chance.” He said after a bit of time. “You must know that just giving you a blowjob and fingering you isn’t actually considered sex right? The great UA must have a better sexual education than a normal high school right?” He mocked. His own words making him want to laugh. High school was already horrible at teaching kids about their own bodies without making kids feel like they came out of a lesson knowing just as much as when they went in. He could only imagine how much worse such a prestigious school handled such a topic. “Foreplay is only part of the fun, the main event has still yet to come.” Going back to licking along each vein he could find as he let his words sink in.

“Main event?” Shouto asked. “You mean…” His words trailing off when it clicked and he gasped. Was he alright with that? Could he let Dabi take his virginity if it meant having a way to escape? But what if it didn’t work and he let this villain, his own brother , have his first time? There were so many ‘what if’s but he didn’t have all the time in the world to debate them. He had right here and right now and that was no time at all. Taking in a few deep breaths to steady himself, he willed his legs to open wider, putting one on the floor when he felt his thigh protest to being in the air and carded his hair threw long black tresses to get the villain’s attention. Dabi raised his head as if to answer the silent request and the intense look in those burning eyes made his confidence wain slightly. “You have a lot of practice right? I’ve never… you’re the only one of us who knows what they’re doing, so I’m counting on you to not make it hurt.” He waited. Hoping beyond anything that his voice had been loud enough that he wouldn’t have to repeat himself. A simple nod followed a long moment of silence that had him breathing out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. The harsh but fast tug of his hips had him landing flat on his back. His head a few inches away from the arm of the couch now. Looking up at the figure now looming over his whole body, he wondered if he should have never gone through with this plan at all.

“Since this will be your first time, doggy style would be best. The angle best for your body to be more accepting.” Dabi purred into the teen’s ear. The shiver he felt go through his body, worth the push against his shoulder that came a few seconds later. Raising up to his full kneeling height he watched as Shouto sat up as best he could on his elbows. His mismatched eyes still struggling to keep his gaze above the chest. It was almost cute the way he refused to let himself take even the smallest peek at what his big brother was packing. No worry. He’ll know how big it is soon enough. Even if his eyes won’t see, his insides surely will.

“Are you sure it’s not because you want me on my hands and knees like a good whatever you want me to be?” Shouto snapped. He froze after the words left his mouth but he couldn’t take them back now. A deep chuckle was his only answer but the dark tint to the sound made his hackles stay raised.

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted you to be is my baby brother,” Dabi said lowly. Taking one of Shouto’s wrist to guide towards his erection, he hissed when smaller, less calloused fingers hesitantly wrapped around his throbbing erection. He’d tried having the teen do this a few times before but every time fingers had felt where they were going, Shouto would jerk back and keep his hands as close to him as he could. Now that he was at least cooperating the barest amount it felt even better than he’d ever hoped. Helping to start up a smooth but short rhythm to keep the teen preoccupied for a short time. He deserved a bit of service every once and a while too. “I know you think this is wrong, that I shouldn’t want you in every way a lover would. But I can’t help it. Everything about you pulls me in, makes me want to take care of you. Treat you like how you deserve to be treated.” He cooed. Cupping Shouto’s face in encouragement when his hand slowed down at his words.

“How do I deserve to be treated according to you?” Shouto asked. His eyes staying averted over the back of the couch even when hot fingers drew light patterns on his cheek and neck.

“Like a prince, or a secret lover.” Dabi groaned when a particular stroke ended with a bit of tighter pressure against his tip.

“A secret lover or a whore you’re ashamed of.” Shouto spat as he tried to pull his hand away from Dabi’s still straining cock. The hand around his wrist keeping him in place, tightening its grip when he struggled harder. “I’m not something you can just lock up and expect to fall at your feet willingly. Even if our blood connection wasn’t a part of the equation you still can’t expect someone to just… just…” His words getting jumbled in his mind too much to keep his train of thought going.

“You aren’t a whore Shouto. I’ve seen plenty of them in our line of work and you don’t even come close to them.” Dabi growled. Accepting that his time of pleasure by the teen was done but didn’t want him to pull away just yet. “As for you falling at my feet, I can just wait for Stockholm Syndrome to kick in.” The look of shock making him press on before panic completely ruins the mood. “You are the most important thing in my life Shouto, as long as I have you, I don’t need anything else. Blood connection be damned.” He said in a much gentler tone.

“How can you say it so casual like that?” Shouto whispered desperately. “Don’t you find it wrong that you want to fuck your little brother? What about Fuyumi or Natsuo? Have you ever had these feelings towards them or is it just me?” He asked. “And even if Stockholm Syndrome does set in then what? It won’t be real love, not really. Just a cheap imitation that would never happen in real life under normal circumstances.” He couldn’t stop after that. More and more words just kept spilling out without his consent but he just couldn’t stop .

“Those two have never sparked anything in me that has even come close to describing how I feel about you.” Dabi hissed. “I’ll take a cheap imitation if it means you only belong to me.” He said with authority. Trying to make this train of conversation ends before it goes somewhere he takes it back from.

“That’s the thing!” Ripping his hand free at last, Shouto scrambled back away from the still villain. Black bangs covering his eyes enough that he couldn’t see the expression playing on Dabi face but he didn’t think it was good. “You don’t own me! You never will! I’m not something that can be owned. I’m a person with feelings and thoughts of my own!” Screwing his eyes as tightly shut as possible, he just let his mouth spew whatever it wanted. “When will you understand that given the choice between staying here and going back I will always choose to leave! Even if you weren’t my brother, even if you were someone I could come to love outside of all of this it doesn’t change the fact that I hate you now and nothing you do will ever change that!” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Dabi stayed silent. Trying to keep his breathing under control at the onslaught of words from the teen. His blunt nails carving half crescents into his palms as he clenched his fists knuckle white. Only when he was sure that he wouldn’t lose control did he take an unsteady breath before speaking. “If that’s how you feel, then I guess there’s no point in trying to win you over.” His voice flat. The sound of it making himself internally flinch but not as badly as Shouto’s words had. “I’ll take your hate for now and just wait for fax love to take its place over time.” His hand striking out to grab Shouto’s throat. Pulling him back as close as he had been before moving away. The teen gasped, his eyes flying open wide at the sudden action while his hands tried to fruitily pull his hand away. “Since you’re so adamant I’m treating you like a whore, why don’t I show you how to properly act like one.” Shoving Shouto back so that he was laying back down across the couch. “Flip over, I don’t feel like watching your hate show on your face.” When nothing happened for a couple of seconds a growl made its way up his throat. “ Flip over. ” He hissed again.

“N-no.” Shouto stuttered out. Taking a short look around him in hopelessness to see if there was a way to escape. But hope didn’t even have a chance to bloom before a wall of fire consumed his vision on all sides. The smoke making his eyes sting with tears and the smell of burning carpet making him choke. Fingers laced tightly into his hair and tugged him forward when it seemed he was taking to long, a sharp cry ripping out of his chest along with any air left in his lungs.

Arranging them so that Dabi was sitting up properly against the back of the couch with Shouto straddling him, back to chest. One hand going back to his throat just above the collar to keep him in place while the other grabbed his cock, giving it a few quick jerks to make sure the ring stayed in place. He usually liked to have the teen facing him so he could see how his face contorted with pleasure or how his lip would be bitten raw from trying to keep his voice in. But right now he didn’t think he could stand to see what kind of expression Shouto was making right now. Trying to pull away only resulted in the hand around his throat tightening but it seemed the teen had a bit more stubbornness left in him. It didn’t matter though, he had him where he’d wanted him since the very beginning. So why didn’t it feel as satisfying as it should have? Using the hand around the teen’s cock, now at his waist, to shift Shouto on top of him, he lined himself up with the wildly twitching entrance. “Relax as best you can. I won’t stop until I’m satisfied.” Was his only warning before he started to lower the teen’s hip down.

Despite both the warning and prep from earlier, Shouto still felt his muscles seize in panic as he felt the tip touched his entrance. Squeezing his eyes shut as he tried to keep his breathing even, he forced his body to relax. Or at least as best he could, trying to remember what Dabi had sounded like the first time he’d fingered him. Cooing at him and petting his hair until his tears dried and he was moaning at the feeling. Even though he had wished it away then it was the only comfort he had now. Time seemed to tick by slowly as they made little progress. With each inch the cock penetrates a new wave of pain racked his body, keeping his muscles from contracting at the feeling was becoming almost impossible but he couldn’t stop now. If he did, the pain would only be that much worse. Feeling Dabi’s forehead lean against his back made him jump slightly, distracting him from the way the hand around his waist tightened at his hip bone. When the sudden force of the villain’s hips thrusting up caught him off guard. He thought he’d be thrown off with the force of it but the way Dabi’s hand had gripped him into a vice-like grip kept him in place. The rest of the burning member now sheathing completely inside of him. His chest heaved as he fought to keep calm, any movement sending pain up his spine and around his hips as his body tried to adjust to the large length inside. Trying to alleviate any of the pressure only made it grow, much to his horror but the low groan from behind made him shiver. Cold breath fanning against his overheated skin. Sooner then he was ready for, the villain was moving them around. Hissing as his legs were yanked apart to dangle over either side of Dabi’s. A few staples scraping against his skin slid against the villains. Arching his back only helped to sink the cock inside him further, his body screaming to get it out so it could unclench. Leaning his head back he hadn’t expected his head to rest against Dabi’s but he’d take it if it meant he didn’t have to hold his own head up anymore. Water blurring his vision as he watched the ceiling with unseeing eyes. “I hate you.” His voice cracked with his unshed tears, but the raw emotion still held true.

“That’s fine. I love you enough for both of us.” Dabi murmured softly. The place he thought his heart would be feeling like a thousand thorns were taking root. He’d hoped his little brother would see things his ways if he just showered him with enough attention and pleasure. But he didn’t have the same patience their mother did, he didn’t have years or even months to turn Shouto to their side. Within the next few weeks, they’d set off the chain reaction that they’ve been planning for years and then they’d be on the move again. Moving to wherever they wanted with the connections they’d managed to form during the last few months. When sitting still wasn’t enough anymore he began a slow thrust upwards, testing the waters of resistance. The teen seemed to be attempting to follow his advice in relaxing but it seemed he could only do so much before his body just resisted on its own. Blunt nails dug into the arm still holding Shouto’s throat while his other gripped his leg in the same harsh manner. The pain they caused helping him concentrate on his movements instead of basking in just how tight it felt around his dick. It almost felt like a vacuum. Wet and warm and oh so heavenly. Before long he needed to release his hold on the teen’s neck in favor of gripping the other hip to be able to better lift Shouto up only to drop him back down. As a rhythm roughly started his hearing finally zoned in on the small noises spilling out of what he could only assume was a wide open mouth. Each hitch of breath and groan that reached his ears let him sink deeper into a false sense of peace. Soon enough, much to his surprise, the teen’s body began to stop fighting the penetration. Relaxing into the rock and push until it almost felt like Shouto was actively trying to bounce on his lap. The hand that had been digging into his hand was now on his other knee, his whole body leaning forward to keep his balance.

Shame colored his cheeks a red so bright it could match his hair. Every time Dabi’s cock skimmed the outside of that bundle of nerves from earlier Shouto found himself clamping down. As if to keep the large member deep inside. His own dick throbbing in time with his heartbeat and want, the thin silver ring apparently doing its job as it kept his orgasm just out of reach more times then he could count. “I-I need-” A rough thrust cut him off as a long moan forced itself out instead.

“The sounds you make are appreciated but anything other than that I don’t want to hear.” Dabi snapped with his next stroke up. “Unless you’re asking me for more, just keep that pretty mouth of yours full of moans.” Using his grip on Shouto’s hips to force their pelvises to slap together loudly. Deeming the teen to high on his cock to properly fight back now he let his own defenses down enough to let his own withheld grunts and groans of pleasure to slip thru. A deeper thrust than the ones before, courtesy of Shouto’s now prominent bouncing, helping a moan work its way out. Finally lifting his head when the weight of the teen’s head on top of his became uncomfortable he was met with the sight of Shouto’s back muscles moving just below the skin. They almost seemed to be tempting him with the way they moved to lick, bite, taste the sweat that glistened on its surface. Not wanting to deprive him of anything Shouto had to offer he let his first instinct take over his movements and bit down on where shoulder met neck. The strangled sound the teen made was like music to his ears. When he finally detached himself from the wound, his tongue darted out to lap at the blood that trickled out. The thorns in his chest were loosening with each thrust that was reciprocated by the smaller body under him and he knew there was nothing in the world that could stop this. “This is me marking you Shouto. After this, you are mine until I decide otherwise. I hope you’re comfortable because you’ll be finding yourself like this in the near future.” His voice was nothing more than a growl. He almost didn’t recognize it but the way Shouto clenched tighter around him let him know that he’d been heard.

Turning his head took effort that Shouto didn’t think he had, but he managed to do it in order to send the villain the hardest glare he could manage with a cock still thrusting into him. The effect must have been lost since all he got was a heated gaze and cruel smirk that stretched Dabi’s staples to their limits. That look sent the same amount of lust through his veins as each thrust was now eliciting and he couldn’t keep his gaze for long. Turning away when the never-ending tightness in his belly grew too be too much.

“Don’t be like that Shouto.” Dabi cooed. His hands sliding down to sweat slicked thighs to yank them that much more open for a better angle. Even spreading his own legs to make sure they stayed as widespread as he wanted. The new angle causing Shouto to lean more forward, his back arching to counteract his balance and his thrusts back to take on a completely different angle. “You look so beautiful like this, all spread open and rutting back against my thrusts to chase your orgasm even though its probably already slipped through your fingers so many times already.” Goding people was one his specialties, especially to get the reaction he wanted. Now seemed to be no different. “Even if your voice says you hate me your body is saying something completely different. The way it squeezes me makes it feel like your insides are trying to tell my cock not to leave.” Punctuating the last part with a quick succession of thrust that had moan after moan rolling off the teen’s tongue. The ring of muscles doing exactly as he’d said during each and every one.

Shouto wanted to argue. Really he did, but something about the way Dabi’s cock had almost touched his sweet spot had him arching his back like a whore just to see if it would push the tip the rest of the way in. A sob choking him when it didn’t even come close and he was left desperately whining as the next thrust in missed the mark completely. He didn’t even care what was falling out of his mouth at this point. Long since given up trying to close his mouth when he’d already broken that dam at the beginning. His fingernails had probably broken the villain’s skin with how hard he was digging in but it was the only thing he could reach that came close to grounding him. The added leverage it gave him to thrust back to meet Dabi’s harsher thrusts was just a delicious bonus. “Brother molester.” His mind supplied to him and with his brain to mouth filter offline he had no way of stopping the words from leaving.

“Bold words coming from someone taking their brothers cock like a bitch in heat.” Dabi shot back. Making sure his dick missed the little bundle of nerves again after teasing the outskirts of it the past couple thrusts. “Why…” Making his pace quicken wasn’t the easiest in this position but he managed all the same. “Out of everyone in this fucked up world does it have to be you my heart wants.” Whispering the words into Shouto’s hair guaranteed that the teen wouldn’t hear him. But just to be sure he adjusted his hips just so and suddenly a startled but pleasant cry fell from his little brother's lips.

After that Dabi made sure to hit that spot head on each and every time. Dark spots were starting to cloud Shouto’s vision along with what felt like mild shocks of pleasure frying his every nerve ending. Rocking proved a much more comfortable and fruitful way of meeting the villain’s thrust that soon felt the building pressure come towards the side of a long-awaited cliff. But soon he arrived at the edge and nothing he did was getting him any closer to tipping over. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and a soft sob broke from his chest in the most pitiful sound he’d ever heard. The arms around his waist seemed to hold him closer at the sound and others that followed it soon after. “Wha-what’s happ- ha !-ning...” He gasped when the orgasm he’d been waiting for for so long withered away to nothing.

Without saying a word, Dabi abruptly pulled out of the teen. Both groaning at the feeling but he couldn’t linger on it for too long, he needed to move them before the angle lost it appeal to him. The wall of fire was easy enough to extinguish, the after marks would need to be explained later but for now, they could be left as they were. Standing was the next hurdle but it seemed he had much more energy than Shouto at this point, much to his own pride. The teen’s knees buckling almost the second he was placed on his feet. Deciding it would just be faster to carry him, he didn’t even hesitate to turn him around so that they were facing each other. Putting his hands on the backs of his thighs and lifted caused a small squeak and lean but thin legs to wrap around his waist followed by arms winding loosely around his neck. Once at the bed he debated just dropping the teen onto the sheets but chose to simply place him down, scooting them both up the bed enough so that there was no chance of either of them falling off. He didn’t even pull away while he re-entered Shouto. Just lined himself up and the entrance welcomed him back in like it had missed him.

Shouto couldn’t help but throw his head back at the feeling of being penetrated from both the new position but the angle it offered to his sweet spot. Feeling Dabi moving up had his arms unwinding from his shoulders to fist tightly into the soft covers below them. He watched with hooded eyes as the villain raised himself up to his elbows, burning blue eyes meeting his for only a split second before a perfectly angled thrust forced his eyes closed as a shout left his lips.

“Cock ring,” Dabi grunted as he tried to get back into the rhythm he’d set before changing positions. Now that they were facing each other he could watch the way emotion after emotion played across the usually expressionless face of his beloved baby brother. Each noise was now amplified between them instead of being cast out into the room like before and he felt himself getting more and more affected by the way Shouto’s body was squirming and trying to meet every one of his thrusts. A sharp gasp, much different than the ones before, caught his attention enough to zero in on the teen’s face.

“I did-didn’t think it was possible f-for you to-to get bigger!” Shouto squealed out as the now much larger member brushed deeper than before.

The comment was supposed to be a slap to the face but it just succeeded in stroking Dabi’s ego at the moment. He’d never had any other partner give a comment like that. A compliment at the beginning when they first saw what he was packing? Almost every time. But this was definitely a first that he wouldn’t mind happening again. Especially with the way Shouto’s head was lolling to the side and his tongue was hanging out slightly to let a small track of drool dribble down his chin was any encouragement. Now that he was looking at the teen’s face up close he swore he could see little hearts floating in those lust blown mismatched eyes.

Mind nothing more than putty at this point, Shouto couldn’t help but wonder what he’d been so worried about at the beginning of all this. This was so good, he’d never felt anything like this before and he’d definitely never felt this loved before. That’s what Dabi had called it right? Love? If this was Dabi’s way of showing him love than… maybe it wouldn’t be so bad in just letting himself be spoiled like the villain wanted to do. His arms finding their way back around powerful shoulders, his nails finding perches in Dabi’s back but the low moan they earned told him that he didn’t mind all that much. They’d both have bruises and marks after this but it didn’t seem like either had a problem with that. His insides seizing for the second time with no sign of relief in sight was what broke him out of that dangerous mindset before he could fall to far down that rabbit hole. But he needed to do something to get his release before it slipped thru his finger a third time. Tears gathering back into his eyes as he tried to figure out what to say to get the villain to listen. “Please.” He hiccuped when he was able to find his voice among all the extra noises he was making. “Please, I-I’ll do anything! J-just help me-” A pair of hot lips sealed against his own, making him flinch at the unexpected heat. But soon he eased into it and accepted the cold tongue sweeping across his bottom lip. Anything to get his release he reminded himself.

The inside of Shouto’s mouth was as hot as Dabi had expected. It almost felt like his fireside wasn’t being erased but it was oh so welcome. They both shivered as their tongues caressed each other in what felt like a much more intimate dance then they seemed to be doing at the moment. It didn’t last long though, he couldn’t let himself get distracted by a simple kiss , though it was the first one the teen had willingly reciprocated and pulled away just slightly so that he could look into Shouto’s eyes. “Anything?” He asked breathlessly. When he got a shaky nod in return, he couldn’t help the wicked smile that almost, literally, split his face in two. “Then why don’t we start with begging me nicely and see how that works?” His voice came out ending in a hiss as the next thrust provoked a rather tight squeeze from the teen. “I’d hurry if I were you Shouto. You never know when your release will slip thru your fingers next.” It was almost cruel what he was trying to offer. Knowing full well that there was literally nothing that he could do besides give the teen all the pleasure in the world to fight for his climax. And if a few of his thrust didn’t quite hit their mark and ended up being the reason Shouto’s end wouldn’t come then, that was just bad timing now wasn’t it?

“How?” Shouto whined . God, he really did sound like a bitch in heat.

“Oh don’t sound so upset love.” Dabi cooed mockingly. “Here, let your big brother give you a little hand. Put your legs around my waist, make sure to lock your ankles and don’t let go.” Getting his arms around the teen as best as their sweat-slicked skin would allow he was pleased when he felt Shouto do exactly as he asked. Flipping them was easier than moving to the bed and soon he was lying on his back, the teen leaning heavily on his chest as he tried to catch his breath from the new angle. The intense shaking of Shouto’s thighs much more prominent in this position now that he was spread open and fully exposed but he wouldn’t let him move right now. It was too risky and he still hadn’t gotten what he wanted. “There you go, now you have my full attention with no distractions.” Rubbing up and down both sides until his hands settled to rub encouraging circles into jutting hip bones. “Now then, what do you want to ask me Shouto? Remember, the quicker you are, the faster you can find your release.” Keeping his voice teasing, he wanted to keep the teen submerged in whatever mindset that was keeping him under his spell. Too many harsh words might break him out and they couldn’t have that now could they.

Sinking his teeth into his bottom lip, Shouto felt helpless and exposed. What did the villain want to hear? He’d already said and done so much to him what more could he possibly want? In the back of his head, the only part that was keeping him from completely getting taken back over by the pleasure, whispered temptingly that he already knew the answer to that. That Dabi wanted him to say the one thing that Shouto hadn’t allowed himself to even think too much about no matter how much prompting or how many times he was told. “P-please…” He murmured. “Let me-me cum… T-Touya…” The name felt both wrong and right on his tongue and he almost cried at the immediate reaction. A quick upwards thrust make a reverberating smack as it forced their hips tighter together, the tip of Dabi’s cock slamming into his sweet spot. “Oh fuck fuck -” But just as quickly as the first movement came another never followed and he let his voice come out in the most desperate plea. “Keep going, oh God please keep going.” He begged. Rocking didn’t do anything with the iron grip that was keeping his lower body in place and he could feel the familiar creep of his orgasm getting away from him once again. “Touya! Please I-” It was like a switch was flipped in the villain. Each call of his name was met with a perfectly placed thrust that seemed to make the world spin on its axis.

“That’s it, good boy,” Dabi grunted as they started up a steady rhythm. His dead name sounding so perfect in that mouth that he couldn’t stop himself from melting. Losing himself to the pleasure just as much as Shouto. That dazed look was back in the teen’s eyes and again he could swear he saw hearts but this time it looked like his whole pupil had become one large heart swimming in a sea of sea glass or cloudy gray. “More, give me more Shouto. Be good for your big brother and you’ll get your reward.” He was now the one begging and he really couldn’t give a damn. He needed to hear more. More confirmation that his little brother knew exactly who’s dick was making him feel amazing.

“To-uya!” Panting to try and catch his breath. Shouto’s voice felt raw with overuse but he couldn’t stop now. He was going to get a reward, he was being so good, he- “ Nii-chan ~!” His orgasm pushed his as closer to the edge then it had before, but like the two times before he was yanked back from the edge by a misplaced thrust that missed the little bundle of nerves he’d been relying on. Tears overflowed his eyes as he let a sob rack his body along with the villain’s continued thrusts. “Nii-chan no.” He sobbed. “Y-you promised. You said I was goo-good!” A hand came up to gently cup his cheek and wipe away his tears. Opening his eyes -he didn’t remember closing them- and stared down into soft blue eyes. An almost kind smile playing on the villain’s face that he hadn’t thought could make him look so… warm. Even with all the scars and silver, Shouto could actually see where their similarities lye.

“Shh, Shouto. You are a good boy, and good boys get their rewards.” Dabi cooed softly. His hips only slowing slightly so that he could properly talk to the dazed teen now looking at him like he held the world in his hand. And to Dabi, he did. “Lean back and brace your arms on my legs, squeeze as hard as you want ok? You won’t hurt me. Good just like that, now spread your legs as wide as you can- no don’t sit up. Put all your weight on your arms. Yes perfect.” When he finally had Shouto how he wanted, he could feel his own orgasm tightening into an almost painful coil in his stomach. He didn’t start slow, they had already come too far to have the patience for something like that. Instead, he started as fast as he could, chasing both of their ends like the madman he was, all while making sure Shouto stayed how he had him. In this position and angle, there was no way his dick couldn’t hit the teen’s sweet spot each and every time. Mismatched eyes rolled back when one of his thrust went extra deep and his hips gyrated to try and keep the apparent rush from ending. He looked so beautiful, so open and panting and his lips were still spilling his name with desperate little ‘Nii-chan’s every now and then. Drool still leaking from the corner of his mouth but he didn’t seem to notice or just didn’t care as his nails dug white knuckled into the flesh of his thighs. Everything felt amazing from the warm vacuum that was Shouto’s insides to the definitely there hearts that seemed to overtake any color in his eyes now. His baby brother deserved every ounce of love he could give and god did it feel amazing to be able to not hold back anymore. Giving everything he could to the only person he ever wanted to give it to.

Dabi’s dick was growing hotter and hotter as time went on for them. And his thrusts were beginning to lose rhythm to the point that Shouto was unable to ignore it any longer. He’d given the villain enough blowjobs and handjobs to know all the signs of his approaching release and he wanted to cry again at the dread that bloomed in his chest. “No no no! Touya you can’t come now!” He cried desperately. “Yo-you promised!” Desperate to not let another orgasm get away from him, he did the only thing his mind could think of and picked up his own hips, though the discomfort in his hips didn’t matter, and started bouncing as best he could. Keeping the same angle so he could still have that bulbous head smack right into his sweet spot.

“Together.” Dabi wheezed through his teeth. Biting one of his cheeks so that the pain stopped his release from sneaking up on him. “Shouto-” Gasping for the breath he didn’t think he had. “Come together with your big brother.” A shaky nod as a reply was good enough and his grip on those narrow hips turned bruising to the point it got a small whine of discomfort out of the teen. Ignoring the sound in favor of using the last of his strength to drip his hips up into that welcoming heat until just right before the drop. Shooting up to sit up fully, one hand snaked around Shouto’s back to his shoulder and force his down as hard as he could a few more times. His other squeezing between the now small pocket of their stomachs to give the teen’s neglected and swollen member, oversensitive from so many lost orgasms, a few fast strokes before digging his thumbnail deep into the little slit continuously oozing pre-cum.

The pain made everything better his mind whispered to him. And who was Shouto to argue? His body was certainly enjoying it as his he felt another harsh bite sink into the other side of his neck and his spine arched to the point he thought it might break. His arms weaving around the villain’s waist to hold him just as close as he was being held, nailed promising blood sinking into scarred and healthy skin together. His end almost in reach, just a little more of something and he’d be-


The last thrust was rough. Maybe the roughest that Dabi had been with him so far as he forced their hips to practically mold together. Getting as close as they could be before metallic tinted lips sealed over his, catching his surprised gasps as their bodies fell over the edge together. It hit him like a literal bus, or what he assumed getting hit with one would feel like, and his vision went completely white as his eyes rolled into the back of his head before closing from the force.  He felt something click into place, making him feel whole for what could only be the first time in his entire life. Shot after shot of ice cold cum filled his insides, his overheated body quickly heating it to cool so that every new rope made soft gasps fall out of his mouth at the contradicting temperatures. Soon however it seemed his body wasn’t able to hold all that it was receiving as he felt it starting to trickle out as Dabi gave a few short after thrusts. The feeling of the cooled fluid felt nice against his raw skin enough that a sigh slipped in with the gasps. The villain continued to hold him close as both of them were assaulted with aftershocks, neither willing to come down from cloud nine after the most intense orgasm of either of their lives. He wasn’t entirely sure when -maybe between his breathing evening out and his nails finally detaching from mauled skin?- but his mind finally registered the feeling of heated lips running up and down his jawline. Stopping every so often at his ear to whisper words he couldn’t quite make out yet.

Dabi didn’t want to break the spell that had been cast over them. It was to perfect and it felt like it was just the two of them in the whole entire world. But he could feel his muscles start to protest holding up both of them and if he didn’t move them to a more comfortable position neither of them would be about to control how they fell. Pulling Shouto off of him felt like leaving home but he ignored the way his cock felt colder than should be possible in favor of arranging the teen onto his side. Grabbing one of the pillows at the head of the bed to prop his head up before settling in behind him. One arm tucking itself under the pillow to be used for extra cushioning while the other made its way down to find the now loosely fitted cock ring. Shouto made a small whine of overstimulation but kept still until it was placed in front of his face. The teen was lightning fast in snatching up the jewelry and chucked it in the opposite direction behind them. Laying back down with a small huff made Dabi’s chest filled with a small bubble of laughter that he couldn’t help but let out. Draping his arm over Shouto’s waist to pull him closer his fingers danced across the area just below the teen’s belly button. Nuzzling his nose into the back of sweaty mix hair stirred something deep inside him that he wasn’t sure either of them had the energy for. Kissing the back of Shouto’s neck resulted in a shiver that seemed to only add to whatever was starting to curl in his stomach. “God, you were amazing.” He whispered into the little baby hairs. “And you’re all mine now.” The last part slipped out of his mouth the same way the others had, but to his slight surprise, they gave a much different reaction.

Shouto sat up violently, much to the protest of his straining muscles. Turning to look at the man laying behind him as if it was the only place he belonged and his eyes widened as the sudden rush of realization hit him. He just fucked his brother . No, that wasn’t right his mind was screaming at him. His brother just fucked him. He hadn’t wanted this, any of this. Not what they were doing right now with Dabi’s touch and voice so soft he would have thought the way he’d acted at the beginning was just a far away nightmare. But it hadn’t been a nightmare. Far from it, he’d lived through it, had just lived through it and he’d acted like the whore the villain had wanted him to be so perfectly. Nausea rushed over him fast and he had to scramble to keep his mouth closed as tears made his vision blurry to the point the room was spinning.

“Shouto, love what’s wrong?” Dabi cooed as he sat up along with the teen. Something was wrong, he could feel it and the way Shouto was looking at him was only making the feeling worse.

“We-we…” Shouto stammered. He didn’t know what to say. His thoughts would stay quiet long enough to sort them out so instead he grabbed the first one that didn’t slip through his fingers and blurted it out. “I want to go home.” Cringing as soon as the words were out. Something cold flashed in those blue eyes that had only held fire before and it made him freeze where he sat.

“Go home?” Dabi asked slowly. As if he hadn’t just heard the words crystal clear the first time. “Why would I let you go home when I did exactly what you wanted to keep you here ” He hissed. Keeping his temper in check proved to be harder with what little energy he had but he still managed to scorch the bedding gripped in his hands. “I will not lose you Shouto, not again. The hero world has already claimed so many lives but I refuse to let you be another body on the pile.” Grabbing the arm that was closest to him to drag the teen back over to him, he ignored the sharp inhale as his fire curled around his fingers. Heating the silver still wrapped around the teen’s upper arm.

“The Leagues pile isn’t that much smaller than the heroes!” Shouto shot back when he finally faced the, literally, steaming villain. “How do I know when I become expendable that Shigaraki won’t just-’ A hand flashing out to wrap back around his throat cut him off. His pulse stuttering against the hold as it squeezed once in warning.

“Anyone and I mean anyone, who tries to touch what’s mine will be incinerated,” Dabi growled lowly. Releasing his hold on the teen’s throat to snake up into his hair he gave one sharp tug to the mussed strands. The circlet tipping sideways slightly.

“I am not going to live my life as your sex toy just because you have an obsession with me!” Shouto screamed. His scalp on fire but his stubbornness screamed at him to fight back. Show resistance. Anything that would make Dabi realize that he hadn’t won, and wouldn’t win anytime soon. The feeling of cooled and drying cum slowly rolling down his thigh made his face redden but also helped him push forward.

“I don’t want you to either!” Dabi screamed just as loud. That seemed to catch Shouto off guard at least. His squirming and struggling seemed to cease for a time as he met his gaze head-on.

“What?” Shouto whispered hesitantly.

“It was never my intention to turn you into my sex anything. My main goal with you was to make you my lover .” Dabi said after reining in his emotions enough to not catch anything on fire. “Whatever you believe I do, honestly and truly, love you Shouto. And if you were a girl I would want to start a family with you but I’ll settle for whatever I can get. Whatever you’re willing to give me just please.” Dropping every barrier he had built over the years had never been so easy. “Please don’t ask me to let you go.” Loosening his grip to gently comb thru mixed strands he tried to put as much want and hope into his voice that he felt pressure behind his eyes that he hasn’t felt in a long time. “I know you don’t trust the League. After everything they’ve done to you guys, I don’t blame you. But let me show you how good it could be with just me.” Leaning the few extra inches to close the space between their lips. He was pleased when Shouto neither pulled away or fought the touch. “Give me just one chance. That’s all I’m asking. Let me show you how a man is supposed to treat his lover. And you can make your final decision before we’re supposed to leave.” The lie slipped thru his teeth as easily as the rest of his words. He had no intention of letting the teen out of his grasp now that he had him, but the more he could appeal to Shouto’s sense of right the easier this would be.

“You will…” Shouto whispered against Dabi’s lips but stopped when the villain’s cut him off with a light peck.

“If that’s what you wish.” Dabi murmured. Cautious to not frighten the teen, least he starts fighting him again, he slipped his arms around him and carefully laid them back down so that they were facing each other. The way Shouto practically shagged against him told him that his little brother was running out of steam. Not that he minded. Adjusting them wasn’t hard, the teen seemed to make himself comfortable and then arrange as he got comfortable around him. A hesitant arm wrapped around his waist but he didn’t comment, content to just have contact that he didn’t have to force. His own arm going around so that it could make small patterns all up and down the teen’s lower back.

They laid like this until both their breaths evened out. One falling asleep with a feeling of hope blooming in his chest while the other fell asleep to the knowledge that he’d finally gotten what he wanted. Even if it cost them everything to get it.