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Pizza Face


Today started out like a normal day. I was hanging out with the turtles at their lair in New York City, watching Super Mecha Robo Team with Raph and Leo.

There was an explosion on the TV and Raph started to cheer and Leo was cracked up with laughter. "Oh yeah! Did you see that last explosion?!" 

"That was so cool!" You exclaimed from your spot next to Raph. "What did you think Donnie?" You turned around waiting for his answer but you were only met by a pacing turtle.

Donnie kept pacing back and forth and said "Ah! I've been trying to reach April for hours! I hope nothing's wrong." He said worriedly. That's weird. You thought. April always answers her phone.

"Something sure is wrong, bro." You turned to Mikey who had been standing there, trying to order pizza. Ugh. Pizza. You'd never liked pizza very much.

"Whats wrong babe?" You asked. You and Mikey had been dating for a few months now and honestly, they've been the best months ever.

Everyone turned to him with curious eyes. "There isn't a single pizza shop in town that's picking up!" Everyone groaned in annoyance and turned back to the TV.

"I'm serious Mikey!" Donnie said annoyed. "You think I'd joke about the pizza?" Donnie just hung is head. "You know me a little better than that, Donnie, to joke about the pizza!"

"Mikey's got a point. I don't think he's ever joked about pizza." You said with a smile. You then went into serious mode. "But I also think it's weird that April isn't answering her phone. She's always picked up straight away for as long as I've known her."

"Your the culinary expert. Why don't you just make your own?" Leo asked. He did not just....Oh he did....

You practically saw Mikey's head explode with excitement. "YES! I will make the ultimate pizza!" He exclaimed. You couldn't help but laugh. He's just too cute when he's exited. He then zoomed off towards the kitchen like the turtle-on-a-mission he was. "I should probably go with. Don't want him burning the kitchen down." You knew Mikey likes to cook but he'd never made pizza before. You had to be careful.

"So what are you gonna put on your 'Ultimate Pizza'?" You asked as you took a seat on a stool in the kitchen.

"Just you wait and see, my marshmallow. It'll be the best pizza ever!" And with that, he was on his way. You watched his knead the dough into a pizza shape and throw it in between his hands like a real pizza chef. You weren't surprised though. He is a ninja after all.

He then slathered tomato sauce over the dough. If your were gonna be honest, it actually looked pretty good from the point he's at now.

As you watched him look around for toppings, you heard him say "Now. What would be in the best pizza ever?" 

"I thought you had already thought of it?"

He paid no attention to your remark, too engrossed in finding something to satisfy him. You sighed and smiled. Then he clicked his fingers, "Duh! Hot sauce!"

Oh boy...

Then he started singing while drenching his pizza in the devils juice.

"I love a little hot sauce on my pizza! I love a little hot sauce yes it do! But hot sauce isn't hot, without SARDINES SON! It just tastes like a pile of sticky goo!" He exclaimed that last word by slamming the fridge door closed with his shell. "Oh my god, your such a dork." You said laughing. "Yes, but I'm your dork." He said with a smile as he walked to the other side of the kitchen. "That is true."

He then started signing again. "So I'm cooking from a pile of worms, some garlic, chives and marshmallows too!" This was NOT going to turn out well. "But wait a second foo! If you please, I'm missing the most important part, CHEEEEESSSSEE!!" You face palmed. "Cheeseikle, I need my cheeseikle! Ice cream Kitty give me a cheeseikle!" He then opened the freezer, revealing your frozen feline friend holding a big cheese slice on a stick. Mikey carried on singing and rapping until his pizza was finally finished.

However, not long after the pizza started cooking, there was a foul smell. It was so bad that it felt like your sinuses were melting and you covered your nose and stepped back out of the kitchen. 

"Are they ever gonna stop singing?! It sickens me!" I heard Raph complain. "Trust me. Do NOT go in there!" I spoke up. Then the smell came into the living room and everyone started gagging and covering their noses. 

"Uagh! Ugh! What is that repulsive smell?" Leo covered his mouth in effort to stop himself from throwing up.

"If by repulsive you mean delicious, I agree. Dig in!" Mikey walked out of the kitchen, holding his finished piece. You all moved away from it and Raph yelled. Mikey might as well have gone and dug up some sewage and put it on there because it literally looks likes he's done just that. 

"Doesn't it look sublime?" I think sublime is the last word I would ever use to describe it... You though.

You and the others politely rejected the pizza. "Good try though?" You told him.

"Your loss!" Mikey then ate his way through the pizza and you couldn't help but gag and look away. "Where are you gonna get better, huh?" He said with his mouth full.

The others then started to gag and look away too. "He can eat anything..." Leo stated wonderingly. "He takes disgusting to a whole new level, bro."

Just then, an advert showed up on the TV about a pizza shop. As you watched, you couldn't help but wonder if it was just you, or the people on the TV were acting really strange. When some customers spoke, their voices were very monotone and lifeless, almost like zombies. They kept mentioning masters and obeying commands which was even weirder. 

"Okay. That was...crazy." Leo said confused. "Right? Why have Antonio's when you can have home-made?" Mikey said enthusiastically, waving a slice of pizza in your face. "Babe, you know I don't like pizza. Sorry." You shrugged.

Leo then pulled out his phone and dialed the number for Antonio's and ordered pizza. Mikey had finished the pizza in less than 5 minutes and Donnie was shocked. "What did you expect? It's Mikey." You smiled.

Raph told Mikey to wait for the pizza guy and to not eat it on the way here. Mikey protested saying he wouldn't, but everyone knew what he was like. "Hey Marshmallow~" You heard Mikey call you with your nickname from the entrance. You looked over and he said "You wanna come and wait with me?" 

"Sorry babe. I promised Master Splinter I would do some training with him." You walked up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "I'll see you when you get back" He whines but smiles anyway, as he begins to make his way down the sewers. You make your way to Master Splinter.



You hadn't long finished your training. However, Raph Donnie and Leo joined in along the way and we were now fighting against each other, though you had to watch most of it as you are still fairly new to ninjutsu.

Then just as you started your round with Leo, you heard Mikey call for you all from outside the dojo. You were now in training combat with Leo, so concentrated that you and the others failed to notice a cry for help coming from outside.

When you finished your training, you all left the dojo for some rest, when you came across Mikey on the floor, covered in pepperoni, punching the pizza that the guys had ordered. You watched him, mouth agape. Never in your life did you think you would ever see Mikey beating up a pizza.

"Guys, help!" He turned around to you and the others. "Don't you see what's happening?"

"We see you rolling on the ground, covered in pizza." Leo said.

"Petty much like any other day." Donnie stated.

"Wait, is that the pizza we ordered from Antonio's?" Raph said angrily.

Mikey started to look guilty but he also looked panicked. What had happened? "Yeah, well, uh, but it's evil I tell you! Evil!" He exclaimed as he ripped off a slice of pizza from his plastron and waved it at us. He started telling the slice of pizza to talk, but nothing happened.

"Another stupid excuse to eat all our pizza!" Raph yelled.

"Thanks for ruining dinner, AGAIN Mikey!"

"You don't have to believe me! I'm going to Antonio's and demanding a new pizza!"

The three older turtles left the living space annoyed and went to order again.

You looked at Mikey with concern in your eyes and knelt down beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay Mikey?" 

"I think so. You believe me right, [Y/N]?" Since you started dating, he's only ever used your name when he's either really upset or traumatized or is being serious. You thought about your answer, not wanting to upset him too much.

"I do but I also don't." He looked confused. You explained, "I mean, I guess I believe something happened. It's not like New York isn't filled with mutants or anything." You said sarcastically. "But an evil, talking pizza? It just sounds a little too good to be true." He looked away solemnly but you gave him a kiss on his temple and stood up. "C'mon. Let's clean this place up. I'll go get the mop." And you walked to the cleaning closet.

As you were coming back, you heard Mikey quietly say "This is like so messed up..." 

"What's messed up?" 

He looked up surprised and brushed it away, which made you suspicious. You both cleaned the living area in record time and then you went to change. Mikey had been acting weird while you were cleaning. Like he was deep in thought most of the time. If it wasn't for you knowing Mikey so well, you would never have guessed that he was up to something.

When you came back clean, Mikey was gone. You asked the guys if they had seen him but they had no idea as they had been out getting the many boxes of pizza they ordered.

You decided to wait for a bit but when he didn't show up you began to get worried. You tried calling his T-phone but when he wouldn't answer, you got even more worried. Everyone, including Master Splinter, had already begun eating the pizza's and when you asked if you should go find him no one answered, that's when you knew something was up. They all looked like they were in some sort of trance and it was freaking you out. Maybe Mikey was right about the pizza? You tried snapping them out of it but nothing was working.

The brothers then stood up and walked towards you, moaning like zombies and panic started settling inside you.

"G-Guys?! W-What's going on?!" You exclaimed, now panicking as they got even closer to you, cornering you.

Then you saw Mikey run into the lair yelling, "Guys! Guys! I was at Antonio's and there was all these pizza zombies walking around with cheese faces and-" He was cut off at the sight of you being surrounded by his now zombie brothers with a panicked face. "Mikey!" You yelled with a panicked tone. 

"[Y/N]!" He leaped through his brothers and grabbed you and pulled you away form his brothers, placing a protective arm around you. 

"Mikey! What's going on?!"

"It's the pizza! I said it was evil and its turning people into zombies! Auh, this can't be happening!" He yelled. Then a creepily spooky voice sounded through the lair and all of the pizza boxes started shaking, pizzas FLYING out of their boxes, hovering in the air. 

"Mikey, [Y/N]. Join us in the bliss of real meat toppings! THE BLISS!" One of the pizza's yelled and they all flew towards us.

"NEVER!" Mikey yelled back as he began to kick and punch the pizzas. Some had made their way past him towards you so, remembering your training, you began to kick and punch the pizza's too. Honestly, a part of you was having so much fun. You don't really like pizza and if you could have you would've punched a pizza every time you saw one, you would, so this was like a dream come true. But this also put you off ever trying pizza ever again.

Mikey then started using his nunchuku and created havoc. You watched in amazement as he threw pizzas all over the place, stabbing them with his now kusari-gama and slicing them up. When he was done, he struck a pose (which you thought was adorable every time) and yelled his signature battle-cry.

You slumped onto the sofa to catch your breath. However, when Mikey addressed the others, you both noticed they were gone. 

Oh no...this isn't good...



Mikey took it upon himself to 'interrogate' the remaining pizza that was still intact. You had finished cleaning up as much as you could, and had gotten geared up ready for when you went to find the others.

Mikey then came out with said pizza and threw it in the freezer.

"So what did you get out of it?" You asked him as you both walked towards the entrance.

"Pizza face is gonna turn everyone into calzones and eat them! I'm going to stop him before he can eat anyone else!" He said as he started making his way there.

"I'm going with you." He spun round shocked and exclaimed, "Nope! No way! Not happening!"

"What?! Why not?!"

"Because your not ready and I don't want you getting hurt. If this guy is as dangerous to everyone as I think he is, then it's best for you to stay here." You could tell from the look in his eyes that he was being serious. Normally you would have caved and stayed, but Leo, Raph Donnie and Splinter were your family too and if you didn't do something they were going to be eaten.

"Mikey, I appreciate your concern, I really do. But their my family too. You've all been there when I needed you the most, so let me be there for all of you." You held his hand in yours and looked into his eyes. "Please?" 

He sigh and the look on his face told you he caved. "Okay. But you need to promise me you'll be careful!" He cupped your hand in both of his and held it close you his plastron. You nodded your head, "I promise." 

You then headed out of the sewers, hand-in-hand. You quickly made your way to Antonio's and you both stopped before a crowd of zombie people. A light bulb turned on above Mikey's head and he started walking and talking like a zombie. You played along a bit. Walking slowly but not moaning and groaning and stuff. You both made it to the shop and quickly shut the door before others could get in. 

"Fooled 'em with our awesome zombie skills!" He remarked quietly. You giggled as he started a little dance.

While Mikey was chanting, you made your way for any clues. Then some light coming from the back of the restaurant, where the kitchen was caught your eye. You took a peak and gasped.

"Mikey! Come look at this!" You whispered loudly to him.

He slid over the counter and took a look. "Oh no!"

What we were seeing was completely unbelievable. People were being wrapped in pizza dough and sauce and then hung up from the ceiling! Then you heard someone signing and looked around until you saw a GIANT PIZZA MAN! 

Your's and Mikey's faces were full of shock and disbelief. "Pizza that eats you! It's like my worst nightmare come true!"

"Mine too..." You said weakly.

The pizza man, or Pizza Face dubbed by Mikey, commanded for more people to be brought in and spoke about a great feast. A little pizza then came up beside him and asked him about the 'green ones'. When he turned around you saw Raph, Donnie, Leo and Master Splinter. Pizza face then said about them being a mozzarella guard and literally threw-up cheese, completely covering their faces.

 You were in shock of what had happened to them, that you didn't notice Mikey take action, throwing a pizza box, which Leo ended up catching it with his katana.

"The jig is up, Pizza Face!" Mikey said threateningly.

You stood by Mikey, weapons at the ready. "Let our friends go, freak!" You commanded.

"Pizza Face? I like that! Because I got a pizza, for a face!" He bellowed a laugh , before he pointed at us and exclaimed, "GET THEM!"

You and Mikey were then in combat with the older turtle brothers. "Guys! Snap out of it!" Mikey shouted to them.

You were facing Leo, blades locked together, "Try and remember! Were your friends! Don't let Pizza Face control you!" 

It was no use. Leo kicked you in the stomach, which had you stumbling back and doubling over. As he came up to you again, swinging his blades, you quickly grabbed a round pizza pan, blocked his attack and hit it around his head, knocking him out cold. "Oh no! Sorry Leo!" You said worriedly.

Mikey had just taken care of Raph. You sat next to Leo, and started trying to pull off the mozzarella off of his head, but it wouldn't budge. You then tried Donnie but his wouldn't come off either. 

Pizza's were flying everywhere again and Mikey fought off a few, before going for the big boss.

"I don't think so!" He exclaimed. Suddenly, Mikey was shot and stuck to the wall with cheese.

"Mikey!" You got up to run to him, but you too were then covered with cheese, landing on the floor with a thud.


"Haha! It's over turtle! Let the feast, begin!" He said with excitement.

Pizza Face looked over to you, "Ah yes, she looks delicious!" He picked you up and were now hovering over his face as he started to slowly put you in his mouth. You were terrified. You were about to be eaten, why wouldn't you be? You tried to suppress a scream but you were sure Mikey could hear your whimpers.

"No! Don't! [Y/N]!" You looked to see him struggling against his restraints, panic and fury in his features.

But just as you were about to be swallowed whole, you heard what sounded like a stomach grumbling. You knew that sound from anywhere. It was Mikey. And when Mikey is hungry, things never end well for food.

Mikey then looked up, his eyes on fire with determination. "There's only one way out of this. And that's eating my way out!" And with that he began eating the cheese that was constricting him of movement until he was finally free. Pizza Face dropped you to the floor. 

The three older brothers and Splinter began their attack but you watched in awe as Mikey evaded them with little effort. He then leapt into the air, shouting "BOOYAKASHA!" and landed on Pizza Face.

However, to your horror, Pizza Face swallowed him whole. "MIKEY!" You exclaimed. You looked away, tears forming in your eyes and rolling down your face.

Then you heard what sounded like someone crawling through thick, sludgy mud. You looked up to see movement inside Pizza Face's stomach! Suddenly, Mikey exploded out of him and began to eat him LITERALLY from the inside-out!

"Mikey!" You had never been so relieved to see him. Well wouldn't anyone after witnessing their boyfriend being eaten alive by a giant mutant?

When Mikey was finished, he did the loudest burp you had ever heard. It was so loud it broke the windows to the shop, and caused everyone to drop unconscious (except for you of course).

"That...was AWESOME!" You exclaimed. You never thought you'd say it but it's true. He smiled and ran over to you and ate the cheese until the rest of it fell off. As soon as you were free, you jumped onto him, arms around his neck and hugged him. He hugged you back, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close, as if you were going to disappear. You weren't going anywhere.

You moment was short-lived when you both heard huffing coming from behind you. You both turned to see Pizza Face, now just a pizza slice, trying to run away. 

Before he could escape, though, Mikey picked him up, danging him in front of us. 

"No! Please! Don't eat me! I have kids! I have little pizza faces in Jersey!" 

"Let my family and all these other people go, or else!" And with that Mikey opened his mouth and began lowering the slice until it caved and agreed to release them from his control.

You watched as people came out of the calzones and walked out of the shop. 

Confused, Mikey asked, "Where are they all going?"

"To their homes. When they wake up, they won't remember a thing."

You and Mikey both cheered and Mikey followed his brothers outside, throwing the pizza slice to the floor, saying something about them making fun of his iron stomach and him being awesome. 

However, what you failed to notice was Pizza Face had something up his sleeve. Or slice? Pepperoni? (A/N: Please excuse the bad joke, I have no life.) 

Before you could say anything, Pizza Face launched himself at you and you only just managed a yelp when everything went black and the last thing you heard was Mikey calling your name.



 You woke up with a start, sitting up from your spot on the sofa. The sofa? At the lair? You could've sworn that you were at Antonio's with Mikey. Wait, Mikey! Where was he?

You got up and looked around for him, when Leo, Raph, Donnie and April came out from the dojo.

"Guys, your okay!" You were releived.

The all just looked at you confused. "What are you talking about? Of course we're fine." Raph said first.

"Did something happen?" Leo asked.

'If by something you mean being attacked and almost eaten by a giant man eating mutant, then yeah something happened.' You thought.

"No...No everything is fine. So where's Mikey?"

"He went to sleep in his room a while ago. He-" Donnie was cut off by the sound of Mikey yelling.

Your heart was hammering against your rib cage as you and the three turtles ran to Mikey's room.

Leo burst through the door, followed by everyone else, asking him if he was okay. Mikey was sitting upright in his bed, holding his stuffed bear.

"Dude! You guys are normal!" Mikey said relieved.

"Um, did I miss something?" April and the others looked confused.

"Hello?! The giant pizza monster? Mozzarella on your faces? [Y/N] almost being eaten? Wait! Where is [Y/N]?!" He said panicked.

You were lost in thought about what Mikey had said, forgetting that the giant turtles were blocking you from sight. You snapped back to reality and squeezed through and walked to Mikey.

"Right here Mikey. It's okay." You calmed him as you walked over to his bed, sitting down beside him.

Donnie just chuckled and said, "It's called a bad dream Mikey. You had a nightmare."

"I did? But it seemed so real." Mikey had a face of pure confusion, but you couldn't blame him. You were just as confused about everything that had happened.

"Well either that, or your nuttier than a squirrels lunchbox." Raph teased as he walked out of the room. Leo told Mikey to go back to sleep and left, followed by the others.

You were finally alone with Mikey and he turned to you with worried eyes. "You don't think it was a dream do you?"

"I don't know Mikey. If it was a dream, then we definitely had the same one. But I don't understand how we could have the same dreams" You looked down at you lap, trying to piece together the possibilities of how  you and Mikey could be the only ones who remember what happened.

You both sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity, but were, in fact, only a few moments, when you felt Mikey reach over to hold your hand in his. You looked to him and you could see the fear in his eyes as he gazed down at your joined hands. You instantly knew why he was afraid.

You carefully re-positioned yourself, so you were straddling his lap, your cheek resting just on top of his head and hugged him with your arms around his neck. Mikey didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around your waist and pull you closer to him, breathing in your scent as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.

"I was so scared when Pizza Face was gonna eat you." He whispered onto your skin.

You didn't respond with words, but by gently playing with the small tails of his mask.

"It felt so real, I thought I was gonna lose you forever..." He held you tighter as you felt him slightly shaking from just thinking of the horrible memory.

You gently pushed his head off your shoulder and placed your foreheads together and with your eyes closed, whispered, "You will never lose me. I'll never leave you, ever. I promise. I love you." With that promise came a loving kiss. It was sweet and gentle, but also passionate and expressed every inch of your love for this orange clad, goofy ninja of a boyfriend. 

"I love you too." He whispered as you pulled away from each other, and looked into your eyes. He then proceeded by pulling you down with him as he laid down on his bed and your snuggled into his side, head on his chest with his arm around your waist holding you close, for some well deserved rest.

You both drifted into blissful unconsciousness quickly, not caring about or noticing a quiet voice, coming from the stack of pizza boxes on the bedroom floor...