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When the Storm Clears, I'll Be There For You

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Hello guys! This will be the story I will start after I finish "Blossoms". I chose to take it from my drive and leave it here for the time being, so this way it won't get lost in the hundreds of ideas I have. (Remember when I promised that I would move to KageHina? Well, here it is! I hope it won't disappoint you!) I won't be posting any chapters until "Blossoms" is finished.


P.S.: I wanted to thank each and every one of you for liking my shit stories. I try my best, even if it isn't good enough, to entertain others. I'm just glad you people really enjoy what I do with my free time. Maybe one day, I won't just post fan fictions, but possibly my own stories (this means something that isn't based off a series already created). I won't make any promises though, since I know people will try to steal the idea. Don't know why you would steal something from me of all people, but there are those folks out there. 


P.P.S.: the magick summaries will be described in the first chapter (the notes part), so be patient. You can probably guess what Suga has already, since I made references in the summary.



See you after "Blossoms"!