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The note

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Michelle was eating dinner alone, again. It's been 134 days since she has seen her friends and family. All of them died in the snap. Only person she talked to anymore was May Parker, her boyfriends aunt. Peter. God she missed him so much. No one knows what happen to him, Michelle has hope he is still alive, somewhere. Michelle finished up her dinner and walked into her bedroom to watch some TV, to watch the nightly updates on the disappearance of loved ones. She flipped the TV on and changed into a pair of shorts, a bralette and her favorite comfy shirt.


“Sad news folks”


Michelle quickly turned up the volume and patiently waited for good news…


“We have no update on the lost loved ones…”


Michelle sighed, she knew they were gonna say no update, but that piece of hope, that voice inside her telling her they are coming back today.


“Tony Stark-“


That made Michelle look up, Tony Stark had been missing for months, went up to Space with Spiderman and neither of them returned.


“-Has returned to earth with two other-“


Michelle flipped to another news station, hoping to hear something else.


“Tony Stark reports Spiderman and Doctor Stephen Strange both gone…”


Michelle flipped the TV off and sighed. It's always bad news, she can’t remember the last time she heard good news. The ding of Michelles phone echoed throughout the room, “Hey Michelle, can you run by my place to see if I turned the oven off? I needed to go to work in a rush and I was baking cookies and now I can’t remember if I turned the oven off or not. Thanks - May”   Michelle texted her back saying she is heading over to her home now to check. She plugged her head phones in and pressed shuffle, “Ghostin” by Ariana Grande played as she walked out the door and up the flight of stairs to May’s home. She moved after the whole dissingrearing situation… Peter never showed up, so she moved to Michelle's apartment complex, May claimed that she need a smaller home.

 Michelle arrived and grabbed the key under the mat and unlocked the door, coming face to face with boxes on boxes. Michelle helped May move in, but she thought she would have unpacked or put stuff in storage by now. The oven appeared to be off when Michelle walked in the kitchen so she went to leave, when she felt something tug on her. Turning around, she didn’t see anything… she didn’t see anything but boxes labeled Peter. The name struck her heart, the song wasn’t helping this situation either. Michelle knew she shouldn’t be going through his stuff, but she felt something… something telling her to look in a few. She opened them to find Star Wars comics, action figures, underwear. She laughed to herself of the thought of Peter wearing Star Wars undies. She looked through the next box to find more clothes and random items. Michelle opened the last box to find only one thing, his backpack. She pulled it out and set it on the ground, pulling out textbooks, the book she let him borrow, and a framed picture of her and Peter on their 5th date. He took her to the rooftop of her apartment and did a whole picnic, had roses, strung up lights,It was magical. She traced the photo and smiled, tears pricking at her eyes. As she went to put it down, she noticed the photo was lifted up, like something was stuffed underneath. She quickly took off the back of the frame and unfolded the note,



I am writing this to tell you how much I love you. I know I don’t say it enough, but I do. I love when you wrinkle your nose when you draw and when your tongue sticks out when you are in total focus. I love the way your hair looks in the morning, the way the sun hits your skin and you glow. Your brown eyes calling me back to the ground, telling me im ok, making me feel safe. Your my happy place, someone I can go to when I’m not happy, when I need cuddles, when I can’t sleep, your always there for me. My aunt loves you. She thinks your the perfect person for me, and threatens me everyday not to lose you. Michelle Jones, I love you so so much. I hate that im having to write this, to have to tell you this way. I'm sorry for all those nights I canceled our date. I'm sorry for missing decathlon practice, Im sorry. Michelle… Im Spiderman. That night, our 2nd date, when I said my Aunt was sick and left, I left because I needed to stop a bank robbery. The week I was gone from school freshman year, I was fighting Captain America with Tony. Michelle, if you're reading this letter, Im dead. Im sorry, Im so so sorry. I need you to know that I love you, that I will ALWAYS be with you.  


               - Peter



Michelle cried. She cried and cried and cried, barely able to breathe. “no no no, y-you can't be dead!” Michelle sobs echoed off the walks in the apartment. Her boyfriend was Spiderman… who was dead. The Spiderman who was taken to Space. The Spiderman who once helped her from some muggers, that was her Peter.

 The door to the apartment opened to reveal a sad May Parker. “Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry.” The woman whispered out. The 2 embraced in a hug and Michelle cried in her arms, growing tired from how hard she was crying. May took Michelle to what should be Peter’s room to sleep, telling the girl she could stay here. So she cried, she cried and cried. She was never going to see Peter again, she never even got to say goodbye, give him one last hug, one last kiss, none of it. As she drifted off to sleep she felt someone or something kiss her on her head, telling her that they loved her, she dreamt of Peter that night.


The next morning Michelle woke up to an alarm. She slapped the bedside table and yawned, opening her eyes to see herself back in her room, the room she fell asleep in last night. “I hate having that dream.” Michelle mumbled to herself, rubbing her tired eyes and throwing her hair up in a bun. She flipped the TV on and listened to the news as she got ready for the day.


“We are day 667” the news reporter said as Michelle glanced at the note and picture Peter had left for her.


“And we finally have good news.”


Michelle spun around at the TV and felt her heart race.


“The Avengers as you know went on a long journey a few months ago, and are finally back.”


Michelle turned the volume up as she eagerly listened to the news, which switched over to a press conference showing Tony Stark.


“As you all know, Me and a group of new and old Avengers went on a journey to defeat the Mad Titan, Thanos. We succeeded, but in the process, lost a few lives. Clint Barton. Natasha Romanoff. Bruce Banner.”


The man paused before he spoke again


“And Captain Steve Rogers.”


The audience gasped and whispered amongst themselves


“Your love ones should start appearing over the next few days, so please be be patient. I am also… I am also announcing my retirement. So today I would like to announce the newest Avengers, Sam wilson taking the mantel as Captain America, James Barnes, T’Challa, Scott Lang,and Carol Danvers. Thor… Thor will be leaving the team to help lead the new Asgardian race...”


Michelle flipped the TV off and burst into a smile, there was a change Peter was going to be coming home, and she couldn’t be happier.

For days, Michelle waited. Seeing videos if loved ones being reunited. Michelle was able to reunite with her best friends Ned and Betty, both saying how they didn’t even feel like the were gone long.

A week passed, Michelle still waited. She still had hope, some people were still turning up, Peter was going to turn up soon… right?


It was now over a month since people started to show up. Everyone had reunited with their friends and loved ones… everyone but Michelle and May. That night Michelle thought she would go up to the rooftop over her rooftop to take some pictures for yearbook. She collected her camera and her jacket and headed up stairs, hoping to get some good shots. As she reached the roof, she noticed some lights strung up, soft music playing. “Hello?” Michelle said aloud, getting nothing in response, she hoped she wasn’t ruining anything. She walked out to the middle of the rooftop and sighed, it remind her of her and Peters 5th date. As she went to take a picture of the sunset, she gasped when she saw a man in the photo. “Oh my god Im so so sorry, I didn't know you were using the roof. I just needed some shots for-“ Michelle didn't get to finish apologizing when the person started laughing. As Michelle walked closer to get a better look at the man, she noticed something. The chocolate brown curls, the chiseled jaw, rough hands. She pinched  herself, this had to be a dream.


“P-Peter?” Muttered out Michelle


“Hey MJ, sorry I took so long for our next date.”


Michelle ran over to him and cried. She cried because she thought he was gone. Cried because she hasn't hugged him in so long. Cried because she missed his smell. Peter pulled Michelle back and kissed her deeply, mumbling between kisses that he missed her so much. She told him about the note, he nodded as he shoved his hands in his pockets, “I know, I saw.” Michelle cocked her head to the side and furrowed her brows, “You saw?” Peter nodded again in response. “I had was able to see you, god MJ it took us so long to figure out how to do it. When I finally saw you I realized you couldn’t see me… and then you started crying, and May was crying.” Peter stopped talking and Michelle wiped a tear off of his face.


“So when you fell asleep that night I-“


“You placed a kiss on my head.”


Peter looked at her and smiled,


“You told me you loved me.”


Now Michelle had tears in her eyes, happy tears. The two once again embraced and talked for 4 hours. Michelle caught him up on her life, and Peter caught her up on his. Once the two finished talking, the walked down Peters place. Michelle hugged May and whispered a small Thank you to her. As the two walked into Peter's room, he froze, the sound of sirens being heard from down the street. He looked at Michelle to see her smile.


“MJ i-“


She put a finger up to his lips to stop him from talking. Only muttering four words before Peter dashed out of the window,


“Go get em Spidey.”