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Jisung had never cared about mates. He never cared if he ever found his. If he even had one.


The blue-haired smiled faintly, stabbing his hand into an enemy vamp's chest and pulled out his heart.


He watched as the other vampire choked on his own blood, a gurgled cry ripping out of his throat when Jisung dug his fingers into the still beating heart, crushing it in his hands.


“You're having- too much fun, Ji.” Changbin growled from behind him, in midst of an all-out brawl on the floor with another vamp. With his claws outstretched, the smaller boy struck across the face of the enemy above him, throwing him off.


Jisung just shrugged.


Changbin changed a lot after meeting Felix, his mate.


Who's a human, who's throwing knives and fighting alongside them.


Ever since Changbin found his other half, he wasn't as bloodthirsty as he used to be. Now he's calculative, making moves that yield lesser injuries.


Jisung hated the fact that Changbin had something to live for, while he's here, jumping from vamp to vamp, not caring if he jumped into Felix's flying knives.


He had nothing to live for. No one to live for.


And he'll keep it that way, he vowed as he snapped the last vamp's neck with a smooth crack.


“Ji! What were you thinking?” Felix cried, running over, checking the boy's wounds.


“I'm fine, they'll heal.” Jisung spat through gritted teeth, eyes glowing golden as he healed himself, surrounded by a veil of gold.


Changbin hugged Felix from behind, planting a chaste kiss on his cheek.


Curse Changbin, Jisung growled lowly, walking ahead of the two lovebirds.


Curse that he's one of the higher ranks, an offspring of the royalty themselves.


Curse that Felix will never get hurt cause every vampire, in their right mind, will never go against one of royalty unless they are of the same or higher rank.


Curse life, Jisung was not as fortunate.


Jisung was one of the lower ranks. His telekinesis and telepathy is nothing compared to Changbin's conjurings.


His gold eyes will never outshine Changbin's black holes.


“Hey, Sung.” Felix piped up beside him.


“What?” The vamp didn't mean to snap at him, but he did, making the freckled boy flinch and Changbin giving him a warning growl behind him.


“Sorry, I need some time alone.” Jisung brushed Felix's hand off when he reached out for him, materializing into a gold bat as he took off towards the city.


It was dark, the sun has retreated, letting the moon take its place in the sky. It was 10, if not, 11 at night.


Jisung flew around aimlessly, hovering every once in a while to check if he was being followed.


Curse Changbin. A black bat can be so discreet, unlike himself, a gold sun flying around shades of black and gray.


He decided to perch on a bent street lamp, hanging upside down with his wings wrapped around his body.


Jisung watched as mice ran about the trash bins to his left, near a small alley. Some cars speeding red lights, getting chased by a police car in desperate attempt to keep the roads safe.


How would it be to live like a human?


There won't be power rankings, no mates, no bloodshed fights, no-


A boy walked below him, following the concert path. The boy was waiting for the traffic light, when a man with a hood stopped by him, tapping his feet as he also waited for the green light.


The green light flashed, the boy crossed the road. The man waved for the only car who was waiting for the change in lights to go first, before he himself crossed. As soon as the said car turned the corner, he grabbed the boy and slammed him into the brick wall, the shadows of the alleyway giving him cover from the eyes of others.


Except Jisung's a vampire, he sees perfectly in the dark.


The man pointed a gun at the boy's head, the metal shining as light from the street lamp hits it.


He was clever enough to pull the gun back into the shadows.


“Your money or your life, pretty boy.” He snarled, the boy shaking and trashing.


Jisung watched with interest, his big ears picking up their conversation even if they are on the other side of the road.


“Let me go.” The boy growled, turning himself around.


The attacker smirked and aimed for his throat using the body of the firearm, knocking his head against the wall.


“You’re a really pretty boy, imagine the amount of money I'll make off of your body.”


Not on my watch.


Jisung growled, unlatching himself from his post. He flew high up towards the clouds before folding his wings and dived down towards the man, headbutting him on the side of his face.


The man lost his balance. Jisung hovered and watched, before hitting the gun away towards the main street using his wing.


“The fuck, a golden bat?” The man was utterly confused. Jisung let out a screech.


“Must be your fucking pet, trying to save you huh?” The man got up, striding over to the boy.


This bitch never learns his lesson.


Jisung's eyes glowed golden as he threw a cardboard box at the man, getting his attention back on him.


Let's freak him out.


The vamp materializes before their very eyes.


“Who do you think you are, to point a gun at him?” Jisung snarled, sending another box flying for his face.


“Where did you come from!” The man was clearly mad that Jisung intercepted.


“That is none of your concern, leave before things get bloody.” Jisung made sure the man was looking at him, before smirking, letting him see the glint of his fangs.


“V-Vampire.” It looked like blood was drained from his face as he shakily stood back up, putting his hands up in defeat.


“Fuck off before I snap your neck.” Jisung snapped his jaws as a demonstration before the man took off down the street, never looking back.




Hyunjin gaped at the sight before him.


Where the golden bat was, is now a boy. A vampire boy.


His eyes glowed a menacing gold as he threw another box at the man who tried to hurt him.


“Who do you think you are, to point a gun at him?” His voice held so much authority, Hyunjin wanted to break down.


To humans like him, vampires are superior.


That man wasted no second and bolted down the street, leaving him with the young vampire.


The levitating boxes settled down, and the aura from his eyes faded.


The golden eyes turned to meet his.


“You okay there? He didn't hurt you, right?” The vamp spoke.


“No. Uh, thank you.” Hyunjin bowed.


“Was just passing by. Couldn't just leave you here to deal with him. You were clearly on the losing end.” The boy shrugged, adjusting his jacket.


“I'm Jisung.” He introduced.


“I'm Hyunjin.” The side of Jisung's lips quirked up.


“Hyunjin, uh. Pretty name for a pretty boy.” Hyunjin flushed at his comment, but remained silent.


“How about this, let me walk you home?” Jisung offered, seeing another man who looked at their direction, clearly interested in Hyunjin.




“If you don't mind.” Hyunjin started leading the way, Jisung following by his side.




That's when Jisung noticed something.


The scent, or Hyunjin's scent in particular.


Usually human scents are mild and weak. But Hyunjin's scent is the only one he picked up.


He smelled of fresh lavender and grass. Like a beautiful purple meadow.


Beautiful like him.


Jisung slapped himself mentally.


There's no way-


They walked in comfortable silence, till they reached Hyunjin's home. It was a multi-storey building, with multiple apartments on one floor.


“Here we are.” Hyunjin announced.


“I guess here is where we'll part ways.” Jisung smiled at him, hands in his pockets. Hyunjin turned to look at him, a pout visible on his face.


Jisung couldn't help but smile wider.


“Why the look?”


“I don't know, your company is really nice.” Hyunjin muttered, cheeks blushing.


“You're cute.” Jisung blurted out, causing both parties to groan in embarrassment.


A screech made them both turn towards the sound.


The scent of rain approaches.


A black bat flew up to them, hovering in the air before materializing.


“Where the fuck were you, Han Jisung?” Changbin hissed.


“What are you doing here?” Jisung snapped, frowning.


“Hey, Binnie hyung.” Hyunjin greeted.


Binnie hyung?


Changbin turned and sent a quick smile.


“Hey Jinnie, long time no see.”


What am I missing out on, the fuck.


Jisung growled, getting both parties’ attention.


Something flickered in Changbin's eyes as he smirked.


“I'm gonna have to borrow Sungie here, I'll return him later if you need me to.” Changbin threw an arm around the younger vampire suddenly, making him huff as the weight pulled him down.


“Ah, no… Um, we just met. He saved me from losing my life, kinda.” Hyunjin chuckled embarrassingly.


“Eh?” Changbin questioned, turning to look at Jisung.


“Hands off.” Jisung ducked under the older's arm.


“Jisung never saved someone before, why the sudden nice guy, huh?” Changbin sneered.


If you don't shut the fuck up I will hurt you. Jisung scowled under his breath, sending a message to Changbin using his telepathic powers.


How, huh? Changbin taunted back, smiling.


One word. Felix.


That shut Changbin's trap as he whined lowly, backing off of his teasing.


“Sorry about that, we'll be going now.” Jisung apologized to Hyunjin, who blinked his eyes in confusion.


Fucking cute.


“Sleep well, Hyunjin. I'll see you around.” Jisung grabbed Changbin's hand and dragged him down the path.


“Ah, y-yes. Thank you. Have a safe trip. Say hi to Felix for me!”