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Accidentally (But Purposely) A Hero

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It had been 2 months since Loki last saw you. Throughout all the time he had been on Asgard since his time on Midgard, there wasn’t a day that went by where you didn’t haunt his thoughts. It was like a never-ending beautiful trauma.


Two months ago, Odin had called Thor and Loki back to Asgard because somehow Jotuns had slipped through Heimdall’s sight, giving them the perfect opportunity to sneak into Asgard to reclaim the Casket of Ancient Winters to restore their homeland. Odin, being too busy with the other realms doing Gods know what, had called the princes back home to deal with the ‘little’ problem. Luckily, they were able to track down the Jotuns within a month.


The problem was that Loki didn’t know what to do about his feelings, keeping him here for another month. Day and night, he would do everything in his power to distract himself from them. But even have the company of a woman in his bed didn’t help repress them. Everything around him reminded him of you. Of how he left things. Gods, he had to the galaxy’s biggest imbecile!


Every time he went outside the gardens, he would be reminded of your smell. You had a scent so distinct that every time Loki would walk into a room back at the Tower, he would be able to tell if you’d been there or not. He stopped going to the gardens after he realized that.


Every time he heard someone laugh, he would be reminded of yours. Your laugh had to be his favourite sound. He loved that you laughed without a care in the world. Like you weren't afraid of what others would think of it. Loki felt the most rewarded when he knew he was the one making that beautiful sound escape your lips.


The worst was when he slept with someone. It never felt the same. Loki had left you with only a few memories of the moments when he had slept next to you. His favourite one was when you’d discovered he marked you in your sleep and after let him do more. The sounds you had made still haunted his dreams. When he woke, the only thing with him was the memory of it and the snake that lingered in his pants.


One of the most unpleasant ways to be reminded of you is when he had company in his bed. Their skin felt like sandpaper compared to the smoothness of yours. And even though he had given you light touches here and there, they were enough to make him crave more.


But Loki knew you would never let him. Not with the way he left you. The guilt hit him as soon as he’d left with Thor that night. Instant regret. And though the feeling of your soft lips against his made his heart flutter, the weight of his guilt out weighted it. One of the ways he knew he fucked up is when he kissed you, you didn’t kiss back. He had felt so stupid to think that a lovely, caring and beautiful girl like that could ever reciprocate his feelings, that he had run away after saying sorry.


Loki didn’t know what was going on with himself in that exact moment. In all his life, he’d never felt that way about another person before. When he had first met you, he thought you were some annoying child Stark had adopted but you surprised him when you had put that teal knife to his throat. He knew there was something different about you, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Though as you had gotten closer to him, Loki slowly began to understand what made you so different.


For some reason, you accepted him. He didn’t know why or how but you actually cared for him, maybe even... No, it couldn’t be that deep. Instead of blowing him off like the other the Avengers had done, you made an effort to get closer and understand him. And because Loki didn’t understand how you could be so caring, he’d run away.


He’d been a coward. He was actually being one right now, too. Because instead of sulking in his room, he should've gone back to you and apologized. But no.


Loki sighed. At times like these, he wished his mother were still alive. She always gave the best advice in situations like these. The only one who could even compare with her was Thor.


Maybe he could give some insight on Loki’s awful actions. So, Loki finally got off his ass and went to look for Thor.




Loki found Thor talking with Lady Sif in the courtyard. They both looked very tense as they talked in hushed tones. After a moment, Lady Sif stomped off to the barracks.


“Having trouble with maidens, brother?” Loki asked as he approached Thor.


Thor sighed as he ran a hand through his rough beard. “Sadly, yes. Though, is not the time for me to be dwelling on Lady Sif’s anger.”


Loki’s brows rose. “Ah.”


“What trouble have you gotten yourself into this time, Loki?” Thor asked, quickly changing the subject.


“Nothing, nothing. I just need some guidance.”


“You? Need guidance?” Thor laughed. “This surprises me. Why not just go to the Allfather?”


“He cannot help me with this problem.”


Thor sat down on a nearby bench and patted his hand on it. “Do tell.”


Loki sat down and sighed. Best to just let it all out. “I have gained feelings for someone and I do not know what to do.”


Thor was silent for a whole minute before he spoke. “Are you sure this is my brother speaking? Because he is the God of Mischief— “


Loki chuckled. “Yes, Thor. I’m really here and my problem is serious.”


“By Odin’s beard! I don’t think I have ever seen you like this before. You do not open up at all, yet this special maiden has made you come to me for advice! Who is this lucky lass?”


“I’m not telling you.”


“Ah, that’s okay. I think I know who it is.”


Loki almost choked on the air and went into a coughing fit. “Highly doubtfully,” Loki said after calming down.


“Anyway, what type of advice do you need?” Thor asked.


“I told you. I don’t know what to do.”


“Well, the simple answer would be to tell her that you have feelings for her. Do you know if she reciprocates them?”


Very doubtful she does. “I do not know.”


“Well, you should still tell her. There is a chance she feels the same.”




“What? You don’t believe me?” Thor asked and Loki narrowed his eyes. “Even though you're not the most affectionate or passionate person, you have some charm.” Loki chuckled in disbelief. “Well, enough for this maiden to like being around you for some reason. Anyway, in my opinion, you should just talk to her.”


Loki scoffed. “I tried that and somehow managed to fuck that up.”


“Try again?”


“Wow. Thank you, Thor. I shall try that. Oh! What’s this? She’s angered with me now? Thank you for your wonderful advice.” Loki deadpanned.


“Why would she be angered with you?”


Loki felt if he revealed any more information, Thor would certainly guess who he was talking about. “No important reason.”


Thor hummed. “Anyway, we are to return to Earth tomorrow.”


Loki immediately tensed. “What? Why?”


“Every few weeks I go there to check up on things. The last time I went, Stark told me to come back in a week for an important mission and to bring you. I do not know why, though.”


Loki ran a hand down his face. “Do I have to?”


Thor patted him on the back and smiled. “Yep!” And Loki groaned.


As Thor walked away, he called and told Loki not to worry for they would also visit you, too. Loki was too surprised by Thor’s comment to chase after him, so he just sat where he was with his hands folded together neatly as his elbows rested on his knees. All the while, wondering how on Asgard Thor knew.