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“Kara, hold on! Wait for me!!”

Kara could hear her sister’s steps as she ran after her. The wind of the country side was brushing against the little one’s face making her hair dance as she ran with a smile on her lips.

“Hahaha you’ll never catch me sis!” Kara sprinted even faster.

Alex always struggled to keep up with her sister when they were playing outside, but she never gave up. She had grown used to being in second in the races and muscle competitions she had with her new sister but, even though at the beginning it was very hard for her, eventually she found the beauty in having a sister and the spark that made Kara so special.

Now they are the best of friends and can’t quite be well without each other. Their bond is only growing stronger.

“Holy smokes Kara, you are getting faster every day!” Alex panted her words, trying to steady her breathing. They both fell to the grass covered ground.

“Oh well, you aren’t so bad yourself. You almost caught me when we passed those trees” Kara was smiling and had an eye closed because of the brightness the sun was inflicting on her.

“Ahah I wish!” The big sister gave a little pound on the littlest one.

Both girls let themselves fall and lay completely on the floor, both of them feeling the grass on their hands. They were so different. Kara had blonde locks of hair and the bluest of eyes. Alex had brown hair that shined like copper and earthy and honey-like eyes. They were both tall but Kara, being younger about 3 years, managed to be taller than Alex. They both loved sports, being athletic and dancing and singing with their hairbrushes in hand. They had the most fun together. But then again, there weren’t really that many people around them anyway. Their house was so far away from the school that the only time they really had with other kids their age was during school. 6 to 7 hours a day, five days a week. It seemed more than it actually was but they didn’t mind.

Before Kara was adopted, Alex was very introverted and didn’t really get out of the house much. She liked staying in reading a book or a superhero comic and playing music. She was beginning to feel the isolation beginning to be a weight on her. She was very shy also but had a great relationship with her parents. It was so great that during the first year, she had a really tough time accepting her sister and sharing her parents. Before it was all Alex. All focus was on her and she liked that from her parents. But all of a sudden this new girl shows up like sunshine in the morning, inevitable and disturbing for those who were peaceful sleeping, but ultimately, the greatest thing to happen.

“Kara can I ask you a question?” Alex had her eyes closed. She was letting her senses go wild and free. The texture of the grass below her, the sound of the slight breeze, the chirping of the birds, the songs of the flowers.

Kara, her eyes also closed, reached her hand to touch her sister and said “Of course, anything.”

“It’s almost the second birthday since you came to be with us here. How was it?” She felt a little nervous.

“How was what?”

“You know, dealing with all of this, I mean, it must have been all pretty new and scary for you.”

Kara was listening with attention.

“What did you think of us when you first arrived?” Alex was now looking over to her side to see her sister. She was so curious to know this, she has always been.

“Oh, well..” She pondered for a little bit longer “I mean, it wasn’t easy at the beginning you know. One day I was with my birth mom and dad, the other I was with you guys. I guess I managed. I just had to.”

“Yes, but can you tell me more? Why did you come to us in the first place? What happened to your mom and dad?” Alex could feel her hands shake at that question. They never talked about it. Alex didn’t yet know why Kara was up for adoption or what had happened in the past.

She knew Kara’s original last name was Zor-El, which to her sounded a little weird. Her last name was Danvers, which she thought was as normal as it could be, just not as normal as Smith. And she knew she had been a happy baby and child because that brightness was still with her from moment one. But that was about it, and she wanted to know more.

“Hum, my parents died in an accident.” Kara didn’t like remembering this story too often. It was tough. But she really liked her sister Alex so she wanted to tell her. It was okay. “We were in a car crash and I survived.”

“Oh Kara, I’m really sorry!” She gulped “You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want” Worry filled her and she reached to grab her sisters hand in hers.

“It’s okay Alex, I don’t mind” She squeezed her older sister’s hand. “I am only alive because my parents somehow managed to save me. They did their best. Unfortunately they didn’t make it but, you know, I’m grateful that even in hard times they did their best to save me.” She was now looking at the bright skies above them. “I like to believe they are, like, somewhere out there looking after me. In a star or in another planet, but, you know, there.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Alex was short on words. How could she respond to anything like that. At this moment, all she felt was pure admiration for her sister. “You’re so strong Kara. When I grow up, I wanna be as strong as you!” They both chuckled at that.

“I’m only like this and I only dealt so well with this because you guys are fantastic! It’s not the same thing but it’s pretty good and I couldn’t have asked for a better family to be a part of than you guys” Kara couldn’t help but smile. It still hurt. Sometimes she still cried at night and had some nightmares of the accident, but she was determined to be good and strong. Her mother had taught her that one must never give up and never ever deny the kindness of other, neither deny others of her own kindness, so she was grateful and happy, in a way, to even have a family in the first place.

“Awww, I know. We are pretty great ahahah” Alex was trying to lighten up the mood a bit more.

“Hey hey hey, you weren’t the most welcoming, I don’t know if you remember correctly” Kara pushed her sister playfully. “You were a bit of a buttface to me”

Alex was seemingly outraged. It was true and she knew it, but it was fun to play with Kara like this. “Nah-uhh. Not at all!” She pushed her back.

Kara got up, her hands on her hips in her favourite pose, like a superhero, and said: “Well I guess we will just have to ask Eliza and Jeremiah, I bet they have all the stories on how you were such a buttface” And as she said that, she started running back to the house to indeed ask her adoptive parents about this to prove her point.

Alex got up really fast and started running after her sister. “NO KARA DON’T YOU DARE!!! I’m gonna catch you, just wait!!” She was smiling. She could tell life was going to be great if she had Kara always by her side.