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Miraculous: The Adventures of Super Nathan 2

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Months have passed since Super Nathan and the other superheroes had defeated Le Paon and save Emilie Agreste from her doom. After that Super Nathan had taught along with the help of Miss Vixen and Cat Noir the three school comrades Rose Lavilant, Luka Couffaine and Kagami Tsurugi everything they needed to know as a miraculous holder and how to work together as a team or a duo. Since there are no more supervillains terrorizing the French metropolis, the superheroes divide between all two days per person, when there is anywhere trouble on a specific day, the heroes of that specific day will move out to solve the case. The best part is, they won’t have to skip the school or any special occasion very often due to the organization between the miraculous holders.

Marinette as the new guardian of the miraculous has meet Master Fu once in a while, to see how he was doing. Besides that, she’s learning how to decipher the codes in the miraculous book with the help of the senior for further uses.

Before the summer break had started the six heroes had a meeting together to discuss their schedule, due to the absence of a few of the teammates, which had left France for a few weeks.

Nathaniel stood back alone with Rose Lavillant and Adrien Agreste, taking care of Paris beside the rest of his free time he was alone by himself or at the museum with his classmate Alix to pass the time, while his girlfriend was down in her fatherland enjoying the vacation. Nathaniel isn’t very excited about only having one week of vacation in front of him before the last school year starts for him again, but what makes him happy is, that then he will see his girlfriend Lila Rossi again, which arrives on the last Sunday before the first school day. If luckily, he may be able to surprise her at the airport, when she arrives.


One week before school starts, Adrien Agreste stood together with his fencing teacher Armand D’Argencourt in front of the Berlin Airport leaned in front of a black car with a Silver star symbol on the hood of the sedan. The two were waiting for the Tsurugis, which have been away for vacation in Tokyo to visit their relatives.

“This might sound silly Adrien, but I never have seen Kagami’s parents and she’s been in my fencing class for nearly three years,” Told the grey-haired man the blonde boy.

“Well she has the same blue tone as Kagami on her hair, she wore it in Chignon style last time I saw here and she uses black sunglasses, since she’s blind” Explained Adrien glancing up at the adult, which passed with his thumb and his index finger on the curl of his mustache while listening to his student.

“That she’s blind is new to me”

“Same, the first time Kagami officially introduced me to her mom was weird. She appeared there with her Shinai walking towards me with a strange look on her face and I felt nervous and thought she was going to do something with it,”

“I wouldn’t see her doing that unless you’ve hurt Kagami and she was going to get revenge on you”

“Yeah but she isn’t like that. I mean, she cares deeply for Kagami, but she isn’t a person, that would hurt somebody”

“Sweet and what about her father?” Questioned the fencing teacher. “I never heard her talk about him?”

“I don’t know, she never talked to me about her father, better said I never asked her about him” Adrien said looking around to see on the end of the sidewalk, where other vehicles were parked his girlfriend leaving the building of the airport pushing the cart with the luggage, while next to her walked the mother using her cane to orientate herself on the outside. “Monsieur D’Argencourt, they’re here!” Announced Adrien happy as he saw the Tsurugi’s heading together towards the dark sedan.

“I’m going to help Kagami bring the baggage,” The blonde said to his teacher heading along the sidewalk to the two Japanese women. “Konnichwa,” Greeted Adrien stopping in front of the two blue-haired women. Both smiled at Adrien and Mrs. Tsurugi, then Adrien exchanged looks with his girlfriend placing his hand on the cart. “Shall I help you?” Questioned the boy, then heard Kagami’s mother starting to talk.

“Oh it’s you Adrien Agreste,” Said Mrs. Tsurugi. “I thought your voice was so familiar”

“It really is me Mrs. Tsurugi. I and Monsieur D’Argencourt have been waiting for your arrival. The car is right here a few meters down”

“That’s great. Thank you” The ex-fencing champion said moving forwards, then Adrien looked at Kagami, which smiled at him and placed her hands on his cheeks, lifting herself up in her chucks to be closer to Adrien’s face to greet him with a kiss on the lips.

“I missed you” Adrien replied shortly after she got off him, followed by the girl chuckling.

“Aishiteru,” The Japanese girl told the blonde, making him tilt his head.

“Uh Gesundheit”

“Idiot” Kagami said rolling her eyes, which caused Adrien to laugh.

“Just kidding, I know, what it means” Adrien admitted watching Kagami shook her head while smirking at him. “Come let me help you with it” The boyfriend offered pulling the cart together with the heiress of Mrs. Tsurugi to the black car, where Mr. D’Argencourt was about to open the trunk of the vehicle.

“Mrs. Tsurugi, if you don’t mind, I and Mr. Agreste will take care of the luggage” The Frenchman offered earning a nod from the blue-haired adult, which walked on the side of the car touching on the windows of the backdoor looking for the door handle, then managed to open the door of the first row and entered on the side of the co-driver.

“Here….uhm do the three suitcases fit in the trunk?” Questioned Adrien looking up at the man along with Kagami.

“I’m not sure” Responded Armand looking at the three suitcases, including Kagami’s barrel bag from the fencing class.

“We are only two on the back seat, we can put the smallest one in there….well, they look all the same”

“If you two don’t mind,” The fencing master said picking up a suitcase and putting it into the trunk. “Imagine I had rented a lower class car. That would be big trouble for us”

“You know we could just have rented that weird SUV they had. At least it would have more space for the suitcases.”

“There goes my plan of impression down” Armand D’Argencourt complained after stowing the suitcase into the trunk, then picked up another suitcase. “Maybe I could have impressed you, Miss Tsurugi Jr?” Asked the gray-haired man glancing at the blue-haired girl, which looked at the black car together with Adrien.

“It’s the exact same car as mine and Adrien’s, but in another color,” Told Kagami making Adrien chuckle.

“Ugh,” The teacher said slamming down the door of the trunk and walked to the front door to enter into the driver seat. “Get in you two” The man ordered while closing the door behind him. Adrien watched Kagami before she opened the door of the car yawning, earning a smile from the blonde, followed by him placing his arm behind her back.

“Jet lag?” The blonde said and the Japanese girl nodded.

“Right now in Japan is 3 am,” Explained Kagami. “Really late”
“You got a couple of days to get used again to the European time zone. Before the tournament you will be ready and show everyone there, who’s the best” The French boy told his girlfriend receiving a peck from her on his cheeks, then he opened the door for the girl and helped her into the vehicle, afterward he closed the door and on the other side he got into the car and pulled with him into it the suitcase putting it on the seat next to him and he sat there in the middle of the back row, while next to him sat the girlfriend putting the seatbelt on.

“If we got time this week, we could go stroll around Berlin and maybe visit the Brandenburg Gate, what do you think of it?” The blonde questioned the inmates of the black sedan.

“I’ve booked on the other side of Berlin, I’m not sure if we’re able to find the best time for doing sightseeing. I’ve got plenty of things to do, including finding out, where the tournament takes place” Explained the teacher to the blonde, which sighed.

“Okay, maybe another time” The blonde replied sadly leaning his head back on the seat and taking out his smartphone of the pocket of his jacket with the earpods plugged in the phone. Kagami noted Adrien putting the pods in the ears, then the blonde rolled his eyes at her and took one of the pods out. “You….”

“Old school, huh?”

“Uh what do you mean?” Questioned the blonde at the question of the girlfriend.

“I don’t know, I always thought you had airpods like me,” Kagami said taking out from her jacket her airpod case showing it at the boy.

“Ah yes I do have them, but I tend to lose them a lot, so I prefer to take these” Adrien explained the girlfriend earning a comprehensive nod. Adrien unlocked the display of his smartphone and widened his eyes as he saw the battery stage of the electronic device. “What a pity, I need to charge it and I left my power bank in the hotel”

“We can share my smartphone if you want, except I might not have the songs you like”

“I don’t mind listen to your favorite songs”

“Fine, but we use your headphones since you’re a pro in losing airpods”.

“Hahaha,” Adrien said sarcastically, then Kagami took the one headphone from Adrien’s hand placing it inside her ear and put her phone on shuffle starting to play a song of a female singer.

“You’re listening to house?” Asked Adrien surprised making the girl shook her head.

“That’s actually dance, Adrien. But their songs tend to be from that genre”


“And this one is my favorite” Kagami said pressing on the forward button to skip some songs and stopped on a three-minute song. “Here”

“A slower one”

“Well it changes later”

“Sweet” Adrien said leaning his head back on the seat, then his girlfriend leaned her head on his shoulder closing her eyes while listening to the music on her smartphone releasing a joyful sight, making the tall blonde smile and lean his face on the shorter girl’s head doing the same too, soon the two were asleep while Monsieur D’Argencourt drove them to their destination on the other side of the German capital.



In the evening, Nathaniel lied on his bed inside his bedroom watching Anime on his laptop, while eating popcorn.

“I’ll be going, see you tomorrow,” Ms. Kurtzberg said standing in front of Nathaniel’s room.

“Bye mom,” Nathaniel said to his mother, which entered into the boys’ room placing her hand on his shoulder.

“You got in the fridge the rest from the lunch from today if you want darling”

“Okay mom”

“Goodnight son,” The mother said pecking the boy on the head and look up at her.

“Don’t forget the parking card”

“I already remembered it, thanks sweetie,” Ms. Kurtzberg said leaving the room of the boy. “And behave”

“As always mom” Nathaniel responded back, then heard his mother closing the door of the entrance and locking it up.

“Yippie,” A soft voice said from behind Nathaniel’s back and it was his kwami Karaa, which had been hiding from the adult behind Nathaniel’s feet.

“Serve yourself. There’s enough for the two of us” Nathaniel offered his kwami, which landed inside the bowl grabbing one popcorn and taking a bite.


“We need to fill our energies, in case of an emergency,” Nathaniel said making his kwami laugh.

“That’s what I say to you all the time”

“I know,” Nathaniel said while yawning, then looked down on the corner to see the time it was now. “Lila should be calling me any minute”

“She will, don’t wowy,”

“Do you think she could have forgotten about me, during the time she’s in Italy? Maybe she did”

“You have chatted and talked to hewr on video and you think she has fowgotten you?”

“I...I don’t know, it could be, couldn’t it?” Questioned the redhead looking at the kwami.

“You cwazy“, Told Kara shaking her head at the boy. „She definitely had you in hew mind all day. I‘m telling you that, that‘s twue“

„I miss her so much Karaa. I can‘t wait to see her again, but in real life not on video“ Nathaniel said opening the cloud of his laptop and opened the first picture, where he stood together with Lila, Kagami and Adrien at Andrè‘s ice cart with ice cream they had bought at the man.

His laptop received on the right corner a video call and it had Lila‘s name on it, making Nathaniel excited.

„It‘s Lila!“ Exclaimed Nathaniel excited and hovered with the mousepad of the laptop over the note, then wide his eyes and looked up at his kwami. „Do I look good?“

„Besides you only weawing showts, you look gweat,“

„You sure, shouldn‘t I wear a t-shirt or something?“

„You videochatted with Lila evewy day like that. She didn‘t hate it“

„Okay…..“ Nathaniel said pressing on the green symbol to attend the call. On his screen appeared Lila waving at the camera of her laptop at her boyfriend. „Lila!“ Nathaniel said glad as he saw the brunette girl on screen.

„Hey Nathy“ Greeted the Italian girl. „How are you?“

„Good and you?“

„Great you can‘t believe, who I saw today at the mall in Milan“

„No, who?“

„Jagged Stone and Penny Rolling“ Responded Lila.

„Cool, wasn‘t he on a tour or something?“

„Yeah and today he will play at the San Siro and my cousins are going there with me to see him live“

„That‘s great Lila,“ Nathaniel said making Lil giggle.

„And how has Paris been?“ Questioned the brunette. „Any trouble?“

„Well Luka has been on a break since his miraculous has started to give problems and made him feel very sick“

„What happened?“ Questioned Lila interested.

„He said his powers weren‘t working correctly, then around the third time he transformed he felt very sick and went with Marinette together to Master Fu and he told him it was because he had transformed while wearing a ring on his finger“

„Oh and is he alright?“

„I think he‘s better now, he‘s still out with the family and will arrive tomorrow. Then I and Rose won‘t be alone“ Nathaniel said, then on the screen next to him appeared a red notification bar warning about an occurrence.

„Oh oh,“ Nathaniel said looking down at the notification.

„What is it?“ Questioned Lila as Nathaniel read the short information on the bar.

„There was a plane hijack here in Paris, shortly after it took off. I need to inform Rose about it“

„Alright go take care of it,“ The Italian girl said. „Be careful baby“

„I be“ Nathaniel said and the call was finished by Lila‘s side and Nathaniel picked up his smartphone entering into a green-colored app and pressed on the second bar, which was a group chat with the name Super Squad and checked the last messages changed between him and Rose, then pressed her phone number and set it on call, then moments later the blonde attended it.

Hey Nath!“ Greeted Rose excited over the smartphone.

„It‘s an emergency Rose, a plane got hijacked and we need to go now“

Okay and how are we two going to deal with that?“

„I don‘t know, it sounds like a hard challenge for only the two of us, maybe we should ask Marinette about it?“

Let‘s use the video group chat together, so we can discuss the two together with her, is it good?“

„It‘s good Rose, I‘ll do it“ Nathaniel offered taking the phone off his ear, then tipped on a telephone symbol with a cross next to it and it showed the contacts of the students, that were the alter egos of the superheroes, including Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Master Fu. Nathaniel pressed on Marinette‘s phone number adding it to his screen, showing a picture of her on the screen doing the peace sign and next to her was a picture of Rose wearing a designer hat from Marinette.

Nathaniel, Rose did something happen?“ Asked Marinette sounding a little tired on the other side of the call.

„A plane hijack and I and Rose need your advice. We might need a third superhero to help us since plane hijacks are most likely to end badly and we could really need someone to help us“

Okay I think I have the right miraculous in my mind, we just need now a person to borrow it,“

„I think I found the perfect person for it,“ Nathaniel said smiling.



„Me as a miraculous holder?“ Questioned a pink-haired girl standing in front of the Louvre with Super Nathan, the alter ego of Nathaniel.

„Only I and Ro…..Honey Bee are here and we could really use a third person to help us since all of the others are away“

„This is so cool,“ Alix said jumping excitedly. „I get to work together with my favorite superhero, I need to put this on my blo….“

„Nope, sorry I can‘t allow you to do that“ Super Nathan said grabbing Alix on her hand as she was about to take her smartphone out. „No one can ever know the real identity of a superhero“ Super Nathan said looking at the blue eyes of the girl, turning her cheeks a little pink.

„S...sure“ She responded then the purple-skinned superhero took from behind his back a black octagonal box, then pressed it on Alix‘s hands. Alix excitedly opened the box and a sea-green colored light shined brightly causing Alix to cover her eyes along with Super Nathan by putting their hand over their eyes. As the light disappeared a cobra-like kwami with legs and arms appeared in front of the French girl and Alix looked astonished at the creature.

„A snake?“ Alix asked. „I love snakes!“

„This sounds splendid,“ The kwami said. „The name‘s Sass. You must be my new miraculous holder, am I right?“

„Uh I think this was temporary,“ Alix said looking at Super Nathan, which shrugged his shoulders.

„According to Mari….Master Mari….uhm you know the master, that holds the miraculous“ Super Nathan said scratching the back of his neck abashed. „I don‘t know, she doesn‘t have to know so many information y‘know,“

„Temporarily? Okay, and what‘s going on, what do we have to face?“ Questioned the snake miraculous, then a loud noise banged over the city and all looked up in the sky to see a jet of the military pass by rapidly over the city heading towards the Eiffel tower and turning its right wing up to pass beside the tower with the head of the cockpit looking at it.

„The military must have sent some jets behind the plane, that‘s the way we have to go then,“ Super Nathan said earning a nod from Sass and Alix.

„Alright listen you two, the transformation quote is Sass, Let‘s slither, your weapon is a lyre, where you use to play and form a wave to paralyze your enemy and your special power is hypnosis. After your superpower has been used you have five minutes left before you transform back into yourself again before your time is unlimited.“

„Okay, I got it,“ Said Alix and Super Nathan took out a green bangle placing it on Alix‘s right arm, where her watch was, then removed the watch placing it inside the box of the miraculous.

„Just in case I put it here, Vent had trouble with his miraculous, because he wore something, that conflicted with his powers“

„Oh okay,“ Alix said then looked at her arm, where she had the snake miraculous.

„Come Alix, we have to go fast, every second counts,“ Super Nathan said earning a nod from the pink-haired girl, which raised her arm up in the air.

„Sass, let‘s slither!“ Alix shouted activating her miraculous.