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Drinking Milk On A Monday

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It was one of those odd days were Mikaela was around for dinner.

Bustling could be heard coming from the dining area, as six children rushed about the room in a frenzy, tripping over their own feet in the process, and laughing all the whilst setting cups on the small dining table settled against one of the walls of their small den. Mikaela’s eyes followed the fluttering movements, watching as each and every utensil was placed on the wooden surface with care, everyone of the Hyakuya family members pitching in to help clean off their dirty clutter and make room for their second meal of the night.

Desert. Or at least, that’s what they liked to call it.

Eight cups were laid out on the table in no time, as everyone took their respective seats at the table. Playful jabs and kicks were sent every which way as the bunch tried to settle in, chirping at one another to ‘hurry up already!’ wanting to waste no more time in enjoying one of their favourite treats, given it didn’t come very often. One by one Chihiro, Kota, Ako, Fumie, and Taichi, with the help of a very patient Mikaela, had quietened down to gentle jokes and pinches, awaiting with cheeky smiles and dimples as clear as day, little teeth flashing and eyes glistening as their two other family members arrived from the kitchen area. Akane glided amongst the floorboards with a pitcher in hand, tethering dangerously in her grip from the heavyweight it bared, as Yuuichiro stood besides the young girl, hands nestled on top of hers to help settle the pitcher onto the table; the clicking and clacking of cups rang throughout the room, as the children began to grow in anticipation, making haste with moving onto their tippy toes and peering down to look at the liquid inside. A voice- Mikaela quickly identified as being Yuuichiro’s- broke through the giddiness in the air, as the boy let out a rather loud clearing of his throat, before taking his seat along with Akane at the dining table.

“Er, I don’t know how we were really able to do it again…” The wavering voice began to say, as the other children’s whispering drifted into the open air, and they relaxed themselves back against the chairs. They stared at him intently; expectantly. “But, those idiots,” Yuuichiro curtly pointed his chin towards Mikaela and then Akane, “Were somehow able to save up our left over rations again…”

The table erupted into cheers at this, as the whispering quickly picked back up from amid the group of children, each expressing their happiness with joyed yips of “Nice going, Akane-chan! Mika-nii!” and tiny claps of their hands. From across the table, Mikaela sent the other boy a sneaky smile, pleased by the reaction of the smaller children, before his hands reached out towards the middle of the table to grab ahold of the tan-handle of the pitcher. Almost as if a switch, the whispering died down once more, and multiple pairs of little hands shot out to help lift the pitcher up and above the glasses, careful as to not spill a single drop as they filled each cup to the brim with a powdery, white substance.

Milk, although came along with what little rations were given to them by those bastard vampires, was quite difficult to gather up in large quantities. They barely had enough to fill half a glass for themselves, let alone enough for six more rowdy children almost every single day (especially when milk was their favourite. Seriously, those kids couldn’t get enough of it!). Though, the impossible became possible one evening when the group of children noticed, by drinking less, you had more to spare later on, plus a little bit of more water added to their diet surely wouldn’t hurt anything, would it? Who would’ve guessed, right. Sharing things like meals usually happened quite often, but it wasn't the norm to sit down and enjoy a delicious drink with your family every once in a whilst; in fact, It was considered a luxury in Vampire city, and yet had grown to become a daily routine for the tiny Hyakuya family, who considered it a blessing to be able to sit down and nurse a glass of milk with each other, giggling and talking gibberish all the whilst.

Once all the glasses were filled, the pitcher was discarded back to the middle, as Mikaela spoke up for the first time that night.

“Nene, don’t be so harsh, Yuu-chan! You know how hard it is to save up enough rations for all of us!” He tutted playfully at the raven haired boy, blue eyes shining with amusement, before turning to the other children and doing the same. “It’s difficult enough with these little milk demons, you know?”

More laughter. Chihiro gently pushed against Mika’s shoulder, as the blonde broke into a full blown smile, hands finding their way to the untouched cup that sat before him.

“Yeah, yeah, Mika,” Yuu clicked his tongue, before breaking into a smile of his own, “We worked hard for this, so let’s all enjoy it whilst we can.”

“To drinking milk on a monday!” The children choired at once, taking big gulps from their cups.

They sat in comfortable silence for most of the night, laughing occasionally when the other got milk on their upper lip, and chatting mindlessly about their days and the days to come. Their hearts were light in their chests, eyes fluttering from the smoothness of the night, and stomachs filled to their contents.

Looking around the room and seeing the shining, smiling faces of the kids they grew up with, Mikaela and Yuuichiro vowed once more to get out of there once and for all.