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The Ultimate Daydream

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I only own Camilla Swann and Naomi Liu. Everyone else in the Super Smash Bros universe belongs to their respective owners.

Chapter 1
Returning Veterans

Before her and Camilla's invitation to Brawl, Naomi didn't quite get why there was so much hullabaloo over the whole "Super Smash Bros" thing. After all, you just sat around and fought some people every day, right? Naomi did that on a regular basis, and much cooler as well - she fought demons; monsters that normal humans couldn't even touch. Good thing she wasn't exactly...human, per say.

When the two of them each got the famous white envelope held shut by the bright red insignia, Camilla was just as confused as Naomi was skeptic. It took her a rather lengthy explanation before the white-haired pilot could even begin to grasp what Super Smash Bros was. It also took the duo 20 minutes to decide whether or not they wanted to accept the invitation or return to their rather hectic daily lives. Camilla insisted that they always had to be on patrol, lest there was an Amber Night Stalker feasting on a planet's worth of souls.

"What if there are Stalkers at where this tournament thingy is being held?" Naomi rebutted, not taking her eyes off the contents of the letter that had been neatly encased inside the envelope.

Camilla threw her hands up into the air. "But if we go and there is not, then the whole thing would be just a big waste of time!"

"Honestly, Camilla, which is worse: wasting some time checking out a false alarm and possibly experiencing that rare thing called fun, or ignoring it and everyone gets slaughtered by untouchable demons?"

Camilla looked angry at first, spouted some nonsense in her first language (out of, what was it now, 26?) East Oclanian, and then begrudgingly agreed in English that Naomi was right.

Truth be told, though, Naomi was kind of curious about the whole thing now. Maybe she was wrong. If this many people went bonkers about it, maybe there was just something that Naomi didn't see about it when just reading the description of this tournament. Besides, space was nice and all, but she and Camilla hadn't gone on any interdimensional travels yet, despite Camilla insisting they would at some point. Multiple universes all colliding just to duke it out with one another sounded fun.

It was really easy to brush Super Smash Bros off as just a fad when you're just an observer, but once you get the envelope, things change.

That was how, when Super Smash Bros Brawl rolled around, Naomi found herself in the midst of absolute chaos, but a different chaos than what she was used to. Now, instead of each and every move she made possibly the choice that saved the world from Fatima or dooming everyone, it could be a choice that made her a brand new friend or completely flipped someone out of the battlefield. By the end of their stay's duration, Naomi would honestly be lying if she said that she was still wondering why Smash Bros was fun.

...Of course, all good things had to come to an end. Camilla and Naomi had to leave after a little more than a month; General Melissa needed them and needed them now, Camilla said. After a chat with Master and Crazy Hands, the two of them quietly left; took the Smash Train and boarded their intergalactic traveler to enter the strange world that was beyond the stars. Looking back, Naomi felt bad for the two sentient hands to be the ones who broke the news to the Smash Brawlers. At the very least, Naomi should have worked up some courage and told everyone herself. The only one who Camilla told in person was Samus.

As the ship whirred to life and began to soar far, far away, Naomi couldn't help but watch the scenery get farther and farther from sight until it all blurred into streaks of black and green and white. Truth be told, she was used to it now. She already abandoned one home, and now she was abandoning the next, because honestly, that's the only way Naomi could describe the Smash Mansion - a second home.

Honestly, Naomi would have never expected to see any of their faces again. She had more pressing matters on her hands, anyways, like Amber Night Stalkers and Cassandra... She was out there, and Naomi didn't want to believe otherwise. It wasn't over until the fat lady sang, after all.

Mom, we had to leave Smash Mansion. General Melissa paged us (You remember her, right? The one I wrote about last time?) and we had to leave ASAP. Hang on. We're still coming for you.

Months Later

Naomi sat down her usual seat, readjusting her helmet. To the left was the pilot's seat - Camilla was the only vaguely-human who had ever sat in there before after Naomi crashed the traveler into one of Dubrion's oceans. She sighed softly, realizing the literal puppy, Cheddar, got more respect and time in the driver's seat than she ever had. She didn't hold a grudge over Camilla, though. It wasn't anything personal. That was one thing no one could ever deny about Camilla: she loved her dog more than anyone else in the multiverses. Naomi couldn't help but chuckle when she remembered the day Camilla first met Cheddar.

It had been quite a funny sight; watching the 6'10" white-haired woman in a skintight blue-and-white thermal suit cradle a tiny golden retriever in her arms as she announced, on the verge of tears, that she had no idea what species this was, but this was Cheddar and he was her new best friend. Since then, Cheddar had been a vital member in their 2-woman 1-dog crew. He didn't really do much, but he could do way more than your average dog. He wasn't the best at co-piloting like Naomi was, but he was getting better.

It was probably said that Naomi could say "yeah, this dog is learning how to co-pilot an intergalactic traveler," like it was the most normal thing in the world. In all honesty, that probably was the most normal thing in her new life.

She shook herself out of her remembrance as a little notification popped up in the corner of her display.

Naomi thought for a second, trying to translate herself into East Oclanian. "Computer, display notification."

She still stuttered a bit and got some pronunciations wrong, but her East Oclanian was rapidly improving, and it got the job done. The computer chirped happily that the duo had mail; two envelopes. Naomi's heart skipped a beat. It was rare that they had mail, and the last time they got two envelopes, it probably wasn't that. There was absolutely no chance of it being that, was there? Besides, it had only been a few months since they left - was it months? Years? Time was a little wobbly in space; time dilation and one day in one planet being a week on Earth, things like that.

A loud growl came from her stomach. Hungry again... That was one of the downsides of being a jiang-shi. What Chinese mythology didn't tell you about being this strange vampire/zombie creature - along with many other things - was that they were always, always hungry, from morning 'till the dawn of the new day. During Brawl, Naomi hadn't thought she'd been staying for so long so she didn't bother to pack as many snacks as she usually did. Because of this, she nearly cleaned out the breakfast buffet every day just to curb the painful hungers for an hour or two. Naomi could still remember the looks on people's faces as she returned to her seat with her plate piled high with meats, pancakes and fruits, devoured it all in five minutes, and still went for seconds and thirds.

Camilla groaned and plopped herself down into the pilot's seat.

"What've we got this time, Naomi?" Camilla's hair was cut in a way that it seemed to favor the right side of her face; the length of it flowing down her right shoulder and gradually getting shorter and shorter until, on the left side, it was more of a pixie cut than anything. It was the kind of haircut Naomi would expect a punk to wear and not the most uptight person she ever knew. If it weren't for the white hair and her extreme height, Naomi would think that Camilla was a regular person like she used to be. Ravinans (especially those born in East Oclania) were strikingly similar to humans physically despite being more than three galaxies apart, but they lacked the melanins that colored hair and were stupid tall. Naomi once cringed when she learned that, on her planet Ravina, Camilla was actually shorter than the average of 7'1".


"Mail?" Camilla repeated. "We never get physical mail anymore... not since Brawl, anyway."

"That's what I said. Have a look." Naomi swiped her finger across what looked like empty air at first, but when Camilla brought her display up it sent the notification in front of her eyes. She squinted and her lips moved silently. Behind the two, Naomi heard the telltale squeak that meant Cheddar was up, sitting in his favorite seat, and biting down again on his favorite chew toy. For a puppy who had a lot of "favorites," he didn't seem to mind meeting new people. When she was done, Camilla turned to Naomi and had the same expression on her face that the half-Chinese teenager was currently wearing.

"...Could it be...?"

Naomi shrugged. "Doesn't seem too likely. Computer, display mail."

The computer hummed the East Oclanian translation of "Okay!" Two clean, white envelopes were spat out from a tiny slot in the dashboard, addressed "To: Naomi Liu" and "To: Camilla Swann," respectively, in a clean, typed font. Naomi picked up hers. It felt light in her hand. She turned it over, and she could have sworn she felt the very threads of time grind to a halt around her as she took in the red stamp that every competent fighter in their universe wanted, hoped, prayed, to see every time they got mail.

She was brought back to life by Camilla's voice, which was unlike the loud and brash she was used to; instead taking upon a more soft tone. "...Did we...did we get into Smash again...?"

Both girls let out a breath that neither knew they were holding in. Naomi tore hers open, and out slid a neatly folded letter. As she unfolded it, she started to read aloud, and realized Camilla was doing the same thing. Their voices were perfectly in sync, repeating exactly what the other said just moments ago.

"...It is with great pleasure that we request your presence at Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Everyone will be there, from newcomers to returning Smash veterans...!"

They say, in space, no one can hear you scream, but one thing was for sure - the two cheered so loud they spooked Cheddar right out of his seat. As unbelievable as that seemed, that marked the story of how Naomi Liu, 17-year old jiang-shi and Camilla Swann, 19 year old Ravinan, began their journey to the Smash Mansion for the second time in their lives...

Hey Mom, guess what; we got into Smash again! This one's called Smash Ultimate. I don't know how long it's been since Brawl, but I can't wait. I wonder what you'd say if you saw me now, hooting and hollering when I got my invitation. I miss you.