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chains of heaven

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Sweat drips from his golden hair onto the silken sheets below. He cranes his head upwards and shakes it back and forth to keep it from dripping in his eyes. Certainly, he could close his eyes, but he considers himself fortunate to not be blindfolded this time.


“Do you need restraint here as well?” A chain snakes up his back, looping around his neck, pointed end swaying like a pendulum and tapping lightly against his bare chest. “I know how strong you are, Gil. I want to hear your voice when you come for me, but I also won’t tolerate defiance.”


Gilgamesh swallows. “You would deny yourself the chance to hear what you do to me for the satisfaction of binding me further?”


The chain tightens around his neck, and the King of Heroes reflexively gasps for breath. At the same time, the soft hand around his cock tightens and long fingers press deeper into his ass; he utters a choked groan and struggles to breathe as he is overtaken by a wave of ecstasy.


“I would,” Enkidu replies, leaning over to press a kiss between Gilgamesh’s shoulders. “It’s been a while since we played with the Chains of Heaven. Wouldn’t want them to get rusty.”


“Is...that…” Gilgamesh forms the words laboriously, between the oxygen deprivation and intense pleasure causing his knees to weaken. “your idea of...a joke…?”


Enkidu hums, resting their head against Gilgamesh’s back. “Your heart is pounding. You want to come, don’t you?” The chains binding his wrists rattle slightly as Gilgamesh squirms, hands clasped together in front of his face. He flexes his toes, but his feet move no further than their bindings to either corner of the four-post bed. “Not yet, my friend,” Enkidu croons softly, a thin chain slipping around Gilgamesh’s belly, resembling the jewelry that the women of their time wore. He wondered why Enkidu would waste time with aesthetics when they are aware of how aroused he is, but when the chain travels along his hipbone and slips between his legs, gooseflesh rises despite the heat in the room.


“I’m not ready for you to come,” Enkidu explains, their fingers twisting inside Gilgamesh, opening him wider with each motion. They arch a green eyebrow, golden eyes sparkling when Gilgamesh’s muscles clench. “The best things come to those who wait.”


If anyone else had the audacity to even consider wrapping a slender chain around the King of Uruk’s genitals without prior discussion, they would be dead before they knew what hit them. Blood rushes to his cock, and his balls tighten as what began as a groan escapes as a high-pitched whine. Gilgamesh ruts into Enkidu’s hand, pressing his cheek against the wedge-shaped pillow beneath him. The silk sheets feel like burlap against his nipples, the friction sending sparks of pleasure through his oversensitive body. Enkidu knows his body nearly as well as he does, and he squeezes his eyes shut, writhing as best as he can in response to Enkidu’s ministrations.


A king does not beg — but were he not a king, let alone the King of Kings, he would discard his better judgement and plead for his release. Instead he relaxes and accepts Enkidu’s narrow hand into his body, the pressure stronger and more exquisite than he remembers. “Enkidu…” he groans, and his friend gently removes their hands from his body, the chains tightening around the base of his cock at the same time. Gilgamesh opens his eyes and watches his friend in the mirror as they quickly strip away their tunic and trousers, reaching for the tube and vial sitting on the nightstand. One holds modern-day lubricant and the other holds an aromatic oil commonly used in the brothels of Uruk. Enkidu removes the cap and cork, mixing the two together in their palms.


“The fragrance of this oil reminds me of the old days,” Enkidu reminisces. Gilgamesh nods as best as he can with his restraints. “But I like this so-called lube substance too. I didn’t think anything could make you feel better than you already did until we tried it.” Slender fingers spread his cheeks apart and three fingers slide deftly into his hole. Enkidu smiles serenely at the sound Gilgamesh makes, their other hand returning to his cock. The room is filled with the scent of oil, sweat, and incense and the wet sounds of erotic submission.


Enkidu simultaneously loosens the chain around Gilgamesh’s throat and plunges his hand into Gilgamesh’s asshole, eliciting a shout loud enough to wake their neighbor across the hall — if Astolfo hadn’t had the room soundproofed long ago. “Enkidu…” Gilgamesh presses his hips backwards to match Enkidu’s pace, the pillow holding him at the right angle for his friend’s fingers to nudge his prostate. “The chain...” he mutters, and Enkidu slips a finger underneath the makeshift cock ring, waiting for Gilgamesh to meet their gaze in the mirror before shaking their head back and forth.


“Not yet,” Enkidu smiles sweetly, “Would this please the king? You seem to be in the mood for something like this.” They nod towards their nether regions, where a powerful erection adorns their normally genderless groin. When Gilgamesh appears nonplussed, Enkidu purses their lips. “Not big enough for you?”


“Magnificent,” Gilgamesh replies smugly, “The veins are a nice touch. Reminds me of my own.”


Enkidu grins. “Marvelous.” As the chains tighten around Gilgamesh’s cock, they warm another handful of oil and lube, this time slicking their own member. Gilgamesh briefly laments the absence of Enkidu’s hands on and in his body; before he has time to make a comment Enkidu’s thick cockhead pushes into his hole, stretching and filling him in perfect form. “You feel so good,” Enkidu sighs, leaning forward and grasping Gilgamesh’s hips as they push further inside.


Gilgamesh can’t be sure, but it feels like Enkidu’s cock is growing in response to his body’s natural resistance to penetration, no matter how much he relaxes his muscles to accommodate his friend. “You’ll split me in two at this rate,” Gilgamesh says with a long sigh, bunching the sheets in his hands as Enkidu finally bottoms out.


“Feel good?” Enkidu begins to rock their hips back and forth, gently gaining pace while using Gilgamesh and the pillow for leverage.


Gilgamesh groans. “Fucking incredible. No one else in the world is like you.”


“That’s because I was created for you,” Enkidu says with a long sigh, ”and this is how it should be.”


“Can we save the sentimentality for pillow talk?” Gilgamesh is close to pleading at this point; between their extensive foreplay, the restraints, and Enkidu’s thick cock driving in and out of his ass, he cannot recall a time where he felt as if his very life depended on having an orgasm.


Enkidu lifts one hand from Gilgamesh’s body and pushes their own sweaty hair back from their face. “You make a convincing argument.” They bend over Gilgamesh, long locks pooling on his back as the chain around his cock loosens and Enkidu’s hand takes its place. Their hand and their cock are perfectly coordinated in their movements, and Gilgamesh is reduced to groans and heavy breathing, submitting completely to his friend. “Come for me, Gil.”


The king of Uruk has never been happier to follow instructions and calls Enkidu’s name as he thrusts into the side of the wedge, soaking the silk sheets with come. Enkidu follows suit, tossing their head backwards and digging their fingers hard enough to bruise into Gilgamesh’s hips.


When both are able to breathe normally, Gilgamesh turns his head sideways to meet Enkidu’s gaze. The benefit of Enkidu being Enkidu is that their cock is as hard as it was before they came, but he is not as resilient, even as a Heroic Spirit. “By the gods,” he finally says, “a lesser man than myself would be unable to walk after this.”


“I could go harder next time,” Enkidu offers innocently, “but you already seemed so desperate. I didn’t know you could take even that much.”


“You doubted my prowess in the bedroom? I’m disappointed. But that wasn’t a request, at least for now.” Gilgamesh wiggles his fingers, coaxing blood back into them. “Anyhow, seeing as I’m spent, free me from these chains.”


The Chains of Heaven loosen and retract towards Enkidu’s body, disappearing into their arms. They gently ease their cock out of Gilgamesh’s hole, using a cloth from the bowl prepared by the bedside to clean him with gentle circular motions. Gilgamesh closes his eyes and loses himself in Enkidu’s care, allowing his friend to massage the feeling back into his extremities. When they are finished, Enkidu slides off the side of the bed to retrieve their clothes while Gilgamesh reclines into the mountain of pillows, completely nude save for the jewel adorning his scalp.


Once Enkidu is fully dressed, they cross the room and retrieve a pitcher of water and a golden goblet of wine, pausing to turn off the video camera pointed at the bed. “I still don’t understand,” they say, taking a sip of wine. Gilgamesh accepts the wine from his friend and wets his dry lips before indulging in a long drink. “Why are we recording us having sex if I can’t send the video to Ishtar for her birthday?”


Gilgamesh laughs, draping his arm over Enkidu’s shoulders after his friend nestles close to him. “I never said you couldn’t send it to her. I merely stated that the ensuing skirmish would no doubt cause a variety of problems for Master, who is a mongrel worth our respect.” His fingers trace casually along Enkidu’s sleeve, playing with their hair and basking in a heady trance of afterglow. “In Uruk, there were scribes who did the work of chronicling the exploits of King Gilgamesh. In Chaldea, all there are is researchers and their main concern seems to be studying you as a science project. Therefore, like so many other tasks, I have no choice but to do it myself.”


“Da Vinci is always very respectful, but I see what you’re saying,” Enkidu nods, laying a hand on Gilgamesh’s stomach. “That was really enjoyable. The wedge cushion certainly makes that position easier on us both.”


“Listen, I promised you pillow talk, and I didn’t mean talking about pillows.” Between the quality wine, decadent fucked-out soreness, and Enkidu’s soft earthy scent, Gilgamesh was relaxed enough to allow a bit of sentiment. “I’m glad you’re here with me. You were right, it’s how it should be.”


“As am I, Gil. I love you.” Enkidu turns their head and catches Gilgamesh’s lips in a kiss.


“Love you too,” Gilgamesh murmurs against his friend’s waiting mouth.