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Kaguya wants to be untied (from this chair!)

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“You know, red really does suit you Kaguya-san~” The airheaded secretary giggled. finishing of the final knot on Kaguya’s leg bindings.

“Gggmmmphh!” Kaguya protested, pulling against the tight ropes securing her to the chair.

Red ropes were strapped all across her body, her arms and wrists secured to the sides of the chair, the knots out of reach from her nimble fingers.

More strands of rope tied her slender calves and shins to the chair legs, leaving her sock covered feet unable to touch the ground.

To finish her off, a final length of rope was tied off above and below her modest chest, making them bulge outwards and appear more impressive.

Keeping her silent was a piece of cloth filling up her mouth, several strips of tape keeping it inside.

“Moooowmph!” Kaguya screamed. Pulling on her bonds as hard as possible, making the chair wobble back and forth as Chika pulled out a scarf from her bookbag, tying it over her eyes and sending her into complete darkness.
“Phew~ Finally done.” Chika sighed, wiping the sweat off her forehead before leaning in to tickle her captive’s sides making her flail wildly.

“GMMMMPH! MMMMPH!” The poor vice-president screamed, laughing into her gag while helplessly trying to get loose.

“Oh you’re such a cutie Kaguya- Chan~” Chika titters. “Sadly I have a club meeting so I’ll be back later to play some more~” She chuckles. Walking towards the door.

“Mmmmph! Mgghhmmph!?” Kaguya whined. Trying to shake off her blindfold only to find that Chika’s knot work, be it with ropes or scarves was impeccable.

Chika just giggled as she opened the door. “Don’t worry~ Everyone else have gone home already, meaning we can play until evening once I get back~” Still giggling she shut the door close with a slam. Locking it behind her.

Kaguya whined, struggling against her bonds for another few minutes before giving up, deeply regretting giving Hayasaka the day off…