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Is Love A Crime?

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Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones have been working together for about five years, in the Chicago PD intelligence unit. They've been partnered three out the five years. Everyone can see their instant chemistry. It's like a flame that's been lit that can never die out. However, 5 years in the force and both have been laser focused on work.

Everyone around them can see the chemistry ooze off of them. Them, themselves know it too. They knew they had chemistry, a connection. But a connection strong as their turned to love could be considered dangerous in their line of work. If a stranger sees them from across the street its as if you assume their dating. Even family and friends have assumed sometimes.

Everyone in the office was working on files that needed to be closed up. But as soon as Fred Andrews head of the intelligence unit called them together.

"Alright guys! We have a new member joining us, Lodge!"

As soon as Fred said that a women dressed in heels came strutting into the office. At first glance she looked like a new receptionist, but no. Looks can resiving. This prestine, well put together women is the new member of the intelligence unit.

" Lodge, you're with Pea! Guys make her feel welcomed. Keller with Forgarty. Arch, son your with me. Jones, Cooper I don't have to tell you."

Everyone welcomed Veronica Lodge to the unit before getting back to their files. A few hours later Fred came in with a double homicide along with a massive drug supplier, all wrapped up into one. It was a beast of a case.

" Malachi's gang. Aka, the ghoulies are distributing the fizzle rocks and JJ that's littered all among our streets. Murdered two young women. Peaches! She was a hooker and a drug mule for them along with Toni Topaz." Fred explained.

Once Fred finished explaining everyone in the group fired tactics about how they could go around the case. Fred had already organised for Betty and Jughead to go undercover as the rest of them guard the premeniter. Betty would be going as Jughead's wife. Jughead would be a distributor looking for a new trade.

Fred distributed the other roles to the rest of the unit before heading out to further their investigation. Betty looked over to Jughead and smirked. They both started racing for the keys. Betty was just a tad faster reaching the keys before him.

"Oh come on Betts! Let me drive the squad car." He pouted as he walked towards her.

"But Juggie, I always drive. So absolutely no way in hell... Maybe one day."

"One day on the 5th of never." He said rolling his eyes.

"Aww Jug you know me so well." Betty teased giggling her ass off.

Betty and Jughead got into the car and started to drive through the streets to ask questions about the ghoulies. Seeing if they could recruit any sources that could feed them information.

"So are you okay with doing this tonight?" He asked her worrying about the last time.

"It's the job." She shrugged it off.

"But last time." He uttered.

"Was a horrible thing and had a chance of happing. Turns out my luck sucks some dick and it did. Last time I was one to one situation and unfortunately he recognised me from last time I busted his ass. It didn't help he was off his mind as he was high as a kite. But we had a phenomenonal team who saved me. "

" I know... But as long as we stick together right? "He asked.

" In unity there's strength, right?"She smiled.

That was a little motto they had made up after a really tough case the first year working together. Ever since then it just stuck with them.

" In unity there's strength Betts. Indeed."

They pulled up on the street and got out. They saw someone and pulled out a picture of Toni Topaz. They had to find more information about this girl. Fangs and Kevin were finding about Peaches.

Betty was the one to pull a red head other to them. They came to the street Miss Topaz lived on. "Excuse me Miss?" Betty said tapping her.


"Do you know this woman?" Jughead asked as he showed her a picture of her.

"Yes that's my TT. We're engaged."

"You're name please?" Betty asked.

"Cheryl Blossom."

"Could we ask you some questions? A place more privately." Jughead asked. Betty just smiled over at him because he literally just the words out her mouth.

"Of course, our house is there." She said pointing across the road.

They all headed into the house. Cheryl offered them a drink but they politely decline the offer. As they got in Cheryl let her baby sister go. She currently has a one year old with down syndrome sat in her arms. A beautiful little smiley girl called Minnie.

"I'm extremely sorry Miss Blossom. Miss Topaz has been in an unfortunate accident and didn't survive. That's why we're here for more information." Betty informed her.

Cheryl broke down into tears. Betty went over to comfort her."She did those jobs to help with the medical bills." She whispered.

"We're going to catch them Miss Blossom." Jughead said. "But we need everything you know."

"It wasn't much. She kept it from me. She didn't like me worrying. I worry alot about Minnie." Cheryl started to explain.

About an hour and a half later they were heading back to the station with a handful of new knowledge that could help the case. Back in the office Betty and Jughead were in the private kitchen upstairs for intelligence. What people need to know is that the police station has 3 floors and a garage with a holding cell in for let's say more harsher cases for the intelligences unit. Intelligence has the top floor and the garage. The rest of the station had the rest.

Betty was about to make herself a tea and Jughead his coffee when she noticed someone had one of her tea packets. This was a known rule in the office, don't touch her tea without permission first. Betty saw Veronica coming to the kitchen.

"Ronnie?" Betty said.

"Yes." She answered.

"Did you drink this tea?It was her favourite chi tea with ginger and cinnamon in. "Yeah, why?" Veronica answered.

"It's just that's my tea I bring in. Everyone normally asks me first. I'm quit particular about my tea."

"Oh I'm sorry. I promise to do so next time."

"Sure, its okay." She lied.

Jughead was stood at the door trying not to laugh. "So that's why my coffee is taking a while." He teased walking towards Betty.

"Actually I just finished it you ass." She teased back.

Betty passed him his cup. He thanked her then whispered in her ear. "It's not okay that she stole our tea Betty. I know you, you'd have the others butt's for drinking it." He whispered teasingly.

"Our tea? Oh no Juggie, my tea. Just my tea. Not yours, you're aloud to get it without asking because you handsome are my drink slave. Plus I don't mind sharing with you. You buy me different tea to try."

"Fair point." He smiled.

Veronica was getting her salad out the fridge. She was watching their interaction. "Sorry to sound rude but are you dating?" She asked.

Betty and Jughead just laughed. Everyone assumed that. They didn't care they did because they knew they had chemistry. They both even had feelings for each other but never acted upon them. Their stuck in this limbo of sorts.

" No we're not." Betty answered.

"But you act as if you are." Veronica pointed out as Jughead just rolled his eyes.

"Well Ronnie, I've been working with this gorgeous woman for 5 years. Practically spend all our time together... Betts I'm going to head to pop's. Want anything?" He asked.

"My regular." She whispered.

Jughead left the kitchen then Veronica and Betty sat down at the table. "Do you want more than just being work partners?" Veronica asked.

"Ron I should tell you something. Me and Jug know that we have a connection as you put it. We also know that we shouldn't but it also doesn't mean neither of us don't want to. It's just that we focus on the work. We have random people telling us we're an amazing couple. We're use to it. I'm happy where we're at. "Betty explained.

" So a part of you loves him? "

" Of course, he's my only family practically. "Betty smiled.

45 minutes later Jughead had returned with Pops burgers and shakes. Today they decided to eat at Jughead's desk. Betty had just taken a drink of her milkshake and got some caught on her face.

" Betts you have something on your face. "Jughead smiled.

" Help me get it off?"Jughead leaned over and wiped the cream of the corner of her mouth. He lingered his touch awhile before pulling away." There."He smiled.

"Thanks Juggie." She whispered.

"It's okay."

"I should be heading home for some sleep before tonight." Betty told him.

"Let me drop you off."

"It's okay I'll see you later." Betty told him.

"Sleep well Betts."


At 7pm they all met up in the garage fully geared and equipped up. Jughead was dressed up in a suit as the others had protective vests on. Betty was the last one to come in. She was wearing a full length black gown with a slit in the dress.

Jughead couldn't take his eyes off of her. Both of them locked eyes. All they could do was smile. Jughead had a small nervous smile like he's been caught in the act checking her out. That just made Betty smile brighter and bigger.

"Hey Betts, you look stunning as always. Absolutely ravishing." He whispered in her eye as she stood next to him.

"You srub up well Juggie. I mean for a guy in plad."She teased.

" Oh you. "He winked at her causing her to blush.

Betty winked back at him as they listened to the run down of events by Fred. As soon as Fred stopped with the run down everyone set of first. Betty and Jughead in the car behind them.

" So who are we tonight? "She asked smiling.

" Mr and Mrs Robinson. Lucy and Thomas Robinson. "

" Sounds good to me hubby."She smiled as she drove.

It wasn't long before they were pulling out to the bar that the ghoulies place in on a night. A fully fancy working bar with hookers. Betty's skin crawled as soon as they entered the bar the atmosphere felt more chilling.

Betty gripped on to Jughead's side tighter. Jughead did the same to let her know she has him. He leaned over and whispered in unity theirs strength as they got led to a private room.

A tall man with coiled up curly hair was heading straight forward towards them. They instantly knew that was Malachi. Malachi extended his hands out to them. They both shook his hands and introduced their selves.

"So your the big dog from over the pound."

"Ai, I am British. I've good heard good things about your product. I want to get to know you and your product more before I decide. You see other people have made offers I'd be stupid to turn down." Jughead explained.

"Let's go to our house around here. It's a place we go to discuss and get away from this place. We have a special girls come over." Malachi explained.

"I'm bringing my wife. We're Co partners." Jughead said.

"I don't.."

"Don't what? Because I'm a woman! Let me tell you I know alot. How do you think we're the best in Europe?" Betty told him.

"Very well. Let's go out back."

The test of the unit knew they were on the move. They quickly began to shadow them. They headed into the house which had drugs all over the place. Malachi and his men had drought his two right hand men in with him with their girl of choosing for the night.

They all got sat in the living room as everyone apart from them started to snort and shoot up drugs. Jughead had kept asking questions but now it was Betty's turn to explore.

"Can I use the rest room?" She asked.

They gave her directions to the rest room but before she did that she set up recordings to see if they could hear anything suspicious. She looked on a few rooms and found some drug labs. She knew this is where they try make new products.

Betty sent the images to the Fred. She then went into a different room and saw a girl surrounded with drugs they've forced her to try. Betty entered the room further and saw that she's over docing.

Betty ran to her side and began to help her. She pulled everything from her waist band and her bra. Betty injected narcan into her body to stop her from dying completely. Betty messaged the unit to update them. Betty had managed to pull the girl into a side bedroom so she can come down from it. So she can speak to her.

Jughead was getting worried, she hadn't come back yet. He had heared enough he really wanted to take them in. Malachi had slipped out back to the bar to grab someone else for Jughead to speak to him. That gave him a perfect opportunity to excuse himself to find her.

Jughead pushed a door open to one of the bedrooms to see Betty putting a young girl in the recovery position as she was throwing up. The girl was behind the bed so if the men did come back they'd be in the clear.

"Betts we need to call back up now." Jughead said.

"Agreed." She whispered walking up to him to catch him up on what she found out. "Juggie we need to save her." Betty began to tear up. The women looked about 20 years old. They were 25.

All of a sudden Malachi men came bursting in. Betty quickly pulled Jughead in for a passionate firery kiss. Jughead pulled her around him. Betty began to pull her gun from her thigh. She pulled away from Jughead then spun around.

"Hands up! Chicago Pd." Betty shouted holding a gun to them. Jughead then moved around them so they couldn't sneak away. He also held a gun towards them. "On your knees!" He shouted.

Luckily for them the rest of the unit busted down the down coming into the house. They came and took the two ghoulies into the car so they could integrate them.

Betty and Jughead helped the girl to their squad car. Betty laid the girl back down in the back of her car. She was fully responsive now and was fearing for her life. Betty drove them away from the house incase Malachi came back.

"It's okay we're from the Chicago PD." Betty said showing her, her badge. "I know your scared and addictive. I know that fear. It hooks you." Betty said.

"It's awful." She whispered.

"I know Evelyn. But I'm going to help you get better. Here take me card." Betty gave her, her work card to contact her. "What I'm going to do is drive you to a rehab centre. Only you can want to achieve to get better. I can't force you in there. But you look like a girl that does. So as soon as you're better, I'll help you set up a new life."Betty explained.

" Why are you being so nice to me? "She asked as they began to drive to the rehab centre.

" Because I was in a similar position once. A man gave me this opportunity to better myself."

"Thank you." She whispered.

Betty drove up to the rehab centre. Betty was trying to keep herself together. Jughead was in the front of the car. He didn't say anything but just placed his hand on her thigh rubbing small circles to it. Letting her know it's okay he's there too.

Betty pulled up down the the street. Betty gave her someone money for the rehab centre. She watched as Evelyn walked up to the centre. At first it looked like she was hesitant to walk in but after awhile she headed in.

Betty just sat there with Jughead by her side. As soon as she knew was in she drove away. She drove them back to the station so they could change back into their normal clothes.

Betty walked into the locker room to find Jughead getting his stuff ready to go home. Betty got a taxi to work tonight. She didn't feel like driving not knowing what state she would be in.

"So we kissed." Betty whispered.

"We did." He smiled. Betty just smiled back at him. "Do you want a ride home?" He asked.


"My car so I drive." He teased.

"But Juggie..." She pouted.

"But Betts." He laughed.

"But Jug I drive."

"Fine." He gave onto her.

Jughead guided them to his car. He gave Betty the keys to the car as they both got in. Betty drove them to her apartment. Jughead being the gentleman he is he walked her up to her flat.

"Do you want to come in for a tea?" She asked.

"I probably should get home to hotdog." He said.

"Yeah probably." She smiled as she went to hold his hand. "I miss that little man. He's adorable and his cuddles are the best."

"Who needs a girl when you have a dog." He teased.

"Maybe I should get a dog then I won't need a guy."

"Hotdog would get jealous." He joked.

"He loves me more than you." She teased.

"It's not fair!" He pouted.

Betty just giggled she turned to open their her door. Betty had brought them to her kitchen. She had put the kettle on and opened the cupboard to pull out their favourite crisps to lunch whilst they hand out.

"How's your sister?" Betty asked.

"She's doing good. She's heading for the head of trauma at Chicago hospital." Jughead smiled.

"That's good." She smiled.

"Yeah she's doing amazing. On my ass about my love life. Just because she's dating."

Betty just looked up at him. He was staring back at her. "Fuck it." She whispered pulling him closer towards her. Jughead just smiled placing circles to her hands. "I don't think we need tea we need something stronger after tonight." She whispered.

Betty pulled out a bottle of gin out her cupboard. She then poored them some out. She downed it in one. "Slow down there." He teased. Betty just rolled her eyes. She put the cup down on the side and turned into him.

She took a step closer towards him. They were now just inches away from each other. "A bit close there Betts." He teased.

"Well you didn't mind earlier." She teased back.

"You got me there." He laughed.

"Jug..." She whispered.


Betty wrapped her arms around his neck. Running her fingers through his hair. Betty stood on her tiptoes and pulled him down for a kiss. This is the first time they haven't kissed undercover.

"Betts?"He whispered pulling away.

"Juggie." She smiled.

Jughead smiled back at her knees and kissed her again. He picked her up as he did that she wrapped her legs around him. Jughead slammed her into the counter as they continue to make out.

Betty started to push the flannel off his shoulders. Then pulled of his shirt. Jughead started to at the material of her shirt before she took it off. Betty had her jeans on the same as Jughead. Jughead pulled her closer towards him. Betty started to undo his pants as he went to kiss her neck. Betty giggled as it tickled.

"Juggie!" She giggled.

"Betts." He whispered.

"Ticklish." She giggled again.

"Oh I know. But I like kissing you... Also you might have to cover your neck tomorrow." He whispered as he leaned into kiss her again.

"Happily, I have a cute turtle neck top I'll wear."She moaned slightly." Juggie bedroom."

"Are you sure?"He asked her.

" Definitely, I know you feel it too. "

" Yeah."He smiled.

Jughead scooped her off the side and began carrying her to the bedroom. As he carried her to her bedroom they managed to get to the living room before they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Betty tried to ignore the knocking of the door as she kept kissing him. He kissed her back wishing the person behind the door would go away but it wouldn't. Betty had hopped of off Jughead and shoved her top on from the floor.

"Ugh so unfair." She pouted.

"We'll get rid of them." He told her kissing her again.

Jughead quickly shoved his top on leaving his flannel on the floor in the kitchen. Betty hurried to the door to answer it. She opened the door to Veronica who was in tears. Betty quickly allowed her in.

" What happened Ronnie?" She asked.

"I broke up with my fiancé he was cheating on me." She cried.


"Nick St'Claire. Fucking dick!"Veronica then noticed Jughead." Did I interrupt something?"

"No." They lied. "I'm going to walk Juggie back to his car. I'll be back."

Betty left Veronica in her apartment before heading into the elevator. As soon as they were in the elevator they connected their lips back together.

"I'm sorry that happened tonight." She whispered.

"Sorry you kissed me?" He asked.

"No but I'm so fucking sorry that we have to act like this didn't happen. 3 years on and same old shit." She whispered.

"We'll figure it out. I'm not staying away anymore. I've pushed past my limits." He admitted.

"How about this? We secretly date." She suggested.

Jughead smiled at her pulling her in for a kiss. "I'd like that Betts." He whispered kissing her again.

"Then it's settled. We're no longer partners in work but also life."

"Perfect." He whispered smiling a matching smile with Betty.

Betty stayed with him for a few more minutes before heading back up to her apartment. Betty allowed Veronica to stay with her until she got a place of her own.

Just before Betty was about to go to bed. She got a message from Evelyn.

E: Thank you for this. I won't let you down. It's getting hard already the shakes and the need for more but I'm getting through it. So thank you.

Betty just smiled at the message before going to sleep. As she fell asleep all these thoughts came shooting across her mind. Are they doing the right thing? It's been years and they feel the same way. Are they being stupid? Are they thinking in the right mind frame? Is this going to put them in danger? Risk their way of thinking, of working? Will this love be a crime in their line of work?