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Whatever it takes

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It was Sunday and she loved Sundays. It was a day in which she didn’t have to go to boring school or play some girly boring games with her mom. It was a free day in which she could just play on her computer,that by the way her father got her for her 8th birthday, and believe her, it was pretty big thing for a child to have a computer.

She did have some knowledge about this techy stuff. She got that from her father. Her mother was a waitress in a big luxurious restaurant in Las Vegas and she did try really hard, but studying or doing any activities in the area of gathering knowledge weren’t her things.
Felicity was only nine and she was passing her 4th grade already, one year ahead and top grades in school. But it was boring. She knew that she was smart. Her mother loved to brag to her friends about how brilliant she was. And she was right about that.
Her father , though, he knew how brilliant his little girl was, but no one knew he had a girl. He was trying very hard not to tell anyone, even that nice woman – Potts, whom he talked all the time. Her father, the billionaire, businessman, philanthropist and playboy, Tony Stark was proud of his daughter, but he was afraid that if the world knew about her she wouldn’t ever get a normal life.
And things were good. She would go to school and take two years in one, go to different contests and win different awards and then on Sunday she would play on her computer. She loved that.
She was living with her mother in Las Vegas, not too far from California, where her dad lived. She knew it was all spontaneous and her parents didn’t want a child and that they didn’t have a thing for each other but when her mother found out that she was pregnant she told him as soon as possible and they decided that her mother and her will live together and her father would send her money, but they also wanted Felicity to live a good life. So they didn’t tell anybody.
Her father would go visit her when he could and she was always happy about it because she loved him very much. He could understand what she was talking about and he would always tell her some sciency stuff that were so interesting.
She was living a good life for a child, but then, that Sunday something happened. Her father came unexpectedly and told her the news.
The bus that her mother took every Sunday to come from work had crashed. And suddenly her life changed. She had to go to live with her dad and she had to leave Las Vegas, and most importantly, she had to grow up without her mother.

It was hard but she got used to it. She was living in LA with her father for almost her whole life. She went to high school there under the name of Felicity Smoak because that was her mother’s surname and nobody knew she was a Stark. Then she graduated M.I.T a few years before she had to. She was exactly like her father.
And it was fun until her father was held hostage in Afghanistan. He was gone for three months and she and Pepper would barely take it. She knew that he wasn’t dead. Then they had found him, but he was changed. He had survived with a dozen of shrapnels in his body and had came back, he was always in his garage doing something. He didn’t let Felicity or Pepper to go downstairs nor he went outside. It was just like he was in Afghanistan again, this time, however, he was at least safe. Or so they thought.

Then he told them about the suit and Felicity could barely take it. She was scared that she would lose another parent and she would be all alone for the rest of her life. When she could finally bare the thoughts that her father was Iron Man they moved to NY.
They both were working on this green tower project and they had to be there so they could finish it. She hated to admit but the suit was very helpful in the building process.
They finished the tower and she knew that it couldn’t get better. And you can guess what happened next. The attack on New York and the Avengers happened next. She couldn’t take it anymore. She loved her father and she loved Pepper. She was getting along with the Avengers but she couldn’t stand it anymore.
They agreed with her father on an idea she had. She would be going to live alone and she was going to find some place quite and normal, a city that had no aliens or anything like that in it and she was going to try and have a normal life.
It was way worse than normal.

She found a job in some tech firm Queen Consolidated, she was the head of the IT sector by day, and by night she was helping the local vigilante The Arrow saving the city.
Her life couldn’t get more fucked up. She knew that.
She was working with her boss, actually, she was working with her boss' son- the playboy Oliver Queen, which had been stranded on an island for five years with only one goal – to correct his father’s mistakes. Their another companion was John Diggle, ex soldier that was helping Oliver in the field while Felicity was behind the monitor, being the guidance they needed in the field.

She of course kept her secrets to herself. She hadn’t even told her father nor the other part of her extended family ( the avengers) that she was working for the Arrow. And she didn’t tell Oliver and Digg too about her father. Well, if they wanted to know they should’ve just asked her. She was living peaceful until one night her father found out about her late night activities.
They were all in the foundry, Oliver and Digg had just come from their evevenight patrols and were all just resting and enjoying the Chinese food that Digg and Oliver had brought. As they were talking about their next victim the screen of her computer has turned blue and the Stark Industry logo had come out. Jarvis’ voice spread in the room.
“Good evening Ms. Felicity, your father wishes to speak with you!” Jarvis said with his cold computer voice and Oliver stood up immediately from the chair. Felicity turned to the screen and she saw an image of her father’s reactor that had been on his chest, keeping him alive since Afghanistan. Then a video chat popped out.

“Hey sweetie, we may need a little help and I'm sorry that we're bothering you and the team at this late hours but this is “the whole planet at stake" situation. "

Okay. Felicity was shocked. Firstly why the fuck didn’t her father mentioned that he knew about her night activities every time they heard on the phone and secondly were there aliens again in New York?
“What is happening dad?” Felicity left her food and put on her glasses.
“Well me and Doctor Banner are now having an interesting thing in our hands that have unlimited power. It's called an Infinity stone.” As Tony was speaking Oliver and Digg were already behind her , figuring out what the hell was happening. “We really need your help, so as we speaking one of my jets is flying to Starling City and has space for mister Diggle and mister Queen, if of course they don’t have any problem working with the Avengers. If anything goes wrong we could really use some extra guns or arrows.” Tony said calmly as he was just ordering pizza from the nearest Domino’s.

“Uhm dad I'm not really sure we could give you right now answer.” She said looking guilty at Digg and Oliver.

“Oh okay, I could give you a minute to talk, just call me back.” And he hung up.

“Excuse me Felicity if I am being rude but could you tell us about your life and your parents and everything else that we have missed apparently “ Digg said without even trying to hide his emotional state, and right now it was shocked, sacred and angry at the same time. Oliver’s face was nothing but similar.
She told them everything. She told them about her mom, about her tough childhood, her father and her extended family, about the aliens and the gods and all of the freaky thing that had happened to her.
“What are those infinity stones?” Oliver spoke for the first time her father called. His voice was soft but in the same time broken and calm.
“Before the universe began, six singularities existed. Some time after the universe exploded into existence, these were formed into the six Infinity Stones. Each stone represents a different aspect of the universe, for example Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul and Time. These were all spread across the galaxy, hidden in different objects, becoming a legend and then a myth. Until two years ago when Loki attacked us and brought the Tesseract. We found that the space stone was into the Tesseract, giving it power. Thor brought it back to Asgard where it should be hidden and well-guarded."

She shut up and gave Digg and Oliver some time to think about the situation while she was checking the Avengers last activities.

Digg looked at Oliver and spoke first. "So, we're going to New York? I haven't been there for ages."

Oliver just nodded and put his arm on her left shoulder. "We're coming with you Felicity. You were there when I needed you the most, so I'm not going to leave you now. You can always rely on us. You can always rely on me!" He said and the edges of his mouth curved in a small but sincere smile.