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What Would Damon Do

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Chapter 1: Revelations

[Damon’s POV]

I am more than a little irritated.  “It will always be Stefan.”  The response from those two bitches.  I’m done.  Stefan can deal with them from here on out.

‘The Yellow Rose of Texas,’ starts to play on my cell phone.  “This better be good or I’m going drive there to kick your ass.  What do you need?”

“Well you sure are in a mood.”  Peter points out.  “The Major needs a favor.”

“Spill it or I’m hanging up.”

“He wants you to take care of a problem in Seattle.  His former family doesn’t believe that it is their problem, since the yellow bellies are all planning to move to Rochester, NY tomorrow, to get away from a problem they created.”

“If you were here I would use you as barbeque fuel.  What makes me interested in anything in Seattle?”

“You can kill a bunch of Cold Ones.”

“Now we are getting somewhere.  How soon does this problem need to be taken out?”

“As soon as possible, after you clear out that nasty bunch.  The Major would like you to check on someone.  Her name is Bella Swan.  She is the Forks Police Chief’s daughter. ”

“Is she a cold one?  He wants me to kill her too?”

“No!” Peter whisper shouts.  “The Major claims her as his human sister.”

Ok, I admit I’m interested and it is a good excuse to get out of Mystic Falls for a while.  Another plus to do this is Major Jasper Whitlock will owe him big time.

“I’ll do it.”

“You should be getting a package with some helpful information in a few minutes.”  Peter hangs up.

I hear a knock on the front door.  The delivery guy hands me a package and runs away from the house as if his life depended upon it.

I admit I’m pissed off, but what the hell?

I open the package.  It contains a Washington Driver’s license with my picture and my ‘human’ age, a Washington State title for a Ferrari and 30K in one hundred dollar bills.

On a piece of notebook paper in the Majors hand writing.  The money is to purchase what you will need to get the job done.  JW

Hmm the Major must care about this girl in Forks.  He isn’t contacting me personally; probably trying to get around the Pixie’s visions.

I vamp upstairs pack a bag with all the stuff I will need for a few days and call a buddy of mine that owes me a free flight to anywhere I want to go.


After landing at SeaTac, I make my way to the parking deck and put my bag into the parked Black Ferrari 812 that my title matches.  Not bad, I’m keeping this one no matter what the Major says.  He must really care about this sister of his.

I head to the closest Military Base.  It is early in the morning still dark outside.  I’m dressed in a ranking officer’s uniform that I borrowed from a locker.  I compel my way into the weapons storage area.  I have a gizmo that interferes with their sensors for twenty seconds.  I find the locker I need with the stinger missile; it is scheduled to be destroyed tomorrow.  I alter the paperwork to put yesterday’s date and as its destruction date, forging the signature that is on one of the former pages, placing the page as if it was missing under some of the unused sheets.  I use my gizmo again.  I vamp out with the weapon box. I stash it close to the car. I quickly change into raven form and fly over the buildings going back to the locker and to change back into my civilian wear.  Good I didn’t wrinkle the uniform.  I take my acquired weapon and put it in the trunk of the car.

Peter had left a note in one of the bundles of cash with coordinates on it.  I put them into the cars GPS and it lead me to an area with abandoned bunkers.  I park the car a mile away in an old hanger and return to the site.  It was easy in the daylight to spot the cold ones guards.  Three of them dressed from head to toe in camo, with masks and sunglasses.  No rifles.  Wannabees.

I throw three white phosphorus grenades within two minutes the guards are ash.  The door of the bunker flies opens.  I fire the missile into the bunker.  I run like hell and switch mid-run into raven form to get away from the explosion.  There are multiple explosions.  Stupid Cold Ones, the bunker had munitions stored there.

Next on Peter’s list to eliminate are a Red Headed cold one and her sidekick.  He left me pictures and coordinates to find them.  Both of them are in an old abandoned warehouse near the docks.  Sidekick is trying to calm the bitch down.  She is screaming at him.  I wonder if she found out about the bunker.  I have beam clearance over their heads.  I make my way to the point where I can toss the two white phosphorus grenades and have an exit from the blast readily available.  I’m not sticking around for this fire.  I see both Cold Ones go up in flames; they are rushing around to put out the flames causing more things to catch fire.  I switch to Raven form and fly out of the building through an open window.  That fire is going to be a hot one.  I fly two miles to the Ferrari.  I have a girl to meet.

Drippy Forks Washington

The next little note in the cash bundle is todays date, two pictures, a time and coordinates, with a message “Don’t kill the prick”.  I notice on the back of the girls picture another set of coordinates. “After” is the only word.  I am going to torch Peter and toast marshmallows, the irritating fuck.

I park the Ferrari at a nice Inn in Port Angeles, and make reservations and pay in advance for a room for two for tonight and tomorrow night.  Then fly to the designated spot.  I’m forty minutes early.  I shake out my feathers.  It just rained and everything drips.  I shake out my plumage again.  I would be pissed if I were in my leathers.

I sit on the branch watching the Cold One and the young woman I am supposed to rescue walk under the branches of the tree I’m sitting in.  I listen to their conversation as the prick dumps the girl he is supposed to love so cruelly.  Fuck if he doesn’t make the cold bitch Katherine and Elena look kind. 

I fly after her as she tries to catch him.  She collapses passed out.  I hear a wolf’s howl in the background.  If there are werewolves here I’m not taking any chances with her.  I pick her up and run to the coordinates that Peter gave me on the back of her picture.

It’s a hunting cabin in the woods.  I quickly open the door to a small room with a sofa, two chairs and a kitchen table next to a tiny kitchen.  It is a two bedroom log cabin.  It is dry.  It has a fireplace with stacked wood beside it.  I start a fire in the fireplace to take off the chill. 

She needs to get warm quickly or she will go into shock.  I search and find the bathroom door just off the kitchen. It only has a stand up shower.  I pull her clothes off except for her underwear and stand her up in the hot water to get her body temperature up.  She is still out, I shampoo her hair it had mud in it.  She is gorgeous.  I push that thought out of my mind.  This is for medical reasons.  She will be sick if I can’t get her warm.

After her skin turns pink, I pull her out and dry her off with a couple of beach towels that were hanging on hooks.  Folded on top of the towel shelves are clothes that I would wear for me with tags still on them and clothes that will fit her with tags still on them, along with socks and underwear.  There are also shoes in our sizes.  Peter I swear to God I am going to kick your ass the next time I see you.

I change her into dry underwear at vamp speed.  Put the new jeans and sweater on, along with the socks.  I wrap her hair in a dry towel, making a turban out of it.  I put her on one of the beds in a room that looks less rustic than the other bedroom.  I pull a light blanket up over her.

I find a thermostat on the kitchen wall.  I turn on the heating unit.  Now I need find some food to cook and a pot for coffee; something to warm her up on the inside.

The refrigerator is working, and I find a small box freezer on the back porch filled with frozen vegetables and some of the meat from the last hunt nicely wrapped in there.  I put on a small venison roast in a pressure cooker. I season it with a little curry, some salt and pepper on the front burner.  I put the frozen mixed vegetables along with some dried spices in a pot with a dash of olive oil in a pot to heat on the back burner. I put a cup of rice with three cups of water in a bowl to put the small microwave and set it on high for twelve minutes. 

I alternate between wanting to hug Peter or kick his ass to kingdom come.  Everything I need to help the girl is in this cabin.  I know his hunches are pretty accurate. But the fucker is totally cryptic in telling you what he knows.  If I were to make a wild ass deduction I would think that his wife Charlotte was the psychic and he just scrambles the messages to keep us all guessing.

I put a few more logs on the fire.  I have a little bit of time to myself, to think about what the hell I am doing.  But on the other hand, it’s a hell of a lot better to be doing something here than going on a rampage in Mystic Falls: Bitches.

Meeting Chief Charlie Swan

There is a knock on the door.  I look up to see a six foot tall man with brown hair and eyes.  He resembles the sleeping girl in the other room.  I hold out my hand for him to shake, “I am Damon Salvatore.”

He narrows his eyes briefly.  “I am Police Chief Charlie Swan.  I saw the smoke from the chimney.  My daughter is missing and I wanted to see if she is here.”  He shakes my hand firmly.

“Is she about five foot four with long brown hair and eyes?”

“That sounds about right.”

“She is sleeping in the other bedroom.  I shut the door when I started cooking something for her to eat.  I found her unconscious in the woods and carried her until I found this cabin.  I am grateful to whoever keeps this cabin up. I really think it saved her life.  She felt cold to the touch, I was worried about hypothermia.”

“Where are you from Damon?”

“I’m originally from Mystic Falls, Virginia.”

“Can I see your driver’s license?”

“Sure,” I pull out my Mystic Falls license and hand it over.

He glances at it and hands it back to me.

“What are you doing here in Washington?”

“I came up to see a friend of mine, Jasper Whitlock.  He and I go back a long way.”

“You just missed him.  His family moved away yesterday.”  His voice was devoid of emotion, just stating a fact.  “Cut the crap! Why are you really here?”

“I was sent here to rescue your daughter.”  Damn he can’t be compelled and it seems like he can compel the truth out of me.  I am so up shit creek.

“Who sent you?”

“Jasper Whitlock’s brother Peter Whitlock gave me information to save a girl named Bella Swan.”

“Why did you want to save my daughter?”

“It was a good reason to leave Mystic Falls for a while.  My ex-girlfriend and the girl I was falling for both told me within an hour of each other that they would choose my brother Stefan over me.  Your daughter deserves better than the guy she was dating, he just abandoned her in the woods.”

“What did he say when he left her?”

I’ll be damned if I didn’t tell him verbatim what Edward and Bella said to each other.

“What do you expect to get out of this situation?”

I look him in the eye and state truthfully, “Maybe a good friend or two.”

“Smart answer,” I swear his mustache twitched.

Dinner at the Cabin

[Bella’s POV]

God my head hurts.  I hear Dad and another masculine voice talking in the other room.  I notice my change of clothes and the towel on my head.  I have a feeling that I know who changed my clothes.  I feel a blush burning my cheeks.  I peek around the door and see a very stunning looking man.  He is close to six feet tall with raven black hair and ice blue eyes that flash fire at some of the things Charlie is asking him.  He has a toned body.  I just split up with Edward.  The thought causes a pang; but not the devastating pain that I was expecting. 

When he tells Charlie about being dumped by the two women in his life that he cares about; I feel angry at the two women for being so cruel.  Maybe they should date Edward.  That was a vicious thought.  Before Charlie demands the poor man’s first born, I decide I need to rescue him.

I open the door, “What smells so good?”

Charlie and Damon turn to look at me.

“Bella, how are you feeling?”

“Dad, I’m fine.  I just have a slight headache.  I should feel better after I eat something.  The food smells wonderful.  Thank you for making supper for us Damon.”

His eyes twinkle at me, “At your service my lady, he pulls the chair out from the table for me to sit down.”

“Thank you kind sir,” I glance up at him through my eyelashes.  What the hell am I doing?  I am flirting with the man.

Charlie coughs.

Damon looks up, “You can get your own chair.”  He walks over to the microwave to pull out a bowl of rice he put in there.  Then he opens up the pressure cooker.  That roast smells so good.  He uses a ladle to get some of the au jus from the venison and pours it over the rice.  Then he puts it back in the microwave for a few more minutes. He puts everything in serving dishes and brings them to the table.

While he does that Charlie sets the table with plates and silverware.  Damon pours us each a cup of coffee and sets them on the table.  Charles carves the venison into thin slices for serving.”

“This is so good.  Where did you learn to cook?”

“I have been cooking all my life.  I learned from my mother as soon as I was old enough to help in the kitchen.  I had really good ingredients to work with tonight.”

“You should have good ingredients; I stocked this cabin for Dad, Billy and Harry.  If they aren’t fishing they are here during hunting season.”

Damon blinks, “Thank you.  It is easier to cook when you have proper ingredients and tools to do the job.”

After supper, Damon cleans off the table.  I put up the food and put the dishes in the dishwasher.  I look over at him and ask “Damon how long to you plan to stay?”

He glances over at me.  “I think I would like to stay here for a couple of months.  I really don’t have anything pressing to do back in Mystic Falls.”

“Dad, do you mind if he stayed at the cabin for a while?”

“He is welcome to stay here.  Since I own the cabin and it’s not hunting season, I don’t think Harry or Billy will mind either.”  Charlie has heard somethings about the young men on the reservation.  He thinks that Harry and Billy will be too busy to think about the cabin for some time.

“Chief Swan, since you have to work tomorrow I will take the couch tonight.”  Damon offers.

“Call me Charlie.  I’ll take you up on the offer. Good night Bella,” in a rare gesture for him he kisses me on the forehead.  He slips a stone into my pocket.  I don’t think Damon is aware of it.

He leaves both Damon and I in the living room and closes the bedroom door.  We both sit down in the chairs with a cup of coffee each.

Tales to Tell

For some reason I decide to tell Damon everything that happened to me starting with my decision to move to Forks.  He listened intently.  When I told him about the incident in Phoenix with James, I swear I heard his teeth grind. 

“Alice killed James?” He asks.  I nod.  He touches the scar on my wrist and frowns a little.

I tell him about the distance created between Edward and I, since the debacle in Phoenix.  I look back and see that was our breaking point.  It wasn’t today when he left me in the woods.

I tell him everything up to and including my botched birthday party. 

[Damon’s POV]

I tell Bella my story about being in the Civil War.  I was ordered to lead my men into battle where we would all be slaughtered.  I argued with my commanding officer until I was blue in the face.  I walked out of his tent and I don’t remember what happened after that.  The next morning that aftermath of the battle all of my men had been killed but me.  Due to the severity of a head injury, I was given a medical discharge from the Confederate Army.  I never told anyone about it.  I didn’t want my father to know.  He would have used it as an excuse to disinherit me and give the family assets to Stefan my brother, his favorite. 

I came back and unbeknownst to me Katherine already had my seventeen year old brother Stefan as her lover.  She seduced me and started to teach me about being a vampire.  She taught me benefits of being immortal and dangled the promise of being with her forever.

In the end our father shot us in the back killing us for consorting with a vampire.  Katherine had fed both of us with her blood.  So when our father shot us in the back we turned into vampires like Katherine.  Stefan didn’t want to be alone in immortality so he forced me to drink blood to complete my transformation.

What we didn’t know, at that time the town council was rounding up vampires that night to burn them in an old church.  Katherine managed to bribe someone to let her escape.  I found out later that some of the witches saved the vampires but imprisoned them in a tomb under the church.  I plotted one hundred and forty seven years to free Katherine from that tomb.  When I finally got everything together and two witches to open the tomb, she wasn’t there.

I tell her about the time I was imprisoned with Enzo and how we were both used as experimental scientific test subjects by members of the Whitmore and Gilbert families.  I told her about Enzo, the fire and turning off my humanity.  I finally got it back when I met Elena Gilbert.  She is Katherine’s doppelganger.  Her kindness and selflessness attracted me.  All of this leads up to both Katherine and Elena telling me that they would always choose Stefan.  When Peter Whitlock called I was willing to leave Mystic Falls just to get away for a while.”

[Bella’s POV]

I’m flabbergasted.  “We have similar ‘tragic’ stories yet we are sitting here talking them through rationally.”  I scratch behind my ear.  “This has got to be the weirdest therapy session.”

Damon laughs.  I swear he is slightly embarrassed.  “I have never told my story to anyone.”

“I am really glad that I was able to tell you my story.  It helps to have someone outside of Forks to talk about it.  I am going to put starch in all of Charlie’s underwear.  That sneak gave me a truth stone.”

“What?” He looks at me puzzled.

“A truth stone influences people to tell the whole truth within a fairly small radius like this room.”

I am amused at his reaction.  “Thank God.  I was trying to figure out a way to avoid your father.”

I laugh.  “I will pay him back when he decides to go on another date.”

“Damon, I am attracted to you.  I want to see where our friendship will go.  I think we need to start from there and work forward.”

He looks at me with a sly look, “I can do friends, then friends with benefits, but further than that you will have to propose.”

I laugh and pop him on the arm.  “You are sin walking, but I am willing to see where we go from here.”

“Well tomorrow I have to go get the Ferrari 812 that Jasper got for me from Port Angeles.”

“I’ll give you a ride: if you let me drive the Ferrari later.”

He waggles his eyebrows at me.  “What do I get in return?”

“That is for me to know and you to find out.”  I grin back at him.

“A challenge; I like that.”  He hugs me.  “It’s time for us to sleep.”  He walks me to the bedroom door and gives me a light kiss on the lips.  I enter the room and close the door.  I think that is the nicest thing a guy has done for me.



A/N: A guest pointed out that flash grenades won’t be as effective as white phosphorus grenades, so I made the change.  Thank you for pointing this out to me. --Mel