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Misadventure of the Spark (Everybody Knows)

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Teen Wolf they belong to their creator. I own Julianna Martin and anything/anyone else you don't recognise.


Misadventure of the Spark (Everybody Knows)

Chapter 01: Keeping it Secret
Four year old Lydia Martin watched her older sister playing in the yard of their grandmother's Lake House with two older children, she was the little sister so she wasn't able to play with the big kids. She didn't understand why they were allowed to play together and she wasn't. She was sitting with their grandmother reading the Little Mermaid to her.

“Gran, can we go swimming?” Eleven year old Julianna 'Jules' Martin questioned as she came to a halt in front of the back steps of the lake house.

“Only if you promise to be careful,” Lorraine replied looking to her oldest granddaughter and her friends. “Laura, you're in charge,”

“Yes ma'am,” Laura Hale smiled back and before Lydia knew it her sister had disappeared with Laura and her twin brother Derek.

“Gran, why can't I play with them?” Lydia asked looking up at her grandmother as she saw her sister disappear.

“When you're older sweetheart,” was the only response that Lorraine gave before she pulled the small girl close and kissed the top of her head.

“How much older?” Lydia asked, tilting her head upwards towards her grandmother who simply smiled at her.

“You'll know baby girl,”

At the lake Jules, Laura and Derek were sitting with their feet dangling off the pier when Laura decided to speak. Jules was inadvertently making little water spouts fly at Derek while laughing.

“Mom thinks your magic is what drew you to us,” Laura said as she looked at Jules and then at Derek who nodded in agreement. “We think she's wrong!”

“Yeah, we think the fact that you weren't scared of us,” Derek said grinning at Laura and then at Jules as he splashed the two of them back.

Lydia sat cross-legged on the floor of her sister's bedroom, Jules was reading her English home-work while Lydia was doing her maths. Jules had to laugh sometimes her little sister was too smart for her own good. Lydia looked up at Jules she was currently semi-stumped on a question and needed help.

“Jules, can you help me with this question?” Lydia asked as she pointed to a page in the book she'd been given. She was nine years old and doing maths homework that was meant for eleven year olds.

“Okay, what's the question?” Jules replied sitting up and sliding onto the floor next to Lydia while subconsciously making her book float beside her. Lydia looked up wide-eyed as Jules quickly put her hand on the book and pushed it to the ground.

“I have to use these numbers to get to two hundred and eighty,” Lydia answered as she pointed to three 10s and an 8. “And we can use brackets, addition, multiplication and subtraction,”

“Lyds, go backwards and see what you get,” Jules said handing her a blank piece of paper and making a mental note to pray that she forgot what she had seen.

“Two hundred and eighty divided by twenty-eight,” Lydia said writing as she spoke and looked to Jules for confirmation grinning when here sister nodded. “Twenty-eight minus eight is twenty, and twenty minus ten is ten...”

“That's right, so from that how do you get to two hundred and eighty?” Jules smiled at her, watching every little movement her sister made as she scribbled on the paper.

“Ten multiplied by open bracket...ten plus ten plus eight...closed bracket?” Lydia asked, her grin getting bigger the second that Jules gave her approval. “Really?”

“Yes really, you just wanted me to stop doing my English homework,” Jules laughed pulling Lydia into a hug and ruffling up her hair. “You always have an ulterior motive little miss Lydia,”

“I do not!” Lydia stated indignantly before she was assaulted by tickling and ending up in a fit of giggles.

Jules shook her head and continued to tickle Lydia before pulling her into a hug and kissing the side of her head. Lydia giggled some more before she pulled away from Jules and started to tickle her, Jules laughed glancing to her book and noticing it floating again. Before Lydia could say anything her sister was shaking her head and putting her hand on the book again.

“You can't tell mom or grandma,” Jules said pulling Lydia back towards her and putting her hands down. “Lydia you have to promise me,”

“Why? Why can't I tell mom and grandma?” Lydia asked as she sat on her sister's lap and waited.

“Because, it's our secret. Promise me, Lyds,” Jules smiled at her she knew that her little sister loved having secrets from their mother.

“I promise,” Lydia said pushing her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear as she wrapped her sister in a hug.

“Thank you princess,” Jules kissed the top of her sisters head and they went back to working on Lydia's homework.

'Hey Jules, can you meet us at school?' Derek sent at 6:55PM
'Der? What's up, I'm looking after Lyds tonight,' Jules sent at 6:56PM
'Lore and I need a lift...her car broke down,' Derek sent at 6:57PM

Jules looked at the last message that Derek sent her and closed her eyes she had a bad feeling about something happening at the Hale house. Jules glanced down and saw that Lydia was still laying on the floor reading where she had been for at least half an hour. Lydia looked up when she saw that her sister had stopped moving.

“Jules?” Lydia questioned looking up at her sister as her hair fell into her face. “I don't like that look on your face...what is it?”

“Sorry Lyds, can you give me minute?” Jules offered her a smile as she searched her phone for the Hales home phone number. Lydia nodded, standing up and going into the kitchen to get a drink of water. Jules hit the call button the second she came across the Hales number. “Hi Mrs's Julianna Martin,” Jules almost panicked when the older woman answered the phone.

'Julianna, dear what is it?' Talia Hale picked up on the panic in Jules' voice as she looked around the house.

“I'm...I'm not sure. Something bad is going to have to get out...” Jules spoke quickly as the feeling in the pit of her stomach got worse. “I can't explain it,”

'I understand sweetheart,' Talia said, and within seconds Jules could hear the woman yelling for everyone to leave the house and the adults to gather the children. 'Can you check on Derek and Laura?'

“They're okay, they're at the school. Derek wants me to pick them up,” Jules answered, taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes and shuddered. “Mrs Hale...what was it?”

'Not now sweetheart. Thank you,' Talia said as she looked around the preserve to ensure that everyone was out of the Cora. 'If you can pick up Derek and Laura, take them to your house,'

That night was the night of the Hale House fire, luckily everyone survived thanks to Jules' bad feeling. Lydia knew that she should always trust her sisters bad feelings, and this was just one of the many. Derek and Laura spent the night at the Martin's house, it wasn't until the next morning that they found out about the fire.

The morning after the fire at the Hale House, Jules went to take Lydia to school but was told to keep her home after their mother Natalie found out from Talia about what Jules was capable of. Natalie was annoyed that Jules hadn't told her about what he was capable of doing, but she also understood why the teenager hadn't said anything. They had ignored Lorraine's prediction of Maddy's death.

“Hey princess, mom said you can stay home today,” Jules said as she stood in the doorway of Lydia's room, leaning against the frame watching as the nine year old tried to find her pink sneakers.

“Jules, my maths homework that we did last night is due today,” Lydia told her, looking up at Jules as her sister entered the room and produced the offending pink sneakers.

“Looking for these?” Jules said holding the sneakers in front of her. “Fine missy, I'll take you to school but it's your fault if we get in trouble from mom,”

“Jules,” Lydia pouted, but her eyes lit up as she took the sneakers from her. “You’re the best,”

“I know, and so are you. If you’re going to stay at school keep an eye out for Cora Hale?” Jules questioned, smiling at her before she started to leave turning on her heel. “Mom's already left for work,”

Jules walked from her sisters room down to the living room where Derek and Laura were sitting waiting for her. It had been a strange morning with the twins having to explain to Natalie why they were there.

“You're mother doesn't want the three of us turning up at school,” Laura said looking up from where she had been staring at the coffee that Jules had handed her before she disappeared up to see Lydia.

“Yeah, she gave me the lecture...something about if they turn up at school people will ask questions,” Jules said, she knew that it had been Talia that had requested that the three of them not head to school.

“So, we just won't get caught. We still have to hand in our English assignments,” Laura grinned, Derek just rolled his eyes – how they were meant to get past Natalie they didn't know.

“Or you know, I could ask mom to ask to ask Mrs Jones if we could get an extension. You know extenuating circumstances and all that jazz,” Jules shrugged, if her mother letting her break the near perfect attendance she had why not?

“You really think Cora's gonna try and go to school?” Derek asked, he may have listened in on Jules and Lydia talking. “Couldn't help it, you know you can make it so were's can't hear you,”

“Where's the fun it that? And yeah, I mean Core may be a rebel but they're in the sixth grade,” Jules answered, as she picked up her cup of coffee and started to drink it. “Did your mom say if anyone was hurt?”

“Jules!” Lydia near screeched as she ran down the stairs from her room, causing Laura and Derek to cover their ears. “Sorry,”

“Lydia what did I say about the screeching around Derek and Laura?” Jules asked as the eleven year old covered her mouth quickly.

“Not to do it...cause they have sensitive ears,” Lydia said, before she walked into the kitchen to find something to eat.

Jules rolled her eyes and returned her attention to Derek and Laura before the three of them heard Lydia calling for help in the kitchen. Laura and Derek exchanged a look, they knew all too well what it was like having younger siblings – having Cora who was eleven and Elijah who was four. Jules walked into the kitchen, laughing as she saw Lydia struggling to get food out of the pantry, Lydia pouted as she turned hearing her sister laughing at her. Lydia had Jules make her breakfast and lunch before taking her to school.