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school's out

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The break of dawn came over Richardson, Texas, and Jensen Ross Ackles yawned, as his mother entered the room. She didn't really know when it had started, but Jensen wasn't the small cute brat anymore she adored. After Alan’s car accident Jensen had changed, he got increasingly cheekier and worse at school.


“Honey, get up, you’ll be late again!“, she said and gave him a kiss upon his cheek.


“Ohh mum… I just went to bed, is it really that early already?“, he asked and squinted his eyes open.


“Yeah, it is and if you could manage the uncomfortable task of getting up, so I didn't make breakfast for nothing, I’d be really pleased!“


Jensen rolled his eyes and sat up. “Okay, okay… I’m coming… give me five to get dressed…“


The blond woman trotted downstairs, walking past the silent and lonely rooms of her also in the car accident deceased children and entered the kitchen.


Jensen decided to get up, after he had tossed and turned for another little while, and got into his jeans as well as his Led Zeppelin shirt. He styled his hair and showed up in the kitchen. He looped down his breakfast and gave his mother a kiss. “Bye, mum, see you in the afternoon, or evening.“


His mother looked a little confused. “Why in the evening, are you in detention again?“


“The others are provoking me, that’s all, mum. Have a nice day, okay?“ With that he went outside and got into his car. He had his driver’s license for about a year now. He drove the mustang right away to school and parked it on the yard, where he instantly ran into his friends.


Jensen greeted his buddies with a skillfully casual handclap, while behind him squeaking tires were heard. He could already guess who it was and so he grinned cheekily.


“Hey, smartass! Shove your crappy car off of my parking lot!“ ,Jared Padalecki snapped at him. One of his legs was on the hot asphalt of Texas, the other was still resting inside his car. His long arms settled on the car’s door and his golden ring glistened in the light of the texan sun.


Jensen eyeballed him for a while, his friends standing beside him just as cheeky.


“You said something, gaylord?“, one of Jensen’s friends yelled.


Jared glanced at Jensen and his crew in anger, then sat back down in his car. He pushed the gas a few times, the motor howling and the exhaust pipe almost spitting fire. He put on a smug smirk and drove off full speed, right towards Jensen and his friends. Just before he could touch them, they jumped away, but Jared didn't even think of stopping. He crashed into Jensen’s car full-blown and that way pushed it off his parking lot.


“Are you retarded, you fag? Crashing into my car like that!“, Jensen yelled in shock. “If you wanna crash someone, then do it to your crappy fag friends, but not to my car, damn it.“ He watched his car stop a few meters away and ran angrily towads Jared. The sun slammed relentlessly on his head and he threw his sunglasses away as he walked.



“Woah, woah, woah, cowboy, calm it!“. his friend Nick held him back.


“He crashed into my car!“, Jensen yelled at his friend.


“Dude, I know, but he’s three heads taller than you are, so forget it!“


Jensen took a deep breath. “I’m coming back at you for that, count on it!“, he threatened Jared with a raised finger.


“Ooh, I’m so scared! You see that? My knees are already shaking, you half-inch!, Jared snapped jokingly.


“Fag!“ Jensen nagged, spitting down in front of Jareds feet.


Jared stopped, staring at the spot in front of him. He slowly lifted his head and almost stabbed Jensen with his glare. His hazel eyes didn't suit him at all, they were rather warm-hearted, but everything else about him didn't match them.


“You’re so miserable, Jensen Ackles! Get yourself a good fuck, I’d happily give it to you!“, Jared said, moving his hips back and forth skillfully, while he was playing around with his tongue...




Jared met his friends on the way into the school building and was just about to tell them what had happened, when a familiar hand grabbed his shoulder from behind. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, principal of the local College, growled: “Good morning, Mr Padalecki, come with me, please!“


Jared followed him silently and had to take a seat in front of him once again. Jeffmo, how everyone was calling him, removed an old cigar from the casket and was chuffing.


Jared couldn't help but cough, covering his mouth with his hand. The smoke was stinging in his eyes and it smelled awful.


“What happened out there again, Jared?“, Jeffmo asked and started loosening his tie.


“Well, Jensen Ackles, that dipshit, he -“


Jeffrey cut him off, hissing: “What was that, Jared? Dipshit? I should think I missheard that, but what I should and what I want is something completely different, isn't it? And I did hear it, just like I heard the sound of two crashing cars. You can’t do that, Jared! Come here and sit down on my lap!“


Jared did what he was told and walked around the table.


His principal turned to him on his chair and tapped on his thighs. “Come on, sit down, do what your principal tells you, Jared!“ He licked his lips, while feeling Jared’s firm cheeks on his thighs. “Ohh, that’s good. Move! Rub yourself against me, oh yeah, yeah, harder!“


Jared rolled his eyes in annoyance. He didn't find it arousing at all, the opposite was the case. But still, he had to do what that old geezer told him. With that he had a free ticket concerning the college and his grades were correspondingly good, that’s why he played along.


“My dick is so hard already, come on, do it, Jared, rub my boner between you ass cheeks! God that’s nice, so nice. You’re so beautiful, boy.“, he whispered into his students ear, while he ran his fingers through his hair and got stuck in it.


His breath smelling like cigar lashed into Jareds neck and spread forward. He grimaced, simply doing what he was told. He didn't care, but yet, he wished his principal was a little hotter. That way he would at least get his money’s worth as well. ‘Man, that’s not fun at all‘, he thought to himself, looking out of the window dreamily. His ass kept on slipping up and down his principal’s dick which was still captured inside the old brown trousers.


“Wait, wait, Jared! I’ll… I’ll get it out, I can’t take it anymore.“, Jeffrey said and pushed Jared off of himself, unzipping his pants and holding his boner. “Come on, boy, blow me!“, he requested and Jared kneeled down in front of him. A quiet groan came out of him, making Jeffrey frown. “What is it? Is it no fun to you?“, he asked. Without looking at him, the student answered: “Yeah, it is.“


‘At least it’s hard now and not so disgusting limp,‘ Jared thought and took the penis into his mouth. He blew him skillfully and as hard as he possibly could. The moaning of his principal was just disturbing and annoying. Jared only wanted one thing: making Jeffmo come as soon as possible and that way finally being able to leave again.


“Jared, oh Jared, aahhh, god I… I…“, Jeffrey stammered, heavily breathing and hotly ejaculating into his student’s mouth.


’Oh man’, Jared thought in disgust, spitting out the most of it.


“Oh no, oh I’m… sorry, Jared, really, but you were so good and I… I don’t know. Well, you’re allowed to get back to class now, I’ll take care of your grades again, if you know what I mean. And if there’s any trouble with Jensen Ackles again, let me know.“


Jared briefly watched him stuffing his old limp dick back into his brown trousers, while he was wiping the last remains of the sperm off of his face with a tissue.



Jensen wasn’t in the mood for school and even less for maths. Since his dad and his siblings had died in an accident, it was hard for him to get through a day without any tears. The accident had turned his and his mother’s life upside down completely. In class he pretended to have unbearable stomach pain and covered his mouth with his hand outside the door, to avoid bursting into laughter.


“Wow, she’s stupid, she believes all the crap.“, he laughed by himself, walking down the hallway to see if there was already a wet puddle building in front of Jared’s locker. “Ah, the fag wasn't here yet.“, he whispered and heard the door of the principal’s office falling shut. He hid in the hallway and saw Jared emerging. Perfect! He acted as if he came out from the toilet. “Well, fag, did you blow Jeffmo, yeah?“, he provoked him, passing by the tall senior student with satisfaction.


Misha was in senior classes just like his best friend Jared. He had just came from the toilet room as he heard Jensen’s comment. “Don’t talk all that big, kid, you’re outnumbered!“


Jensen shrugged to keep his coolness. “Hey, I’m not the one having orgies!“, he grinned and quickly disappeared in the classroom to not get a beating after all.


“Jay, you’re all right?“ Misha asked him.


“Yeah, I’m fine, why wouldn't I? Why aren't you in class?“, Jared asked.


“I needed to pee and Mr Stick-Up-His-Ass is a real pain in my ass.“, Misha explained.


“Okay, I get that. I’ll quickly get my books from my locker.“, Jared said, opened the metallic door and saw too late that a small bucket of cold water was standing on the upper edge of the locker. The entire water rained down on his head, his hair sticking to his face. There was water dripping down all over him and he only heard a loud laughter from the other end of the corridor.


Jared looked like a doused dog puppy and Jensen was standing several meters away from him. He couldn't calm down, he was laughing and laughing, louder and louder, until several doors were opened. Everyone was looking in the direction Jensen was looking as well and loud laughter burst out in that very moment.


Half the school was laughing at Jared and that only thanks to his hated fellow student, one that was below him. “You’re dead, Jensen Ackles! I will beat you up, you’ll be begging for me to leave you alone!“, he snapped.


Only Misha could hear what he said and noted: “You can count on my help, Jay. He’s done, he just doesn't know yet.“