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ichigokage's Tasty Lemons: One-Shot Journal NSFW

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Soft and needy panting filled the blue room, a young man with a lean build was bound to his bed, wrist shackled above his head. Grey, half lidded eyes drifted down to his beloved Eve whom was between his legs with a devilishly delicious new toy that they have used a handful of times now; a set of steel beads, small in diameter that slowly grew slightly thicker every other bead. The vampire gave a shuddering breath as his Eve worked the mid size beaded stick into his urethra. “…E-Eve!” he moaned, doing his best to control his hips.

She shushed him softly, soft and slender fingers wrapping around his lubed up shaft and stroking him lazily. “There, there. These are slightly bigger. But you’re taking it so well, sweet Azusa.” She praised, her words and voice making him feel happy. “How does it feel?” she asked, fingers of her free hand gripping the flared base of the rod and slowly moving it again, steel beads caressing inside him in salacious ways he never thought possible. “Let that sweet voice of yours out~.” She cooed.

He wracked his brain for a way to describe the sensation. He was so happy he let her try this. Initially she approached him to admit that she was not comfortable with cutting him. She didn’t have the heart for it. While this did kind of upset the man at first, she soon told him they can easily find new ways to explore each other’s sadistic and masochistic sides, an idea that he was more than open to. How could he not? This was his Eve and she wanted to be with him. To feel good with him. He would never turn her down. He finally found his words, groaning as his dick throbbed in a wonderfully aching way, his balls craving release as well. “It…is an odd feeling. I felt…strange at first. But now…it feels amazing. Hey…give me more? Please, Eve.” His voice was low as usual but demanding in a way the young woman found irresistibly adorable and even sexy.

“Mmm with such cute begging…” she grinned while tracing a finger up and down his swollen member, nail dragging along the overly sensitive flesh, whimpers and needy hip thrusts coming from the vampire. “And with how hard you are, how can a gal say no?”

As he wished, she slowly got him used to the growing beads, breathy moans pervading the air as his thighs and dick twitched. He could feel the veins throughout his engorged shaft. Oh how badly he wanted release, as they neared the hour mark of their play, his reward for not cutting himself as often. But, he has grown rather fond of edging, the sting it brought and the overwhelming ecstasy when she finally let him cum. He adored it. He even loved returning the favor to his wonderful Eve. “Fah-faster Eve…please.” He pleaded, eyes fluttering as the beads now slid in and out with immense ease from the lube and all of his pre-cum.

She had to admit, getting him so worked up from such a thing even affected her. Seeing him so painfully stiff…she wanted nothing more than to sink herself onto him and ride him until they were both exhausted and lustfully spent. “Ahh you’re so good, Azusa! Look, only two left. You’ll graduate to the third stick next session no problem. You want these last two beads right~?” she asked, fucking his urethra with his now favorite toy and stroking him with perfect precision. He could only nod, his vision blurring as he felt his orgasm close, only to whimper loudly as she halted her attention. “You must want to cum so badly~” she teased, biting his hip roughly.

Azusa panted and moaned from the sensations, fully enjoying it all. “Eve…it hurts…more” he could barely speak at this point. “Want it all…every AHH last bead…stretch me more…” he jerked harshly as she began jerking him off again, his eyebrows knitted together, showing his desperation.

“Since you asked nicely like a good boy, I’ll give it all to you, my dear. Don’t take your eyes off me. Or I may just leave you here~.” She ordered to which her obedient vampire complied, tilting his head up to watch the sounding rod sink back into his slick shaft, watching his small hole eagerly swallow each bead, she began moving the rod faster, eight of the ten beads stroking his insides perfectly. She suddenly slowed as she let the ninth one stretch him a bit more, low moans pulled from him as she pulled the ninth bead in and out to get him used to it, Azusa even moving his hips with her.

He soon felt the final bead touch his dripping head, it slowly stretching him further. “Relax, baby. You can do it.” Her words and deep breaths as the rod finally bottomed out in his shaft left him feeling full and stretched in such an indescribable way. Seeing him calm, she gripped the base and let the two beads slip out of his hole and back in. “Ahhh! There we go. You’re such a good boy~!” she cheered, finger in the ring to let it keep sliding. “Now for the best part.” She smile and undid his shackles. “Stand on your feet, Azusa.” She commanded, feeling herself wanting to end this as well.

Azusa nodded and, though with slightly shaky legs, he managed to stand, wondering what she had in mind. His Eve sunk down onto her knees and pushed the rod fully back in, sparks going up his spine. He then gasped as he felt her soft and warm lips kiss and suck on his almost unbearably sensitive head, he whined deep in his throat feeling her velvety tongue encircle his head as she took more in and began sucking, one hand bracing against his hip and the other disappearing between her legs to rub her clit, her own body craving release in any manner possible.

Azusa rested a hand on top of her head, tears of pleasure pricking his eyes as she bobbed up, teeth scraping his shaft and gripping the rod to pull it out then back in fully before sucking him off again. This repeated action was making his vision go white and struggling to stay standing, her moans not helping matter either. He spoke in panting moans. “Eve…please I ahhhnnn I want to cum…please.” His whimpers made her pussy clench and shiver more as she pinched and tugged her clit, chasing her own orgasm.

Between her pulsing cunt and his cock throbbing in her mouth, she knew they were both close and she was done playing. She moved her head back and pulled the sounding rod out with her teeth, tongue prodding the stretched hole. “Give it to me, Azusa. All of it…” the young man nodded as she began sucking harder, triggering his hips to buck wantonly into her warm mouth.

He gripped her hair and let his body fuck himself into her mouth, bulbous head pressing into her throat. His other hand reach down to grope one of her tits, twisting and tugging on the stiff nipple he found waiting. His panting mixed with her moans, both gazing at each other with teary eyes. Thrusting fully into her throat, feeling and seeing her body twitch and shudder harshly, rough moans suffocated by his cock fucking her throat and eyes rolling back into her skull. He just made her cum. “Eve…cumming…!” he tugged her hair, rougher than he intended and she instinctively kept her mouth open, still stroking herself as he shot thick cum onto her face, four good shots covering her cheeks, nose and much of it in her mouth, Azusa and his Eve seeing stars.

The two panted, Eve feeling her body still twitching internally from her own orgasm as she swallowed the cum that coated her tongue. “Mmmm…so much. You’ve made such a mess, Azusa~.” She cooed with a slightly hoarse voice, throat still rough from his thrusting.

“Ahh…I’m sorry Eve…” he began, grabbing a tissue from the bedside table and moving to help her clean, wiping his cum off her nose.

“Oh don’t apologize. That felt amazing. You always feel so good in my mouth~.” She smiled at him as he wiped the rest away. “Now for the best part…” she put on a seductive grin before hugging him. “The aftercare! Let’s fill that bathtub then we can cuddle the night away.”

Azusa was learning more way to experience his masochistic side, and thanks to his Eve, he had plenty of way to explore. And hey, the aftercare part is getting high up on his list.