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Say it Again

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Yoongi could slip in between hallways undetected like he had been doing it his whole life, most likely because he had. Ever since he was a skinny, greasy, little boy. So little that he does not remember how he began training, he just remembered the strict training regime he was under. Wake up, don't speak to anyone, get dressed, report to breakfast, fall in line, listen to superiors, report to classes, study, get top grades or disappear.

Then once he hit about age 8, he was moved to a slightly nicer bedroom, still sharing with a few boys a little older than him and was put in new classes. The schooling was harder, and he began attending lessons on strength, hand-to-hand combat, and weapons training. The training was hard, it was long, pushing his body to the limit. But if he didn't push his mind and body to the limit he would disappear, and Yoongi did not want to know where all the other kids went when they disappeared.
Around the age of 15, he was put in charge of some younger kids, this responsibility came many new privileges. He got a new room, his room, and his room only, a bathroom to himself with warm water. The tiles were so white he could see himself in them, the bed so comfortable he felt like he was being swallowed by a cloud, and an unlimited supply of books all to himself, personal tutors in all his subjects. But, the biggest prize of all, a mirror placed above the sink in his bathroom. He had never truly seen himself before, never known what his nose looked like, what color his eyes were, anything. For all this, he only had to look after a few brats, tell them to try hard or they would disappear.

When they told Yoongi he had turned 18 he moved places entirely. Seoul, they told him. Led him outside into the dark of night, let him breathe in the fresh air, saw the stars, the trees, the greens. He moved into a building of his own, nobody else to bother him. Began training three times harder and began going on missions with a team of men much older than he was. Simple assassination missions with only a few targets so he could learn how to do these missions on his own and move on to something greater.
When he turned 20, they moved him to a penthouse apartment, told him he was a genius, told him he would become one of the greatest assets to their group. He got a different team, began bigger and better missions. Taking down other group leaders, tearing the rival groups down from the inside out with his team. His boss, giving him more and more lavish things.

At age 24, he began living the life of the elite. Millions of dollars in his account, he could buy anything he wanted, houses, cars, girls, expensive clothing. But best of all he got his very own team. "The Avengers" people mocked, the best of the best, all men trained from the youngest age. Namjoon, the mafia leader’s son. The whole brains of their operation. Seokjin, the oldest of them, one of the most talented man with a knife, would go undercover living a lavish life while getting the inside scoop to the elite. Jungguk, Yoongi's mission partner, would assist him on takedown missions. The two worked together flawlessly coming in and taking down a hundred men with no problem. Hoseok, was able to hack any system imaginable. National banks would somehow lose billions of dollars with no trace, security systems failing for no reason. Anything you wanted Hobi could do it. Jimin would charm anyone with his looks, make them fall in love with him, take him to bed, get all his secrets, and kill them before they could realize what was going on.

Yoongi was taught to never trust anyone, never form connections. But with these boys, they were his brothers, they were his family, his forever team. They were on top and almost nobody held a higher rank then them except for Namjoon’s father. They all were swimming in expensive clothes and pools of money. They were living the life. Drugs, money, women, parties, anything they wished for.

But right now, at age 27, Yoongi was on a solo mission Namjoon in his earpiece giving him directions. He was set to extract information from a low leader on the totem pole of an enemy mafia. He had a big base, nothing compared to what any one of his team had. It was obviously expensive, littered with coke lines, expensive furniture, an extensive staff, including whores dripping in diamonds and gold. Expensive dresses that hid nothing on their forms. Yoongi peeked around the corner and saw a woman in a light blue dress that barely reached the top of her mid-thigh, the top was lace that ran down her back and arms, cutting off at her shoulders so her collarbones popped out. The dress was tight it couldn't be functional. The woman way lying on her side facing Yoongi. She looked to be unconscious blood slowly making its way out her nose making a puddle on the floor. There was a deep bruise on her cheekbone popping out against her pale skin. Tending to her and talking in a low soft tone was a man facing away from him. He was wearing something much nicer than anyone he had seen so far. There were layers of fabric covered in intricate designs falling from his form. He seemed to be wearing something similar to a traditional Indian style though in his crouched form Yoongi couldn't see much. The man had wraps around his arms as he reached out to pet the girl's hair, whispering what Yoongi could assume was encouragements. There was a thick collar wrapped around his neck and a chain on the floor that was seemingly connected to the said collar.

"Slut! Where are You?" A man called out.

There was the rustle of chains on the ground when it pulled taught. Yoongi's speculation was proved right when the someone pulled the chain and the boy flew forward almost landing on the injured girl but caught himself with his arms. The boy slowly lifted himself of shaky legs and followed to where the chain was leading. He must be the man's favorite whore to be dressed in such expensive clothing and be chained. Wherever this boy was going it was going to lead him to the boss of this outpost.

"Namjoon?" Yoongi whispered pressing down on his earpiece.


"Hobi hack the cams yet?"


"Top level, west wing. You see the boy?"


"I'm suspecting that's the top whore and master just called for him. I'm following,"

"Copy that. Proceed with caution."

The boy began to walk forward after squaring his shoulders and standing with perfect posture, so much so that Yoongi could have set a book on his head and it would stay perfectly level. Yoongi took note of what room the boy went into and stepped forward.


Then suddenly his world went black.

Yoongi came back into consciousness with a few blinks and a groan, his head was absolutely pounding. He was in a dark room with no windows and little lighting. His wrists and ankles were strapped to a chair. He was sitting in some kind of twisted throne room. Blinking the last bit of blurriness out of his eyes and looked up to meet the eyes of his captor. Sure enough, he was sitting on a large throne chair smirking. He was holding the golden chain attached to the boy he saw earlier. But now the boy was in a submissive position kneeling on the ground palms turned up a few feet away from his captor's throne, still not facing Yoongi.

"Like my pet, Min?" The man said yanking the chain attached to the boy. The boy again fell to his hands, keeping his head tucked. "Come here, slut."
"Yes, Master."

The boy came upon four legs arched his back beautifully and crawled over to Yoongi's captor. The boy laid his face on the thigh of the man sitting on the chair, bringing his hands up by his face and gently touching the man's thigh.

"Good, pet." The man said carding his hand through the boy's blonde hair. "I found him whoring himself out at one of the clubs my boss owns. Traded him two tons of crack for this slut.''

The man tightened his hold on the boy's hair, almost painfully, and swiveled the boy around to face Yoongi. Yoongi then understood why his captor would trade two tons for him. The boy was beautiful. The elegantly patterned shawls hanging off the boy were pushed over his shoulder by the man on the throne, showing off the boy's naturally tan skin. The boy's eyes were lightly dusted with makeup extenuating his big deep brown eyes. There was jewelry dripping off him, his ears themselves holding thousands of dollars of gold. There was a simple loop ring on the side of his nose. And a lip ring covering the center of his plush bottom lip. There was gold necklaces stemming off his collar down the center of his chest and over his shoulder. Yoongi could better see what he was wearing now. Definitely inspired by traditional Indian fashion. There was a red shawl lined with black with sewn in golden roses covering his shoulders and falling over his arms. The shawl crossed over his chest but left much bare until his navel where the fabric met. The shawl was held in place by another leather piece at his waist. Gold rings and chains fell from the bottom. Other white and black shawls covered the boy hanging loosely from his elbows. The boy's wrists were wrapped with a black cloth matching one of the shawls. The boy had on loose dark red pants that tightened at the ankle, intricate rose designs again covering the bottom. This boy was beautiful, and Yoongi had never wanted anything more in his whole life.

"A looker, isn't he?" The man said, humming and turning the boy's face back to him. "Is that why you were trying to steal him, Min? My guards saw you walking after him. Little slut should have warned me" He growled other hand finding the leash attached to the boy and threw him down to the ground. The boy hit the floor with a thud but did not move. "Little bitch."

"What do you want from me?" Yoongi spoke lowly throwing the man in the throne an unimpressed stare.

"Oh! How rude of me!" The man clapped his hands. "Get up and greet our guest, slut."

"Yes, Master." The boy came back up to all fours head down, and slowly crawled over towards Yoongi. "Min, of The Seoul Gang. I'm impressed you came to see me." The boy reached Yoongi and settled his head on Yoongi's knee much like how he had with the man across from him.

"A proper greeting. You're a whore act like it." The man across from them growled. Yoongi heard the boy suck in a breath. The boy pushed Yoongi's legs apart and slowly lifted himself up to stand.

"Yes, master." The boy said. He lowered himself into Yoongi's leg and threw his leg between Yoongi's. He placed his forehead against Yoongi's collarbone and put his hands around his neck. He then pushed his chest together with Yoongi's. They were so close Yoongi could feel his pounding heart.

Yoongi couldn't help but feel a little bad. Jimin had told him stories about many men touching him or him touching other men like this when he hadn't wanted to. "All part of the job" he would say, but nothing like that could quell the sinking feeling in Yoongi's stomach.

"Now that we are all settled." The man said, "What you and your team will give me is simple."

"Give you?"

"Of course, you are stuck here with me until they come for you correct?"

"We won't give you anything," Yoongi growled back. The man's eyes hardened.

"V, start."

"Yes, master." The boy- V? Had said with a steady voice although Yoongi could feel his controlled shivers.

"They will come for you, you are not just a pawn in their game. You are a king." V moved his hands down Yoongi's chest. Goosebumps jumped on Yoongi's skin, he didn't like where this was going.

"They know not to come for me." V untucked his black button up from his dark-colored slacks.

"As I said, Min, they need you. They won't just let you walk away. I plan to use that to my advantage." Yoongi tensed as V began to unbutton his shirt. He flicked his eyes to V's face-finding it impassive. "Good thing you are a special guest, normally intruders do not get this warm of a welcome."

"If they come for me, they will bring a whole army. Much more than whatever guard you have here."

"I'm planning on it. That's why I invited my boss over." V had fully unbuttoned his shirt and ran his hands down Yoongi's shoulders and arms stopping near the confines on his wrists. Then Yoongi felt a sharp object run down his wrist gently cutting the rope holding his wrist down. Of course, V's shawl’s were covering the action. V was a smart bastard.

"You want to start a war?"

"As I said, you are an important piece." V brought his hands down to the tops of Yoongi's thighs, throwing what looked like a glass shard to his other hand. Yoongi looked to his wrist that had been cut free and saw blood staining his hand. V hadn't pushed hard enough to cut him, had he?

"Don't be naive. They won't send a war for me." V brought his hand to Yoongi's neck without the glass shard and slid his other hand down to Yoongi's other wrist. Cutting the other one free and pressing the glass shard into Yoongi's hand.

"Maybe, maybe not. That is unless of course..."

"Unless?" V brought his hands up to card through the bottom of Yoongi's hair and rested his face in Yoongi's neck.

"You join us? We could use an assassin as skilled as you. With all the connections you have, you could take everyone out one by one from the inside. Think of the glory." V began to gently kiss Yoongi's neck.

"You are truly stupid if you think I would do that." V leaned into Yoongi's ear and whispered hurriedly

"I am going to distract him, cut your feet out."

"As you wish." The man said picking up the chain attached to V and yanked. Making the boy on his lap fly to the ground groaning as he rolled in on himself. Yoongi was stunned.

"Did I tell you that you could talk you filthy slut?" V shook his head.

"Come here." V knelt after meeting his eyes with Yoongi's and smirked. He raised his head to the man in the throne. "I said come here, not look at me, you stupid bitch. You will pay for that later. Come here."

"You know I would rather not." The man stood making his way to V, balling his fists. But V did not back down, "You smell like tuna almost all of the time. Just because nobody tells you that you have to shower doesn't mean you shouldn't."

"You bitch-" He raised his hand to hit V but before his hand could connect with V's face Yoongi punched him instead, knocking him to the floor. V grabbed a cat statue on the floor and broke it over the man's head, knocking him out.

“Bitch.” The boy said, spitting at the man on the ground. Yoongi only began liking him more by the second. Yoongi offered his hand to the boy. V looked at it with a raised eyebrow but eventually took it and Yoongi lifted him off the ground.

“My name is Yoongi,”

“V, pleased to meet you, Yoongi. Let’s skip the rest of the formalities and get out of here. I don’t want to be here when Sungjay’s boss gets here.”

“Where are you going?” Yoongi asks,

“With you of course,” V said with a smirk. Yoongi hummed lowly,

“What would make you think I would let you come with me. Sure, you helped me, but I supply no favors.” V’s face cracked into a full smile and Yoongi was sure his heart stopped for about three seconds minimum.

“I don’t suppose you have a ride out of here? Or are you hiding a trick up your sleeve, Yoongi?”

“Ah, well. You got me there.”

“Stay here. There’s a key ring in his left pocket,” the boy pointed to the man on the floor “find it. I’ll be right back.” V said, squeezing their still intertwined hands.


V flipped around and ran out the door bright red and black fabric trailing behind him. After a few seconds so did the chain that was connected to his neck started skimming around the floor straightening out. If Yoongi was leaving with V beyond a hundred feet, they would need to take care of that. Yoongi knelt near the man, patting left pocket. After begrudgingly sticking his hand in the man’s pocket, sure enough, a key ring. Yoongi flipped the keys in his hand and began to inspect all the keys. A few keys that looked to be too different doors or possibly a safe, a Rolls Royce key, and finally a small key that Yoongi wasn’t sure the use of. Yoongi heard the chain on the ground move and V ran back into the room with a huge square grin on his face. His arms were full of guns ranging from pistols to AK-47’s. He dropped them all on the floor in front of Yoongi.

“Take your pick!” Yoongi picked up varying different guns and stuffed them into the holsters still thankfully attached to his hips. Yoongi stood up,

“What are you going to do about that?” Yoongi said pointing to V’s neck.

“That really small key unlocks this bitch,” V said dropping to his knees and pointing to a little keyhole on the back of the collar. “Please be a dear and take it off for me.”

“Do you know where this Royce is?” Yoongi said taking a step towards V.

“Of course.” Yoongi slipped the key in the collar. “What did you take me for? Stupid”

“Maybe,” Yoongi said.

“Rude.” The collar sprung open from how tight it was around V’s neck. V let out a long sigh as it fell from his neck. “Feels like I can breathe again.”
The skin that was hidden under the collar was forming a ring of purple around V’s neck, speaking levels on just how tight the collar was. V jumped up and caught a look of himself in the mirror.

“Ew! Oh my god!” V said stepping closer to the mirror, eyeing himself. “My hair looks like shit! What did they do to my precious mullet!” V wined, picking at the ends of his hair.


“I’ll explain later. Right now, let’s find that Royce.”

V grabbed Yoongi’s hand and walked out the door and into the hall. Yoongi and V looked out the window and saw many headlights making their way to the house. Still a considerable amount away but close enough to be getting their asses in gear. V sped up, expertly navigating the halls and winding staircase. V eventually led Yoongi to the back exit, outside stood a shiny black Rolls Royce. V quickly made his way to the passenger side, Yoongi to the driver side shoving the car keys in and putting the car in drive.

“Looks like this is going to be an eventful ride,” Taehyung said smiling at Yoongi from the passenger side, leaning back.

“You can count on it.”