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Found You

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There are many different kinds of worlds. Regular day modern worlds, worlds filled with magic and fantasy, alpha/omega, dom/sub, and many more. There are worlds with soulmates being tied together via red strings of fate. In some soulmate worlds, soulmates have each other's names on their wrists.

In one such world, soulmates have both, colorful strings and soulmarks. Soulmarks are names of people's soulmates written in the language of their country of birth. For example, if the person is born in either the UK or the USA, their names will be in English. If they are from Europe; their names will be in either Gaelic, French, or Italian. If they are from Asia; their names will be in either kanji or a variety of chinese characters.

In the soulmate world, red string wasn't the only string. There were other colors; orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Red string linked romantic soulmates. There were some extras; gold/red meant true soulmates, silver went with yellow, meaning friends forever or friends for life. Bronze sometimes went with orange, meaning that the siblings were either twins or triplets. Orange linked family members. Yellow meant friendship. Green was for close friends, but not quite family. They also linked mentor and apprentice, or godparent and their children. Blue were usually used for law enforcement officials, meaning alliance. Purple meant rivalry.

Most people were lucky to find their soulmates. But sometimes some people were gifted with two soulmates. This is the story of one such soul...

Akai residence, London, England;

Tsutomu and Mary Akai were discussing their children and their respective soulmarks and strings of fate. Both boys had strings in most, if not all colors of the rainbow. They also had soulmarks in kanji. To their surprise, Shuichi had two soulmarks.

"Shuichi has two soulmates." Mary was saying.

"It's rare, but it still happens." Tsutomu replied.

"One of them is named Zero?" Mary pondered.

"Their name is probably Rei." Tsutomu answered.

"Thank you for clearing that one up. Let's have Shuichi hide his soulmarks for now. He has enough problems with bullies. Let's not give them more fuel." Mary suggested. Tsutomu nodded his agreement, then they went to talk with their firstborn.

Many years later, Rei Furuya and Hiro Morofushi met with their friends; Wataru Datre, Jinpei Matsuda, and Kenji Hagiwara. The friends got together for drinks and took turns roasting each other. Jinpei would over share about his own sex life much to Wataru's chagrin. Not to be outdone, Hiro would sometimes join in.

"No more!" Wataru exclaimed. Rei echoed his vehement agreement while glaring at his unrepentant soulmate.

"What about you, Rei and Hiro? Have you found your third soulmate yet?" Kenji asked in an attempt to change the subject.

"Not yet." Rei answered.

"Not for a lack of trying." Hiro sighed.

"Maybe they hid their soulmarks." Wataru offered up.

"If it is true, I cannot blame them. Having two soulmates is pretty rare." Rei sighed.

"Hey! Takaaki-niisan also have two too." Hiro protested.

"You and he are both lucky. Twice the love to go around." Jinpei replied. Kenji laughed as they kissed. They talked for hours until it grew late. Then they got up and bid goodbye to each other, before going their separate ways.