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forever was never till now (me and you against the world)

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Jungkook trekked along the seam that separated the mountains and dense forest to his right, and the beach and vastness of the ocean to his left. Jimin was perched on his back, small hands rested on his shoulders. He sang some song in a language that Jungkook never heard before, his buoyant and serene voice floating on the spring air.

Jimin rode piggyback everywhere to keep their scents mingled. They slept together too. It made it more difficult for vamps to track Jungkook. And if they did manage to catch scent of his humanity, they’d think twice when they smelled Jimin all up in his business.  

Vampires were solitary and territorial. Like tigers, Jimin had explained. Under normal conditions (aka not the end of the world) each vamp had their own hunting ground. They wouldn’t hunt outside their own territory without permission or a serious confrontation.

But these were desperate times.

A lot of vampires had turned nomad to search for the last dregs of the human race. When a vamp managed to find a human that sorry son of a bitch was shit out of luck, because no vampire would let a free-range human go in this post-apocalyptic economy. But contrary to popular belief, vampires weren’t immortal. They did age, just a fuck-ton slower than humans did.

And they could be killed.

So, despite desperate times, a good percentage of vamps weren’t up for a fight with another of their kind, even to secure their own personal human food source. Apparently, the longer you lived, the more you wanted to keep on living. And since it was possible for vampires to survive on the blood of other animals for a while a lot of them did. Unfortunately, for vamps and humans both, the fate of a vampire who didn’t feed on a human for too long was not a pretty one. So, on the flip side, some vamps would definitely risk it.

That’s how he ended up with his own personal vampire backpack.

He’d made it known (on many occasions) he wasn’t thrilled with the situation, but he suspected Jimin was all too happy about it. Jimin’s favorite hobbies included singing, playing with Jungkook’s hair, recounting countless stories from his long life in a low voice directly into Jungkook’s ear, and drawing things on Jungkook’s back with the tip of his finger and afterward demanding he guess what it was. Jungkook tried to ignore the effect these things had on him. He’d admit that what they had between them could be called friendship, but that didn’t change that their relationship was one of symbiotic survival.

He was a human and Jimin was a vampire. Jimin protected him from other vampires. In return, he kept Jimin well fed. That was the reality and he couldn’t let himself forget. The fact that Jimin dreamily sniffed and nibbled at his neck whenever he fell asleep was a great reminder.

He also ignored how that made him feel.

Mercifully, being a vamp’s blood bank wasn’t as scary as movies back in the old days made it seem. Vampires didn’t need to feed much. Jimin fed about three times a week and even then, only a few mouthfuls of blood. Then he’d lick the pinprick wounds with his soft tongue wet with magical vamp spit and it would be like the bite never happened. It also helped that vamp fangs secreted a venom that numbed and caused euphoria.

He popped a boner every single time.

He also ignored that. Jimin did too.

Sometimes, in his weaker moments when he managed to forget why he was with Jimin and not the others, he’d wish Jimin wouldn’t ignore it. That Jimin would touch him and make him forget forever. Or at least for longer than a few minutes, which was his current record.

Jimin nipped his shoulder and fangs grazed his exposed skin with an intimately familiar pain that tingled. He shivered and Jimin laughed.

“How’s Mars this time of year?”


“You’re spaced out again.” Jimin poked the back of his head. “So, I was asking how it was, wherever you were.” He sighed. “No doubt better than here.”

Jungkook adjusted his hold on Jimin’s warm and solid thighs, even if he didn’t need to. Vamps might be scary strong, but they barely weighed a thing. He carried Jimin for hours without a problem. Back in the beginning Jimin had offered to carry him instead, but he’d refused. Jimin was already the one who got all the food and supplies since it wasn’t safe for him to go anywhere alone, so the least he could do was use his own two feet.

He looked out toward the ocean. The midday sun sparkled off the blue water like a perfect desktop background. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d used a computer. Maybe in school. Maybe at the PC Bang down the street from school. Maybe to watch porn on the down-low in his room late at night. Typical teenager shit.

“I don’t know,” he said with a shrug. “Here’s pretty nice.”

He faked boredom so Jimin wouldn’t guess the content of his thoughts. Vamps couldn’t read minds, thank Christ, but that didn’t stop him from feeling paranoid and weird and guilty about his X-rated fantasies.

Jimin groaned in disgust. “You humans and your grotesque love of the ocean.”

Vampires hated any body of water bigger than a bathtub and tended to avoid them like the plague. He had no clue why. He’d asked once and Jimin’s only response had been to stare with a vaguely offended expression until it got uncomfortable and Jungkook pretended he had to pee to escape. But that’s why they tried to stay along the coastline. Less chance of running into other vampires. Though that meant he had to put up with Jimin’s periodic bitching.

He jostled Jimin and teased, “Awe, you just hate the poor ocean because you haven’t gotten to know it enough. Maybe I should dump you in so you two can make friends?”

Jimin hissed and it sounded so much like a cat he had to laugh. Jimin yanked a piece of his hair in retaliation. He laughed harder even though it hurt.

“You’d regret the day you were born.”

Jungkook scoffed. “Like you’d actually do anything to me.”

Jimin mouthed at the crook of his neck and shoulder. The place he always bit when he fed. He didn’t break the skin but applied enough pressure Jungkook could feel the prick of his fangs. Even if vamp venom contained an anesthetic, it didn’t change the fact that before the numbing kicked in it hurt like a motherfucker. He cried the first few times.

He’d started to realize he was lucky it was Jimin who found him on the beach that day, and not some other vampire, when Jimin comforted him and wiped his tears afterward. He’d pushed Jimin away every time, but the gesture had calmed weak and terrified parts inside of him that he’d never admit existed. Yes, Jimin was the predator and he the prey, but Jimin treated him like an equal and didn’t damage him in ways he’d have to carry around forever.

He snorted, even as a sultry shiver skipped down his spine at the sensation of Jimin’s soft mouth and sharp teeth. “Go ahead,” he goaded.

Jimin growled and the vibration caused more shivers as Jimin constricted his legs around Jungkook’s waist like a python ready to strike. He couldn’t help the surge of desire that quickened his breath and he tensed not in fear but anticipation. He sensed Jimin smile against his skin before it all stopped and Jimin nuzzled the spot where he’d threatened to bite with his nose.

“No, you’re right,” he said, voice bright, “I’d never hurt you.” He giggled then and added with a ruffle of Jungkook’s hair, “Well, more than I have to.”

Jungkook resisted the urge to make good on his own threat and toss Jimin’s ass in the ocean. The only thing that stopped him was that he didn’t know what would happen to Jimin if he did. And as much as Jimin could and did drive him crazy, he couldn’t and wouldn’t want to live without him. As insane as it was, Jimin was what kept him going.

Still, he muttered, “Yeah, since I’m endangered, wouldn’t wanna break me and have to find a new one.”

Jimin went stiff and suddenly felt a lot heavier. He realized a second later it was because the hands on his shoulders were pushing down with the full force of vamp strength. The next second, he was face first in the sand and dirt. His heart raced and his thoughts along with it.

He’d said similar in the past and Jimin had just agreed and laughed. What was different about this time? Why was he breathing dirt, imprisoned by Jimin’s terrible strength, like a pathetic wretch being punished by an avenging angel? He couldn’t understand.

Jimin said not one second ago that he’d never hurt him. He’d believed that. But the bitter truth was that superficial similarities aside vampires and humans were a different species. He couldn’t hope to understand the reasoning or inner workings of a being who’d lived for hundreds of years and who saw and felt things on a level he wasn’t capable of fully comprehending.

Despite all that he struggled and screamed through the rank taste of dirt. Maybe he didn’t understand, but he knew he didn’t wanna die like this. At the hands of the only person left he cared about. He knew how easy it was for a vampire to kill a human.

Jimin abruptly flipped him over. Jungkook spat out the foul mixture of sand, dirt, and salvia that had collected in his teeth. Jimin slapped a hand over his mouth to whisper urgently an inch from his face, “There’s another vamp. Feral. I’m gonna bury you.”

All he had time to do was drag in a gulp of air and barely register Jimin’s words and the iron grip on his face before a tsunami of sand and dirt was thrown over him until only his nose remained exposed. Jimin covered that with some twigs. Jungkook fought hard not to flail as the sensation of near asphyxiation kept his heart racing.

“If you come out, you’ll probably die,” Jimin warned from somewhere above. “Don’t.”

And then there was growling again. Not Jimin this time. Unlike Jimin’s playful growl from earlier this one was riddled with torment and savagery.

Jungkook recognized that growl.

The sound of a feral vampire.

Vampires went feral after they’d gone too long without human blood. Wild mindless things with an eternal hunger that couldn’t be sated no matter how many animals or people they bled dry. He’d feel sorry for them if he didn’t despise them so much.

He strained to listen as Jimin hissed from the direction of the forest.

“Fuck off before I twist your ugly head off.”

“I know you’ve got a human,” the feral vampire whined in a wheezing tone. “Don’t be a selfish bastard and share.”

Jungkook felt sick with fear and hatred.

“I mean it,” Jimin swore, stone-cold. “I’ll kill you.”

An extended pause in which all Jungkook could hear was the thunder of his own heart.

And then there was the nauseating noise of two powerful bodies meeting with great force. Yowls and hisses and growls. Two vampires fighting to the death. Like two alley cats. He prayed with everything, every belief he’d ever had in anything, that his alley cat won.

And then memories he tried every day to forget assaulted him.

Last time it wasn’t two vampires. It was one. One feral fucker against his friends.

He could still hear the harrowing screams of kids terrified to die and the snap of bones bent wrong. Could still smell the copper of too much blood in the air. Could still feel the hard-packed earth of the forest beneath his feet as he ran and ran, the salt of tears stinging the cuts on his face. The absolute dread of throwing himself off that cliff into the unknown, with the full knowledge that if he didn’t he’d die in a way no one should. The agony of the concrete water and the certainty that everyone he loved was dead and he was gonna be dead too.

It was quiet again. Only the lap of ocean waves on the beach, the wind in the trees, and the pounding of his pulse in his temples. As quiet as when he’d opened his eyes on the beach six months ago, miraculously alive. At the time it seemed more like a curse than a miracle. But the real miracle was that it hadn’t been the empty sky that welcomed him back to the land of the living that day, but two amused and inquisitive brown eyes.

He hoped feverishly for another miracle.

Someone scrabbled at the dirt above him and he instantly sat up and burst out of his potential grave zombie-style. He rolled away and came up in a crouch, ready to run. The relief when he saw Jimin flat on his ass next to the vacant grave was so intense it ached.

Jimin smiled and it was tired but beautiful. Not even the blood that covered his face and soaked his clothes could stop it from being beautiful. He checked Jimin for injuries but couldn’t see with all the blood.

“Are…you okay?” All he could manage was a rasp, his mouth dry with dirt.

Jimin looked down at himself, then back to Jungkook with a shrug. “Think so.”

Jungkook crawled forward and hauled Jimin into a hug before he could think better.

Jimin hugged back tight. “We didn’t die.”

Jungkook hugged him harder.

When they separated, he peered into the greens and browns of the forest beyond until he found red. The body. He stared until Jimin moved into his line of sight and forced him to stop. He blinked like a spell had been broken, even if Jimin’s face was only more of that gruesomely vibrant red.

“You really ripped it’s head off,” he said, voice blank because he didn’t know what to do with that.

Jimin curled a lip and rubbed a hand down his face. All that did was smear the blood.

“What a mistake that was. Fucking disgusting. Remind me to never do that again.” Then he studied Jungkook, frowned, and pinched two fingers in his shirt. “I got blood on you.”

Jungkook inspected himself. Jimin was right. The red now stained the white of his t-shirt. His hands were bloody too. He stared like he’d stared into the forest. Then he stood and yanked the t-shirt off.


He walked to the edge of the ocean. It lapped at his feet.

He kneeled and washed his hands, arms, and face. Then he submerged the t-shirt in the waves. Watched the white forever stained with red float and dance. The water was cold. As cold as it felt to accept that Jimin could brutally kill and then smile and hug him after. Accept that this was life now. He lifted the shirt and wrung it out until it was damp instead of sopping. He closed his eyes and focused on the warmth of the sun. As warm as it felt to accept he was alive because Jimin could do those things.

Was glad to be alive.

He returned to Jimin across the sand. Jimin, who feared the beauty of the ocean but not the ugliness of violence. Jimin, who watched with gentle but analytical eyes that said, “I care about you” and “I don’t understand you.”

He stopped a step away from the curious vampire, who’d kept to the boundary between beach and forest. Jimin tipped his head back with eyes so wide and innocent it should count as a crime considering he was covered head to toe in gore. Then those expressive eyes sharpened and Jimin rested an elbow on a knee and propped his chin on the knuckles of his hand.

“Gonna wash away my sins?”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Don’t ask for the impossible.”

Jimin laughed and it was as untamed and vivacious as before he’d decapitated a dude.

Jungkook shook his head and ordered, “Stand and strip.”

Jimin stood but made no move to remove his clothes. Instead, he smirked. “You the type to fuck after a near death experience?”

Jungkook blinked non-plussed before laughter erupted. He laughed so hard he almost dropped the wet t-shirt in the sand. Jimin laughed too and it was pure music. They didn’t stop until his stomach ached and tears rolled. The first tears he’d shed in too long that weren’t sad or hurt or terrified.

“You’re fucking crazy, you know that?”

“Crazy fucking amazing? Yeah, I know.”

“Just get naked so I can try to make you not look like a horror movie victim, okay?”

Jimin shrugged. “Well, we’re living in a horror movie, so why not look like it?”

Jungkook raised a judgmental eyebrow. “For real?”

Jimin laughed again but relented and did as ordered. He stripped slow like he was getting paid, and tried to maintain eye contact with Jungkook, who pointedly kept his gaze averted as he prayed for the heat in his cheeks to go away. After Jimin tossed his jeans away (he didn’t wear underwear) he smirked again and spread out his arms like, “do your worst.”

Jungkook did. All the while trying in vain to act like Jimin’s nudity had no effect on him. It took many (too many) trips between Jimin and the ocean to rinse the t-shirt before that milky smooth skin was finally free of all traces of blood. The hair was the real pain in the ass. But Jungkook did it, and Jimin transformed from a demon spawned in the depths of some sexually confusing hell to an angel from an old painting sent from heaven to bless the lowly human race.

On the last trip to rinse out the t-shirt, Jungkook stopped half-way across the beach to just stare because he was exhausted and couldn’t pretend anymore. Jimin stood there and let him, naked and glistening in the sunshine, liberation in physical form. Both the sharp angles and smooth curves of Jimin’s small but strong body mesmerized him. After a while, he managed to steel his heart and meet Jimin’s eyes. Jimin didn’t smile, but his eyes sparkled like the ocean.

“Could it be anyone?”

He knew he shouldn’t ask. He shouldn’t ruin this. But he had to know. For him, it couldn’t be anyone. He had to know if it was the same for Jimin.

The sparkle died down, but Jimin didn’t move, bare and open to Jungkook’s hungry eyes. “It could’ve been anyone,” he said, and the pain was so big for a split second that Jungkook couldn’t breathe, then, “But I’m so grateful everyday it was you.”

Jimin still didn’t smile and that wasn’t right. Jungkook believed him but it didn’t feel real.

He ripped his eyes from Jimin to pin them to the sand. “But you kinda wished it wasn’t, right?”

Again, he knew he shouldn’t say it, but he did because he could understand that.

The first month he’d hated Jimin because he liked him so much. It felt wrong and shameful to have feelings for a vampire when a vampire had ruthlessly stolen the only people left alive that he’d loved in this human graveyard of a world. So, he understood. How you could be so grateful for someone it hurt to think about, while at the same time wish you’d never met them because, in some ways, that would be easier. Safer. Losing someone hurt more than anything.

Jimin shook his head and at last, there was the smile. “My sad human boy.”

Now he moved. Moved in that fluid way that never let Jungkook forget that Jimin was a creature of instinct honed over immense time. But that didn’t matter. None of it did. Who gave a shit about safe or shame when death was a constant companion and there wasn’t anyone left to judge you anyway? Jimin stopped when only a few inches separated them, smile intact.

“I’d never wish that, dumbass.”

Jimin underpinned the sentiment by crossing those few inches to kiss him.

He’d kissed Jungkook before to embarrass him or be annoying. But only on the cheek or the top of his head. This was their first real kiss. It lasted barely long enough for Jungkook to process that it happened. And then Jimin drew back and the smile was gone again.

“I’ll tell you what I do wish,” he whispered, breath alluring on Jungkook’s lips.

A scent that made Jungkook want to lean in and breathe deep. He knew that was a vampire thing. A way for them to attract their prey. But it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Jimin was so close and he couldn’t remember a goddamn thing other than that.

Jimin rested his forehead on Jungkook’s and his damp hair tickled. “I wish this really was a horror movie. If it was, I could turn you into a vampire too and we’d be together forever.”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around his sad vampire boy who wasn’t a boy at all and crushed his mouth to Jimin’s. He moaned at the taste of their kiss. Jimin was wild and alive in his arms. More alive than anything.

They sank down to the sand.

Jungkook straddled Jimin and interlaced their fingers. He pressed Jimin’s arms into the sand above his head. Jimin let him. They watched each other. Jimin’s hair was a wet mess and his skin still glowed with the ocean water Jungkook had used to wash away all the ugliness this new world order had to offer. Jimin’s eyes were clear and met his gaze directly. There was no shame or uncertainty there in those dark depths. Jungkook wondered what Jimin was thinking. If Jimin wondered the same about him.

He didn’t ask this time. They didn’t need more words.

Instead, he leaned over and kissed the delicate skin of Jimin’s left wrist. Jimin sighed but otherwise didn’t move. He kissed his way down Jimin’s arm. His skin was the kind of soft you’d expect out of someone who’d never seen a day’s worth of hard work in their lives. He knew that wasn’t true. His vampire worked hard for him. Fought and risked death for him.

He nuzzled Jimin’s collar bone and marveled how something that felt so fragile could be so strong. He licked up the graceful column of Jimin’s neck. Salty and sweet. Jimin let out a sound that left him throbbing and breathless. He had to kiss Jimin again. Taste him more.

They kissed and kissed for so long he felt drunk with it and Jimin made more of those wonderful sounds until he couldn’t stand it. He stopped pinning Jimin’s hands to the sand in order to awkwardly struggle to pull his jeans down. Jimin used his new-found freedom to run his hands all over Jungkook and up into his hair, where he gripped just hard enough to hurt. Jungkook whimpered but it was the good kind of whimper. The kind that asked for more. Jimin laughed and it was as wild and alive as his body underneath Jungkook’s. When he’d managed to get his jeans to his ankles he gave up, and hooked a grip under each of Jimin’s knees. Jimin gasped and his grip tightened in Jungkook’s hair and his hips undulated like he knew what was coming and was desperate for it. Jungkook panted with how much he wanted it.

“Yes, Jungkook, fuck me,” Jimin moaned and Jungkook moaned helplessly in return.

He nudged at Jimin’s ass and Jimin’s hips squirmed and he thought he might pass out. But then he stopped and looked into Jimin’s eyes. They were hooded and swam with desire, but still clear and present, like he didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Won’t it hurt if I don’t get you ready?”

This was his first time, but as a curious, scared, and closeted horny gay teen he’d both watched and read an awe-inspiring amount of material on the subject of gay sex. He knew there was supposed to be things like lube and condoms and fingering before the main event. But that was when it was two humans. He had no idea how it worked with vampires.

Jimin blinked slow, like he wanted to absorb both the question and the look on Jungkook’s face, then smiled and spat in his hand.

Jungkook’s eyes went wide before a shocked laugh crinkled his nose. “Gross.”

Jimin kept smiling and reached down to grab his dick.

Jungkook shivered at the sudden intense sensation as Jimin lubed him up. Then Jimin sucked on one of his own fingers, never breaking eye contact with Jungkook, and reached back down between them. Instead of grabbing Jungkook again he slipped the finger inside himself. Jungkook watched raptly as Jimin pumped in and out.

“You won’t hurt me,” he said, voice tender and wicked as he kissed and bit Jungkook’s jaw and chin. “It’ll be like when I feed. Some pain at first, but then it’ll feel so good we’ll never want it to stop.”

“Oh god,” Jungkook exhaled. He wanted to be inside so bad he shook with it, but he hesitated.

Jimin yanked his head down and nipped at his mouth. A slight sting as one of Jimin’s fangs caught on his bottom lip. He felt the wetness of his own blood well up from the tiny cut. Jimin sucked on his lip and groaned and lifted his hips so that their dicks rubbed together all velvety friction. The simultaneous pain and pleasure made Jungkook shudder. Jimin licked at his mouth like a kitten at a milk dish and then commanded in hushed tones, “Fuck me.”

Jungkook hefted Jimin’s thighs up around his waist and thrust forward. The resistance was sweet agony and once he was inside the agony of that was even sweeter. He trembled and couldn’t stop the little yearning noises that were wrenched from somewhere secret as Jimin pet his head and promised things like “it’s okay” and “you feel so good.”

He buried his face in Jimin’s neck and got his arms under Jimin’s back. Then he sat up and brought Jimin with him so that the small vampire was cradled in his lap. He slid inside even deeper and hugged his vampire close as waves of pleasure swamped him. Jimin kissed, licked, and bit at his shoulder and ran his hands compulsively over every inch of him as if the feel of his naked skin was intoxicating. Jungkook just held on and weathered the sublime onslaught.

Jimin rocked his hips back and forth in a measured torturous grind that had Jungkook gripping him even closer and tighter as moans full of aching need poured out of him into the balmy ocean air. Time and place lost meaning. All he knew was Jimin. The unbearably seductive smell and taste of him, the slick velvet of his dick on Jungkook’s abs, the erotic sounds he made, and the hot suffocating silkiness of his insides.

And then Jimin vowed into a kiss, “My Jungkook. Forever.”

The pleasure that had built with every grind of Jimin’s hips exploded. Jungkook cried out as he shuddered in release and then quaked in the aftermath as his nerve-endings came down from the impossible high. Jimin trembled too and he noticed his stomach was wet and sticky with the vampire’s cum. He whimpered at the realization, the echo of Jimin’s vow in his ears, and felt overcome. He clung to Jimin and hid his face in the other man’s chest at the burn of abrupt tears.

Jimin played with his hair. “Lovely Jungkook.” His voice was steeped in affection and it made Jungkook’s heart constrict in vivid longing even as he was still inside him. “I’m so lucky.”

Jungkook shook his head, face still hidden. “No. Me.”

Jimin giggled and it wasn’t fair that such a guileless sound belonged to someone who’d seen and done more than anyone he’d ever met. “We’re both lucky then. We’re alive when we should be dead, and we found each other against all the odds.”

Jungkook was quiet as he sniffed and blinked away tears. His thoughts and feelings were a mess. But one question shouted the loudest inside the mess. “You really wish it could be forever?”

“I do,” Jimin answered and put two hands on either side of Jungkook’s head to force him to look up into his steady brown eyes. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

Jungkook frowned even as his heart pounded. “Wouldn’t you get sick of me?”

Jimin snorted and bopped their heads together. “You and your endless questions.”

Jungkook’s frown deepened. “That’s not an answer.”

Jimin grinned and nuzzled their noses. “You think you’d be satisfied if I answered?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jungkook tried to pull away, but Jimin kept a firm hold and sighed quietly, not annoyed, but near it. Jungkook tried to escape again because he didn’t like this conversation and the uncomfortable antsy feeling it sparked in his chest, but Jimin settled him with a kiss.

“Think this way,” he said, patient and calm. “Why do you want to know my answer so bad? What about you? Would you want forever with me?”

Jungkook was at a loss for words. He felt like the witless pupil who’d been caught in the middle of some bullshit and got schooled by the ancient master. Jimin watched his face for a few moments in contemplation before he booped the end of his nose and laughed. Then he let go of Jungkook to collapse against the sand star-fished, but legs still splayed in Jungkook’s lap. Jungkook gasped as he slipped out of Jimin and had to fight not to pout.

“It’s okay if you don’t have an answer,” Jimin said with a tranquil expression as he stared up into the cloudless azure sky. “I don’t need one. I’m happy just being here with you.”

 He almost asked if Jimin was actually happy but stopped. This is what Jimin meant.

Jimin was all he had. He couldn’t survive without him. If that feral vampire had shown up when he was alone, he’d be dead. There was no getting around that. But until this instant, he hadn’t realized how much that influenced how he thought about their relationship. How all he did was think about them as Jungkook the weak human and Jimin the strong vampire rather than two people trying their best in the worst circumstances. How he hadn’t cared about how he felt for so long because he didn’t want to feel at all.

He shouldn’t ask if Jimin was happy.

He should ask himself.

He explored the shapes that made up Jimin with his eyes and let his mind chew on the question. Ran his fingertips along the suppleness of Jimin’s thighs. Jimin smiled dreamily and hooked his shins around Jungkook’s waist so they were locked together. It was silent for a long time as Jimin allowed Jungkook to leisurely map out his naked body with his fingers like he wanted to memorize every curve and line. The waves and the subtle wind in the forest were a dull roar in the background.

Eventually, Jungkook decided he didn’t know what happy was anymore. That maybe he never knew. He was only fourteen when the world went to shit. No one knew anything when they were fourteen. He was twenty now. Still a kid really. But maybe he could start finding out. What happiness meant when you’d lost everything you could lose but you were still here.

And he thought Jimin could help him find the answer.


Jimin had closed his eyes and started to doze. He answered drowsily, “Yeah?”

“I think forever sounds pretty good.”

Jimin opened his eyes and sat up, his body supported on his two hands in the sand. He smiled that smile that lit up the dark world. “Then let’s start forever right now.”