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I Heard A Rumour

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Number Seven watched from the outside. It felt like she always had. Her siblings trained and went out, did their usual thing, while all she could do was watch.

Sometimes she played the violin. When they were home though she liked to see what they were doing instead.

And when it got late she played it again in her head, imagining that she was one of them, even if she knew that would never be the case. She was ordinary. That didn’t stop her longing.

“Three!” she whispered.

Number Three opened her eyes. She sat up straight suddenly, looking around her room.

“Seven!” she whispered back. “You’re not meant to be out of your room. It’s past bedtime.”

“I know,” Number Seven said. “I…”

“Yes?” Three said.

Seven hesitated. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to go in there, she’d just been seized by the urge while she’d been tossing and turning.

She felt a flicker of envy whenever she looked at any of her siblings, jealousy that they got to be extraordinary, but it felt different when she looked at Three.

The others, it was quiet. She wasn’t going to do anything, she didn’t want to be them, she’d never be like them, she could just regret that she couldn’t join. With Three, it somehow felt active. There was something in her driving her to act, she just didn’t have the foggiest why or how.

“What’s it like?” Seven said. “Your rumouring.”

“Easy,” Three said.

“What’s it like for the people you do it to?” Seven said.

“How am I meant to know?” Three said.

“Suddenly doing something, it’s got to be intense,” Seven said. “Do they want to do it? What if they already wanted to do it? What’s that like?”

Three shrugged, and stared at her. Suddenly self-conscious Seven shifted back, crouching by the side of her sister’s bed.

“You know how you could find out,” Three said.

It might have been teasing, trying to spook Seven. Instead Seven’s eyes went wide.

“You mean- ok!” Seven said. “Rumour me. Something small.”

“Wait, really?” Three said.

“Please,” Seven said. “I want to feel it.”

Three raised her eyebrows. Still, she sat up, kicking her legs over the side of her bed and leaning over, frowning. She tilted her head and looked at Seven for a long moment.

“I heard a rumour,” Three said, and hesitated. “Uh. That you put your hands on your head.”

A second later and Number Seven did just that, both her hands coming to a rest on her dark hair. She giggled, and the moment after Three joined her in giggling.

Seven shifted, beginning to move her hands, but chose not to. She smiled even when the giggling stopped.

“You like that?” Three said, slightly surprised.

“It’s nice,” Seven said. “It’s like… achieving something. Wanting to get something done, and doing it.”

“No one else seems to like it,” Three said. “They get spooked.”

“You wouldn’t make me do anything bad,” Seven said.

Three smiled.

“I heard a rumour you danced,” Three said.

Seven’s eyes widened, and then she started swaying on the spot. She’d never been a particularly active dancer but she did still move. Both feet planted firmly on the ground, Seven swayed and moved her arms, imagining music as she found herself dancing.

Giggling still, Three slipped out from under the covers and joined her. She moved with much grander motions, whole body getting into the imaginary groove, circle around Seven and grinning back. Their movements started to sync up.

And then the clatter of footsteps came to a sudden halt as they both toppled sideways onto Three’s bed. Panting, Seven shifted, looking up at her with wide eyes.

She’d watched Three a lot, both the way she watched her other siblings, and to work out why Three seemed so different. From this close all she could focus on was Three’s face. Her lips.

Three glanced nervously towards the door to her room, slightly ajar from Seven sneaking in.

“Tell me to do something I want to do,” Seven said. “If it feels good to do things like that, then doing something that would already be good…”

Three chuckled.

“What do you want to do, then?” Three said.

“I want to kiss you,” Seven said, before her eyes widened.

The words had fallen out with barely a thought. She stared at Three, only to see Three still smiling.

“I heard a rumour you wanted to kiss me,” Three said softly.

Seven pushed herself up the bed in less than a second, lips touching Number Three’s the first instant she could. Something swelled inside her, something she couldn’t name suddenly satisfied, while the momentary compulsion filled her and doubled, tripled the intensity.

Everything in the world stopped exist save for the object of her focus. Three’s lips, somehow profound by merely being there.

She’d already wanted it. That mixed in with the feeling of Three’s powers reinforcing it made her forget how to breathe.

“Wow,” Seven whispered.

The door swung open. Seven stiffened, sitting up and falling off the side of the bed. Three stared at her for a long moment, before catching herself and looking back to the door; Reginald Hargreeves stood, silhouetted by the light in the hallway.

“Number Three, Number Seven!” he barked. “Fraternising is limited to 6:00pm to 6:30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays, this is unacceptable behaviour.”

Seven swallowed. Three sat up.

“She was helping me practise-”

“Practise is a strictly planned and regimented affair. Back to your room, Number Seven, now!” Reginald said.

Seven slowly got to her feet. She couldn’t help but look back at Three as she walked away.

It had been years. Number Seven became Vanya, Number Three became Allison, and they both left the mansion behind.

Spending time together had been hard before. It soon became impossible, and Vanya drifted further and further away from the Umbrella Academy. She’d written the novel when money had been tight but otherwise she’d tried not to think about it.

The reaction from her siblings had been about what she’d expected.

Though most had kept it long-distance, no one really visited. Except for Allison. Vanya had jumped at the knock at the door.

“A-Allison,” she said.

Her sister stood there, sunglasses and hat a pale attempt to disguise her identity from the world outside. It was easy enough to see through for someone that knew her.

Instinctively Vanya took a step back; Allison walked inside.

“What was that?” Allison said. “I read your book, everything you said about us. Did you have to just air every little problem you had with us to the whole damn world?”

“I did what I thought was best,” Vanya said. Her voice was quiet.

“Best for who?” Allison said. She lowered her voice. “Vanya, if you had any problems you could have just said, you didn’t have to just do this to all of us.”

“Said? Said to who?” Vanya said. “You wouldn’t have listened, you never listened. I wasn’t one of you.”

“You weren’t part of one thing we did,” Allison said. “That doesn’t justify this. This… Don’t think I didn’t notice what you neglected to mention.”

“I…” Vanya said.

“Though I suppose that wouldn’t have been in line with what you were trying to say about us,” Allison said. “How could you smear our names and still admit to all those quiet moments you asked me to make you…”

“I did that for you!” Vanya said. “I… I didn’t think you’d want people to know. The… adopted sibling thing, I know it doesn’t bother you, but you’re famous.”

“Sure, that was your reason,” Allison said. “Nothing to do with what you wanted to be saying about us.”

Allison took a step forwards. Vanya shifted, more out of instinct than any real reaction. Her back bumped against the wall of her cramped apartment.

Allison hesitated.

“I don’t blame you,” Vanya said. “Any of you, not for what dad did. We were just kids, we didn’t deserve…”

“It wasn’t dad you said had the ‘superpower of dishonesty,’ let alone what you said about Luther,” Allison said. “’Arrogant and self-centred’ wasn’t it? Don’t pretend this was anything beyond you getting back at us.”

“I-I promise,” Vanya said.

“What would happen if I did say?” Allison said. “Told everyone just how much it was you hated us, when every night you tried to sneak into my room, how you never smiled more than when I kissed you or asked you to kiss me. Who do you think would lose the more fans if everyone knew how often you asked me to rumour you? The actress or the sell-out?”

Vanya hesitated.

She hadn’t expected a great reaction from everyone, she’d admit that. She knew some would be angry. But seeing Allison here, looking at her like that, anger borne of burning betrayal…

“I’m sorry,” Vanya said. “I did it because I didn’t like how much people ignored of what dad did. It wasn’t meant to hurt you, any of you.”

“Well it did,” Allison said.

Vanya faltered. She took a deep breath, managing to steady her voice.

“What was I meant to say?” Vanya said. “About us? That I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister? That nothing has ever felt as intense as her powers? Everyone I’ve ever been with since I kept comparing to her, and it never goes well for them. That I watched someone I cared for more than myself leave and ignore me?”

It might have been the only time she’d seen Allison genuinely lost for words. Vanya hesitated, backing down quickly.

“That much?” Allison said softly.

“When you rumoured me,” Vanya said. She wetted her throat. She hadn’t put this into words before. “I can’t think about anything else. What you want me to do is all I want to do, there are no distractions, no worries, no… feeling ordinary. Just you. Your lips. How good it feels. Felt.”

“You still think about it?” Allison said softly.

“Sometimes,” Vanya said. She hesitated. “Do you?”

Allison didn’t answer. She shifted, her frustration not gone, just lost. Wordlessly she regarded Vanya.

“Do you… want to?” Allison said.

“Do you?” Vanya said, surprised.

“I…” Allison hesitated. “I want to leave with a good memory of you.”

“Th-thank you,” Vanya said.

They looked at each other. The moment their eyes met they hesitated, breaths catching in unison. Vanya was suddenly aware of how close Allison was.

And Allison was aware that it didn’t feel quite so innocent. But it was a kiss, just a kiss.

“I heard a rumour you wanted to kiss me,” Allison said.

Vanya closed her eyes and everything else faded away save for the soft, insistent pressure against her mouth. The satisfaction, the warmth that swiftly turned to a pleasant burning in her chest, the familiar yet so-very-different sensation.

Allison opened her eyes after she did. Vanya pulled away first, panting slightly.

It didn’t feel the same as when they were children. It wasn’t an idle exploration, it was…

Allison cleared her throat.

“God, dad messed both of us up didn’t he?” Allison said.

“Y-yeah,” Vanya agreed.

Another moment of silence. Vanya could feel the warmth of her sister’s body so very close to hers, lips she already knew were close enough to kiss.

“I… I should go,” Allison said.

“R-right,” Vanya said. “Um. Goodbye.”

“Bye,” Allison said. She didn’t move for a moment.

“And… sorry,” Vanya said.

Allison closed the door behind her. Vanya didn’t move, the image of her sister still playing in front of her eyes, Allison close to her, against her.

I heard a rumour. Vanya bit her lip. She’d thought of her a lot over the years, but never like this, never quite that intense.

Still not moving from that spot against the wall, Vanya shifted, unable to keep from moving her hand up then down the front of her jeans.

“I heard a rumour.”

That was it, that was all Allison had wanted to say. No commands, no insistence, just a reminder.

Vanya seemed almost resplendent. Her powers finally freed, countless things whirled around her, a display of power that managed to be both terrifying and awe-inspiring.

And she was angry, though it wasn’t like she didn’t have any reason to be. Far more than she wanted to admit, Allison could understand.

Vanya might have lashed out but instead, for a moment, she faltered. Memories of quiet moments and one stolen kiss that had felt so different to the others, so charged with longing…

Ornaments slowly settled down. The lamp still swayed slightly.

“No,” Vanya murmured. She closed her eyes. “You did this. You made me think I was nothing, for so long.”

“I… I didn’t-”

“I know,” Vanya said, voice with all the impact of a shout but none of the volume. “I know. It was dad, it was always dad. We all did what he wanted. It’s… just…”

Vanya swallowed.

“This was something we had,” Vanya said. “Your powers, and me. It was ours. It was us, it was something wonderful and he took it and ruined it.”

“I’m sorry,” Allison said.

“Don’t,” Vanya said. “Don’t apologise. Not for him. We’ve all been doing enough of that. I just… I want another chance. I want…”

She hesitated.

“Do it,” Vanya said. “Please. Just do it.”

“What?” Allison said.

“You know what,” Vanya said. “I want to forget about him, I want to forget about all this. I trust you and I don’t want to be thinking about anything else right now.”

“I…” Allison said. She hesitated. “I don’t use my power any more.”

“Please,” Vanya said. “I’m asking you to, on me, it’s not like anything else. I want you to. If you do.”

“God yes,” Allison said. “I’m just… out of practise.”

Part of her burned though. She’d never seen Vanya like this, so high and yet so low all at once. She’d have used her powers to help her, even if she did hate the idea, but she didn’t. It was like Vanya said, doing it on someone that asked wasn’t the same.

This was familiar too. She could do with familiarity.

“I heard a rumour you wanted to kiss me,” Allison murmured.

Vanya let out a long, relieved breath and forgot everything as she hurried to her sister’s arms. Lips touched lips, breath mingled, and skin brushed skin.

Before she knew what she was doing, Vanya had her arms at Allison’s waist, thumbs caressing the line just under her top. She wanted to hold on, she wanted to dwell on only her.

Allison tensed; Vanya pulled back for a moment.

“Sorry,” Vanya said. “Was that… ok?”

In answer, Allison shrugged off her coat, not taking her eyes off Vanya.

“I heard a rumour you still wanted to kiss me,” Allison said.

“More than a rumour,” Vanya said breathlessly.

Her jumper was off before she closed the distance again. Allison pushed her top off, efforts stymied only by Vanya’s refusal to break the kiss, drowning in the familiar moment.

Familiar, but it meant so much more. Vanya lost herself in it, let herself get lost, re-experiencing what had always been one of the highlights of her life and now feel her skin heat up at Allison’s touch.

Fingertips skating down her bare back, hooking in her waistband, impatiently pushing down. If she couldn’t be rid of Vanya’s top, Allison was content with elsewhere.

Vanya stumbled back, the steps enough to kick those garments away.

For just enough time to gasp for air, Vanya pulled back; Allison pushed off her top in the same moment Vanya feverishly did the same to Allison’s. Without needing to be rumoured again, Vanya closed the gap between them.

She let Allison guide them both back to a table. Bare skin against bare skin, Vanya hugged Allison, more intent on pulling her closer than on pushing off Allison’s last items of clothing.

Vanya vent back over the table, Allison’s bare chest staying close against her own.

The sudden shift in angle momentarily parted their lips. Allison met her eyes.

She trailed her arms up Vanya’s sides, to her shoulders, then down to her wrists, a smile playing at her lips.

Vanya’s heart thudded in her chest. The curtains rustled as though in some unseen breeze.

“Vanya, I- huh?!” that was apparently Harold Jenkins’ cue to walk on, greeted by the sight of the topless Allison leaning over the nude Vanya.

Vanya tilted her head, looking at him upside down from her admittedly awkward perspective. She remembered everything Allison had said, she felt her heart beat from all Allison was doing, and focused.

Unceremoniously Harold was lifted it, head bumping hard against the doorframe, before being dropped off unconscious outside.

Fiercely relieved, Vanya turned her attention back to the much more pleasant sight of Allison. Allison’s grip on her wrists tightened, sliding Vanya’s arms up above her head.

Allison leant down, kissing her, teeth brushing Vanya’s lower lip.

“What do you want?” Allison said. “How far do you want to go?”

“I want to think of nothing but you,” Vanya said. She jerked her head back to the door as it slammed shut apparently of its own accord. “I don’t want to think about him, I don’t want to think about what dad made you do, I want new memories to overwhelm the old. I want to do everything I imagined with you, for you to do them to me.”

Vanya inhaled, flushing slightly. Allison just smirked; she stood up, tugging on Vanya’s arms to make her do the same.

“Sounds like a start,” Allison said. “I heard a rumour you wanted to kiss me.”

Vanya was almost used to the words by now, but the sensation she felt would never get old. Allison’s fingers were like fire against pale skin, up bare arms as she coaxed Vanya down. Kneeling on the floor, then slowly urging Vanya to lay down.

Vanya had her back on the floor when Allison moved back. She shimmied out of her pants, discarding them while barely paying attention where.

Then, still smiling slightly, she moved down again, straddling Vanya.

“I heard a rumour…” Allison said, coy, before hesitating.

Vanya met her eyes, silently pleading. Allison couldn’t help the smile.

“I heard a rumour you just loved the taste of my pussy,” Allison said.

Vanya winced; Allison’s eyes widened.

“Too much?” Allison said hastily. “I-”

“No, I just… I hate that word,” Vanya said. She shook her head, chuckling slightly. 

“That’s all? You’re sure?” Allison said.

“Let me show you how sure,” Vanya said.

She shifted lower; to help, Allison rolled off to the side, allowing Vanya to lay between her legs.

The first instant she felt her sister’s tongue, the first contact that promised to release the need building inside her, and the first moment Vanya tasted her, tasted just how much Allison had been enjoying each second there, their expressions turned into mirrors of one another. Closed eyes, thankful moans, ecstasy.

Allison chuckled for a moment, before being cut off by another moan.

She didn’t deserve this, but she relished it nonetheless. Someone who liked her powers, seeing someone actively asking for her to use them and being all the happier for it…

It was something she’d needed more than she could put into words. Something she’d needed, perhaps, as much as Vanya needed the clarity of hearing it.

There was nothing in the world but Allison’s heat, and even if anything else had existed, nothing else could or would have been as perfect. Vanya closed her eyes.

Part of her wanted to speak but that would involve moving away. Her mouth was busy, her tongue dipping in, exploring and effortlessly finding all she wanted.

Then again, she didn’t need to speak with her voice. Vanya closed her eyes, breathing out and shivering herself at the sound she elicited from Allison.

A vertical line, tongue sliding down. And another with a flick, a circle… Vanya sketched out letters with her tongue, fully aware Allison might not be focusing on interpreting but wanting to say it nonetheless. Maybe her fervency was explaining the sudden, louder moan.

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

“Oh god, Vanya!” Allison cried out.

Fingers wound in Vanya’s hair. She gasped, her own enjoyment spurring Allison on.

Allison came with a louder yell, tugging harder on Vanya’s black hair; Vanya couldn’t help but smile, still spelling out a fervent prayer and leaning into Allison as she arched, as she shuddered, as she moaned even louder.

She was still trying to lick when Allison tugged a bit more firmly on Vanya’s head, pushing her back; Vanya looked up at her, both flushed, both with eyes alight from bliss.

Wordless, Vanya looked up. She licked her lips almost unconsciously.

Allison shivered. Vanya always talked about how her powers managed to make things intense, but apparently she didn’t need to be rumoured for the slightest gesture to have way more of an effect on her than she’d ever imagined.

Deep breath.

“You’re amazing,” Vanya said, breathless.

“Me?” Allison said. “You were the one who.. That was…”

Deep breath, she told herself again.

She shifted, kneeling up while coaxing Vanya to do the same, before drawing her hands back. Vanya knelt just opposite her, a dizzy joyful grin on her face.

Slowly Vanya moved one of her own hands inward, slipping it between her legs; Allison grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

Vanya looked at her. She struggled to find the words, her silent stare telling Allison all she needed to knew. Smiling, Allison’s fingertips briefly skimmed up Vanya’s wrist, then across her thigh, raising goosebumps where they brushed.

“I heard a rumour that you wanted me to make you come,” Allison murmured.

Vanya’s eyes fluttered shut. Fuck, and she thought she’d been turned on before! A handful of words and now she longed for Allison’s touch enough that she wouldn’t have cared if the apocalypse Five had mentioned was going on beyond those doors.

“Please,” Vanya gasped.

Allison’s fingertips skated up the tender skin of her inner thigh. Vanya gave a needy groan, squirming on the spot, half-bucking into them.

“Don’t tease me, not now,” Vanya whimpered. “Please, Allison, please. Please, please…”

An instant before it got too much, two fingers slid between her lips, curling almost instantly and touching a spot that had Vanya’s toes curling.

“Ah! Thank you, thank you, thank you…” Vanya said, barely aware of what she was saying.

Allison leaned closer, shuffling in front of Vanya, one hand resting on Vanya’s thigh while the other slid between. Her thumb skated over the outside, Vanya shaking from the sheer anticipation.

She loved watching Vanya. She always had in a way, but this was something entirely new.

She’d caught Vanya staring at her way back when. If it was anything like this, she understood why. The flush in her cheeks, the tremor in her throat, lips that were just parted, eyes that stared with silent and grateful need, ecstasy that she’d caused, her powers making someone feel good.

Vanya grabbed at her wrist with both hands, desperately holding Allison’s fingers close, as if she needed the incentive.

“Thank you Allison, oh god, thank you!”

She came with a scream, slumping forwards and still bucking into Allison’s hand, half-fidgeting and half-squirming as a million tiny jolts rushed through her.

Right hand still where it was, Allison moved her other from Vanya’s thigh, lightly stroking Vanya’s hair instead. Vanya pressed a kiss to the curve of dark skin, just by a shoulder.

“Wow,” Vanya said, still breathless.

“You ok?” Allison said.

“More than ok,” Vanya said. “That was… intense. All I wanted was to feel you. All I wanted before was that. So much. You’re incredible.”

“So are you,” Allison said.

After almost a minute they shifted, moving apart. Meeting Vanya’s eyes, Allison lifted her hand to taste her from it, fingers still wet. Vanya swallowed.

“You know,” Allison said playfully, halfway done with her index finger, “I heard a rumour-”

Vanya leaned close and kissed her without a moment’s more encouragement, Allison’s fingers little more than mild obstacles than anything that could have prevented her.

Even without the intensifier of a command, it filled her world. The culmination of years of wanting, of needing, all at once.

Allison closed her eyes just briefly, something new on Vanya’s lips. Their tastes went well together.

“I love you,” Vanya murmured. Even when she broke the kiss she didn’t go far, forehead against Allison’s. “I think I did all the way back then too. I like how you still talked to me when you thought I was ordinary, and how you put up with my weird need for you.”

“It’s not weird,” Allison said. “I get it. You’re… wonderful. You like me, even with what I do, and it’s real. It’s something I know is real. You’re amazing, sis.”

“Urgh,” Vanya shivered. Slowly she moved away. “Bad time to call me that.”

“Wouldn’t be the most messed up thing either of us has done,” Allison said. She chuckled regardless. “I love you too, Vanya.”

Vanya closed her eyes, a glimmer of bliss almost as intense as the one moments before. She leaned in-

“Vanya! Allison, are you safe?” Luther barrelled through the door, siblings in tow.

He froze for maybe a whole second before Vanya focused and pushed all of them out the door, being sure to slam the door shut before smiling awkwardly at Allison.

Well. That was two new things they’d learnt about Vanya.