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Such Beautiful Flowers

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 It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these....


'What are they so, worried about? This place is so pretty!' Frisk thought looking at the forest around them wide eyed, and to think they were told from the other kids in school that this place was haunted?


'How can this forest have ghost if everything looks so bright and happy? I knew they were lying to me! Should have known they'd just wanted to get me in trouble' Frisk kept going through the trees and bushes, the teachers at school didn't even notice Frisk even if they WERE at school, so in a sense the prank kinda backfired.... So it wouldn't hurt to adventure around a little more would it?



The thought of a cool forest adventure filled Frisk with DETERMINATION









"OW!" Frisk jumped as some branch scratched at there legs for what felt like the hundredth time during this trip. 'Where am I anyway? I feel like I've been going in circles.' Frisk noted that the tree to their left had the same looking snapped branch from what felt like hours ago.





"...maybe they right about this place being haunted..." Mumbled frisk as they glared at the branch, maybe hoping it could tell the where they were our how to get out of here, the sun was starting to set, and Frisk knew that as nice as a walk in the woods could be, they weren't stupid, walking in the woods at night was a BAD. IDEA.




Frisk kept staring at the the branch, but to no avail, the branch wasn't talking.




Frisk huffed and started walking again 'maybe I can at least find somewhere safe to sleep, I'd rather do that then trying to get back home at night, I'll just get more lost.' Scanning their surroundings once more they sighed, they really had no idea where they were, frisk was always told that if you get lost look for a tree to climb and look for any kind of building's or smoke, but sadly Frisk is not what you would call a climber, the last time they tried the managed to break their leg, and the last thing frisk want to do was break any bones.






"Come on Frisk, Just do it already! everyone else has climbed the flagpole 'cept you you FRAIDY CAT!"





Frisk shook their head a the thought and tried to think of options, the only thing Frisk COULD see without the possibility of damaging anything was Mount Ebott. 'They're caves in mountains right? And people climb them all the time! If I just find somewhere to sleep and search for hikers tomorrow! Unless they have bears on Ebott.... Frisk shook their head again. 'Don't think of bears! Just focus on someplace to sleep and worry about things later!'




Right, shelter, something very much needed to survive in the woods, that and food but right now Frisk was to tired to think about it, they have been walking for hours and are exhausted from it.



"Just focus on the mountain..." Frisk repeated to themselves as steadily Mount Ebott grew closer. "I'm almost there..."