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The restaurant was bursting at the seams. College kids, old men watching the big game, and you. Well, more accurately, you and your closest group of friends. All it took was one smiley face in the group chat to show the group that they had something to celebrate. They know that you have been working yourself to the brink of exhaustion over the past several months and your hard work has finally paid off today.

Two hours later, drinks are flowing, cheeks are rosy, and the table is filled with raucous laughter. The cardigan that you had worn throughout the day has now been removed, leaving you in just your blouse and skirt. Food is delivered to the table and the conversation is constantly flowing. Your face feels warm and you can’t tell if it’s from the alcohol or all of the compliments that your friends are sending your way tonight.

Nobody wants to leave but it is getting late. One by one, your friends begin to bid you farewell with hugs, wishes of congratulations, and smiles. Soon, you and the shoulder you are leaning on are the only ones left. The shifting of your support as he pays the final bill recaptures your attention from the tipsy daydreams with which it had been preoccupied.

“Let me walk you home,” you can feel the sound vibrations traveling through his body to your ears.

“I’m fine, Jin.”

“Y/N, it would ruin my gentlemanly reputation if I let a beautiful, smart, and inebriated young lady like yourself walk the streets of this city at night.” He gently pushes you away from his shoulder so he could look you in the eyes. His hand over his heart is a sign that playful Jin is coming out; the look in his eyes can only be described as determined.

Offended, you push him lightly on the shoulder but your balance is thrown off more than his. “ ’m not drunk!”

“Right,” you hear him quietly chuckle.

 “I only live…”

“Nope,’ he puts his finger up to silence you, “I’m taking you home. And don’t you ‘only live’ me. I know you live fifteen minutes away and are too stingy to spend the money on a cab.” Removing your cardigan from the back of your chair, he places it over one of his arms before extending the other for you to grasp onto. “Please?”

That is how you find yourself walking down the dimly lit street with your best friend at your side. The faint moonlight from between the thick cloud cover and the lights from the businesses and townhomes you pass are the only light sources for your trip. The cool night air has helped your mind sober up a little bit, allowing you and Jin to have a fairly deep discussion about your work and what your next step is.

You are startled when you feel wetness hit your cheek. Bringing your hand up to wipe it away, you can’t help but question why you are crying. Then you feel another drop.


And another.

Suddenly, the clouds unleash. Rain comes down in torrents. You hear Jin shriek in surprise and feel him pulling you along as he takes off at a sprint. You feel your clothes being soaked through. Water is started to weigh down your shoes. The rain is hitting you so hard that it stings. That is, until Jin tugs you under a convenience store’s awning and out of the deluge of water.

You both burst into laughter the moment your wide eyes meet. Leaning on each other to keep your balance, you must laugh for minutes. Jin feels you shiver.

“I’d offer you your sweater back, but…” he makes a production of twisting your cardigan and raises an eyebrow as a stream of water comes from it.

The cashier must think to two of you are insane with how maniacally you laugh after that.

Just as suddenly as it began, the rain ceases.

Peeking out from under the awning, Jin sees that the thicker clouds seem to be moving away.

“Let’s get you home.” He smiles as he nods his head to the side.

You love the time right after it rains. The smell in the air, the stillness, and the sound of water dripping from trees and other surfaces relax you. You can’t help but grin; Jin taking a moment to splash in a particularly tempting puddle only widens it.

You nearly jump out of your skin when you hear a car horn and loud harsh voice yelling “Look at those sexy legs!”

Your arms automatically come up to shield as much of your body as you look around with wide-eyes to see a gruff man with the sleaziest sneer you’ve ever seen. You jump again, less obviously this time, when you hear Jin respond.

“Thank you!” he shouts back. You see him pull the waist of his soaked jeans up slightly, running his fingers through his drenched hair to expose his forehead, and he strikes a pose with his hip cocked out and one of his legs extended in front of him with his toe pointed toward the ground. He has even thrown your cardigan over his shoulder like you have seen men do in movies with leather jackets. “I’ve been hitting leg day hard! Glad someone appreciates my hard work! My legs have felt like jelly more days than I care to admit.”

The man’s eyes bulge as he watches Jin turn around in a seductive manner and sticks his rear out even further. “I’ve been doing a ton of squats too! They’re killer. Does my butt look...”

He doesn’t get to finish as the man quickly peels out while rolling up his window.

You can just stare at Jin--stunned.

“Shame. He didn’t get to tell me how amazing my butt looks in these wet jeans. I mean…come on!” Jin has turned to you to show off his backside.

When he gets no response, his eyes soften and he comes closer.

“Earth to Y/N.” He waves his hand in front of your face as he sees you still staring at the same spot you were before he moved. Once you break out of your trance and make eye contact, he asks, “You okay?”

Your arms move from around your core to pressing into your thighs as you bend over. You are suddenly laughing so hard that no noise is coming out and you can’t breathe. All that Jin hears between gasps for air are “thank you”, “leg day”, and “butt”. He grins and rubs your back waiting for you to compose yourself. Once you are able to stand upright again, he gently leads you the remaining few blocks to your home.

Stopping as you reach your front door, you turn to Jin.

“Thank you...for what you said back there to that man.” You are sincere in your thanks but can’t seem to look Jin in the eye.

You see his lips form into a smirk. “I’m just glad someone appreciates the time and dedication I put into being Mr. Worldwide Handsome. It is a huge responsibility.” He winks.

Jin must see your sheepishness and uncertainty because he engulfs you in an all-encompassing hug.

“You’re welcome,” he whispers into your still-damp hair and feels you relax into his hold. He hugs you a bit tighter before letting go, handing your cardigan to you, and stepping back slightly. “Go on then. Go warm up and get some sleep.”

Nodding, you turn to unlock your door. Before stepping through the threshold, you look over your shoulder with a playful smile.

“I think your gentlemanly reputation is at an all-time high tonight. Thanks for walking me home, Jin.”

He beams at you.

You can hear Jin’s windshield wiper laughter even after locking your door.

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Date night with Taehyung was always an adventure. Having such a curious and ornery boyfriend can create some interesting situations. That is how you have come to find yourself at a trampoline park of all places.

The two of you have been bouncing around for about an hour before Taehyung finally calls for a water break. You chuckle as you see him bouncing from trampoline to trampoline on his way to the locker banks for your drinks. You take this opportunity to tame your static-filled hair and casually hop in place. You see a group of kids celebrating a birthday by doing ridiculous tricks into the foam pit and make a mental note to lead your Tigger-like boyfriend that way after the kids move on.

“Damn, I could watch ‘em jiggle all day.”

Eyes going wide, you turn to see a couple of young men eyeing you up like a water fountain in the middle of a desert. They were obviously several years younger than you. At least.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, honey.”

He smirked. Smirked! Who is this kid to think…

“Where are your parents, kids?” Taehyung’s voice is near your ear before you feel his hand coming to rest on the small of your back.

“Who are you?” The second boy looks at Taehyung with a look of annoyance.

Taehyung leaves your side and begins moving toward the pair. He somehow looks intimidating while essentially skipping forward across the trampoline.

“Well, you see,” he stops a mere foot in front of the pair, “I’m a rather impatient man right now. I’m going to ask you again...where are your parents?”

“Not here.”

“Not here, hmmm? Well, you wouldn’t mind me giving them a call would you?”

“What are you talking…”

“Would you?” He repeats himself, voice even deeper than before. You can’t see Taehyung’s face, but by the look in the boys’ eyes, he is showing them that he means business.

“No, sir.”

“That is what I thought. Give me your phone please.”

One of the boys unlocks his phone and hands it to Tae.

“What is your name?” Taehyung asks as he scrolls through the boy’s contacts. You don’t so much as here the boy’s reply before Taehyung is speaking again.

“Well, what do you think your mother is going to think about how you’ve been treating my girlfriend while we are surrounded by young children?” All of the colors drained from the boy’s face as your boyfriend brings the phone to his ear and soon begins relaying the events of the past several minutes.

You are amazed by Taehyung’s ability to let the woman know her son was being a scumbag while also being charming and winning her over. After he gets her to promise that she will pass along the information to the other boy’s mother, he bids her farewell and hangs up.

As he is returning the phone to the boy he whispers in his ear. The boy’s eyes go as wide as saucers and he grabs his friend’s wrist, effectively dragging him out of the building.

The glimmer in Taehyung’s eyes as he turns back to you is apparent even through the worry that also resides there.

“Are you okay?” He says softly when he is within reach, handing you the long-forgotten water bottle. You pull him in for a quick kiss.

“I am.” You look between his eyes. “What did you tell him?” You ask curiously.

“I just passed on a message from his mother. She reminds me a lot of mine.” He grins mischievously. “He and his buddy won’t be harassing anyone anytime in the foreseeable future.”

“Thank you.”

Holding hands, the two of you gently hop in place before he asks what you want to do now--giving you an out to go home.

“Follow me, Tigger!” You begin bouncing across the gym towards the now vacant foam pit. You can hear him unashamedly laughing as you make one final bounce and flip into the pit.

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“Why did I agree to this?” You ask yourself as you watch Jungkook sprinting away from you.

Jungkook had asked you to accompany him on his morning jog. A more appropriate description of what is currently happening is you are jogging while Jungkook is running laps around you--literally. You briefly lose sight of him as he crests the top of the hill and your calves burn from the incline. Reaching the top, you can feel your muscles relax as you start the decline. Jungkook meets you near the top, with a wide grin and turns back around to match your pace.

“Isn’t this great, Y/N?” How is he not out of breath? “I’m so glad you came with me!”

You nod in response.

“Want to do this again tomorrow? I run every morning!”

Your eyes go wide and you try to smile but it turns into more of a grimace due to the struggle that your lungs are currently going through.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Awesome!” He speeds up slightly and runs backward down the vacant sidewalk. “I love you!” Still smiling, he turns back around and works back up to his original pace.

You shake your head as you watch his figure getting further and further away. You don’t mind because you know you can go as slowly as you need to and he’ll always come back for you.

As you turn the corner into the business district, you notice that the sidewalk is no longer unoccupied and you lose sight of your gorgeously sweaty (how is that even possible?) boyfriend as people make their way from the street to the various buildings. You slow down slightly so that you don’t collide with an unsuspecting stranger.

Your pace suddenly comes to a stop when you reach a traffic light and the cross traffic is moving. Bouncing from foot to foot, you try to stretch to see where Jungkook has gone. You see him jogging back in your direction, nearly taking out a flower vendor a few blocks ahead of you.

“Hey, baby!” You ignore the deep voice. “Where you running to?” You look over your shoulder to see a man stopped just a couple of feet behind you. He is looking directly at you...or rather, your backside. You face forward, willing the walk signal to turn white and the traffic to allow you to pass.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.” His voice is even closer. Your shoulders rise out of instinct and your eyes are wide, searching for an opening in traffic. Crosswalk laws be damned.

Standing across the street, Jungkook is watching you cautiously. Your panicked eyes meet his and he begins scouring the neverending traffic for an opening.

Just as you see the stoplight turning yellow, you feel a large hand grasp your hip. Without even thinking, you turn around and feel your fist connecting with the creep’s nose. His hand leaves your hip instantly to cover his face.

“Never. Touch. Me. Again.” You bite out between your teeth. He looks up at you with contempt. Before he can say anything though, you feel another hand on your hip and you turn around hastily.

Your fist is immediately stopped as it collides with Jungkook’s palm. His eyes are wide with intensity as he looks directly into your eyes.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m…”

You don’t get to finish as he is no longer in front of you. Following his figure, seemingly three times larger than normal, you watch as he grabs the man by the collar of his overpriced (and now bloodstained) shirt and lifts him off of the ground.

He says nothing but you can see his unoccupied hand forming into a fist at his side as he stares at the man with disgust and hatred. You rush forward to grab his fist just as another voice sounds in the area.

“City Police. Put him down.” A small woman in a black uniform flashes her badge as she comes closer.

The only movement is that of the man's panicked eyes, flashing back and forth between the police officer and your boyfriend.

“I said, put him down sir,” she says in an authoritative tone. You gently tug on Jungkook’s tense forearm.

You can see his back expand as he takes a deep breath and he lowers the man to the ground.

“They beat me up, officer! I…”

“Bullshit!” Jungkook steps forward again, only to find the officer and yourself between the two of you.

“I would suggest both of you shut it and stand against that wall,’ the officer points to the nearby business, “or else I’ll take you both in for causing a public disturbance.”

Both men remain silent as they move against the wall, glaring daggers across the eight-foot gap they keep between themselves.

The officer turns to you as you tell her what happened. A nearby shop owner comes to your aid and backs your report with what he had seen.

Within five minutes, the man is being placed in the police car that is parked down the block and Jungkook is rushing to you. He slows as he comes closer, hands extending in front of him only to retract as he second guesses his actions.

You step forward and wrap your arms around his waist. His arms quickly come up to tightly wrap around your shoulders.

“I’m so sorry, babe.” He whispers into your ear.

“I’m okay. Let’s go home. You smell.”


“It’s true. I can’t let you comfort me when you smell like a wet dog.” You smile over your shoulder as you begin to walk across the street.

He quickly catches up to you and takes your hand in his. The two of you walk several blocks before he turns you so you face him.

“I’m proud of you.” His eyes glisten with adoration. “I’m sorry you have to deal with what that man did, but I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you,” you smile at your feet, “If it saves another woman from hearing that piece of dirt speak, it is worth the sore hand.”

“Definitely.” The two of you continue walking in silence, his hand tightly holding yours. He nudges your shoulder with his as you see your front door getting closer. You can see his grin in your peripheral vision.

“You’re scary sometimes, you know. Beautiful. Genius. Hot. But scary.”

You smile as you continue looking toward home.