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Erasing the Failure

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The dance floor flashed with colors as Kaito moved his body to the beat of the music, following Gakupo and Luka's steps. Meiko watched them from her place by the bar, getting drunk on her favorite brand of sake.

Downtown Beat was Sapporo's most popular nightclub. The music was amazing, so was the food and drink-and every Friday, a band or some Vocaloids would perform live. Kaito and his two best friends, Gakupo and Luka, would always come on Saturdays for half-price Super Dance Night. Meiko tagged along as well, but only for the drinks.

"Excuse me, everyone!" a voice shouted over the club's PA. "Sorry for the interruption, but we are closing early tonight to prepare for next week's Christmas theme! Due to this, everyone in the building needs to leave! Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience."

"Dang it! I was looking forward to dancing the night away!" muttered Luka as the group of four walked out of the exit.

"Well, we always have next week. C'mon, Luka. Kaito, you get to ride home with Meiko!" Gakupo announced cheerily. He took hold of Luka's hand and dashed to his white Toyota Corolla. Kaito sighed and followed Meiko to her own old car, sitting down in the passenger seat.

Meiko put her key in the ignition and turned it, starting the car. Soon after getting on the highway, the car started speeding and making slightly jerky movements. It only took Kaito a few seconds to realize a terrifying fact.

Meiko's drunk. Really drunk. And if I don't do something, we're gonna-


The large pickup truck slammed into the passenger side of Meiko's car. The vehicle was flung through the air.

Black spots and red splatters began to stain Kaito's vision. He felt nothing but pain and regret as he lost consciousness.

What hurt even more than the pain was the fact that if he had offered to drive, he could have prevented it. Everything hurt like hell.

And then there was only darkness.


Blood was splattered all over the snow.

Kaito's blood.

Through the crumbling light of consciousness turning to unconsciousness, the song that had been playing in the club echoed in Kaito's head.

"We can climb high, higher than before
We could stand by while it burns to the floor
Though we cannot fly
We will build and the wounds will mend
As we build it once again"

The notes and lyrics of the song twisted together into a beautiful force that flowed through Kaito, keeping him alive but barely until the ambulance arrived.

"He's still alive," one of the paramedics said. "Alive, but barely."

"The other one, the girl-she's better off than him. Minor injuries."

"Will he make it through tonight?"

"I don't know. Even if he does, there are things that could go horribly wrong the next day."

"If he doesn't die, he's gonna have one screwed up life. I feel sorry for him. The girl will be able to move on eventually."


Announcement from the author!!!!!

Hey guys! Thank you for reading my second story! I hope you enjoy!

Let's hope Kaito doesn't die!


SONG USED: Once Again by Tristam