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I did the right thing (I think)

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Soft touches, fingers in hair, lips on cheeks and brushes under eyes with thumbs that shook nervously. This had become something that Midoriya Izuku had grown too used to, too fond of. Maybe things would be easier, better off even, if a label was placed on whatever it was him and the miss matched boy across from him had. But the idea of labelling it seemed too firm, too serious. Scary almost.

Izuku let out a soft breath and tilted his head, nose brushing against Todorokis soft palm, or rather it would be soft save for the rough pads of his fingers and the sores on his palms. He let out a soft small hum and frowned softly, eyes opening to look at the marks.

"its fine" Todoroki murmured, resting his forehead against Izuku's temple. He was once again reminded why they couldn't have a title. Todoroki's father would be furious. He was mad enough that Todoroki was even friends with the "delusional girl" imagine his response if he found out Todoroki not only "indulged" Izuku in his "Delusions" but also kissed him, kissed him while seeing him as male. Not a female in any sense.

Izuku sighed, sitting up fully so he was looming over Todoroki who was laying on the bed, hair freshly cut short. He wanted to try grow it out as a rebellion, but his father got him to cut it by threatening to shave it all off. It was still long enough to cover his forehead though, and Izuku brushed a hand over his face, pushing the miss matched hair out of his face.

Todoroki was pretty. Very, very pretty. All the girls, and even a few boys, in their grade were fawning over him and its obvious why, he had a soft, long face with gentle eyes, his eyes, like the rest of him, were miss matched, everyone said it was beautiful and although izuku agreed he couldn't help but remember the story behind it. The blindness in the dulled left eye and the trauma that came with it.

Along with the eye there was a scar to accompany it, red and raw against Todoroki's soft creamy skin. Izuku brushed a thumb under Todoroki's eye, watching him with a small frown. Aside from the burn marking his skin Todoroki had scars and small silver circular scars on his face, neck and when he had short sleeves on, more were littered down his body. Usually with bruises to join them.

He also had small patches of skin discolouration, Vitiligo. Most in his family had it, he got it very strong, causing his hair to become miss matched and his skin shifting in tone in areas. Mostly slightly darker patches over his body, or pinker patches. Nothing too drastic.

"You're pretty" Izuku mumbled. Todoroki flushed and looked away from his gaze "so are you" his voice was flat, soft. Scared of talking too loud and alerting Izuku's mum to them both being awake, even though Izuku had told him hundreds of times that his mum didn't care. She was just happy Izuku had a friend, and she was more then happy to have Todoroki over. She didn't have any verbal evidence of what was happening at home, but she could tell that it wasn't safe for him there.

"why wont you report him" Izuku asked again. He asked every time Todoroki came to him, beaten and crying and hurt. And every time he asked Todoroki had the same response, expression shifting to tired, or more tired if possible, his eyes would look away from Izukus and he would let out a sigh, lips parting slightly.

"He's famous, Midoriya. Accusing him of abuse would cause a riot. No one would believe me" Izuku sighed "its- its not just an accusation Todoroki, you have evidence. Your body is an evidence. I'm a witness! Your siblings, your mother-" Izuku struck a cord and Todoroki scowled softly before his expression shifted to relaxed once again "Midoriya. I'm fine, I'm not reporting it and my mother wouldn't be able to do anything"

Izuku stared at him before he sighed, chewing his lips he lay back down next to Todoroki "let's.. lets just sleep then. We can talk about all this in the morning" despite saying that, he knew they wouldn't. Izuku would wake up and Todoroki would be gone, his cheeks would feel warm from a goodbye kiss but the side of his bed would be cool and he would have no evidence of Todoroki being there other then his mum saying he asked to say goodbye.

It had been two years since Izuku learnt about the abuse that Todoroki had to deal with at home, and he has had enough of seeing his best friend, if you could just call them that with all the kisses and soft words exchanged between the two in private, getting hurt. He couldn't bare to see another bruise turn up on Todoroki, another sore, new bandages, exhaustion, dizziness from malnourishment, isolation for days on end.

Once Todoroki was asleep, Izuku took action, slipping out from Todoroki's loose arms, he was surprisingly cuddly, he made his way for the living room where his mum had, as usual, left a lamp on. He chewed his lip and grabbed his phone, calling the emergency call centre he listened to the ring.

"hello, how can I help you?"

"u-uh-" he stuttered, regret already pooling in his stomach. Todoroki would never forgive him. He'd hate him forever, he would leave and ask Izuku to never see him again. The idea of losing the trust he'd worked years on building with Todoroki, of losing Todoroki nearly pushed him to hanging up.

The one thing that kept him on the line, the thing that kept him listening to the women on the other ends soft voice asking if he was okay, if he was in danger, was the thought that this was the only way to save him. This was the only way to get Todoroki out, if he didn't call himself, Todoroki never would. He'd have to live out the rest of his life like this, and that scared him more then maybe losing Todoroki.

"are you being hurt?" the women finally asked.

"n-no-" he stuttered out, taking a shaky breath "my best friend he-he's being abused at home I've-I've known for awhile but he begged me not to tell and I'm not- I don't know I know I should've reported it sooner but he was so scared and he trusted me to not tell and I didn't want him to run I wanted him to have a safe place but he isn't even safe here he-he comes over every night for help and he always leaves in the morning for safety but he always gets hurt he always gets caught and he isn't safe anywhere I don't-"

The breaths between his words became shorter and shorter, the tears in his eyes larger and larger until they were spilling over his cheeks and down to his chin, his hands were trembling and his words were catching together, slurring into one long string on sentence before he had to stop for a gasp of air.

"Hey, hey its okay. You're very brave for calling us up young lady-" he flinched "-what's the name of the family, where is their residence? We'll send help right now"

And within three minutes Izuku had exposed Todoroki, he had either ruined or saved his life but one thing was for sure, he had ruined his friendship with Todoroki, he had ripped apart the trust he had in him and stomped on it. He walked up to his room, and lay next to Todoroki, pushing back his hair and kissing his nose, tears dripping down his face as he whispered soft apologies.

When the morning, when the police came, the first morning Izuku woke up with Todoroki next to him, was the day everything came crumbling down. Izuku felt like his world was ripped out from under him, because there was Todoroki, being restrained by his sister, Fuyumi, as he yelled at Izuku.

"how COULD you? How could you do this!" his voice was pained, tears dripping down his cheeks "I TRUSTED YOU!" Izuku's breath was hitching as he cried, hand gripping his shirt, his mums had was gripping his shoulder as Fuyumi hugged Todoroki, still yelling at Izuku "I NEVER want to see you again Midoriya Izuku, I never want to see you again you've ruined EVERYTHING!"

And that was the last time Midoriya Izuku got to see his best friend, maybe more, Todoroki Shouto. He was gone. The next time Izuku had the guts to go to his house, to apologise after the news of his father's arrest was over, it was empty. Boarded up and being prepared for demolition. Izuku stared, tears dripping down his chin to hit the ground.

He'd lost his best friend. Izuku tried to find him for 4 years after that, but he gave up. There was no way to find him ever again and Izuku eventually accepted that and moved on with his life.

He got a boyfriend, an apartment, he pursued being an actor despite being told he couldn't because he was trans, always being told it'd be too hard. But he got a place in an academy, he got a place in a few minor roles in low budget films that only aired on TV or plays that would go on for a few weeks before they were never seen again and only held in the memories of older women or university English students studying the play he was doing.

He had a new life, one without Todoroki in it. But he could never shake the guilt, the fear that he was hurt, the fear that he was dead. It was something Izuku was resigned to dealing with. He had to live with what he did and hold onto the words of his mother assuring him as he sobbed into her shoulder when he returned from the empty Todoroki house, that he'd done the right thing, that he'd saved Todoroki. That he was okay.

He'd done the right thing, he did the right thing. Midoriya Izuku did the right thing.