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silver rose.

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"silver rose. what an odd name for a small town. i know what you all think, and no, i've never seen any rose painted in silver on the streets. nor was that ever a thing... at least, not on any documents i found. actually, that name comes from our local church. silver gates separated the church from the cemetery at the time, which is very creepy but that's beside the point. and on those gates, unexplainably grew a bunch of red roses. but underneath the moonlight, it looked as if the roses were glowing with a silver color. it was a beautiful sight, apparently. so beautiful, in fact, that it became a local phenomenon. each night, people would gather around the cemetery to watch the silver flowers. and from then on, it made history. but the strange name isn't the only interesting thing about our town. no, it's far from that. the most interesting thing about our town is our very famous and notorious neighborhoods. anyone who visits silver rose knows about the four founding neighborhoods, and their history is pretty amazing. allow me to present them to you...

earl grey.
the first neighborhood in town. it was founded by earl the second grey, a very rich man who was dating an alleged witch. and because of the constant harassment his girlfriend got, earl gray decided to divide himself from the others, in order to protect her from getting hurt by the all the gossip that's been going around. a lot of rich people lived there. earls, lords, barons. gigantic mansions were created to shelter them from the rest of the town.
today, earl gray is known for its victorian styled houses. it's one of the few neighborhoods that haven't been renewed, which explains why a lot of old people still live there, probably because of the nostalgia. it's very quiet. i actually live there, and if anyone's car is broken, you can always visit my friend's ari's car garage!
now, it might seem like earl gray was a gentleman but he was far from that. he was actually a cheater, and that's why his girlfriend broke up with him. which resulted in the creation of the second neighborhood...

founded by sandy veilington, an alleged witch. she was dating earl gray, and she was very much in love. but things went downhill when she realized that he had been cheating on her with various other women. she then decided to leave him and create her own neighborhood, extremely close to the woods. it was believed that sandy chose to be close to the woods in order to perform her witchcraft much more easily. people claim that earl gray was found dead just a few weeks after the creation of sanveil, in the middle of those woods, and they all strongly believe that it was sandy's way of making him pay for cheating on her. and since the discovery of his body, sandy veilington vanished, as if she had never existed. aside from all the witchcraft and creepy murders, sanveil is surprisingly a very calm neighborhood today. it's where the local library is, and where my friend julia lives. not much to say about it, aside from the creepy backstory. oh, and it's the closest to school so, that's a fun fact. but moving on, don't you think that these stories lack a bit of... art? fear not, because that brings us to the third neighborhood in town.

hills heights.
this story is probably my favorite of them all. mostly because it was constructed by a mime. yes, a mime. rubius heights, a traveling mime who visited silver rose to perform on the streets and make a bit of money. he sadly noticed the lack of interest people shown in arts, and he went along to find many unlucky artists, who had no chance of making a future from their art. silver rose was driven by money and murder, and rubius heights wanted that to change. he wanted to give the lost artists a voice, and with their help, they created the lovely neighborhood we know today.
most notorious for its wish fountain, where people would throw a bunch of coins and make a wish. we still do that to this day, and the fountain's water is always a different color each day.
hills heights holds the art center of this town, as well as a skate part. the buildings there are very different and it's the most modern looking neighborhood.
and last but not least, let me introduce the final neighborhood of this town.

the horowitz.
most likely named after cher horowitz from clueless. the neighborhood of luxury and fame. it welcomed many celebrities from the time, founded by monica horowitz, a very famous actress. she deemed that it was important for celebrities to have their own safe place.
today, we know the horowitz as the neighborhood of luxurious houses and expensive cars. it's very fancy and quite isolated from the other neighborhoods. many famous people still live there, and it's the closest to the mall and other expensive clothing stores. my best friend, the coolest dude on earth lives there! oh, and cara too... i had to mention that, in fears of being poisoned or anything like that. but that concludes today's subject.
as you can all see, silver rose has a lot of history to it, and although i couldn't tell you everything, i still hope that you could learn a few things from this presentation. thank you all for your attention."

"good job, wright! i loved it. thank you for your efforts, i'm pleased. you may regain your seat." the teacher congratulated, and evan smiled widely, nodding his head before regaining his seat while the classroom was being filled with small rounds of applause.

"you fucking crushed it, man! that's my best friend!" kei whisper shouted proudly, turning around to face evan who was laughing quietly to himself. kei was evan's best friend since childhood, a handsome troublemaker. leather jackets, slicked back dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin, green eyes, and a killer smile. the typical fuckboy by the looks of it, charming yet troublesome.

"thanks, man. i was so nervous." evan sighed softly, leaning back on his seat before feeling a pen pressing on his back.

"nice work, wright. would've been better if you didn't make me sound like a witch." cara rolled her eyes, her thick eyebrows knitted into a frown.

"sorry, queen bee. but you kinda forced me to mention you." evan apologized with an obvious lack of sincerity, making the blonde girl scoff.

"ugh, please. queen bees are so old school. this is queen c's reign. plus, you can't talk about the neighborhood i live in without mentioning me. so, a word of advice, make sure to know what you're saying when you're talking about me." cara warned with her usual bitchy glare. it was typical of her; she was haughty, arrogant, entitled. the basic popular girl, with a rotten personality. no one could deny that she was a total beauty though. long, straight blonde hair, porcelain skin, dark blue eyes, thick eyebrows, plump red lips and big eyes with long fluttering lashes. if only her attitude was as pretty as her.

and before he could answer, the loud ringing of the bell dismissed the class. evan stood up, ruffling his messy black hair as he waited for kei to gather up all of his stuff. his light blue eyes were staring at the floor as he impatiently tapped his foot against the floor.

"alright, let's go! they're waiting for us." kei threw his backpack lazily across his shoulder, and the two boys left the classroom together, making their way to the crowded cafeteria.

"there you finally are. i was starving!" ari complained with a grumpy expression on her face.

"no, she wasn't. she's being dramatic." julia giggled from beside her, pushing the two trays of food in front of the two boys who had just joined their table. "i saved those for you."

julia and ari completed the friend circle. although kei and evan were the closest to each other, the two girls also played a huge part in their lives, and together, they formed a great friendship.
julia was the sweeter one. the innocent, fragile, delicate sweetheart who made everyone adore her in many different ways. she was friendly, helpful, kind, and warm hearted. with her short fair hair and light brown eyes, her squeezable cheeks, and her cute smile made it hard not to like her.
ari was quite the opposite. she was tough, direct, uncontrollably sarcastic and cold until she warmed up to you. her long dark hair was always pulled into a tight ponytail, her greyish eyes were piercing. she was taller and much more reserved, but was also a sweetheart when she wanted to.

"thank you, julita. i owe you my life." kei winked playfully, earning an audible gag from ari, who almost choked on her fries.

"by the way, i mentioned your dad's car care garage in my project." evan bragged with a smile, taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"that sucks, i wish i could've cheered on you. but i'm sure you did great anyways. you always do." ari smiled back at him. "speaking of my dad, he hasn't called me yet. progress!"

the whole table gasped at that statement, all three of them checking their watches to check the time. knowing how protective her dad was, they were all surprised to see that he hadn't called her yet. but just as their hopes got up, the familiar ringtone could be heard, vibrating from ari's pocket. "eh... false hope. i'll be back."

ari excused herself to pick up the call, and as she was walking away, she saw a familiar red haired boy walking towards their table. "hey, ari! do you-"
"can't you see i'm on the phone?" ari shook her head before walking out of the cafeteria, and the boy stopped at their table with an enthusiastic smile. "yo, guys! you're all invited!"

"oh, hey matias." julia greeted with a friendly smile.
"what's up, man?" kei gave him a curious look, even though he knew exactly what he meant.
"you're all invited to my party tonight!" matias exclaimed. "i'll see ya there?"
"possibly. possibly not." evan shrugged, too caught up in his food.
"yes, you will! thank you for the invites." julia corrected politely and matias took his leave.

matias was known for being the daredevil of the school. he was outgoing and extremely funny, to the point where it exceeded ridiculous. he always dyed his hair different colors as the result of many different dares. his current hair color was a vibrant red, leaning towards hot pink. his hair was tied into a manbun. his skin was sun kissed, his eyes a beautiful hazel. he had a lot of confidence, and had no shame in doing anything for a few laughs or good memories.

"what did i miss?" ari asked as she sat down next to julia.
"matias invited us to his party tonight." kei informed her.
"it might be fun." julia suggested.
"his parties are always fun!" kei assured.
"ugh, i don't know. i'll pass." ari shrugged.
"same." evan added, taking a final bite out of his sandwich before slurping on his soda.
"you two are so fucking lame." kei rolled his eyes.
"you know what's lame? your pickup lines." ari gave him a sweet smile, making the two others laugh.
"i'm never using them on you. does that hurt your feelings?" kei pouted fakely.
"gross." ari shook her head.
"stop bickering, you two." julia scolded playfully.
"he started it." ari smiled, looking at her phone.
"because i want you to be a little more social and have fun. if you keep being crispy, you might turn into an ugly bag of chips by the age of thirty." kei warned her with an exaggerated tone.
"what the fuck does that even mean?" ari laughed lightly.
"all i'm saying is that you need to have fun! that goes for you too, evan. so, i'm forcing you both to come to this party. we'll have lots of fun." kei promised.
"i can't wait!" julia smiled happily.
ari and evan looked at each other before sighing in defeat.

back in the hallways, cara was leaning against the lockers, lips locked with josh, in the middle of their makeout session. those two were off and on again, the definition of an unstable relationship. one day, cara would push josh away and the other, they found themselves in this same exact position.

"babe, you're so hot." josh bit his lower lip once he pulled away to catch his breath.
"i know." cara held him by the collar of his varsity jacket, crashing their lips together once again.
they were both interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming their way.

"josh, we have to go. practice." chad reminded with his usual quiet tone.
"shit, we gotta save those kisses for another time." josh gave her a final kiss before pulling away for good.
"yeah, i guess. did you see my sister anywhere?" cara looked over at chad who gave her a small nod.
"i was with her in the parking lot. she's waiting for you. by your car." chad informed her before walking away. josh gave sent a wink flying her way before following his friend into the gymnasium. josh and chad were the two jocks of the school. athletic and attractive, but that was the only thing they had in common. other than that, those two were complete opposites.
josh was loud, and a bit of a bully. he had blonde hair and brown eyes, whilst chad had smooth dark skin and short black hair. he was a lot quieter, only spoke when spoken to, he carried a very brooding aura with him.

cara made her way back to the parking lot, spotting her sister leaning against her car, eyes fixated on her phone.
"how long have you been waiting?" cara asked as she unlocked her pink car.
"well, i had a meaningful conversation with chad which lasted about twenty minutes and the movie i'm watching is halfway done so i'll let you do the math." caroline, or as everyone liked to call her, caro replied with a smile.
"you know i hate math. whatever, let's go." cara shrugged, getting on the driver's seat.
"why do you wanna go home so early?" caro got inside the car and fastened her seatbelt.
"because i have to get ready for tonight. i'll either have fun with josh or break his heart for the millionth time. i gotta look good while doing it." cara started driving away.
caroline simply sighed, looking out of the window as she plugged in her earphones.
cara and caro were the definition of opposite twins. and despite their striking resemblance, anyone could easily tell them apart. caro had slightly wavy hair, her eyebrows were a little less thicker than cara's and her lips were always painted with pink gloss whilst cara stuck with her wine red. their personalities were also extremely different, and if they didn't look so similar, it was would have been hard to tell that they were twins.

classes ended, and the group of friends split up. kei wanted to walk julia home, while ari and evan walked together since they both lived in the same neighborhood.

"i'm gonna have to convince my dad to let me go to that stupid party." ari rolled her eyes, and evan hummed softly.
"i could go with you, your dad loves me."
"he loves me more, though."
"fair point." evan chuckled.
"you can come pick me up if you want." ari smiled, and evan gave her a small nod.
"alright! try not to wear your ripped jeans."
"i'm not changing." ari insisted, and evan wasn't surprised at all by the response. the two of them separated in front of ari's house, and evan carried on until he reached his own house.

"mom? are you here?" evan called out as he closed the door behind him. but nothing, no response. and so he assumed that she was still at work. evan went upstairs to his room and threw his backpack on his bed before shoveling through his clothes and picking out a simple outfit for the party.

"dad, i'm home." ari announced, smiling at her father who looked in a rush.
"how was your day, sweetheart?" her father smiled, walking towards her to place a gentle kiss on her forehead.
"eh, as usual! where are you going?" ari looked at him curiously.
"i closed the garage. night shift at the coffee shop." he announced, checking his watch. "i have to get going. there's pizza in the fridge. and some soda."
"hey, i can stay in the garage for you!" ari offered, but her father was quick to refuse.
"we've already talked about this, ari. go do your homework or just enjoy yourself. you're not working." he smiled, ruffling her hair.
"fine... i was wondering if i could go to a party tonight." ari asked, uncertain.
"who will be there?"
"all of my friends. which is why i'm going." ari shrugged.
"of course you can go. make sure to lock the doors and stay safe! if anything happens, call me. i love you, kid."
"i love you, dad. work hard." ari smiled, waving at her dad as he made his way outside, closing the door behind him. ari sighed, leaning against the counter. "now what am i supposed to wear?"

the sun was setting quickly, allowing the dark sky to be painted with stars. the music was loud, vibrating from matias' gigantic villa. multiple cars were parked all around the street, surrounding the house.

"let's go inside!" julia smiled, her green dress hugging her curves in all the right places.
ari made an effort to change her outfit after constant begging on the phone from julia. she was wearing a red tube top with a black bomb jacket over it, and ripped black shorts. evan was wearing a dark blue hoodie with black jeans while kei was rocking his usual leather jacket and ripped pants look.

"i don't know about you but i'm ready for some shots! and for some hookups." kei smirked, making his way inside the crowded house.
"well i don't know about you but i feel like this night isn't gonna end well." ari sighed, sticking her hands in her pockets.
"don't be so pessimistic! we'll have fun." julia smiled, linking her arm around ari's and getting inside the house. evan followed behind them, and they were quickly faced by the host of the party himself, matias roid. he had a tube of lipstick in his hands, his lips painted with a pink color.

"guys! what's up, y'all?" matias greeted with a smile.
"we just got he-" evan started but got cut off immediately.
"what do you think of my lipstick? bet you can't resist those luscious lips, ay?" matias winked playfully, sending everyone into a fit laughter, while evan just stood there awkwardly.
"i think you look great! it matches your red hair." julia laughed softly.
"so do you, bella." matias returned the compliment.
"i'm sure evan can't wait to smooch those lips right off your face." kei joked around, wrapping one arm around evan's shoulder.
"i wanna go home." evan whispered under his breath.
"meet me after the party if you're interested! enjoy the partaaay!" matias cheered loudly before leaving the friends alone.
"i don't understand how that guy is so popular." ari questioned herself.
"he does crazy stupid shit. everyone loves crazy stupid shit!" kei explained with a chuckle.
"i'm actually gonna need a drink." ari sighed, walking over to the bar.
"only apple juice is allowed!" julia followed behind her like a worried mother.
and soon enough, kei's arm was no longer on evan's shoulder, and evan was left alone, unable to find his friends amongst the waves of multitudes of bodies moving around.

people were dancing, making out, drinking. it was like any typical party, but knowing matias, it was going to be just a tiny bit wilder. maybe some firework explosions by the pool, maybe someone catching fire and getting pushed in the pool, maybe people getting naked and running around the streets. anything could happen at the daredevil's party.

evan groaned quietly. "great, now i'm left alone." he sighed and decided to try and go find his friends. he would eventually just give up and go home if he failed to find them. yeah, that sounded like a typical evan plan.

as he was looking for his friends, evan got pushed around quite a lot, scolded from drunken people who were too busy eating each other's tongues and ultimately pushed to bump against someone, almost making the boy fall to the ground.

"god, i'm so sorry!" evan apologized, turning around to glare at whoever pushed him against that poor boy.
"it's nothing, i expected to be thrown into the ground and stomped to death coming here." the boy replied, his voice although extremely soft dripped with sarcasm.
and so evan finally turned around to look at the boy's face, his breath getting caught up in his throat from seeing his beautiful features. light brown eyes that resembled honey, a small button nose with a bit of highlight on the tip, slightly curly light brown hair and very soft looking plump lips.
evan realized that he had been staring, and so he quickly cleared his throat, letting out a laugh at the sarcastic comment. "this place really is crowded."
"it's matias' party, so it was expected." the pretty boy showed him a small smile.
"we haven't even been talking for a minute and you've already expected all of this." evan remarked with a raised eyebrow.
the boy laughed. "i expected you to say that."
"did you expect to bump into me?" evan smiled, feeling a sudden burst of confidence. he wasn't usually like this.
"no, but i expected you to bump into me." the boy answered with a proud smile, and evan laughed.
"well, should i expect to know your name?"
"i'm aiden. and you're evan."
"how did you know that?"
"we're in the same history class. i loved your project. as you can guess, i'm new here, and you unknowingly showed me around town. so thank you for that." aiden smiled, and evan tried to stop himself from staring once again.
"oh... well! i'm really glad i could tell you about the history of our neighborhoods, but there's still a lot of cool spots in town."
"does that mean you're willing to show me around in person?"
"well, yeah. wouldn't want you to get lost or anything!" evan chuckled awkwardly, and aiden laughed softly.
"then it's a date! i'm expecting you to show me around all the cool hangout spots in silver rose."
"wow, you have a lot of expectations."
"are they too high for you?"
"it would be my pleasure to show you around town, aiden. welcome to silver rose." evan bit his lower lip softly, feeling his heart beat just a tiny bit faster than it usually did.
"thank you. i love it already." aiden smiled, his high cheekbones showing off from how much he was grinning. the two boys kept staring at each other, both smiling uncontrollably, lost in their own little world. but their moment was interruped by a very familiar voice.

"i've been looking for you." cara stepped closer to aiden, giving evan a subtle glare. "wright."
"lilac." evan smiled, nodding his head at her.
"caroline is looking for you, she says she wants to show you something." cara looked up to aiden who looked a bit reluctant to leave.
"alright. evan, it was a pleasure to meet you. i'll see you around." aiden gave him a final smile, waving his hand before turning around and walking away.
evan watched him as he walked away, mesmerized by the way his body moved, his voice still ringing in his ear like a melody that won't get out of his head. "yeah... see you..."
"oh my god, are you crushing on him?" cara gasped, suddenly smiling mischievously. that made evan snap back to reality, blinking quickly.
"what? we literally just met." evan defended.
"well then wipe that stupid smile off your face, loverboy." cara smirked, crossing her arms.
"actually, i'm leaving."
"if you want dating advice, you can come to me. i'll charge you with a 100 bucks because you don't get on my nerves often. see how nice i'm being?" cara laughed, and evan rolled his eyes.
"night, cara." he waved with a smile before exiting the house.
evan tried to see if he could spot anyone on his way to the door, but none of his friends were there. by this point, evan gave up completely on the idea of finding them, his need to go hope getting stronger and stronger with each second passing by. and so, evan walked outside, smiling to himself as walked on the grass, his heart still beating fast from the encounter he had.

but evan's smile quickly dropped once he heard a few loud screams, alarming him and making him jump. evan quickly followed the sound of the screams, it came from where the pool was, on the other side of the garden. and when he got there, evan froze. his heart stopped at the sight.

julia was thrown on the ground, eyes closed, with blood pooling from the back of her head. evan's breath got heavier as he realized what was going on, his eyes instantly moving up to stare at the balcony. the windows were wide open, and from the side of his eye, evan could spot someone peeking out and quickly backing away.

"somebody call an ambulance! call a fucking ambulance!" kei's alert scream brought evan back to reality, and his wide eyes looked over at julia's frozen body, his heart tightening in his chest.

that's when evan realized; somebody had pushed her out of that balcony.