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Dipper had run off to find Blaze. He must have been terrified and needed some comfort after what his own father just did to him. He walked up to the stairs in an angry tone. Bill gave no shits what he had just done so Dipper was close to killing him. He walked up into the attic and found Blaze huddled on the window ledge as the light shone in, dimly lighting the room, and casting a sheen over his tear stricken face. He heard the footsteps and glanced once from the corner of his eye and just went back to sulking.

"Blaze," Dipper said softly and sat next to him. "Are you okay? Hurt?" Placing a hand on his face to check before it was swiped away.

"No, I'm not, so leave me alone." He grumbled and Dipper's face turned sour.

"I'm only trying to help you."

Blaze paused and sighed. "You're here to lecture me and tell me off. Maybe beat me like Dad almost did."

"Bill wouldn't have-"

"Because you were there!" He shot back. The brunette's eyes narrowed.

"He's hit you before?" He seethed.

The golden eyes staring back widened. "No!" He yelled. "But sometimes when he's angry he does scare me."

"So do you," Dipper muttered. Blaze looked up confused and wiped his tears.


"You scare me sometimes. You get angry and start punching things." He muttered. "I suppose you grew up with that. Bill isn't exactly the best role model."

"I guess," Blaze muttered. "Not to mention you shot Pacifica."

Dipper finched and his shoulder sunk. He didn't reply. "I'm going to go talk to your father." He promptly said before leaving Blaze alone in the attic. The Omega was angry. More than angry actually, he was raging with wrath. He hated how he was living. He had for years but could never leave because Bill made sure his every move was watched. He was not allowed a few miles out of reach and honestly, he felt trapped. He just wished he could go back to simpler times where he had a job and a society- even a small town would do just something or someone other than the guards, servants or his fiance to talk to. He wanted to be able to go out to the market and buy some candy before going to work and then coming home to a normal family and fiance who wasn't mentally insane. Maybe he'd get a job and they could plan vacations without sneaking over borders like the last time.

He clutched the bedroom handle door before sucking in a deep breath. The Omega walked inside and found the Alpha- His Alpha on the bed head in hands obviously muttering to himself like the insane deviant he is. The Blonde heard the door close but didn't respond. He heard it lock but didn't respond. And he even heard the angry footsteps of his mate but yet he still did not respond.


He looked up with crazed golden eyes that held dark under eye circles from the lack of sleep.

"Well, what?" He half hissed in annoyance. He can't be arsed to play Pinetrees stupid guessing games today. He just lost the best deal of the fucking century because his son can't keep it in his flaming pants.

"You fucking know what Bill! You just almost beat the shit out of Blaze and probably scared the girls for life!"

"Ha! As if YOUR twin didn't do that to them already." Bill yelled back laughing.


"I can't do this anymore," Dipper muttered. Bill looked up and glared.

"Do what?"

"THIS!" Dipper screamed with his fists balling up from anger. "I'm sick of this life Bill- I'm sick and tired of mafia bosses and the drugs and the VIOLENCE!" He snapped. The alpha just watched as he vented. "I want a NORMAL life with you! One where we can cuddle on the sofa and watch cheesy films or just kiss you off to work at a NORMAL job!" He cried on and on. It honestly was giving the Alpha a headache.

The Omega left out a ragged breath from crying. "I want to be able to go into town as a family and be greeted as an equal- not a criminal and raise our kids away from violence because its already hit Blaze so God knows where he will go if this anger keeps boiling up." A pause. "I-i want this to stop."

Dipper looked up from the flood at a scoff almost laughing noise.

"You want a normal life?" Bill mocked. "Honestly Pinetree what kind of speed are you on?" He taunted before getting up and circling the Omega. "We can't have a normal life, want to know why?" The sweet sickening tone of voice came through as he used a single finger to life the Omega's head to look him in the eyes.

"Because we are insane fucking murderers- that's why!" He raised his voice and grabbed the brunette's shoulders. "We will go to jail and guess what? You won't even be able to speak to you kids never mind go into town like some fucking 'model citizen'." He hissed in the others face, obviously scaring him a little.

"Insane? You're the insane one!"

"Am I really?" Bill laughed. "You shot your sister in law."

"I never asked for this life!" Dipper screamed back as he retreated with two steps to the wall.

"Well, too fucking bad Pinetree because you made that choice right when you went snooping around and found my sister dead didn't you?"

Dipper looked utterly confused before his mouth opened as if this was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. "Really? You're using what happened 15 fucking years ago? Is that it?" He shrieked waving his hands up to almost strangle the Alpha. "If you weren't so flaming useless in raising YOUR son I wouldn't have gone into that bloody office!"

"You did though and now you're stuck here with me, FOREVER." The blonde roared before the sound of skin on skin filled the room. It was like a sudden pin drop on a metal floor it happened so suddenly. Dipper removed his hand from the Alpha's cheek and seethed a glare at him.

"You know I honestly don't know why I even stay in the first place." He let out a barely audible whisper.

Bill put a hand to his now stinging cheek but didn't say a word. He didn't even move but just continued to stare at the side where his head was turned to from the impact of Dipper's hand. Speaking of, the Omega clutched his arms when the tension grew so thick in the room.

"As I said- this is your life so get used to it. Unless some miracle happens where every single authority in the country is thrown out, we are outcasts. Always will be- Understood?" Bill said in a very serious tone- almost menacing with each word that left his lips.

"Understood?" He repeated louder and stepped forward to cast a shadow over the Omega who timidly nodded. "Good."

He turned on his heel before unlocking and slamming the bedroom door behind him. With the click of the door shutting the Omega fell to the floor sobbing. Clutching the carpet and just letting all his emotions go- he wishes he could turn back the clock. Yet still apart of him still loved the Alpha and wished he would change.

But he was right, they are criminals and there is no way to reverse what they had done.

"Yet why do I still hold on the hope of being normal again?" The Omega whispered.

Little did he know Bill was waiting outside the door listening in. He felt some remorse- shouldn't have been too harsh but that Omega needs to get it into his head that going back into society is a bad idea. For one he wouldn't have a clue what to do- but two, he doesn't want to go back.

He liked it here.

Very much so.