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"They are stupid brats and should never have come here," Blaze yelled to himself swinging on his computer chair as his friends in the video call stayed silent. He looked at the screen in the hope that they had some advice. "Well, what would you have done?" He asked glaring at one of the three faces on his screen.

Since Blaze was now in hiding along with his parents it meant it was hard to make friends per se- His father eventually had to bring the family on business trips to China, Russia, and England where he met the children of other mafia or criminal bosses and decided to make a connection. They were all in the same age range and had never grown apart since.

"Dunno Blaze- My Mother killed all her siblings with a butter knife when she was ten." Alfred huffed over to the young Cipher. Alfred was the Only son to Maria Bushwell- The head of an English criminal gang known for terrorism in the eyes of the devil. Blaze groaned at the other fourteen-year-old Englishman and looked to Ivan on the screen.

Ivan stayed silent and shrugged. Blaze knew him as part of their extended family. In fact, Bill was the reason Ivan no longer had a father. Igor had been dead for almost eleven years and poor Ivan never really remembered much of his father. Before his mother died a few years ago she had told Ivan that he was a brave yet horrible man and then she died of an illness of the heart. He now lived with his Russian mobster Grandfather and grandmother in the North of Russia.

"Maybe you could do a fake raid on the house and kill em in the process?" A girl named Alix spoke up. She was the eldest daughter to a high up Chinese businessman who had relations to the old Chinese Mafia before it was abolished five years ago. Blaze smirked at Alix- Some would say he even liked the strong-willed Omega girl. "Anyways you will be there, right? When my father comes to meet yours?"

"Of course." Blaze scoffed sitting back in his chair with arms crossed, trying to act all cool and calm. "I expect to see you?" He asked but ignored the noises of fake puking from Ivan and Alfred.

"It is certain." She whispered before ending the call. Leaving Blaze trying to suppress a blush.


"Don't start it, Ivan!" Blaze snapped and closed his laptop and ending the call in the process. "Fucking imbeciles." He muttered glaring at a picture on his desk. It was a picture of his mother and him when he was about four-years-old. When he was innocent and still a kid.

Everything has changed now.

"Well, what if he comes to murder us!?" Alcora whispered to Affine who was pacing back and forth in their shared temporary room. "Well?"

"We will have to fight him." Affine replied. Alcora was not convinced by the tone of her voice but the girls almost had a heart attack when their bedroom door opened and Dipper walked inside.

"Er Sorry were you two in the middle of something?"

"No!" Affine and Alcora stuttered nervously. "I mean we were just talking and-"

"At five in the morning?"


"Look if it's Blaze your worried about he won't harm you." Dipper sighed knowing what his son could do but hoped wouldn't do.

"He grabbed my neck!" Affine glared showing the Omega the red bruise mark on her neck. Dipper winced and looked closer.

"Let's get something on that." He muttered looking around the ensuite for a heating pad which he eventually found. "He's an Alpha so his grip is naturally stronger-"

"I'm used to it by now."


"My fake dad back at Mabel's used to do this all the time. It's okay."

Dipper had to bite his tongue to stop him from going out of the room to order and attack Mabel's home. He exhaled and applied the pad to the child's neck. "What dynamic are we?" Alcora blurted out and Dipper looked confused.

"I don't know- Did Mabel never get you seen to by a dynamic doctor?"

"No." Affine shook her head. "We've never left the house until now."

In shock, Dipper stood up and quickly excused himself to go ask Bill for a doctor but when he went into the Alpha's private office he heard Bill swearing at Pyronica who was cowering in fear.

"What do you mean has already on his way!?" Bill screeched at the Omega. "Fucking hell!"

"What's going on?" Dipper asked.

"Pyronica just told me that the Chinese mafia boss is ALREADY on his way when he wasn't due until tomorrow MORNING!" Bill yelled knowing he had no plan to deal with or that he had no preparations to impress him with.

"Calm down we can think of something."

"No you don't understand Pinetree He's bringing his wife- kids and bodyguards!" Bill panicked waving his heavy gun around. Seeing Pyronica almost cry out in fear the Omega grabbed the gun from his Alpha's hand and sat him down with a kiss to the cheek.

"Well, I guess we need to put on a show eh?"

"I guess." Came the huff. "What did you want to talk to me about?" Bill asked.

Biting his lip Dipper thought the while Blaze being mad to the twins could wait for a single day. "Nothing important."

"If you say so-" Bill replied walking away to get something planned for this deal with the Chinese mafia boss.

Meanwhile, Blaze sneaked into his parent's room and rummaged around a large black box under their bed- he found many things that were not for a child's eyes but when he found a large cardboard box with packets inside he snuck some in his pocket before running back to his room. Hopefully, they won't notice what he stole from the box.