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"Blaze put the fucking gun down now!" A figure ran over to the teen and snatched the gun before grabbing his ear tightly and boy did this guy not look happy. "What the fuck have I told you about guns young man!"

"Mom stop!" The teen Known as Blaze whined as his mother pulled on his ear and glared at him. "I'm not a kid anymore! Stop being so fucking overprotective you're suffocating me!" He yelled wiggling out of the Omega's grip. He glared at the Omega and back at the girls with narrowed hate-filled eyes, mainly directed at the twins. He let out a low growl and stomped away kicking the dirt as he went back inside the estate mansion with a hand through his ruffled chocolate locks of hair.

"Blaze Get back here!" He yelled but the Teen had already gone back inside. He looked at the shivering and cowering girls with a sorrowful expression before a gunman in black was about to kick them up off the ground. The Omega hissed at the man and told him to start unloading the weapons into the basement.

Affine looked up at the Omega dressed in a tightfitting black shirt and jeans that contoured to his curves. His shoes were black sleek high heels and on his shoulders was a black blazer on his shoulders. A small chain necklace around his neck with a small blue Pinetree gemstone at the bottom. Brown curly hair that matched his watery doe brown eyes as he stared at the girls in front of him. whimpering he knelt down to touch one of the girls who flinched back.

"I won't hurt you Affine." He said gently as he cupped her scratched cheek gently.

"H-How do you know my name?" She asked narrowing her two colored eyes.

"It's a long story." He cried tears falling to the dirt.

After the whole situation, the Omega brought them inside to be washed, fed and changed into something more suiting other than rags. The girls were confused but Alcora faintly knew what was going on. It was confirmed when the Omega sat them down in a lounge. Each girl holding a glass of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows while the Omega had to think of what to say.

"I- Don't know how to explain this." He said shyly rubbing the back of his neck. "Y-Your mother, Mabel as you called her. Isn't your mother." He mumbled.

"What?" Affine said mouth gaping in shock. "Then who is she?!"

Wincing in guilt the Omega sighed. "Your Aunt."

"Our Aunt? So Megan is our cousin- Not sister?" Alcora asked setting the mug down on the glass coffee table.

"Yes." The other replied wiping tears with a tissue. "That man you said was your father- Is not even related to you by blood."

"I knew it." Affine hissed under her breath. "So why does Moth- I mean Auntie Mabel hate us so much?"


"Because Of me." The Male Omega cried into his hands. "I'm So sorry." He sobbed. "I didn't mean to do it- I was just scared and I shot her mate and we had to go on the run and leave you behind I- I wanted to come back for you but I couldn't. It was too late by the time I did..."

"Wait, hold up! You shot someone!?" Alcora yelled flinching back on the sofa. "Who!?"

"Aunt Mabel's previous mate- My sister in law." He muttered.

"You're our Uncle?" The girls asked but when he looked up speechless. He said some words which made their world spin.

"No." A pause. "I'm your mother."


"You left us?" Alcora whispered.

"I-I Didn't mean-"

After Pacifica fell to the ground Dipper's head went dizzy and before anyone could lunge at them Mabel let out a strangled cry before falling to her knees before her dead Omega. The fury she looked at Dipper with swore revenge. Wendy tried to approach the three in front of them but Dipper yelled.

"Stay away from us! Don't you dare follow-" He heard himself snarl pointing the gun before grabbing Blaze who was shaking in shock horror. The Five-year-old followed his parents down some streets and to an abandoned car when Bill managed to start the engine. "Wait!" Dipper yelled stopping him from driving any further.

"What!?" He yelled obviously in a panic.

"We can't leave."

"Pinetree If we don't leave they will arrest us!"

Dipper cried. "If we leave- we leave them behind!"

Bill growled grabbing the Omega's face to knock some sense into him. "If we DON'T leave they will take Blaze too!" He yelled and stopped Dipper from crying. "We are going to Canada so buckle up- We will come back for them I promise. My Great Grandfathers estate is there. We can set up our base since it's well abandoned."

Dipper cried silently as he watched the trees go by on their trip. Blaze saw the hurt of losing the twins but if it meant he can have his parents to himself. So be it.

"You came back for us?" Alcora asked not wanting to look at the upset Omega.

"I did. But you were gone."

"Why didn't you go back to Gravity Falls then?" Affine asked clutching her sister's hand.

"I couldn't have shown my face after what I did."

"Your a murderer," Alcora asked.

"No. I'm engaged to a Mafia boss." Dipper laughed to himself. "What has my life turned into?" He muttered.

"Will you send us back?" They asked with a hint of fear. Looking up at them as if they were ridiculous.

"Hell no!" Dipper said. "I just got you back now you think I'm about to send you to those nut jobs?!" He asked.

"Then what will you do with us?"


"I would keep you. But I understand if you don't want to stay- I don't deserve it."

A pause.

"I want to!" Alcora blurted out. "Don't send me ack p-please!" She broke down in a sob. "Please Mommy Don't send me back to them- I-I'd rather die!"

Dipper stared, stunned. "I wouldn't dream of it." He said but before he could say anymore he felt a thud at his chest where Alcora lunged at him in a hug.

"Promise?" Affine asked walking over to him.

Breathless. He smiled with tears in his eyes. "I promise on my life."

The three hugged and cried but from the distance. Through the crack of the lounge door, a teenager glared. Gripping the side door with rage- nail marks scratched down leaving large indents of what would look like claw marks. His eyes were blazing with fury- why did they have to ruin everything!? In a boiling rage, he stormed down to the basement where he heard the yelling and screams of a man tied to a chair while the blade of a knife cut through the pale skin. Crimson drops of pure bliss dripped onto the floor as the man let out his final breath- his clock stopped ticking.

Speaking of which- the click of a pocket watch closed and Blaze stared at the figure who closed it. One hand holding a blade- the other holding the pocket watch.

"New record." He hummed putting it in his pocket and dropping the knife. Spinning around the blonde stared at his son who watched on. He knew that face. He knew he was angry with something. "I thought Mother had told you not to come down here while I'm at work, Blaze."

"What Mother does not know will not kill him." Blaze replied leaning against the door frame. Bill laughed breathlessly.

"He will kill me if he finds out-"

"He won't." Blaze snapped.

"Hey what's wrong with you?" Bill asked wiping the splatters of blood from his face. Watching his fathers crazed eyes slowly go back to his calm self Blaze huffed and watched him clean the knife and other tools while he circled around the dead body.

"So who was this one?" The teen asked. Bill glanced behind him and turned back to cleaning.

"A dealer who didn't repay me." He replied quickly. "Now are you going to tell me what's wrong or will I have to drag it out of you?"

"Why can't I help you?" Blaze asked.

Bill froze and sighed. "Blaze you know this isn't exactly the best business for a kid-"

"I'm almost fifteen Dad!"

"Still!" Bill snapped turning around and shoving Blaze out of the room. "All I ever wanted for you was for you to never end up like me." He muttered looking down at the younger Alpha. "Yet you won't keep away."

"I want to be like you."

A laugh. "You really don't."

Blaze stayed silent.

"If that's all that is bothering you- then I suppose you best get back to your school work."

Blaze glared at the floor and slowly began to go up the stairs. Keeping in his rage.

"Oh and Blaze."

He turned to look down at the older Alpha. "I would like my handgun back by tonight." He tried to keep back a smirk.

Blaze rolled his eyes. Of course, he noticed it was missing. Maybe he left it outside when his Mother tried to attack his ear.

"Whatever." He scoffed and vanished upstairs back to his room.