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Lustful Secrets

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First Part of the Story:

This takes place in chapter 68 of the manga, or Season 2 Episode 38 of the anime. Here it is.

"An entire week of training camp!" Said Tenya Ida to his classmates

"Man, an entire week? Plus, that list is huge." Midoriya commented

"I need night-vision goggles." Said Mineta

"I don't even have a bathing suit. There's a ton of stuff I've got to but." Stated Kaminari

"Oh! I know! Since we're off tomorrow, and that tests are done, how about we go over to the mall and do some Class 1-A shopping!" Said Toru

"Good idea!! This'll be the first time doing it, come to think of it." Said Kaminari

"Hey, you coming too, Bakugo?" Asked Kirishima

"Hmp. Fine." Replied Bakugo

"How 'bout you Todoroki? You coming?" Asked Midoriya

"...Yeah. Sure." Said Todoroki

-At the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall-

"So now we're here! At the mall!" Yelled Mina, excited

Stores have to do more than simply cater to body types that differ by Quirk. They also need designs for all ages, from teens to seniors. No wonder this place draws so many customers. Muttered Midoriya as he looked left and right all around the area

"You're scaring the children. Stop that." Commanded Tokoyami in a nervous tone

"He sure as hell will never. Not if I got anything to say about it." Said a woman.

The class turned around to see who it was, and there they saw a young, voluptuous, woman, who had purple eyes and long, voluminous, creamy blonde hair curled into two strands. She was wearing navy blue jeans, black, 1 inch, high heels. And a bronze rosland coat, with a white undershirt.

She quickly walked over, and then hugged Izuku, moving his head down to press her boobs against his already blushing face, furthering his blush. She then backed off ever so briefly, only to give him a nice kiss on the lips.(Btw, Yu is 162[5'3''] cm tall, and Izuku is 166[5'4''] cm tall. Just so you know.)

While Izuku was having his lips sucked out, Class 1-A was practically having a heart attack.

Yuga's right eye was slightly twitching,

Mina was cheering in surprise,

Tsuyu eyes got bigger,

Tenya's arm started to look invisible with how fast he was moving it,

Ochaco blushed as she looked away,

Mashirao gained a shocked look,

Denki also cheered for Izuku,

Eijiro was crying his manly tears,

Koji looked away,

Rikido mouth hung open,

Mezo stepped back a but,

Kyoka followed in Ochaco's example,

Hanta stared,

Fumikage looked up as Dark Shadow clapped,

Shoto's left arm started making short bursts of flames,

Toru was jumping,

Katsuki was autisticly screaming as he made mini explosions,

Minoru was crying,

and Momo, also blushed.

Once the young woman was done making out with Midoriya, she then looked at all his classmates, and laughed at their reactions to them kissing. Once she regained composure, she then held out her hand, and began to speak.

"Hi. My names Yu Takeyama. Pleased to meet you." She spoke calmly as she gave a slight smile at everyone else trying to control themselves.

After she shook each of their hands, with Katsuki being slightly difficult about it, she then explained how she was indeed, Izuku's girlfriend. Once everyone was done being shocked, they then began walking together as she then started to explain how they met.

"Well, I was near a bank, and then, all of a sudden, a bunch bank robbers came out of no where, and held me hostage in order to get what they wanted. That's when Izuku came in, saw what was going on, and two of them in the face as he tea bagged the third that was looming over me. Once everything was done, I gave a smooch, and my number, and we've stayed in contact ever since." Said Yu, knowing that it would be wise not to tell the actual story, cause it would ruin her image as a hero, and as a person if people find out that she was in a relationship with a 15 year old boy.

Since everyone bought it, they then started buying the things they needed, then, Izuku waited outside a store, whom was housing all of Class 1-A, along with his girlfriend, Yu. He had everything he needed, that's when he heard a voice calling him out.

"Ohhh, cool! You're from U.A.! Can I get your autograph?" The man asked


"You're the kid who got messed up during the Sports Festival, right?!"

", I was."

"Then during that business with that Hero Killer Stain, and those Nomu. MAn, you're something else!"

"Y-you sure know a lot about me..."

"Man, I can't believe it though. To think we'd meet again, here!

"Can't help but think that something special's helped you come this far."


"Something like fate, or destiny maybe." He said as he then grabbed Izuku's neck with 4 of his 5 fingers

"I mean, the last we met, was the attack in the U.S.J." He finished as he then looked at Izuku with killing intent. It was Tomura Shigaraki.

"Let's get some tea and chat...Izuku Midoriya."

Izuku then slightly panicked as he tried to move his neck

"Easy're gonna act like we're a couple of old pals. No making a scene, k'? Just calm down...breathe, and lets just sit and talk shall we?" He said as the two then sat down on a nearby bench

"Now, I could easily kill you by placing my last finger on your neck, and your throat would crumble in less than a minute."

"In a public area like this? Yeah, and then you'll get arrested for life."

"Heh. I'm sure that's what everyone thinks when coming here. I mean, someone could kill them, and yet they smile. Why? Cause they have laws to to build on their individual morality, and they are now convinced that "no one would ever do that." Plus, in the time it would take them to catch me, I could knock down,, 30 of them. The bystanders. The innocents that you "heroes" protect."

"...So. What do you want to talk about?" Midoriya finally said, seeing no way out of this

"Ha ha move." Tomura said as their conversation finally began

"You should know that I hate just about everyone and everything...but right now, what I'm truly livid at is that Hero Killer Stain."

"I thought he was working with you?"

"No. We weren't, even though the media thinks that. But...what really annoys me is that fact that I'm over shadowed by him, even though I attacked you at the USJ, and Hosu, where all he's done is kill a single man, where w've killed dozens. In the end, we're destroying what we hate. So, what makes us different Midoriya?"

"......With the Hero Killer...he does things I can't would never do, but why he does those things...I can understand why. With's that you do things I would never do, and for no reason at all. The world see's you as an unpredictable, whiny child, that goes off on a whim, where they see him as a dangerous, calculating murderer. He's more menacing cause they can understand his outlook, and how it made them think about what it means to be a true hero. Where you're just an obstacle, he's a main threat."

That's when Tomura gave Izuku the coldest glare, making his skin crawl as his grip around his neck got even tighter

"Ahhh. I see now. I've finally connected the dots. I now know why you're all so damn irritating. It's cuz of All Might." He said as he revealed his face, with him having wrinkles around his eyes, towards his mouth and forehead, and his lips chapped and uneven as they spread wider than his teeth, as he give him a chilling smile.

He then started choking him, squeezing his neck even tighter as he started understanding how he was always over looked, and how he would now be a even greater villain than Stain ever was. That's when Izuku struck his face, knocking him back.

"EVERYONE! THAT MAN IS THE VILLAIN TOMURA SHIGARAKI!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM, AND CALL THE HEROES!!" Izuku yelled as the people began running away as Tomura ran off, with Izuku starting to speed off after him. He tapped into 5% of One for All, and caught up to Shigaraki, and tackled him to the ground. That's when a purple portal opened up under Shigaraki's upper body. It was Kurogiri's Warp Gate. Tomura then kicked Izuku in the skull as he then fell through the gate as it closed up behind him.