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Fluffy Love

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As Jojo sat at the bar, he began to question whether he should keep waiting or just throw in the towel and head home. He had come here tonight to find someone new, someone different from everyone else he had known back home in Whoville. He’d only moved to the area a few days ago but he was already in desperate need of some company, likely due to his nineteen year old libido. He sighed, sweeping his eyes over the surrounding crowd, hoping he’d see someone who stood out from the rest of the dull faces surrounding him. Just as he was about to give up his search, he spotted someone in the far corner of the room that caught his eye. As if they sensed his staring, they looked up and seemed to smile at him with their wide eyes. They were big, orange and fuzzy, which reminded him of some of the Whos back home. He swung himself off the stool and made his way over to the corner where he’d spotted the beautiful stranger. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he pushed his way past the last sweaty body to spot that beautiful fur he’d first seen only minutes ago, but was already falling for. He smiled, striding over to the stranger and leaning across the table they sat behind.
“So, what’s your name? I’m Jojo,” he smirked. The furred beauty chirped alluringly back.
“Not much for words, eh? I can work with that,” he quipped, leaning even further across to place a hand on the side of their face. He couldn’t tell what their gender was, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was getting them back to his apartment,
“You wanna get out of here?” he asked over the strobing music coming from the speakers overhead. The tangerine dream across from him reached a paw out under the table and placed it on his thigh, giving him all the consent he needed. He reached around the table and grabbed their hand, pulling them out of the club with a smile and walked them the three blocks back to his apartment. Thank god he lived close by, or else they might not have made it. All the way back they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, all but fucking in the streets, they kept stopping to make out and mess around. Once he reached his apartment, Jojo quickly fished his key out of his pocket and unlocked his door, deftly pushing it open and pulling the stranger into his apartment and slamming the door shut behind them. As he pinned them up against the door, he whispered in their ear, “I still haven’t gotten your name.” They pulled out an ID card from a hidden pocket and showed it to him with a tilt of their alluringly rounded head. He read off the name, “Zingzingzingbah, huh? That’s pretty hot,” he breathed, dropping his head to place kisses up and down their neck. Zingzingzingbah chirped out a moan, and Jojo grabbed their tiny paw in his hand and dragged them to the bedroom, pushing them down onto the bed. He didn’t know if this would be just one night or something more, but whatever it was, he’d take it. Right now, all he wanted was to explore this night with them as fully as possible.

As soon as Jojo removed the last piece of clothing, leaving them both fully exposed, he took a moment to take in the breathtaking form beneath him. The orange fur shining in the pale moonlight from his window, his wide eyes staring back with the same lust as his, his arms laying spread and open on the bed, all ready and wanting for him. Just as he was about to lay into him, Zingzingzingbah reached up and grabbed him by the back of the neck, tugging him into a searing kiss. They explored each other’s mouths, feeling around this new territory while letting out the occasional muffled moan. Finally, Jojo pulled away for air, and started trailing open mouthed kisses down his hairy body, making his way towards the prize hidden below. Once he reached his destination, he reached around him to the dresser where he snatched a small vial of lube, pouring a small dollop onto his fingers and rubbing the tip of his middle finger against it. Zingzingzingbah whirred softly, spurring him on as he slipped his middle finger in slowly, not moving for a second then slowly pumping in and out. He studied their face for any signs of discomfort, only to find those big beacons of want staring back at him, urging him onwards. He slipped in a second finger and sped up just a fraction, searching for the spot that would make them unravel. Suddenly, Zingzingzingbah let out a loud, choked chirp, and Jojo made a mental note of the angle, adding a third finger and speeding up, watching Zingzingzingbah begin to fall apart. Suddenly, he stopped, retracting his fingers and grabbing the bottle once more, pouring more lube onto his hand and readying his member. He watched under hooded lids as Zingzingzingbah’s breath stuttered, staring at him as if he had hung the moon. He lined up his cock with their entrance, glancing up for consent. Zingzingzingbah whirred impatiently, telling him to hurry up already, and Jojo started slowly pushing his way inside, stopping once he had his entire length buried inside of Zingzingzingbah.
“Fuck, Zing, you feel so good,” Jojo moaned, waiting for Zingzingzingbah to be ready for him to move. After a minute, they whirred impatiently and Jojo slowly pulled himself all the way out until it was only his tip, then thrust back in, causing Zingzingzingbah to let out a loud chirping moan. As Jojo rode him hard, their breathing became more ragged, their mouths spilling forth more moans and profanity.
“Zing, I’m close,” Jojo grunted out, speeding up and slamming into them as hard and fast as possible. Zingzingzingbah chirped back in response, and in an instant they both exploded as one,
fireworks going off before their eyes as they rode out their intense bliss together. Once it was over, Jojo pulled out and fell next to Zingzingzingbah, panting as he looked over to his lover. Zingzingzingbah looked back, and to Jojo’s delight he saw the same satiation and what might possibly be love reflected in their eyes. He smiled as they lay there together, worn out and filled with bliss. He didn’t know if their time together was a one night stand but he prayed to god that it wasn’t. The dreamy ball of fur next to him was like an angel sent straight from heaven, and he didn’t want to let them go anytime soon.