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Confessions Behind Locked Doors

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“Hey... I know you’re mad but can I just talk to you? You don’t have to say anything,” Stephen sighs. He hadn’t meant to sound that harsh to Peter, and he definitely didn’t expect Tony to be so upset. “Tony, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t know he meant that much to you, I thought he was someone who had broken in and was trying to dig up info or find something of yours.”
Stephen leans his back against the locked door and slides down till he’s sitting on the floor. Tipping his head back he rubs his neck, trying to justify what he did. He had only met Peter once, and he was trying to forget everything about the decimation. Peter had just slipped his mind.
It wasn’t just his fault though, Tony never explained who Peter was. He could’ve at least said that he had a son. “I apologized to Peter, you know I did. And you know I would never do anything to hurt him or anyone for that matter. But you never even bothered to tell me you had a son! Or even mention that Peter was your son!”
Tony sits with his back against the door, head turned so his ear is gently pressing against the door, making every word Stephen says loud and somewhat clear. “It’s not just about you yelling at Peter, it’s the fact that you lashed out a child like that!” Tony responds, clenching his fists tight.
He was going to tell Stephen about his son, but he wanted to know how he was with kids, or in Peter’s case, teens. How could they be anything, Tony shook his head, dismissing the thought. How could they even be friends if he was like that? All Peter had done was make a small mess in the library, even if it wasn’t Peter, he shouldn’t have yelled at him like that.
“Tony, billions of people know you. So many love you, but just as many could hate you. I was thinking of your privacy, your safety. I shouldn’t have yelled, but I was only trying to help!” Fear wove itself into Stephen’s voice. He was terrified of losing Tony.
“So you tell Friday! What if it was someone dangerous? You could’ve been killed! Then what would I do?! Do you think I want to lose you?! I don’t want to lose the man I love!” Tony shouts back without hesitation. Stephen means the world to him, just like Peter does.
“I don’t care if I get hurt, Tony! I can’t lose anyone else. You’re the only person I have left, and I will not lose the last person I love. I can’t take it.” Stephen shouts right back, whipping around to face the door in surprise.
Tony blankly stares into his dark room, speechless and in shock.
“You love me?” They both whisper, mostly to themselves.
Tony slowly turns and unlocks his door, opening it slightly to look at Stephen. “Of course I love you,” Tony whispers.
Stephen stares at Tony, pure bliss and fear consume him. The man he’s loved for years has just confessed that he too, loves him. But Stephen is terrified that this moment is a dream, that it isn’t real. Stephen slowly lifts his hand out, to touch Tony’s face, just to see if he’s real.
Tony stops the man by catching his hand with his own and pulling Stephen into his room. Stephen just stares at Tony in awe and love, mind reeling with thoughts of how a man that intelligent, generous and beautiful could actually want him.
“How do I know you’re not a dream? I've had dreams just as realisti-“ Stephen is cut off by Tony pressing his lips against Stephen’s.
Tony pulls back first, scared to open his eyes. “I love you, Tony,” Stephen whispers.
“I-I love you too,” Tony stutters. This time Stephen pulls Tony to him and seals their lips together.