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Karmic Ties

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A clear azure sky looked down on Shi Qingxuan. Birds twittered and leaves rustled. He was currently lying on the roof of a building, arms resting behind his head. Beside him was a bottle of alcohol and a half-empty cup, both objects permeating the surrounding air with the scent of plum wine. His Wind Master fan had been haphazardly thrown to the side. If one were to look at him now, he would resemble more of a lazing cat than the honorable Wind Master God. A breeze blew by, cautiously caressing his cheeks and billowing his scattered hair. His eyes opened at half mast, as he gazed at the passing clouds above. A content sigh escaped his lips.

And yet, would the Fates ever be so kind? By Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The same could be said for Gods, and the Wind Master was of no exception.


<Dear Valued Customer, welcome to Reincarnation System. Upon your wonderful performance previously, we would like to offer you a chance to change your fate>


An unfamiliar mechanical voice jolted him out of his reverie, eliciting some kind of deep-seated horror in him despite never once hearing this voice before.

“Who’s there?!” Shi Qingxuan cried out in alarm. He jerked into a sitting position and the tiles of the roof cackled ominously with his sudden action. Perhaps it was because of his past experiences with disembodied voices- the Venerable’s curse still haunts him even today- the trepidation he felt was so strong that it shook him to the core. Moreover, anyone with a semblance of common sense would not trust a voice without a physical body.

Subconsciously, Shi Qingxuan knew that this wasn’t the Venerable of Empty Words. It was something bigger. After whipping his head around to survey the area, Shi Qingxuan couldn’t find anyone around. The voice was not heard a second time as well. He gripped his fan harder and tensed. Has it gone away? He was sure he did not imagined it.


<Downloading the user’s memories from his previous lives>


The clear mechanical voice echoed once again and before Shi Qingxuan could react, he doubled over. A barrage of memories assaulted him, making him clutch his head in pain. His previous lives flashed as images before him, the scenes flitted about and rotated rapidly.

High-rise modern buildings loomed over him, while the accompanying city life assaulted his ears.


The flashing and blinking of electronic gadgets encompassed him.


Then, there was bamboo hut on a mountain, which surrounded by a field of bamboos.


A bunch of youngsters in green were seen running around and cultivating. Their swords were swift and their movements were precise.


A bright young child came tottering in and brought him delicious porridge and snacks.


Several older cultivators, who looked to be close to him, were sitting in a room and chatting about inane things.


A male in black and red stood facing him. His crimson eyes alight, gazing at him with fervent desperation.


There was a huge fall, a sense of vertigo as gravity took hold of him. His clothes felt wet, possibly soaked with blood.


The same man was hugging him and whispering intimately to him. It was of apologies and promises. A sense of warmth bloomed in his heart, for a reason that was out of his grasp. 


Then came a tangled mess of sheets. Their hands tenderly intertwined.


They say that a person’s memory makes up their identity. Shen Yuan wholeheartedly agreed with them. When he came to, he was thankfully still on the roof, not having tumbled down in his painful haze. However, he felt like a completely new person. His thoughts were a jumbled mess, as he tried to align his memories to any semblance of order. The crashing weight of Shen Yuan, Shen Qingqiu and Shi Qingxuan was making him crosseyed.

It took some time to gather back his wits, huffing and panting miserably. After all, he had to organise three lifetimes worth of memories. Shi Qingxuan downed a huge gulp of alcohol to aid him. He’s too sober for this shit!

From what he could piece from his memories, he had died as Shen Qingqiu a few hundred years after the main story line of The Proud Immortal Demon’s Way had ended. And it was all Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky’s fault! Airplane had gotten interested in the prospect of multiple worlds and decided to experiment with it. Granted he was as well, but at least he didn’t make things explode and kill people! With Shen Yuan’s horrible luck, Airplane’s experiments with dimensional artifacts had blown up on the day Luo Binghe and him came to visit.


If your things were going to explode, at least do it when there’s no visitors okay?! They were innocent!


All Shen Yuan remembered doing was bending down and having a closer look at the artifacts when Airplane went out to get some tea for them. He didn’t even touch anything and the fucking thing exploded on him?!?! He hazily recalled Luo Binghe shielding him from the blast, but it was too late for him to do anything substantial. There had been a mad scramble of limbs and a panicked cry of "Shizun!", before the whole world went white.

Distantly, he wondered if Airplane and Mobei Jun escaped the blast radius.

He felt himself going hysterical. What the fuck? What the actual hell? He was just planning to enjoy the morning sun today. But somehow he gotten himself into such a weird situation. He suddenly had a whole new identity! Does this kind of thing happen to everyone or was it just him? He scratched his head in exasperation, flopping back down onto the roof. An irritated sigh left his mouth.


“System? What about Luo Binghe? Where’s he?”


<Dear Valued Customer, the protagonist of The Proud Immortal Demon’s Way has died due to the carelessness of the author>


… looks like the protagonist’s golden halo is no use in the face of a horrible author.


“Was he reincarnated? Is this why you’ve returned my memories?”


<Correct. In light of your wonderful performance in The Proud Immortal Demon’s Way, the system has reincarnated you into Heaven Official’s Blessing. Your goal is to get a satisfactory closure for Lord Wind Master and Black Water Devastation Ghost>


… Now that the system said it, Shen Yuan recalled his current life. Shi Qingxuan… Lord Wind Master. The name was really familiar. He did flipped through the book once out of curiosity. It was immensely more enjoyable then the shit Airplane had written. Ahhhhh didn’t his character meet a bad end though? And won’t his brother die at the hands of the person he had wronged? Shen Yuan can’t even avoid the culprit because Black Water has already wriggled into Heaven’s midst as the Earth Master. His best friend no less!

What’s with him transmigrating into books as characters with bad endings? At least let him become the protagonist for once QAQ~


Suddenly, he had a really bad premonition.


“And… is Black Water Luo Binghe’s reincarnation?”


<Correct valued customer (*´∇`*) due to him being a first time customer, his access to the reincarnation system and his past memories are not unlocked yet. Please aim for a good ending between the Earth and Wind Masters, good luck~>




Shen Yuan cannot compute this.

In his previous life, Luo Binghe was the sticky one, clinging onto him and crying out “Shizun” all the time. But this time it seems like a role reversal has occurred! He’s the sticky one now! Clinging onto Luo Binghe’s reincarnation and repeatedly calling out “Ming-xiong”.

Is this karma? How the tables have turned!


Moreover, why does he have such a horrible fate again after reincarnation? Previously was the threat of being sliced into a stick. That’s way too much for Shen Yuan to handle. This time, he didn't even become the protagonist of the story! He doesn’t want to have his brother killed. Although he does mock Shi Qingxuan sometimes, he actually treats him pretty well. 

Shen Yuan’s eyes turned slightly morose. He had already disappointed his first incarnation’s siblings by vanishing without a word to another world. He died while having them believe he was a worthless person; a shut-in good-for-nothing who can’t do anything in his life. He wants to do better in his current life.

What should he do? As tempting as it seems to stay home with his brother, his brother’s third Heavenly Tribulation was coming. It wasn’t a feasible idea to hide forever too. Plus if he avoided the Earth Master, Black Water would realise that Shi Qingxuan knows of his deception already. That's extremely risky. Who knows what he would do then.

Should he stick with Xie Lian? The mighty golden thighs of the protagonist were always the best! But there’s Hua Cheng to consider. Crimson Rain Sought Flower would be displeased. Shen Yuan doesn’t want to go against a Hua Cheng who is eating vinegar. Nor does he want to have front seats to eat dog food. Plus, didn't Shi Qingxuan of the book stuck close to Xie Lian during this debacle? And look where that got him to.



Actually isn’t he thinking it too hard about this? Why not just restore Luo Binghe’s memories? Luo Binghe definitely wouldn’t hold too large of a Grudge for what Shi Wudu did. In fact he probably would be pleased, being able to help his Shizun out. Everything then can be settled easily with words. 




Like hell! Any sane person would be mad if their shiny golden fate got stolen and was replaced with a shitty one that was cursed with misfortune. This was probably the best option for now though.


“System, how do I unlock Luo Binghe’s memories?”


There was a moment of pause. Shi Qingxuan shuddered, knowing that nothing good was to come.


<A good relationship is the key ☆〜(ゝ。∂)>


Isn’t this too vague?! Earth Master was his best friend already! They have a good relationship!


“Can you be any more specific?”


<Mysterious special condition needs to be met in order to unlock the answer>



“Haha- … hahahah …. hahahah!” The Wind Master’s notorious laughter spilled out from his mouth, highlighting the amount of stress and panic that he was currently feeling.


Initiate plan hugging golden thighs! If he has to live shamelessly, might as well go all out! He’ll stick to Black Water, who’s disguised as Earth Master, and butter him up. Hopefully Black Water will regain his memories before he makes his move. And maybe by then, Binghe won’t be so mad at this Shizun and his brother for screwing his life over. Hey in fact, didn’t Luo Binghe said this before? That there’s no such thing as destiny! If not he’ll trample all over it!


Hahahahah this is quite ironic for Binghe too.


… it really is karma isn’t it?