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The Vito Files

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Vito put in the contact lens, blinking. These were recording contact lens, which contained a camera function, linking to his computer. He had made them just for this moment. The moment when he finally took his son’s virginity and turned him into his little sex slave. He would be able to replay the moments over and over again for his viewing pleasure.

Vito couldn’t help but swallow when he saw his son’s sleeping form. He hadn’t thought he would really go through with what he was doing, but the moment he finished developing his newest drug, he knew that he was a goner. Nothing could have stopped him.

In fact, the first time he already thought up the drug’s effects, he should already have known. A sleeping drug with long-term effects of mind control wasn’t something someone would come up with casually.

Slowly, he peeled off the clothes from his son’s body, taking his time and savouring the moment. As he did this, his cock was already rock hard inside of his pants. His body reacted quicker than his brain did.

Vito ran a finger over his son’s plump lips, shivering when he felt how soft they were. He stared, parting them more. The inside of Daniel’s mouth was wet and slick. Vito ached to put his cock inside.

Wasting no more time, Vito stripped off all of his clothes, messily depositing them on the floor before climbing onto the bed with his son. He directed his leaking cock at Daniel’s mouth, slipping it inside. Vito shuddered at the soft, velvety feeling. All the earlier feelings of guilt faded away at the sensations.

He should have done this a lot sooner.

Vito licked his dry lips, his eyes rolling back in his head. The feelings of doing something forbidden and wrong filled him with such exquisite pleasure that he wondered if he could ever live without this. Then, he smirked. He didn’t have to anymore.

Slowly, Vito slid his hard cock down in his son’s mouth, smoothly breaching the tight ring of his throat. The man threw his head back and groaned at the tightness of his son’s throat.

Daniel struggled slightly in his sleep at the alien sensation, his throat convulsing on his father’s cock.

“Fuck,” Vito swore, roughly thrusting down his son’s oesophagus. This only got better and better. His son’s throat was tighter than any woman’s, but then again, that might have to do with his age. He was already so much better than his mother had ever been.

Holding his son’s head in place, Vito stilled himself as he finally bottomed out, enjoying the sensations around his cock without moving. It was only when Daniel’s breathing faltered that Vito started thrusting again. He felt like he could do this forever.

“Little slut,” he growled. “Look at how you’re gobbling down my dick,” he said. Vito traced the visible bulge in his son’s neck, feeling his cock twitch as his lust grew. Vito thrust harder, one hand placed on his son’s throat as he fucked up and down. Feeling his cock inside of his son’s throat from the outside as he moved up and down was beyond hot.

All too soon, his hips twitched erratically as he spilled his cum deep down his son’s throat, dragging his cock back up. “Taste that, slut? You love it, don’t you. You do,” he said, starting to work on the mind control.

Vito was about to reluctantly used some of his cum that was left inside his son’s mouth to stretch him out before he realized that he could just work it into Daniel’s subconscious that pain was to be enjoyed.

He grinned, quickly coating his cock with lube. Though it was fine for his son to enjoy it, he didn’t like putting his cock in dry since it hurt too much.

Vito spread his son’s legs, glancing between them. His son’s cock was still so small and soft, and there was no hair to be found. Vito felt his cock twitch as he quickly grew back to full hardness. In fact, he felt like he was even harder than before.

Daniel’s hole was tightly closed, just a small, pink ring. Evidently, his son was still a virgin. It looked way too small for anything to go inside, but Vito would work on it.

Vito positioned his cock on his son’s small hole, putting pressure on it. He spread his son’s silky-smooth legs further as he put more pressure on the hole. Vito frowned, thinking that he really would have to use lube to open him up to he could fit in.

Just as he was about to give up, to his surprise and pleasure, his cockhead popped in. Vito groaned loudly. It was even tighter than his throat had been! His son’s virgin hole was clenching down tightly on his cock, almost as if trying to bite it off.

“Fuck yes, Daniel. You little whore. You love daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

Vito used little thrusts, sliding himself more and more into his son’s formerly virgin hole. He savoured the tightness of the hole, feeling like his son’s ass was made for his dick. When he couldn’t get any further in, Vito growled. He thrust harder, pounding in and out of the tight hole, grinding his hips in different angles, when all of a sudden the rest of his cock slid all the way in, going past the bend. Vito groaned loudly, cursing. “Fuck, that’s hot.”

With his balls slapping his son’s entrance, Vito stared at the sight for the camera. He wanted to immortalize this moment.

He stared at the place where his cock was disappearing into that tight hole, thrusting shallowly for the camera. The skin around his son’s hole was stretched tight. It was so stretched that it looked like his cock could barely fit inside there. Vito grinned, thinking that was true, with how snugly his cock was fitting inside.

Spreading his son’s legs wider, Vito started thrusting, his eyes looking at the seductive picture his own flesh and blood was making. He thrust harder at the thought, raping his son’s hole with all his might.

“Fuck! Such an anal whore,” he groaned. Every thrust sent back an endless amount of pleasure coursing through his veins. Now that he had a taste of the pleasure, he would never be able to give it up anymore. So what if he wasn’t a good father? As long as he had his little fucktoy, he would be happy.

Vito pumped his hips, working his hard cock in and out of his son’s hole, which was slowly getting looser. It was almost as if the hole was accepting his cock’s presence. The man pressed down on his son’s legs, folding him in half.

He grabbed a bit of rope he had kept at his side, tying both of his son’s legs and hooking them behind his neck. This exposed Daniel’s young body completely to his father, with the added effect of looking even more slutty. Vito discovered that tied up like this, his son was even tighter than he had been. He could even make out the shape of his dick in this position. He was so large in that tiny body that it looked almost obscene, with the way his dick was making a bulge.

Vito pinched his son’s nipples roughly, not once faltering in his thrusts. He took all the pleasure he could get from his fucktoy, not caring about the fuckytoy’s pleasure at all. All that mattered was he felt good. He felt amazing.

He twisted the nipples in his hands, thinking about whether he should get his son’s nipples pierced. The whore would look amazing with little studs or rings. Vito was sure that his fucktoy would cry out cutely when he twisted them.

Vito swallowed at the thought, putting it aside for later. He let go, realizing how dark the formerly pink nipples had gotten. The sight made him inch closer to the edge. The sight of a young body sporting those nipples like a well-seasoned whore made him unbearably hard.

Vito swore, thrusting harder and rougher as he grew nearer the edge. He pounded away at that tight hole without much thought, dwelling in the obscene pleasure he was obtaining from the forbidden. Every time he brushed or hit the slut’s prostate, the hole around him clenched and twitched, showing unconscious pleasure, but it was the sight of his son’s slightly open mouth filled with traces of cum that did him in, the sight pushing him over the edge.

Even as he came, he pumped his cock in and out of that tight hole, prolonging his pleasure as he spilled himself as deep as he could inside, marking his son up as a claim over his newest fucktoy.

Vito stayed there until his dick slid out of his cock sleeve’s hole, a wet sound that was so obscene his cock chubbed up again. The man leaned back, putting a pillow under his son’s back so that his cum wouldn’t leak out.

The sight of the young boy’s tight hole being wrecked by his own hand turned him on again. The formerly tight hole was now gaping open slightly, not having recovered yet. The hole winked open and close, showing flashes of his cum.

The white liquid trickled down from the hole slowly. Vito swallowed hard at the tantalizing sight. Reaching out, he pushed the hard-earned cum back into the tight hole. He repeated the process over and over again until it all stayed inside the hole.

“Good boy,” Vito said. “That’s right. All you’re good for is to be a cock sleeve and fucktoy for your daddy. You love dicks. Daddy’s dick the most. Fucktoys keep all the cum inside of themselves without spilling or wasting any.”

With that taken care of, his bladder was aching something fierce. Vito smirked, having drank a few cups of water before this. It was time for his cock sleeve to put all his holes to use. A multi-use fucktoy was the most convenient. Vito still couldn’t believe it took him so long to come around.

Vito moved around to the other side of the bed, looking downwards at his toy’s body. He tugged the child’s head slightly off the bed. Vito slid his cock back into his son’s throat, feeling himself grow harder at the now familiar high heat that a child gave off.

Staring hotly at the bulge in the thin throat, Vito slowly pissed down the little slut’s throat, sending it straight into his stomach. He thrust shallowly as he pissed, a different sort of relief coursing through his body. This almost felt just as good, and the thought that he was hydrating his fucktoy at the same time made him even harder.

He suddenly decided that his was all that the little whore was going to be allowed to drink from now on. Pee and cum. That’s all he needed. It had plenty of nutrients.

When he finished, the little boy had a slight bulge in his stomach, denoting all of the pee Vito had poured down his throat and into his stomach. Vito grew fully hard at the sight, his cock twitching in the toy’s mouth again.

Vito pulled himself out of the tight throat with a pop, righting the prone body on the bed.

“Look what you’ve done, boy,” Vito said, smiling. “You made me hard again, so you’re going to have to take care of it.”

With that said, Vito returned to the toy’s entrance, stroking his cock. With a single thrust, he sheathed himself back into the tight hole, not bothering to stretch him anymore. He was still plenty stretched and filled with his cum to boot. That was as much lube as he was about to get.

With a wet squelch, Vito started hammering Daniel’s hole again, each thrust giving a sexy squelch that turned him on more and more. As his balls slapped the boy’s cheeks heavily, the toy’s ass turned from the previous pink shade to a nice red.

Vito spanked the toy hard, delighting in the squeezes he got on his cock. The more he thrust, the more the cum inside of the slut stirred, spreading evenly in the hole. Vito grinded his cock inside the wet cave, harder than ever at the feel of his own cum coating the walls.

As he pounded away, he realized that each time he thrust, he could see the cum that coated his dick slide in and out of the hole.

“Fucking slut,” Vito said, delighted. He slapped the slut’s balls, causing them to turn a bright pink. He then moved on to slap the tiny cock, staring at the toy’s face. There were no expressions on his face, only one of sleep.

Vito didn’t know why, but that turned him on even more.

His pace picking up, Vito could hear the pee inside of his fucktoy’s stomach move with each thrust. The sound just made him thrust harder, painfully turned on.

Vito eyed the toy’s cock, thinking that it was so soft and small. He wanted to do so many indecent things to it, but it would have to wait for now.

He reached to the small pile of toys that he had prepared, picking up a rather sizable dildo. It was slightly smaller than himself, since he wanted to keep his toy tight.

He opened the fucktoy’s mouth and slid the dildo in without any problem, sliding past to the throat. Unfortunately, it seemed like his son had no gag reflex. He would have liked to break him in. Vito buckled the strap attached to the end of the dildo to the back of his son’s head, locking the toy in place.

Vito lovingly rubbed the bulge in that tiny throat. He wanted his son to stay this small and adorable forever. He was just so much cuter that way. He would have to get to work quickly and make a few serums to keep him this way and reinforce the mind control.

The man took his time as he thrust hard into the toy’s delectable ass, grinding as deep as humanly possible with his cock size. He frowned in displeasure, thinking about enlarging it so that he would be able to see the bulge in his son’s belly even more.

He flipped the two of them over, his cock never once leaving the slut’s hole. His son’s slight weight resting on his body was very attractive as well. Vito held down both sides of his toy’s hips as he thrust up hard into the hole. The angle allowed him to slide even deeper in, and the feel of his son’s bulged belly filled with both his pee and his cum was quickly sending him over the edge.

The fact that his son was completely helpless and at his mercy, having to take everything he gave him without complaint sent him over the edge. He was being corrupted without even knowing about it.

“Yeah, drink up all my cum with your hole, baby boy,” Vito grunted, spilling his cum inside the already slick hole. The thought of spilling the cum that made him into his own progeny was beyond euphoric. “My little fucktoy. You were made for this.”

Vito sighed with satisfaction, his lust fully satisfied for the night.

He flipped the two of them back over, leaning over his son. His cock was still deep inside the formerly virgin hole. He slid out slightly before making a ring with his fingers around the small exposed area of his cock.

He slid his cock out whilst keeping his fingers in the same shape, keeping all the cum he had produced inside his flesh and blood. He wiped off the excess cum and shoved it back into the tight hole.

Vito produced a black plug and slid it into the hole without any problem, spanking the prone body’s ass. The hole slowly twitched and closed around the plug’s thinnest area, keeping all of the cum inside until Vito said otherwise.

Vito grinned in satisfaction, feeling pleased with the great time he just had with his new fucktoy.

He quickly cleaned himself up as he headed to his lab. He had to whip up a couple of things before the toy woke up to enforce his control.