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Shut up Yoongi!

Shut up!!!

"Aaaaa... Aaaaa... Aaaaahhhhh..."

The beautiful boy with flawless pale skin was trembling in pleasure.

He hated it.


And hate was not even enough to describe how he felt right now.

It was unwanted.

He didn't want to feel any pleasures from this at all.

Yoongi cursed himself.

He cursed himself for his pathetic life and his pitiful family who only faced nothing but suffering and pain, every single day, but they still choose to endure their ill-fated lives for the sake of each other.

He didn't expect this to happen.

He never even imagined that one day he would end up in this position out of desperation.

Yoongi felt disgusted.

He felt filthy,

Extremely pathetic and worthless.

Here he was, selling his own virginity to someone he didn't even know,

And letting that stranger touch and manhandle him however that man wanted, was beyond sickening and dreadful.

"Ah.. Ahhh.... Nnghhh... Fuck! Fuck! Aaaahhhh....!" Yoongi whimpered; his body was quivering for the nth time in less than an hour.

This is fucking disgusting.

Shit! Shit!!

Yoongi's body started to heavily shaken the moment he felt the man was rubbing his already leaking dick.

He clenched the bedsheet tightly in his fists, tugging it whenever he tried to stop himself from drowning into the lustful pleasures, while trying so hard not to let another moan or whimper escape from his pretty lips by biting the pillow.

....And another strained moan escaped - full with the unexpected ardor of satisfaction.

Yoongi then shut his eyes as tight as he could, internally cursing his damn soul for letting himself moan like that.


Stop moaning or else you are nothing but a fucking slut!

The beautiful pale boy stopped himself from silently crying, leaving his soft cheeks stained with already dried tears.

Another finger inserted into his butt hole, making every muscle in his body become more tense than before.

And the moment those three fingers started to move inside him, and kept on attacking his sweet spot, Yoongi couldn't help but moan louder and louder each time those fingers hit his spot.

I hate my life.

I fucking hate my damn cursed life!

I detest every single thing that has happened to us!

Yoongi kept on cursing his life.

This damn life led to nothing but non-stop misery and torture.

The beautiful boy could feel a new set of tears now dampening his flushed cheeks due to his extreme dissappointment in life.

We should just die, shouldn't we?

They treat us like animals, anyway..

and I...

I have lost the only think I protected my whole damn life.


We're pathetic...

Yoongi's lips started to tremble. He pressed his palm onto his trembling lips as hard as he could, hoping that the man who was going to fuck him wouldn't hear his heartbroken whimper.

For fuck sake, Yoongi!

Stop crying!

This is nothing.

You've been through things worse than this.

You need the money...

You fucking need this money!

Yoongi took a deep, long breath, trying so hard to ignore how aching his heart felt right now.

Here he was,

being so fucking desperate,

for the sake of the people he loves in his own little dark world.

And the desperation led him to sacrifice the only one thing he cherished the most about himself,

His dignity.

His damn dignity made him remember that he was also a human being.

But he lost it now.

He lost that dignity for the sake of his mom and his little brother.

"Fucking pay the money your slutty sister stole from our boss or else we will kill your mom and sell you and your brother as prostitutes!"

One of the men strongly cupped his chin with his big rough hand.

The man angrily spat those words before he kicked the poor boy in his stomach several times, ignoring the fact that the boy was almost collapsed.

Yoongi silently hissed, trying his best to sit up on the floor but failed miserably.

He glanced towards his little brother, Hoseok, who was unconsciously lying on the floor after being hit mercilessly by those gangsters, before he looked at his mom who laid a few meters away from him, already turning pale due to her blood lost.

This was their third time in a month, trying to run and hide from those gangsters who harassed them for over a year now, demanding them to pay the money that his elder sister 'stole' from their boss.

And unfortunately, those thugs always found them within days,

And the nightmares kept on repeating over and over again.

"Speaking about sending them to the slut house, how about we do some 'tasting' before we decide whether they are worth enough to be sold as prostitutes ," the other man suggested, eyeing Hoseok who was lying on the floor with lustful eyes.

He then crouched down beside Hoseok who was still unconscious, starting to knead the boy's ass cheeks while hungrily touching all over his body.

"I'm gonna fuck him so goo-"

"Stop touching him you bastard!!!" Yoongi barked furiously.

He tried to move towards them, ignoring the fact that he was bruising and bleeding, just to save his younger brother from being sexually harassed, but was stopped by strong arms that were holding his shirt from behind.

A strong fist landed on his jaw, adding more wounds to his already wounded face.

Yoongi's body started to tremble the moment he realized someone was already on top of him, eyeing his body up and down a few times before the man started to rip open his shirt.

"Such a beautiful boy. You will be so fucking good for me ," the man growled before he started to kiss and suck Yoongi's neck, tainting the flawless skin with a deep purplish hickey.

Yoongi started to freak out and felt terrified all at the same time.

He tried so hard to push the man away from him, while screaming as loud as he could, begging the man to stop from doing what he did at that moment.


A loud slap sound echoed throughout the small apartment's living room area and another few smacking sounds followed soon after.

"Fucking shut up, you slut!" the man angrily barked before he landed another slap near Yoongi's bleeding lips.

He moved his hands towards Yoongi's pants, ignoring the fact that the boy was still screaming and crying out loud, begging him continuously to stop.

"Stop!!! Please stop!!!! I'll pay. I'll p-pay the money-"

Yoongi choked, still trying to push the man with his shaking hands but he stopped when the man grabbed his wrists and pinned those above his head,  just before the bastard let out a chuckle from his filthy mouth.

"And why should I listen to you? Your pretty tight hole will be so fucking good for all of us. I can imagine how great to fuck you all... night.....long, screaaaaaming and begging us to stop continuously ," the man whispered near Yoongi's ear while biting his earlobe, licking it a few times before he continued his words.

"...After all, you don't want us to bang your beautiful little brother instead, right?"

And at that specific time,

those specific cursed seconds,

Yoongi could feel his heart stop the moment that thug mentioned about his brother.


His teary eyes widened as he looked straight at the man's smug face in horror.

Yoongi's mind was busy, trying to decide what was the best to do at that time.

Should he sacrifice himself and let them molest him instead of Hoseok?


He should, right?

He would.

If that's the price to protect his precious little brother.

'Hyung will always protect you, Hoseok-ah. Just trust hyung. Okay?'

That promise he made to his brother kept on ringing in his head, giving him the strength to tell them his decision.

Taking another long breath just to ease his shattered soul, he slowly responded with his already hoarse voice.

"P-please... L-leave him alone... Use-use me... P-please don't touch him... Not-not him!"

"You shouldn't space out like that when you're with me. I hate people being disrespectful like this!"

The man who was fingering Yoongi growled, slapping the pale butt cheek once before he turned the boy's frail body to face him.

"Hey," the man slowly whispered, rubbing Yoongi's wet cheek with his thumb.

Yoongi was still spacing out; face emotionless with his eyes resembling nothing but a dead soul.

He then blinked his eyes slowly, only to gape widely after he realized he was facing the still fully clothed man who was on top of him.

"Oh God. I-I... Master, I'm s-sorry... I-I will be good. I promise. I...I didn't mean"

Yoongi started to hyperventilate.

He was panicking at the stupid mistake he made just now.

It's a rule,

a written contract that clearly stated the 'virgin petal' should serve his master as best as he could or else he wouldn't even get another chance to serve as a 'petal' anymore.

Yoongi was still hyperventilating; staring at the guy who was on top of him with his teary red eyes.

"Master, please, I-I'll be good-"

Yoongi stopped the moment that guy slapped his hands away, when he tried to touch his shoulders.

"Don't touch me," the man lowly growled, glaring at Yoongi who was already fidgeting.

"C-can you please give me another chance.."


I'm desperate...

I need that money to survive...

"P-please...." Yoongi slowly whispered, pleading to the guy who paid for his service to give him another chance.

He couldn't be kicked out from this room now.

Not now.

He knew the rule well enough.

Once the customer cancelled on you, the club would automatically kick you out and there would be no second chance.


And that's one of the reasons why the 'club' remained exclusive and superior among those who were in the underground world.

The ash grey haired guy just kept quiet, eyeing the beautiful naked body with his lustful eyes.

Licking his lower plump lips while he stared deep into Yoongi's swollen eyes, he then leaned down to slowly whisper his words to the still trembling guy.

"What's your name again?" he asked before he started to nibble Yoongi's earlobe.


"Hey Yoongi. You should be glad for being this fucking beautiful," the man huskily replied, sucking the skin behind Yoongi's ear before he slowly ran his tongue towards the flawless pale neck.

He kept on kissing and sucking the pretty neck, licking it soon after, before he moved towards the untouched skin on the other side, just to stain it with another set of deep purplish hickeys.

"Promise you'll be good for me?" the man slowly whispered before he looked at Yoongi's anxious face nodding his head, eyes sparkled with gratefulness, even though he knew very well that this would never be the few small things in his life that he would be thankful for.

"Good," the man contentedly replied, smirking before he landed another wet kiss on Yoongi's chest.

"But I hate it if you go mute on me," he continued, gripping Yoongi's cheeks with his hand.

"I'm sorry, Master. I-I promise I will be good for you," Yoongi replied, trying his best to keep the eye contact.

I should just let us die, right?


Mom and Hoseok mustn't die...

They deserve to live,

They deserve to at least experience a little bit of happiness in this life,

And I need to make it happen.

I have to...

I will.

"And fucking stop calling me Master. I hate it!" he impatiently replied, gripping the pale cheeks harder, making the slightly trembling boy look straight at his face.

"I... What should I call you then?" Yoongi slowly asked, struggling to move his mouth.

The guy cockily smirked, starting to rub his palm on Yoongi's semi-hard dick.

"Jimin. Call me Jimin."

The guy chuckled when he felt Yoongi, who was beneath him, start to tremble the moment he wrapped his fingers around the boy's almost hard cock.

"....And I want you to scream my name as loud as you can the moment I fuck your tight virgin ass all....night....long...," Jimin slowly whispered the words with his cocky smirk, licking his beautiful plump lips while eyeing the beautiful virgin meat beneath him.

Yoongi nodded.

His eyes widened when he remembered the other guy's words before.

"I hate it if you go mute on me..."

"Ji-Jimin... I will. I will scream your name t-the moment w-when you... when you fuck me..."

You have to do this, Yoongi...

After all...

"I promise..."

We have to survive...