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Girl's Night Out

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“Oiiiii!” Uraraka Ochako hollers, waving her arms as she approaches the other two girls struggling to douse the blue flames.

“Uraraka! Are you okay?”

“Yeah! Just a little scratched!”

“What’s the status out there?”

Uraraka briefly summarizes the situation. Deku fighting Muscular, Dabi setting the forest on fire, Aizawa keeping the students safe inside the building.

“Good, but the villains have the advantage! We must move! Can you help us here, Uraraka?” But the girl doesn’t answer, “Uraraka?”

“Awww, but that’s boring,” Uraraka’s pretty face starts melting, revealing a wicked smile and crazed golden eyes, “Let’s have some fun instead!”

A strange, suffocating gas surrounds them. Yaoyorozu Momo was too late to stop it, having been distracted and occupied dousing the blue flames.

“M—Momo…!” Jirou coughs nearby, but Momo couldn’t see her and she panics.

“Relax, girls. Everything will be okay,” But the voice wasn’t soothing at all, “I’ll take good care of you~”

Everything blurs and then.



When the girls wake up, they find themselves tied and bound to a chair. Momo opens her eyes first and sees Uraraka in front of her, chained to a chair like hers. Her hands were locked by Quirk restraining cuffs.

“Uraraka?” Momo blinks, “Is that… really you?”

But Uravity remains unconscious. There was a gash on the side of her thigh and a bruise on her temple. She was probably the first to be knocked out and then the impostor ambushed Momo and Jirou while their guard was down. A strategy of two or more.

“Momo…?” Jirou drawls from somewhere behind, slowly lifting her head, and Momo’s heart throbs, “What’s… going on? Where are we?”

“We’re trapped,” Momo replies quickly and cranes her neck, looking for Jirou, “We’ve been captured.”

“God, my head…”


Jirou doesn’t reply immediately and that worries the dark-haired girl further. She looks around, finds themselves captive between the murky walls of a stale, empty room, a basement of sorts. She tries to come up with a strategy, but her mind was foggy; she couldn’t seem to form coherent thoughts, and she was lost in her hazy musings when a familiar voice speaks.

“Awww, feeling lonely?” Then a girl walks in, closing the metallic door behind her with a kick and a teeth-grating clang. She was hiding something behind her back, “It’ll be okay! They’ll wake up soon and then we can have some fun!”

“Fun…?” For some reason, Momo doesn’t like the sound of that, “Wh—who are you?”

“Oh!” The girl beams and her cheeks flush, “I haven’t introduced myself! Where are my manners—I’m Toga! And youuuu’re Yaoyorozu Momo, aren’tcha?”

“How?” Momo asks, panic stricken, “How do you know my name?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Toga sings, giggling behind a lock of blonde hair, “Everything with be okaaaay.”

So she keeps saying, but it didn’t appeased Momo at all, “What have you done to my friends? What about the others?”

“It’s over. Everything’s okay now!” The villain hops on her feet, landing just behind Uraraka’s chair, “You don’t need to worry about anyone, it’s just us girls here and we’re gonna have soooo much fun. I can’t wait!” She giggles again, reaching down to stroke Uraraka’s cheek, “I think it’s time to wake them up, don’t you?”

Momo was speechless, watching her rousing the hero up with a few pokes and whispers into her ear. Uraraka blinks, looking around blearily, “Huh? Momo?” She drawls and there was a smidge of drool beneath her pink lips, “Wh… where are we? Where’s Toga?”

Toga squeals behind her, “I’m right here!” She pipes, skipping to Uraraka’s front, “You remember me!”

And from there, Momo could see what she had been hiding. Four small syringes.

“What… what is that?” She stammers, struggling fruitlessly against her hold, “What will you do to us?”

“Whoopsies!” Toga whirls around with a skip and a wide-ranging smile, “You weren’t supposed to see that so I guess I’ll do it now,” She brings one out, dangerously close to Uraraka’s neck, “But don’t worry. It won’t hurt. I wouldn’t ever hurt my best friend! It’ll feel really good. Trust me, we’re going to have sooo much fun.”

The girl who just woke up was defenseless against a small, yet sharpest needle she’s ever seen from sinking into her neck despite Momo’s pleas. She feels a warm liquid seeping into her veins, spreading throughout her whole body. However, she expects worse, knowing as little as she did of Toga. She doesn’t say anything, dreading the idea of giving the blonde any ideas.

“Wh—what is that?”

“A little something I’ve been injecting you with for the last few hours,” That would explain why Uraraka didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary, “I always use it, y’know? That’s why I have a looot to spare and share with you. So don’t worry. We won’t ever run out. You’re gonna love it.”

After injecting Momo, Toga trots over to Jirou, who was still out of Momo’s sight.

“Aww, she’s still sleeping. So cuteee!” Toga cooes, “I just can’t wake her up. What if I hurt her, just a little? I bet she looks cuter with a little blood on her.”

“No!” Momo shouts, both terrified and frustrated tears in her eyes. Frustrated because there was nothing she could do; she was useless no matter how much she works her mind. Terrified because they were in danger and the odds of getting out of there alive were low. Even with her messy thoughts, Momo knew Toga wasn’t alone, “Please, don’t hurt her!”

And Toga squeals again, a shrilling sound that grates the heroes’ ears, “I can’t believe it!” She skips back and kneels in front of Momo. The blush on her cheeks spreading to her temples and ears, “You liiiiike her a lot, don’t you?” Toga gasps, as if she discovered a deep, dark secret, “Are you lovers?”

Momo blushes and looks down at her lap, where Toga had leaned onto so she could look into Momo’s eyes. The hero didn’t plan on telling the villain, but her worries betrayed her. More important, now they know where Momo hurts the most, and while she knew Jirou could defend herself perfectly well, she couldn’t help but worry.

But her silence is all the girl needed for an answer, “That’s so cute!” She says and then sighs wistfully, her eyes losing focus, “I wish I had someone special like that, y’know? I like Deku a lot,” At this, Uraraka perks, “But I like girls more, like you do I’m sure. That’s why I brought you all here!” She hops back to her feet and winks at the jet-haired hero’s stricken expression, “Sorry! But I need to pinch your cute girlfriend. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt her, just for you~”

But the hero Creati frights nonetheless, “Please, I beg you…”

Toga keens at her pleas, no doubt enjoying them. Momo hears Jirou groaning, roused from her sleep, “What the—? Who are you?”

“I’m Toga! You girlfriend’s friend!”

“My—?” Jirou pauses and then, after a minute approximately, she seems to find and grasp the situation they were in, “Momo? What’s going on? What happened?”

“We were—”

“I brought you here to have fun with me!” Toga interrupts.

“Have fun?” Jirou scoffs, clearly an attempt to mask the distress she was feeling, “Tied?”

The villain grins mischievously and giggles, “We can have lots of fun all tied up~” Then she leans in and Jirou tries to recoil away from her wicked smile, “I’m sure you and your girl have tried it.”

The girls blush profusely and Jirou stammers before admitting: “We… we haven’t.” Why did she say that?

Toga laughs, “You haven’t? Aww, it’s okay! You’re gonna love it!”

The third hero blushes too, shifting her eyes between the others, the conversation having sparked something in her she couldn’t quite name. She rubs her knees anxiously to distract herself, and she keeps gaping her mouth, like she has something she really wants to say. It was odd. She wasn’t completely sure what she wants to say and yet…

Toga notices and skips her way, “What is it, baby?”

Uraraka bristles at the pet-name, “I… I…” She closes her mouth again, fighting herself to keep quiet.

“Yessss?” The villain whispers into her ear, and somehow, that’s all the push she needs to confess.

“I haven’t tried it either!” She blurts, all in a single breath. Then she gasps and tries to cover her mouth.

“Awww, little Ochako. I know you haven’t,” Toga leans down, her lips brushing the hero’s flushed cheeks, “It’s written alllll over your cute face~”

Uraraka looks down at her lap in shame.

“But you would love to, don’t you?” Toga adds, reaching over to stroke her warm cheek with her knuckles, “You dream about Deku tying you up real nice on your bed, don’t you?”

The hero shivers and shrinks on her seat. She wants to deny it, to cling to her dignity, but her body wouldn’t obey, “Y—yes,” She admits with a shiver and she starts to feel damp between her legs at the mere idea of being tied and touched by scarred fingers. Her friends look at her with wide eyes, “God, yes…”

Toga snickers, “So naughty and you have such a pretty face. I bet everyone thinks you’re a good girl, but you can’t fool your best friend~”

Uraraka looks up and then at the empty syringes in her hand and thinks that whatever it was, it was making her talk things she usually wouldn’t admit. It had to be the source of her muddled mind too, “What is that thing?” She inquires.

But Toga dismisses it, injecting herself, “Nothing you need to worry about, baby.”

The pet name makes Uraraka bristle again. She likes it. She’s never been called as such. And she realizes she has been longing it.

“I like it.”

“Good girl,” Toga pats her soft head and preens to walk by the doorframe, “I’ll be back soon, girls. Don’t miss me too much.”

And the heroes were alone once more. Toga’s departure leaves an unsettling echo and hollow in the room that the girls didn’t know how to cope with. They try to cook a plan to escape, but they couldn’t come up with anything good enough. At the end, they ended up talking about something else. About how hot the room was. About how weird they feel. About how much they miss the villainy girl instead of the heroes out there probably looking for them.  At some point, they weren’t even conscious of what they were saying.

As time pass, in fact, they stop recognizing their own bodies altogether.

Uraraka feels anxious, extremely itchy and sweaty. Her thighs were rubbing off on each other, skin scathing, and her groin was tight and hot. She desperately needs some sort of relief, anything hard enough to rub herself on—anything at this point—and while the chair was ideal, it wasn’t enough, and it was driving her crazy. She tries everything, from spreading her legs and rolling her hips, but nothing was working, and she elicits a frustrated and breathless puff of air.

Meanwhile, Momo, who was watching her, was feeling slightly different. Every joint in her body was on fire and tout, head spinning, and legs numb. Specially the expanse between her legs. Her breasts feel heavier. The sensation was familiar: she’s felt like this after every training session with her girlfriend, after which they always blow off steam. Be it in the bathroom or their room. The memory triggers even more heat that ebb across her body. She whimpers softly as she searches for comfort. It hurt to move even the slightest bit and yet, at the same time, it feels good.

Finally, Jirou wasn’t as quiet as the other two. She was painfully aroused, needy, and she becomes quite bratty when she doesn’t get the ease she craves. But Momo was far from her reach. Far from her soft hands stroking just right in the right places, “Momo...,” She gasps, trying to mover her earbuds to relieve, in some way, her arousal but they were tied behind her neck, “Momo, I... I... what is this? Are you feeling this?”

Momo nods, not that Jirou was paying attention, “Y—yes, I feel it too...”


But the hero Uravity was busy gasping, moaning the few times she manages to have a taste of friction on her chair.

“God, I can’t...,” Jirou tosses her head back and mimics Uraraka, “This is... too much. Momo, I need you...”

There wasn’t much Creati could do, however, bound to her own chair, spreading her own legs to clench and unclench her vulva, rocking against an invisible surface. She bites her plush lips in concentration, pictures Jirou’s thin lips kissing her inner thighs, whispering encouraging words, and she was close, oh so close to the euphoric clouds, but instead she falls and her lips gape to release a loud whine.

Then Toga comes back, wearing nothing beneath her short skirt, thighs slick and glistening temptingly, blouse open and exposing her bosoms. She meanders around the chairs, giggling as she watches the three sexually frustrated girls struggling to get off, each unique in their tactics.

“It’s sooo bad and good, isn’t it?” Toga comments, twisted smile hidden behind locks of her blonde hair, “It’s driving you crazyyy, isn’t it? You want to feel good so bad! You want to touch yourself, to reach the clouds and never come down from them, isn’t that right?”

The girls make a confirmative sound almost at the same time, something akin to a whiny moan.

“Then let’s have fun, just us girls tonight.” She locks the door and takes out her knife and keys to free the heroes, confident that they wouldn’t try to escape.

They take off their hero gear first, in such a hurry their fingers miss. Once completely stark, Momo and Jirou lock into other, kissing desperately and depravedly, pressing their chest together. Momo’s completely shutter over her girlfriend’s as they embrace and grind together. Their hands wander, lower and lower until fingers find their dewy flower in sync and moan in unison. Jirou’s jacks go around Momo’s body, enfolding and tightening until her flesh begins to jut. The sparks her Quirk emits causes Momo’s whole skin to bristle from the thrilling shivers that washes her. More sparks and the reactions from her girlfriend cause Jirou to lose control of her own power.

“J—Jirou!” Momo gasps, her body vibrating from the assault, a mess of red-ish blemishes and streaks she knew would never fade scattering her body, but she didn’t care at that moment, “Oh, Gods!” Her mouth gapes, drool slavering from her chin to between her midst as she spills, slick dribbling like a chute down her legs.

But her girlfriend doesn’t stop and Momo comes for a third and fourth time, Jirou’s jacks twisting around and stimulating different parts of her body. Everywhere they could touch: chest, thighs, belly, armpit, until they found her already sensitive bud, wet and warm, and when it sparks, Momo screams, pipes rupturing free a fifth time. Her legs became so clammy and numb, Momo collapses to the floor and only then Jirou comes to her senses. If only for a moment.

Toga watches her cabaret as she hugs the third hero from behind, who was stroking herself to the sight, “They’re so cute together, don’t you think?” She sighs dreamily into Uraraka’s ear.

Uraraka whimpers and nods, moving her fingers faster. Her legs start trembling and she sways, but Toga holds her tightly.

“Do you want to feel that too?” Her hands slither down Uraraka’s chest, her soft abdomen until they land on her hips. She rubs with her thumb in lazy circles and grin when Uraraka spools, “I bet you know how to do it yourself, but with someone else…,” Toga sighs again, breath causing brown hair to dance. Her fingers slide lower, tapping just above her bleak clit, “It feels wonderful.”

The hero whines and turns around to face the villain, who stops her with a finger on her lips.

“You have to undress me first.”

Impatient, Uraraka’s shaking fingers reach for the few loose buttons of Toga’s blouse. The blonde stops her again.

“With your pretty mouth.”

Uraraka obeys, sloping slightly to unbutton her shirt with her teeth. It was difficult, especially with the warm skin behind the thin material pressing on her face urging her to yank the buttons and be done with it, and arduously slow. She was becoming harder by the second and the finger stimulating her clit while her teeth worked weren’t enough to satisfy her. She wanted the hands, fingers, everything of another person. She wanted to explore the foreign sensation of having someone else touching her virgin body. She has dreamed of it.

“Wow, Uraraka,” Toga pats her head after all the buttons were loose, breasts free. She still wears the skirt, “So skilled.”

The hero purrs and she doesn’t bother covering her mouth or looking embarrassed about it: she was past the point of caring. The noises the other two made were spurring her. They kiss, the first kiss in sixteen years of Uraraka’s life, and she melts into it. Despite Toga’s insane nature, the girl’s lips were surprisingly sweet and soft as they lap together, neither traying to dominate the other. Then Toga bites harshly, drawing out blood from Uraraka’s lips before licking it with a hum. The hero winces but doesn’t part. As inexperienced as she was, she keeps lapping her lips, pressing herself against the other’s body and the touch of skin against skin causes her body to spark. A gasp escapes her lips and Toga sucks it in greedily, snickering. She was eager to find all of her soft spots.

“You make the prettiest sounds, Uraraka~” Toga comments and her hands travel lower, over the slant of her ass, squeezing before moving to the front. The pads of her fingers pause just over the dome of her clit, “I wonder what other sounds you can make…”

She squeezes and Uraraka makes another sound. Her back arches slightly, sweaty bosoms pressing tighter to create a sickly sensation between the two they still enjoy.

“You like it there?” Toga asks, sultriness dripping from her voice like honey as she moves again, index and ring finger nestling at each side of her vulva, squeezing and making it swell a little while her middle finger kneads the clit, “Like this?”

Uraraka gives a violent shudder and gasps loudly, hot slick dripping onto Toga’s palm as she comes undone without warning. Toga chuckles fondly, stroking to help ride out the abrupt orgasm.

“So cute.” She comments as Uraraka sags against her body.

While it felt wonderful, it wasn’t enough and Uraraka’s fingers were itching. She preens, staring openly at Toga’s perfectly round teats. She seizes them gently, testing the softness and pliability, watching how her pale skin divots easily under her fingers and she was entranced, as if by magic. Her thumbs graze over the rubbery nipples and Toga sighs, leaning into the touch. Clearly, she was enjoying it: her cheeks became red, her mouth was slightly gaped expulsing irregular puffs of air, golden eyes a little rolled to the back of her skull, so Uraraka presses harder and plays with the warm, slightly damp nub in circles, squeezing, pinching, and Toga becomes a mess of shrill articulations until she comes in no time, head lolled back and hips pitching to rub her arousal on Uraraka’s leg.

Meanwhile, Jirou and Momo were back to it, having even more fun than before. Earphone Jack was on the floor, Momo mounting and rubbing her clit between Jirou’s small chest in a sticky hotness they both crave. After every orgasm, the girls feel even more need. How was that possible? What was that drug?

Toga looks at her partner and grins, “They’re having fun, aren’t they? Let’s join them,” They totter to the bundle of flesh and muscles on the floor, “Hey, girls,” Toga sings, an arm slouched over Uraraka’s shoulder, “We want part of the fun too.”

They don’t deny the company. Without thinking, Momo stands from Jirou and wobbles over to Uraraka.

“Ochako-san,” She hums, cradling her face to kiss her soft lips, “I always wanted a taste of your lips.” She confesses, such a naked truth she wouldn’t be able to take back.

Uraraka was listening, yet her mouth was so heavy she merely allows Momo to do as she pleases. Then, without a partner, Toga descends to the frustrated Kyoka on the floor. Toga catches wind of a familiar smell she hankers everyday: blood. She looks down to between the girl’s pale, slender legs and brings her face to the clit. Yet, there was something blocking her from the paradise. She forces two fingers in her opening and Jirou cries out, hips hitching off the floor. Toga takes hold of something small and spongy and yanks it out. The blood flows out and she drools.

“Bloooooood,” Toga drones, licking her lips as her hands take each of Jirou’s knees to spread her legs, “I loooove blood. So yummy. I can’t believe you’re in your days,” She leans in and sniffs, eyes rolling to the back of her skull at the delicious meal just waiting to be eaten, “You know, those are my favorite days. You want to know a secret, Jirou-san?”

Jirou doesn’t say anything. Her mind was clogged. She doesn’t have the will to reject or accept. She had been already so sexually unsatisfied before all this, the drug made it worse. She wasn’t herself. At the back of her mind, she knew she even hurt the woman she loves the most.

“I like the taste of my own blood.”

Jirou wasn’t in any state to make a comment or reproach the villain. She couldn’t think properly. The only thing she cares about is the heat bubbling in her womb, the need. She allows Toga to move in, mouth gaped and showing her sharp teeth before disappearing from Jirou’s sight. Then she feels a hot tongue laving her vulva, dipping into her vagina, and she shrieks, legs locking around the villain’s head immediately, pressing that hungry mouth on her heat and grinding all over it while Toga eats and slurps, painting her flushed cheeks in red. She coughs on the blood, Jirou tightening her legs a bit too hard around her neck, but Toga works faster, driving her organ in and out to scoop out the fluids and plasma and whatever else Jirou discharges and Toga swallows it all eagerly. She smears her chin, her neck and chest but she continues even after Jirou culminates. Again and again until there was nothing but a trembling mess of sweaty limbs and sobs.

“Awww,” Toga whines and pouts, staring into her, eyes sharp for more. Like a bear famished for honey, “I want more.”

Momo and Urakara were still kissing behind, so ferociously their lips were red and chins wet in drool. A light-bulb lights up in Toga’s mind and she grins.

“Yaoyorozu, baby, make something dirty for us. As fat and big as you can.” Toga orders vaguely.

Momo obeys, her lips trembling as she focuses on producing the most unprofessional items she’s ever created from her perfect body. Large dildos and strap-ons bounce from her naked chest, all for them to wear. Toga snatches the first she sees and pushes it inside the trembling girl in front of her. She catches Uraraka strapping one on, securing it tightly around her hips before approaching the blonde from behind.

“Toga…,” She pants, spitting on the dildo attached to her to lube it thoroughly, “I want… I want to fuck you.”

The villain snickers. Such a foul word leaving such a pretty mouth turns her on and she eagerly lifts her hips, splits her cheeks to expose her aching heat. A welcoming gesture for Uraraka, who wastes no time in burying herself inside in a single push, itchy hands reaching around to play with her nipples. Toga moans sharply and arcs, as much as she could flanked between Jirou’s legs. Her fingers struggle to oscillate the dildo inside Jirou, but she manages to harvest more blood from her rose, drinking it like a creature of tales while Uraraka fucks her.

Momo, on the other hand, sits on Jirou’s face. She was wearing a collar, tantalizingly tight around her neck, and nipple clamps she tweaks, squeezes and squeals at while grinding her ass on Jirou’s face, who eats her like a famished beast, breath hot on Momo’s perineum with each moan reaped out of Jirou’s throat whenever Toga thrusts the dildo in and out and hits a nerve, tongue laving to catch any blood that leaches.

Uraraka was panting on Toga’s nape, causing blond hairs to stand on end and send streams of shivers across her whole body, who in turn leaves Jirou’s cervix when there wasn’t any more blood to feast from, leaving the dildo there, to hump on Jirou’s clit while playing with Momo’s clamped nubs. They don’t exchange words as they chase pleasure, only expletives and pleasured noises leaving their mouth when they manage to find it and in it its wake, its leaves only more want.

They start again. The room floods with blood, sweat, warm secretions and a plethora of erotic noises. They switch and trade toys, Momo creating more. Of all kinds they’ve never seen.

Their prison becomes a playground they never want to leave.