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His Daughters Words; A New Chapter

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Chapter 1

AN: So, after the amazing response to the previous story I have decided to write a sequel. I have a few things planed out but for the most part I still need to figure out some stuff, so I hope you like.

AN1: If there are more mistakes in this chapter I apologies. I am tipsy/drunk right now, but I really wanted to post this.

HUGE THANK YOU TO: RMK1983 who is my beta.

Three weeks have passed since Ziva returned as the Senior Field Agent of the NCIS Major Case Response unit. While it has been an adjustment, it has been a good adjustment in several ways. While Tony, Ziva and Tali are still saying with Gibbs, they have put in an offer on a house two doors down from Gibbs's place and are just waiting to hear back. To no one's surprise, though Vance's concern as he doesn't want to imagine what they might get up to, Ziva and Jack have become friends and quite close by their standards.

Since Ziva returned she has also, in her own way, begun to mentor Ellie, just like Jimmy had predicted so many months ago, she recognized something in the younger agent's eyes.

Ziva, currently nine weeks pregnant, hasn't let that slow her down, though it has restricted the tasks Gibbs sends her on. He, Tony, and Vance all know that as the pregnancy progresses they are going to have a fight to get her to slow down.

Early morning on a Monday Ziva is camped out in Jack's office, where she has spent a lot of time over the last three weeks.

"That's it!" Jack suddenly says from where she is working on the couch, "the last detail." Jack says, causing Ziva, who is sitting on one of the armchairs, to look at her.

In response Jack passes the folder she is working out of over to Ziva, who passes a folder back, and both women start to review the other's work.

"So, we are ready." Ziva realises.

"We are." Jack says. Without another word, she and Ziva both get up and head out of Jack's office, dropping their folders as they go, as it is time to put their plan into action.

"Where's David?" Torres asks curious, from his desk as he and Ellie are alone in the bullpen working on paperwork, feeling surprised that Ziva isn't in the bullpen. Every day since she started back at NCIS, she has been at work before him.

"Sloane's office." Ellie explains, printing her last bit of paperwork.

"Should have known." Torres comments as Ellie walks over and collects her printing, and as she does Ziva and Jack walk into the bullpen from the back elevator, both dressed in work out gear.

"Bishop, come on." Ziva says, as she and Jack walk past Torres.

"What's going on?" Torres asks curious.

"Nothing for you, you still have paperwork to do." Jack says, with a smirk. "Ellie." Jack says as she and Ziva just continue to walk through the bullpen, without stopping.

Feeling confused, Ellie drops her printing on her desk, grabs the where she keeps workout clothes and then hurries after Jack and Ziva, wondering what is going on.

"So, what's going on?" Ellie asks, once they are in the elevator. Jack and Ziva both give her a look, "Guess I'll find out when we get there," Ellie mutters to herself.

Exiting the elevator, Ellie, feeling no less confused follows Ziva and Jack into the gym. Several of the pieces of equipment have been moved around, creating a large open area.

"The instructors at FLETC are very good, but there are things that you only learn through years of experience." Ziva explains.

"Most fighting styles are created, and geared to men, and it takes time to learn how to make them work for you as a woman." Jack says.

"I've noticed." Ellie admits.

"Jack and I have been comparing notes, and techniques we have learned." Ziva explains, "From that, we have developed a program."

"A program?" Ellie asks curious.

"Of things we want to teach you, so you don't have to learn the hard way like we did. If you're interested." Jack says as something she and Ziva have both talked about is that Ellie, even though she has been through a lot of things, hasn't had to go things like she and Ziva have gone through and if they can they want to make sure she doesn't, or that if she ever were then she is in a better place to handle it.

"Yes! Of course, I'm interested!" Ellie says, looking excited as she is pretty sure that this is going to be an amazing opportunity.

"Go get changed." Ziva instructs, and once Ellie hurries off to get changed, Ziva and Jack both prepare for what they are going to teach her. Jack, while comfortable with Ziva and Ellie, isn't completely ready to show her scars, even though Ziva has seen them, and so she is wearing a t-shirt rather than a tank top which she prefers to work out in.

Ever since Jack, Ziva, and Ellie Torres, alone in the bullpen, doing paperwork, wrecks her brain, wondering what the girls are up to. Distracted, Torres fails to notice Gibbs walk into the bullpen.

"Where's Ziva and Bishop?" Gibbs asks, walking to his desk.

"Don't know." Torres answers, and as he does Gibbs stops right in front of Torres's desk.

"You don't know?" Gibbs asks, feeling confused. He knows for sure that Ziva and Jack are at NCIS. He arrived at work with both of them, before he went to do other things.

"Sloane and David walked in here and took Bishop with them, no idea where they went, but they were in workout gear." Torres explains.

"Grab your gear. I'll meet you in the garage." Gibbs says, walking over to his desk and grabbing his gun, and badge. Gear stowed, Gibbs heads to the elevator going to where he assumes he will find Ziva, Jack and Ellie.

Arriving at the gym, Gibbs sees Ellie get flipped onto her back by Ziva, who he can tell is enjoying herself.

"Okay, what do you think you can improve on?" Jack asks as she helps Ellie back to her feet and hearing the question Gibbs pauses and watches.

"Not getting knocked on my ass?" Ellie asks, to Jack and Ziva's amusement.

"Yes." Ziva confirms, with a nod, "But how?"

"Um, stronger foundation." Ellie answers, "Keeping myself grounded, and pushing down as you pushed back."

"Exactly." Jack says, as Ziva nods.

"Dead Marine, grab your gear." Gibbs interrupts. The second he speaks Ziva and Ellie hurry off, hurrying past Gibbs who walks towards Jack; "So this is what you and Ziver have been planning for the last week." Gibbs says. Over the last week, had clearly been planning something that they had refused to share with him.

"Part of it." Jack answers, and Gibbs gives her a look, "Oh no, Cowboy, you're gonna have to wait and see." Jack reveals, looking amused.

"You know this is my team." Gibbs points out.

"I know, so does Ziva, but what we want to do for Ellie is between the three of us." Jack explains, "But trust me Gibbs, it's a good thing."

"I do trust you." Gibbs admits, causing Jack to smile softly, "I'll see you later." Gibbs says, before leaning forward and kissing her quickly.

Gibbs heads out of the gym while Jack made her way to the bag to get in a bit more of a workout before heading back to her office.

"It was amazing." Ellie tells Torres as the two of them walk towards the dead marine, a while after they left NCIS, "Jack and Ziva are like…. Real warriors." Ellie says, as she struggled to find the right word to describe the two women, "and the way they worked together, it was like they known each other for years." Ellie explains, sounding excited.

"Sounds good." Torres says sarcastically and as soon as he speaks Ellie looks at him, trying to understand what is with his tone of voice.

"You're jealous!" Ellie realises, looking around.

"Why would I be? You're just getting fight training from two of the best fighters in NCIS." Torres says, clear that he is not happy about being excluded.

"If you really want you can get fighting lessons too, Torres." Ziva says, walking behind Torres and Ellie, and hearing the conversation.

"I don't need fighting lessons." Torres argues, "Though, I wouldn't say no to sparing, or going to the range with you."

"I am sure it will happen sometime." Ziva comments, as Gibbs walks up and the four of them get to the body.

"Ziver, photos, Bishop bag and tag, Torres, witnesses." Gibbs instructs, and the team go to do what he said, "What we got Palmer?" Gibbs asks, and as he does the team start to work the case.

While the NCIS team are working a case Tony and McGee and their respective children are at the park together having a play date.

"You do know that you are not even close to being prepared for twins, right?" McGee tells Tony as they watch their kids happily play. Even though Tali is older than the twins, they quickly warmed to each other and they like to play together.

"You and Delilah manage." Tony comments.

"Yeah, but we didn't have a five-year-old too look after too." McGee comments, saying how old Tali will be when the twins are born rather than her current age, "Plus you weren't here, I was basically living on caffeine when they were born."

"I'm familiar with that." Tony says, as when Tali first came into his life he lived like that.

"Do you regret it, not joining Ziva back at NCIS?" McGee asks curious.

"Not at all." Tony answers, without hesitation, "This is exactly what I want to be doing."

"Me too." McGee confirms.




Morgan, Jonny, and Tali all respectively yell and so the two former NCIS agents get up and join their children, both feeling that they would choose playing with their kids over being agents.