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Our Beloved Speedwagon Academy

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Kirika blearily opened her eyes and lazily kicked away her blanket off of her. She took a glance at her clock on the bedside table, the number 05:50 flashing on the black cube, 10 minutes before the alarm. She contemplated whether she should just go back to sleep until the alarm wakes her up like usual, but instead she ended up spending the time staring blankly ahead at the wall. Her head was just as empty, as if her brain wouldn't start until 6AM. But slowly, she became more awake. The gears started turning and she began remembering.

Yesterday was the last day of spring holiday. She spent the entirety of it with Himari and Sherry, shopping for stationeries and books. Preparation for the new school year, their last year in middle school at the Speedwagon Academy. Then they ate together at a relatively new cafe downtown before going their separate ways for the evening.

She expected the usual after she took off her shoes.

Her mother doing chores and her brother lounging in the living room.

That's where she was wrong.

Apparently, her mother was not at home. 'Girl's night out', the note on the dining table said, placed on top of the food covering. Just as she was lifting up the net to check on the food her brother and her would have for dinner, she heard that the front door being dragged open. It seemed that her brother just came home. She exited the dining room to greet him, a simple "hey, welcome back".

But it wasn't Jotaro on the front door.

It was a 2 - meter tall scary m-

It was just Jotaro. Her stoic and quiet older brother came home in completely normal clothes. She greeted him and later they ate their dinner together, before going to their own rooms to sleep. He definitely wasn't wearing a ripped cap on his head and a long black gakuran jacket with a large chain attached on the collar.

Yes, he would show up at breakfast later in his usual uniform and they'd go to school together like usual.

Today would be another normal day like usual.

The alarm sounded and her hand landed on the button.

"Well, time to get ready!"



He wasn't planning on moving here, but here he was.

Noriaki Kakyoin just recently moved to Morioh from Niigata. A decision he came to with his parents after a lengthy discussion. He had been constantly moving around, his parents' job as consultants demanded it. After they had to move again once he finished his first year, he put his foot down and asked them that he be allowed to stay in Sendai, where a distant relative happened to live in, instead of having to move all the way to Osaka. His parents eventually relented and today, he started his days as a second year student at Morioh's Speedwagon Academy.

It's a peculiar school, he heard. Sponsored by the Speedwagon Organization, an organization well - known for its efforts in charity, technological development, medical innovation, archeological discovery, and so on, and so forth, it isn't just a high school, as it provides preschool to junior secondary education. While the public held the institution in high regards, some prominent members of its alumni had been described as "interesting", "eccentric", or downright "odd". But it was still said to offer high - quality education nonetheless, so Kakyoin ended up choosing it anyway and his parents approved it too. He didn't mind the daily commuting from the city, though he slightly regretted not staying in Morioh instead. This place seemed like a quiet and peaceful town, completely different from the crowdedness of Sendai.

After a while, he began to see other students walking along the road, coming out of the sleepy neighbourhood. From the younger ones to the senior students. Some of them are wearing freshly - pressed or brand new uniforms, while others are a little more laid back. Those who were already familiar with each other greeted each other and started chatting and joking among themselves. New students like him, were rather quiet in contrast, nervous yet anticipating of what was to come.

Today's a good start. he thought

As he exited the neighbourhood and turned towards the path that would take him to the school, he noticed that a few students stopped and looked back. From the distance, he could hear some feminine voices moving closer. As it got closer, more and more students turned their attention to the same direction. Kakyoin couldn't help but do the same as well. He was wondering what the commotion was about, until he saw something bizzare walking in the midst of a group of swooning young girls.

A large, raven - haired man, wearing a ripped cap and a large chain attached to his gakuran's collar.

Who is this guy?!

The "group" then got closer to the gaping crowd. The girls who followed him were still swooning after him and tried to catch his attention, loudly if he might add. After observing his face for a moment, it was clear that the man was really not enjoying the attention. But he still continued his walk to school silently despite the noise surrounding him. It seemed like he was trying to keep his cool and hoped something happened that would distract the girls, without him doing anything about it.

Eventually, after one of the girls decided to cling on him and received an impassioned stare, she got pushed away by another girl with a curly hair. The student seemed to take it as a chance to leave the girls behind, though Kakyoin expected him to just bolt instead of walking so casually. Meanwhile, a fight immediately ensued between the fangirls.

"Hey, what was that for?!" shouted the bob haired girl angrily.

"Well, who do you think you are, trying to hog Jojo all for yourself like that?!" the curly haired girl responded.

"Shouldn't the answer be obvious? By the way, he looked at me, so I think it's totally clear he likes me more than you."

"Don't be delusional! There's no way he'd like someone with a flat chest like you!"

"Urgh! And you think he'd like you with that big forehead of yours?!"

Are these girls really doing this in the middle of the street? thought Kakyoin. He intended to just go before he has to witness a cat fight, but for some reason his feet were rooted to the ground. It was like the morbid curiosity someone would feel when expecting a car crash to happen. Needless to say, a shouting match did break out. The girls proceeded to hurl each other insults regarding the least attractive physical attributes that each felt the other has.

Until someone bellowed at them.

"Shut the fuck up! You're pissing me off!"

It was none other than the boy they were idolizing, glaring at them and looking at them like they were flies. But instead of, maybe, starting to cry or getting angry that he treated them that way, they squealed in joy, as if it was the best thing that happened to them all morning. Who was this guy that he could insult his fangirls and not get slapped for that? Or he just attracted some hardcore masochists?

Kakyoin was recovering from the utter confusion when he heard some of the students around him commenting on the situation with surprise and bafflement.

"What is he wearing?"

"Wh- Who is he? Is he someone dangerous?"

"Not gonna' lie, he looks kind of cool."

But then, he also heard more casual voices.

"Holy shit, was that seriously Jotaro?!"

"Ugh, he just turned himself into more of a chick magnet."

"Man, he's already hogging them all since day one!"

"Uh oh, the teachers gonna' get him."

"You seriously believe that, after a whole year being here?"

"That's not the weirdest, honestly."

"I can't be surprised anymore."

"As expected of a Joestar..."

Based on that, he could safely conclude that the man was the student of the academy, and that he was quite popular among them, especially with the girls. Jotaro... Joestar, was it? So he was probably biracial, which explained the fact that he was 2 meter tall.

So this was... Normal, around here?

He was suddenly getting pretty nervous, anxiety started creeping in. What else was he going to see after this?

The others had already started walking again, continuing their journey to school. Kakyoin followed suit, though he kept looking back once in a while, just to check what else would be there. Nothing else came up. So he sighed and stopped doing so.

Right at that moment, somebody suddenly knocked into him, making him slightly gasp in surprise. It wasn't enough to make him fall over, but it was quite a force. "Uh! I'm so sorry!" a high - pitched voice sounded from behind. When he turned around, a pair of blue eyes and dark blond hair belonging to a girl were peeking from behind a black school bag. He also noticed the large sunflower, on the side of the girl's head, half of its petals replaced with 5 small hydrangeas. It tied down the braid going over her head and the rest of her hair was put into a ponytail. The owner quickly lowered them as she bowed to apologize, "I wasn't looking at where I was going!" This time, Kakyoin could see that she was from middle school, considering the dark blue neckerchief around her uniform's collar. "You... Didn't get hurt, did you?"

"Don't worry! I was just a little surprised." he reassured her, a small smile on his face. He then quirked his eyebrows as he asked, "are you alright? Why were you hiding your face?"

She didn't immediately answered him. Her blue eyes drifted down to the paved road, before they glanced away to the side as her lips thinned to a line and she tightened her hold on around bag. There was a shade of pink that slowly covered her cheeks the longer she stayed silent. Her eyes then moved back to him, her eyebrows are both lowered and formed two perfectly straight lines.

That was actually a little cute. Kakyoin thought.

For a moment, the boy relaxed a bit. It seemed that despite the oddity he witnessed earlier, things would just be fine. He could feel the anxiety he felt slowly slipping away.

"You... You saw that guy, earlier, right?"

"Which... Guy?" he felt stupid asking that. Of course she could only mean that person.

"That... Delinquent - looking guy."

Delinquent - looking? So he's not really a delinquent? "Ah, right, what about him?"

"He's my brother."

That answer just came out of the left field, Kakyoin didn't know what to think. He expected it to be a joke. This gentle girl couldn't possibly directly related to that gruff - looking- She looked back at him, probably realizing that he wasn't going to respond verbally. Seeing how he was still surprised by the admission, she nodded slightly. She was serious. "W- Wait, I'm sorry, what was th-"

Kirika inhaled some air through her teeth, "He is my brother."

That can't be right, I must be hearing it wrong. "Um, could you repeat-"

"I don't know what else to tell you, but he really is my brother." This time, she started frowning.

He just had to make sure, just one more time, "I- I don't think I quite foll-" A grip on his shoulder suddenly stopped him.

"Just because I don't look like an emo who decided that a large, ugly chain on his collar would make him look sooo cool- and surprisingly masochists started chasing him even harder now, it's like he's doing it on purpose- doesn't mean we're not related!"

"I'm sorry!" Her harsh glare directed at him convinced him to just accept her answer, even though that still didn't quite make sense. "So... You're Joestar-"

"Kujo, actually. Joestar is my grandpa's name." Her mouth then suddenly formed an 'o', "Oh! I'm Kujo Kirika, by the way! What's your-"


Two large students were seen from the distance right after that loud scream was heard. One of them was a pink - haired man with a flowing headband tied around his forehead, chasing after a spiky brunette in a fury. He vaguely heard Kirika muttered "oh, here we go again" before the two zoomed past them and the rest of the street occupants, startling the other students.


That half - assed attempt to calm the other down only angered him further, "ANYMORE WORDS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND I'M DROWNING YOU IN THE OIL PIT."

As the pink - haired student gained more speed, the brunette panicked, "C- COME ON, IT DOESN'T LOOK SO BAD! I HAVE TALENT AS A STYLIST, APPARENTLY."


Then an amazing thing happened.

The man with the pink hair, gracefully leaped to the sky. Kakyoin, in his bafflement, thought that he was actually going to shoot into space. But then, he aggressively stooped down, like an eagle after locking in on its prey. Below him, his target clearly looked scared shitless and kept running without looking back. Trying to get as far away before he was striked down.

It was futile.

A loud thump resounded as one body hit another with such a force, one could mistake it as an explosion. To the witnesses, it was like witnessing a meteor colliding with Earth. But a thick cloud of dust rose immediately after, blocking everyone's view of what happened in the aftermath. Some of the other students started running away towards the school to avoid getting into the middle of it or to avoid witnessing any other bizarre events that could happen afterwards. Some stayed, rooted to the ground, either out of sheer fear of what just occured or wanting to know what happened next out of morbid curiosity.

When the dust finally settled, the brunette was on the ground, lying face first, while the other simply brush his clothes off of any dirt before sighing, then calmly walked away. He raised one of his hands to his hair, smoothing it out while grumbling about how he would have to wait it out until it turned back to normal. With that, the rest of the crowd started moving again, mostly trying to pay no mind to the lying body on the ground and perhaps blocking the events out of their memories. Kakyoin hoped that was the last of the oddity of this morning.

Kirika, who had been standing still next to him this whole time, moved towards the giant brunette. The redhead was going to ask what she was doing when she crouched down beside him, but then she started shaking him, "Hey, Joseph - nii, wake up. You're gonna' be late."

Kakyoin raised a hand at that, a trembling one. How many weird people was this girl related to? "K- Kujo - san, so you know him?"

"Just Kirika's fine, and he's my cousin, Joseph Joestar. The guy he pranked is my aunt's student from Italy, Caesar Zeppeli. His dad is my her close friend, apparently." She then stopped shaking her cousin as he started to move. "Are you feeling alright, Joseph - nii?"

When he lifted his face to look at his cousin, bruises marred his face. Every inch of his face was covered with black and blue. He had two black eyes and there was a large bump on his forehead. There was blood streaming down his nose. "Y- Yeah, I'm totally fine!"

"Be honest, do I need to tell Lisa - bacchan that we need to prepare your funeral right now?"

"No, please, she'd just actually kill me for real." As he felt himself regaining a little bit more of his strength, he only noticed now that there was another person in their company. He tilted his head at Kakyoin, who was regretting the fact that he didn't just run away. "Oh, hey, are you new here? Name's Joseph, but call me Jojo!"

"Uh, yes! Kakyoin Noriaki, nice to meet you." Just smile, Noriaki. Just smile.

"Kakyoin... Noriaki. That's a nice name! Also, nice to meet you too!" Kirika grinned at him. "So you just moved here?"

The boy nodded, "From Niigata, I have a distant relative living in Morioh so I'm staying with them."

"In that case, welcome to Morioh and Speedwagon Academy! You'll love it here!" Joseph stretched his arms out excitedly.

"Yeah... I don't know about that..." he mumbled with a sheepish smile, his purple eyes turning away from the two students.

"Huh? What was that?" asked Joseph, still with a welcoming smile.

"Ah," he didn't expect the other to catch on that, "Thank you, I feel like I will like it here."

While the brunette let out a gleeful chuckle at the robotic response, Kirika couldn't help but look at the boy with increasing pity. Sweet summer child... Hopefully he could get used to it soon. "Hey, we should probably get to school soon."