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Um...Barn Sex?

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In the cold corner of an abandoned horse barn, Shokudaikiri expertly undressed his partner as he plied hot kisses around an exposed neck and chest. The hakama dropped to floor and within seconds his hands found their way onto the smooth skin under a white kimono.


As Kasen's small noises of concern disappear into the air, he pulled his partner to the floor beneath them continuing to caress the areas he knew elicited the best response from his poet. Minutes later, as if they were in the comfort of their own room, he had relaxed his partner and easily eased his way, taking a deep breath once he was fully inside.


The best part of being inside Kasen was watching his face. The pouting face and furrowing brows were gone, replaced by a euphoric look of contentment. Moving slowly he felt fingers dig into his arms, as moans from his partner became longer and louder. There was no semblance of elegance, only the need for elevating the fire building inside each other.


Kasen tried to reach his partner's neck to kiss it but was distracted by the lips that were moving down his body. The chill of the winter air that invaded the upper floor of the barn passed over his skin at the same time fingers slid down his torso, touching his erection and sending a chill through his body. He uttered something even incomprehensible to himself, spreading his legs to allow his partner to have freedom to pursue what he wanted. The kisses he had planned were lost as he closed his eyes, giving his body to his partner's needs.


Shokudaikiri whispered passionate words into his partner's ear, moving slowing to make the most from their moment together as the pressure built inside of both of them. He pulled the body under him close, pressing in deeply, listening to the long deep groan that came as his partner climaxed and the body in his arms reacted uncontrollably to the sensations pulsing through his body. This response from his partner pushed him to the edge and within seconds he joined Kasen in the dizzying bliss that came from making love with each other.


In the aftermath, laying in each others arms as cold air blew over the top of their naked bodies, they both breathed in contentment of the love they had just shared with each other. It didn't matter that dinner needed to be prepared soon, or that the chill could give them a cold; all that was important was that the person they loved was in their arms, sharing their love.