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sweet on you

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"Is this an original issue of The Amazing Spider-Man #74?" Xanders asks, staring at the covered copy with wide eyes. 

"Might be." 

"Oh, my god, Spike." Xander says, then looks up, gaze narrowing.  "Wait, who did you kill?"

"Reformed.  Soul, remember?" Stiles rolls his eyes. 

"That wouldn’t stop you," Xander shakes his head.  "Not if you thought it was necessary." 

"I didn’t kill anyone." 

"Was it Wood?" Xander asks. 

"Xander, seriously? It’s a gift.  Accept it." 

"But what’s it for?" 

Spike pinches the bridge of his nose.  ”Flip it over, you absolute moron.” 

Xander turns it over slowly, like it might explode, and his mouth falls subtly open.  ”Oh.” 



Spikes sighs.  ”Yes.” 


"Wait, seriously? You want to—?" 

"Spike, buddy, we’ve been dancing around this elephant for years." 

Spikes smiles.  ”True enough.  Shall we?” 

"Lead the way, Fanged Wonder."