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You Know My Thoughts Are Running Loose, It's Just A Thing You Make Me Do And I Could Fight But What's The Use?

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The room was a sway of colors and melodies, what with teens dressed in fancy clothes, dancing around in rhythm to the music coming softly through the spearkers.

There was one couple in particular, you could say it was the focus of everyone's attention, the life of the party, the reason why all this was happening in the first place. Midoriya Izuku had his arms wrapped around Todoroki Shoto's neck, in what would have looked like a picture-perfect moment to remember for years and years to come (expect he was trying and failing not to step on his feet every once in a while, but details, right?), smile so bright it could light up the whole building on its own.

The moment he had been waiting for all along was here, wasn't it? And it all seemed so surreal Izuku might even think this could all be a dream, though his out-of-control hearbeats felt quite real, what with the way his heart was trying to make an escape from how hard it was slamming against his ribcage.

Both were also quite oblivious to the fact that somewhere far off to the side, a certain childhood friend was also staring at the scene, unable to tear his gaze away, furious eyes burning bright while fixed on the two.

And then-





*Insert Freezing Image Here*






By now you may be wondering just why there's a bunch of people gathered in a room to have what appears to be a dance, with the main attraction being Izuku and Shoto... but don't you dare forget about Bakugo Katsuki, who is just as important (and one of the main characters in this story).


Please, rest assured, as there is a perfectly logical explanation for this... well, maybe not quite as logical... b ut to understand just what the heck is happening it is essential that we rewind to four weeks ago.


So, let's start from right... here.





It all begins during a normal, usual, perfectly nice day.


The whole routine- wake up, eat breakfast, get to class. Until then nothing out of the ordinary, right?

That is, until Aizawa-Sensei proposed a training session. But it wasn't inside the campus like it usually was.

"Villain attacks are very often out in the open and unpredictable. You have to learn how to fight in any situation." This is what Aizawa-Sensei had said.

He had also grumbled something about turning back immediately if anyone broke the rules and that he was too old for this, and something else too, but honestly no one had paid him any more attention since the students of the 1-A class were all focused on where they were going, and who they had to fight against, and just how they would win, and everything that popped up. 

Izuku was excited about this new prospect (and a little worried since he still had trouble controlling his Quirk and had no idea what he would be up against).

After a short trip in the bus- since there were still a few journalists out of the school ground from time to time and their teacher didn't want the class to be swamped if they normally walked right out of the institute they had taken the bus- they finally arrived in a sort of secluded part of the city.

In front of them there was an abandoned building that they had to carry out a ‘special’ mission in. The students were mostly buzzing with excitement, by then they had done enough of these training sessions to know what they should expect…

Even if it’s safe to say that no one expected what happened only a little later.

To spare you the unimportant details let’s go through this quickly: The teams were formed, the exercise was carried out, a few students were joking, a few were eating from the secret stash of snacks they had brought with them– cough Mina and Sero cough- and at one point someone was heard either crying or laughing, you know, the usual.

So until then things had not really been completely out of the ordinary. Until a certain ‘criminal’ appeared. And that is when they got out of control.

Izuku was staying on alert, keeping his eyes and ears open, not letting even the smallest object or sound go unnoticed. So, really, it came as no surprise when he, just like the rest of his classmates, heard an explosion.

The rest of the class outside tried to gauge where the commotion was coming from, and Izuku, who thought it was part of the training that day, ran along the long and decaying hallways of the building he found himself in, towards one of the exists. His eyes widened when he saw smoke coming out somewhere near where he was.

After a few moments of scrutinizing the area he discovered the smoke was coming out of a bank. Was it a robbery? He could hear a few screams and caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Was this really part of the training Aizawa-Sensei had in mind? But training or not, his instincts were already kicking in. He had to do something.

He gritted his teeth and ran out, towards the bank and away from his classmates and teacher. Almost immediately he was engulfed in the chaos that was happening all around him.

His mind worked a thousand miles a minute, he had to find the culprits, but he wanted to make sure that the civilians were safe first, and could he even use his Quirk here? As he kept running forward he found more people, he might end up hurting someone, he had to think of a new tactic first, come up with a plan in his head and-


Izuku suddenly stopped his rushing thoughts when, out of nowhere, he found a boy standing in front of him. He was probably a few years older than him, taller, with dark hair and eyes and, for some reason, he had a big and friendly grin on his face. Even if everyone else was literally thrown into panic.

Almost unconsciously he looked down to the bag the boy was holding, it seemed full of something, full of… he squinted his eyes and tried to focus on the thin objects peeking out and…-money!? Izuku’s head shot up to the grinning boy.

Oh! This was one of the criminals!


“Hmmm?” The boy cut him off and tilted his head to the side, as if observing him curiously.       

“Kaito! Stop wasting time!” Someone called a few feet away from them.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there with you guys in a bit!” The boy turned his grin to him once again.

Izuku did not understand why this guy was so relaxed given what was happening, and he should be stopping him, he should, but there was just something about him that did not exactly scream danger.

What is more, his grin, even if teasing, seemed genuine. As if he always had a grin plastered on, the same Izuku would see on his friends’ faces. As if he was a genuinely good person. But it couldn’t be, the crime he had just committed proved it. Right?

“Oh, hey, I have to go now. You know, the police will be here soon and I probably shouldn’t be around the inspector today. Man, his face still cracks me up!” The boy snickered to himself and for a moment Izuku was almost curious to know just what this guy had done to that inspector and why he was finding it so funny instead of running away.

The boy turned amused eyes at him, he was almost scrutinizing Izuku now. “By the way, I think there is someone here you have unfinished business with. Right?”

For some reason that took him off guard.

Not only because of the words themselves, but the tone the boy had used… he sounded so sure of himself... what unfinished business could he be talking about? Did Izuku really have unfinished business with someone? But who-

Izuku stopped thinking when the boy’s expression turned serious.

A blink of his eyes and he was glued on the spot.

There was a flash and the boy’s eyes changed all of a sudden. They became the lightest shade of grey he had ever seen in his life.

Izuku almost felt like he was put under a spell and could not look away from those eyes that seemed more and more like the magic in one of the cartoons he used to watch when he was little.

He felt strange.

“Heh, you’re going to have some fun days ahead of you.” The criminal smirked in a way Izuku could only describe as cheeky, as if the guy knew something he didn’t, before giving a light-hearted wave and jumping away, vanishing out of sight.

Izuku would have been almost impressed if it wasn’t for the smoke that suddenly seemed to explode all around him.

The green haired boy coughed, trying to regain his bearings and slowly lowered his arms, which he had instinctively drawn up once the smoke filled his vision. He blinked his eyes open a few times.

In a situation like this one he should be worried about trying to catch the villain or even think about what said villain had just told him, but he couldn’t. In that moment everything fled from his mind at the speed of light, except for one thing.

Izuku froze.

Time slowed down until it came to a sweet, sweet stop.

The lights were bright and unclear, splotches of colors painted the scenery surrounding him and the sounds were muted all around, dull thuds in the back of his mind that evaded him. A jolt of electricity shot up his spine, the static so powerful it left his whole body trembling. His fingertips were numb and cold. A lump formed in his throat. His breath was imprisoned inside his lungs, with no way to escape.

But suddenly breathing wasn't important anymore. Nothing was. Nothing except for the person standing in front of him, the one he had his eyes locked with.

Shoto Todoroki.

His rival, his classmate, his friend. And even though the boy was always so cool and composed, Izuku saw his surprised expression and his slightly parted lips, and his eyes... the way he was looking at Izuku with those heterochromatic eyes was enough to make his skin burn.

Izuku felt movement around him but he couldn't, for the life of him, take his eyes off of the handsome boy. His own lips parted in a silent gasp as his heart hammered against his chest with enough force he was afraid his ribcage would break.

Because his heart was so full it was ready to burst.

It felt he could have died from all the happiness that rushed through him in that moment.

"...u. ...ku…"

His fingers twitched as Shoto's eyebrows furrowed and a slight buzzing breached the slow and unfocused atmosphere his mind had wandered to. Unfocused on everything except for the boy with mismatched hair in front of him.

Izuku swallowed, his mouth feeling far too dry.

"..eku…! …Deku-kun... DEKU-KUN!"

He was suddenly jolted out of his reverie.

Everything rushed in all at once, the lights too bright against his eyes, voices mingling together, yelling and murmuring, the breeze of air against his skin making him sigh in relief and shiver at the same time.

"Deku-kun! Are you okay!? You've been spacing out all this time! Did one of the villains hit you?! What happened?!"

Izuku turned to his right and there was Ochako, her gaze concerned as she tried to assert if there was any damage done to him. When she found nothing she let out a little sigh, but her eyes still showed worry.

"Oh...Uraraka-san.... I-I'm fine. Fine!" Through stutters and rushed out words he hoped to convey his message.

"Midoriya-kun! Are you alright? What happened?" He noticed Iida now standing beside Ochako and doing the same inspection she had.

Indeed, what had just happened?

"…There was smoke, like a smoke bomb that suddenly went off." Izuku started explaining, both to let his best friends know and also to patch together what had occurred. “And then... then I guess I... uh, spaced out. It is possible that it might have been a smoke quirk and-"

He went off into one of his quiet ramblings and Iida and Ochako let out a sigh of relief. If he could still launch himself into one of his mutterings, then it meant their best friend was okay.















"...oroki... Todoroki-san!"

Shoto snapped out of whatever fantasy he had been in, Momo's frowning face came into focus.

"Are you okay? Were you attacked by one of the villains? …You were staring off into space..." She mumbled out the last part, worry etched on her face.

Shoto blinked, once, twice and then shook his head, turning his attention to her. "I... I'm fine Yayorozu. Don't worry." Even if his head felt full of mush, his voice was steady and his friend seemed to calm at the notion.

Shoto's head was still spinning, the green haired boy's wide eyes, his agape mouth and his slightly rosy cheeks were running around in his mind. He felt his heart beating far too fast, his body was still thrumming with ice and fire at the other boy's expression.

Distantly they heard the sirens as the police arrived.







After a few minutes the police officers were at the scene, taking in custody a few villains that had been captured by the closest Heroes, and Aizawa too, who had come to promptly save the situation. But they were not the villains who had committed the robbery in the first place, instead these were the criminals who had jumped in through all the commotion because they thought they could take some money the easy way, and they had been arrested. The police were now asking questions about the villains who had managed to escape.

"What?! He escaped again?! DamnitArgh! I really thought we had him this time!"

Aizawa raised an eyebrow at the fuming inspector he was talking with.

Even the rest of the class heard the annoyed voice.

"Who?" Aizawa asked a little unimpressed.

The inspector stopped his raging yells for a moment and almost in a funny way his face turned blank as he explained. "Oh, I guess not everyone knows about him. You see, there is a small group of villains that often steal from banks or big corporations. The leader thinks he’s the modern Robin Hood or something, he goes by the name of 'Matchmaker'. Or, at least that’s what his fans call him. Bah, dumb if you ask me.”

Aizawa’s eyebrow was still raised at the irritated man’s tone, but he didn’t comment on it and let him continue.

“His Quirk has nothing to do with being able to steal, though… but it’s still very, very dangerous.” His voice became dark and his face was obscured by shadows in a dramatic way.

“You’re just saying that ‘cause you were hit once, ahah!” Someone called over the inspector’s shoulder.

“Shut up or I’m firing you!”

The other officer just laughed, as if he was used to constantly being threatened with the loss of his job.

Aizawa sighed, starting to get bored.

The inspector coughed in his hand to regain his composure once again, then his expression morphed into a curious one. "By the way, was anyone hit by his Quirk?"

Everyone blinked. And then they looked at the only two boys who weren't aware of the discussion that had just taken place.

On one side there was Izuku, still mumbling incoherently but his cheeks were redder than usual and he sounded a little breathless. On the other side there was Shoto, he was staring transfixed on one spot, his gaze heavy lidded and he looked to be lost in his own world.

“What is this villain’s Quirk?” Aizawa asked, almost concerned.

The Inspector’s face darkened once again. “…It’s something I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy.”

When the inspector gestured for them to go and talk in a more secluded place Aizawa knew the rest of his week would not be as peaceful as he had imagined for it to be.








After receiving an answer he had not been hoping for, Aizawa felt like his day was going from bad to worse. He was already sleep deprived. He sighed.

"In the possibility that someone was hit, is there a way to invalidate the effects?"

The inspector shook his head. "No, the only option is to wait it out. It usually doesn’t last for very long, but that depends on each person.”

Aizawa sighed again. He looked up at the sky.

"Why me?" He whispered to the universe.

The universe didn't answer.








On the way back everyone (minus Aizawa) was feeling the tension. No one dared to speak about what had happened, no one actually really knew what happened, but judging from their expressions everyone was dying with the desire to know.

Ochako was looking from one boy to the other, her eyes almost sparkling with excitement and her mind already digging up scenarios.

Iida had his arms crossed and was looking ahead, nervously glancing at his two classmates every few seconds.

Eijiro and Denki were staring in turn at their friends, and then at each other, then they pointed at the duo, then at each other, and finally they slammed their hands onto the other's mouth so they wouldn’t speak and reveal the 'secret', or what they thought to be the ‘secret’.

Mina was as excited as Ochako while Tsuyu and Sero were curious as to what was going to happen from now on.

Aoyama almost looked intrigued, but only for a little while, then he pulled out a mirror and started fixing his hair, thinking it might have been messed up during the training and the attack (he didn’t move a muscle back there).

Koga, Sato and Tokoyami decided to not involve themselves any further since it was none of their business.

Toru was making silent gestures at the pair and Ojiro laughed awkwardly, not really knowing what to say since he couldn’t see her expression because, you know, she is invisible.

Mineta was pondering on whether this was going to be entertaining and Shoji and Kyoka glanced at each other and then at their two classmates, wondering what was going to happen next.

Momo was looking from her friend to the green haired boy, biting her lip and fidgeting a little with her fingers. She too was excited on the prospect of what might happen.

Everyone was so immersed in the scene in front of them and in their own heads. So much that no one noticed the only other person who was not feeling any of their giddiness.

Katsuki Bakugo.

He was glaring at Izuku and Shoto. But not from the usual annoyance, frustration, anger (or even pettiness). There was something heavier in his eyes. Furious.

After a ride that felt too short to the occupants inside, the bus came to a halt in front of the U.A. Institute. Aizawa got out first, drawling to his students to follow him. Everyone was on high alert, not really knowing what to do, and agreeing on a silent consensus they waited for the two main characters of the day to make a move.

Izuku and Shoto literally got up at the same exact moment, their expressions were still veiled with confusion and curiosity and their movements were on autopilot, as if they were robots.

There was an air of exhausted wonder about the two boys.

Everyone stared raptured.

The two boys didn't notice they were walking to the middle of the bus where one of the entrances was, they were too focused on staring at the ground in contemplation. One second they were walking, the next they were walking into each other.

Izuku closed his eyes at the sudden collision and he would have fallen if not for the hand that shot out to grab his upper arm. He opened his eyes and Shoto's beautiful grey and blue ones filled his vision. He gasped a little, at least the other boy seemed as surprised as he was.

Izuku's breath stuttered, he could feel the warmth seeping under his clothes and into his skin where the other boy was touching him. And the strange thing was that Shoto was holding his arm with his right hand, so why did it burn this way?

Blood rushed in his cheeks as he berated himself. 'Come on, say something Izuku! Don't be an idiot and stand there like a fish or Todoroki-kun will think you're stupid!' He took a deep breath after the calming thoughts he just had and stuttered out an apology.

"I...s-sorry Todoroki-kun! I didn't s-see you..."

Honestly that felt a little weird considering the boy was everything he wanted to see today…

Izuku altered his thoughts and his cheeks became even redder.

Shoto released his arm quickly and glanced to the side, there was just the beginning of a pink tint on his cheekbones, lost on Izuku as he was too focused on everything all at once.

"I-It's alright." Shoto was looking everywhere but at the person in front of him, blinking slowly a few consecutive times.

The stutter from the boy was so unusual and out of character for him that Izuku couldn't help but gape at him (like the rest of their classmates), thinking he was completely and utterly adorable. Who knew the half fire and half ice boy could be so  adorable?

(Izuku already knew.)

He felt the tips of his fingers light up with something that at this point he was already familiar and unfamiliar with. He lowered his head down, thinking that if he saw more of his classmate's expression he would crumble apart.

"W-We should... go… to class." His words were pointed with doubts, his arm still burned from the contact of Shoto's fingers closed around it only seconds ago, but the rest of his body felt cold from the lack of it.

He didn't want to go. He didn't want to do anything other than be close to him and keep looking at Shoto for the rest of the day. It was weird because usually thoughts like these would have already made him flee far away. He wasn’t really able to face feelings, not feelings of this kind anyway. But today there was undoubtedly something different because Izuku felt rooted to the spot. With bravery he had no idea could be inside of him, or even how it had gotten there in the first place, he glanced up at the other boy through his eyelashes.

When Shoto felt eyes on him he faced Izuku again. His straight hair was falling on his face, framing it perfectly. The light coming from outside was hitting him just right, the white part of his hair had a silver glow to it, while the red was burning a shade brighter. His right eye was gleaming almost white, his left one was covered in the shadows, turning it a deep blue. The contrast seemed so much deeper this way, making him look ethereal.

Izuku couldn't breathe.

Shoto was looking at him in a way he had not been looked at before.

Izuku swallowed. His palms were clammy with sweat by this point and his heart was racing fast inside his chest, making him feel slightly dizzy.

Shoto's eyes seemed heavy with all the words trapped inside of them.

The boy with heterochromatic eyes slowly raised his hand once again, lifting it up until it was in Izuku's line of vision. His breath hitched in his throat. It was so close he could almost feel the warmth and the coolness radiating from his skin. His first instinct was to close his eyes, but he couldn't, he didn't want to. He just wanted to keep looking at him. Carefully the hand started lowering, until it was right above the top of his head.

Just when Izuku thought his classmate was going to touch him, the other boy surprised him by changing trajectory at the last second and resting it against the sliding door of the vehicle.

"Yes.... we should go." Shoto murmured. This time his voice was steady, the baritone made pinpricks dance all over his body.

Izuku liked his voice so much.

But he still felt his stomach drop a little as the other walked past him. He frowned at the ground, suddenly feeling cold and he took another breath as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. There wasn't anything he could really do except follow him out, and he did so.

The rest of the class finally let out their bated breath, having waited all this time. Not even trying to hide the fact that they were watching every second of the exchange.

"Man, I feel like I just went through another training session." Eijiro mumbled out at last.

Some of his classmates nodded their heads, feeling the same tiredness just from observing the two.

As they all filtered out of the bus, Izuku and Shoto were standing a little away from each other, looking the opposite way.

Aizawa sighed. "Someone take Midoriya and Todoroki to Recovery Girl."

Both their heads snapped up at this new piece of information.

"What?/Why?" They asked at the same time.

"You were fairly close to the enemies. It's better if you're checked for any injury, just in case." Their teacher drawled out in a monotone.

Momo and Ochako both raised their hands to volunteer as tributes- -er, to volunteer for the task. "I will take them, Sensei!" Both girls exclaimed at the same time and then looked at each other surprised, giggling a little.

Aizawa didn't even care that one person was more than enough for the job, with a nod of his head he sent them on their way. Honestly, he just wanted to take a nap.

And the rest of the 1-A began making their way to their classroom.

Eijiro was chatting animatedly with Denki, his arm around best friend's shoulders. "What do you think it’s gonna happen?"

Denki shook his head. "I don't know dude. But from what we just saw… something big."

Eijiro nodded his head assertively. "Heh, guess you're right-"

His sentence was interrupted because something hit his shoulder, though it wasn't a strong impact. He looked to the side to see it was in fact his explosive friend, walking away with his hands in his pockets and his head lowered.

"Hey Bakugo!" Eijiro called out to him.

"Leave me alone." Katsuki responded, but in a barely audible tone, which was surprising given that his personality was as loud and boisterous as his Quirk.

Eijiro rubbed the back of his head, befuddled at the action. "What's up with him?"

In all answer Denki shrugged his shoulders, feeling as confused as his best friend.








Ochako and Momo were leading the way, with Izuku and Shoto following behind. A little more distance than what was necessary was between the two.

Ochako giggled softly into her hand. “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

Momo blinked and got out of her stupor, stealing glances at the two every now and then. “I can’t believe it either.” She answered in a low tone, letting the shock show on her face.

Ochako giggled once again then she faced forward. “…Maybe it’s better this way.” She mumbled in a somber tone.

Momo raised a questioning eyebrow at the girl’s now more serious attitude. “What do you mean?”

Ochako looked over her shoulder at her two classmates, who seemed to be more interested in their shoes than anything else, and then back at the girl with the ponytail. She bit her lip, unsure if she should share this information. But after what happened today…

Ochako and Momo were in fact the only two who might actually know the ‘secret’.

Well, after what happened Ochako guessed Izuku wouldn’t really mind, and she trusted Momo, so she made up her mind, nodding determinedly to herself.

“Deku-kun… he already liked Todoroki-kun before today.” She finally confessed.

Momo’s eyes became as wide as saucers and she almost stopped in her tracks from the shock. “E-Eh?!”

Ochako nodded in confirmation. “He did, for some time now. That’s why I think it’s better this way… maybe he will be able to finally face his feelings.” Her voice gradually became a whisper, hoping for the best while the new information sunk in Momo’s mind. “Ah! What about Todoroki-kun?” She asked suddenly. “Has he ever talked to you about Deku-kun?”

Momo blinked. Shoto had never told her anything about it, they were good friends, sure, but they both were reserved people and when you were working towards the goal of becoming a Hero, talking about your feelings was a topic pushed to the back of your mind. And even if Shoto wasn’t stopped by the two options, Momo still wasn’t sure she would be the person he would open up with.

She shook her head, feeling bad when she saw her classmate’s defeated expression. But out of nowhere an image flashed in her mind.

Shoto had never talked about Izuku, but Momo had caught him a few times looking when he thought no one was paying attention.

There had been one time in particular when they had been at the school’s cafeteria. Momo had been held back with Iida by the teachers about something involving their duty as class representatives. They had missed lunch because of the project they were working on and Shoto had offered to help, and so had Izuku and Ochako, and when they had finally finished the teachers had given them thirty minutes to have a late lunch as a reward for their hard work.

It had only been the five of them in the whole cafeteria and the atmosphere was quiet for the most part since they were all fairly tired, but pleasant nonetheless. It had been nice spending time like that with friends, they chatted a little about school and whatever came to mind, with Momo and Iida going over the details of their project. And then Momo had noticed something different about Shoto.

The boy was usually quiet, wearing a nonchalant expression, or a mask of indifference, as if nothing in the world could bother him or take him out of his boredom. But in that moment, when everyone’s attention had been on Iida while he was reciting the rules they should follow, from the corner of her eye Momo had seen her friend’s gaze and it was centered on the green-haired boy.

It had lasted for a few seconds only, but his mask had been breached open and in his eyes, as he watched enthralled the other boy, she had read… longing.

There had been raw, pure longing showing on his face in such an open and honest way, almost vulnerable.

He had looked so awfully lonely trying to hide that expression from the other boy

She had been surprised, but given their status as rivals she had later discarded it as more of an envious feeling rather than anything else. Longing to be as brave as the other boy was.

But thinking about it now Momo understood that was not the kind of longing Shoto had shown. Because in that moment Shoto had just wanted to be  closer  to Izuku, but not as a rival.

Momo’s heart had ached for him then, and now that she understood why it ached even more.

“He has!” She whisper-yelled suddenly, drawing in Ochako’s attention immediately. “I think he has feelings for Midoriya-kun too!”

Ochako gasped excitedly as she tried to contain herself by putting her hands over her mouth.

“I con beliefth ithThshi gon bfe ao gweath wovve shhtoru!” (I can’t believe it! This is going to be a great love story!) The glint in her eyes was visible and Momo nodded her head quickly, completely understanding what her friend was saying.

The girls turned around to see behind them the boys, who had their gaze lowered and they both looked away as soon as their eyes met, not being able to hold each other’s gaze. They giggled at the adorable behavior.

Once they were finally in front of the infirmary, both Ochako and Momo knocked, and waited. When a voice carried through telling them to “come in” Momo turned the knob and opened the door, being the first to enter, Ochako second, and they bowed their heads slightly at Recovery Girl, who was sat at her desk and was writing something. The girls waited patiently for the boys to trudge in, their heads still lowered, no doubt lost in their own thoughts.

As soon as Recovery Girl saw Izuku her eyes widened. “Don’t tell me you have broken another bone young boy!” She chastised him.

Izuku, finally realizing where he was after hearing the new voice, looked up immediately and spluttered. He shook his head hastily, finding the sweet, old woman to be scary when she got angry. However she seemed pleased enough by his answer, if it could be called that.

“Then what is the matter?” Recovery Girl furrowed her brows in confusion, waiting for an explanation.







Izuku and Shoto had taken a seat on opposites beds inside the infirmary, facing each other, while their friends had explained the situation. But they were too lost in their world to even understand what was happening around them.

And now they were alone, Momo and Ochako had probably returned back to class and Recovery Girl had to leave because she had to… Izuku had no idea, actually. He had not caught that, but he was sure it was something serious since Recovery Girl had a very resourceful and helpful Quirk that came in handy in especially critical situations, so it must have been something important and- oh. Had Shoto’s eyes always been so beautiful?

Honestly, he had always known deep down but he had never really paid enough attention to appreciate that elegant beauty, it almost felt regal. And Izuku found it was so much more beautiful that there were two colors instead of one in those eyes. And what they did to him.

He wouldn’t mind slowly drowning in either of them if Shoto just let him…

“…It feels like there’s a washing machine in my tummy when I’m near you…” Izuku mumbled out without thinking.

Then he thought it over.

And it suddenly hit him.

Oh shoot.

His eyes widened comically as he started stuttering nervously, hoping he could correct his mistake because revealing his feelings, especially in this way, was definitely not in his plans! “W-wait… wh-what I m-meant…uh-I-”

“…It feels the same for me.” Shoto replied in a calm voice, the slightest hint of trepidation in it, but his eyes were piercing.

Izuku had to stop and stare.


Then this meant… he was not the only one, right?

His heart was still racing.

Izuku let out a nervous, quiet laugh that had traces of relief left behind.

Shoto smiled in what felt like relief too, relief in knowing that he was not the only one in feeling this.








“Aizawa-Sensei, we need to talk.” Recovery Girl stated in a serious tone as she gestured at the teacher to follow her out of the classroom.

He nodded at her, already expecting it. Before he left he turned to the students. “All right, read the chapter we didn’t finish this morning while I attend to some business first.” He sighed at the class.

“But we didn’t read anything this morning. We only had training.” Mina pointed out.

“Then read a book or whatever.” Aizawa motioned with his hand at nothing in particular.

“But I don’t like reading books.” Denki complained.

“Then don’t read books.” Aizawa answered lazily.

“Okay.” Denki grinned.

The class looked at both of them with a little frown, but in the end they sighed, not commenting on it.

Iida raised his hand. “Aizawa-Sensei! I would like to request permission on researching what happened an hour ago during our training!” He questioned (almost yelled) politely.

The teacher nodded. “Permission consented.”

He probably shouldn’t, but he knew how much these guys had bonded with each other and if he denied their innocent attempts in trying to figure out what was happening to their friends then they would probably do something behind his back, so, really, it was in his best interest to let them, and with that he exited the classroom and closed the door behind himself.

“Iida-kun you’re awesome!” Toru squealed at her classmate after their teacher left, quite eager on the prospect of learning more about what happened to the two boys.

Iida slightly bowed his head at the compliment. “Thank you. But we should wait for Uraraka-kun and Yayorozu-kun to be back, after all this concerns our close friends and as a class we should try and take the best approach on the matter together. And…” He remembered Ochako’s expression and just how much she was… interested. “…Uraraka-kun is especially… invested on the matter.”

Toru nodded her head quickly, though no one could really tell. “Of course!”

“Man, I really want to know more about this too.” Denki interjected as he crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back in his chair, grinning at the thought of what else they would find out.

In that moment the door slammed open as Ochako and Momo entered the classroom, the brown haired girl immediately turned her chocolate eyes to one of her best friends.

Iida-kun! Iida-kun! You have no idea what we f-found out!” She practically screamed as she ran to him and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him back and forth from how tight her grip was on his uniform.

Iida, knowing that when Ochako was overly excited she tended to stutter words together and was not really able to convey what she wanted to say, came already prepared as he took out a water bottle and an energy bar.

“Drink and eat, then we can talk.” He spoke matter-of-factly as he unscrewed the cap of the bottle and handed it to her, opening the plastic wrap of the snack whilst Ochako was chugging the water down and passing it to her as soon as she drank half of the content of the bottle. (A/N: isn’t he an angel?)

Momo was watching them with a smile, but she was almost in the same state. Kyoka turned questioning eyes to her and she shook her head a little, waiting for Ochako to be the first to speak.

After the brunette had her snack break at an almost alarming speed she turned to all her classmates and spread her arms wide, making her announcement.


“……. Huh?” Was the general response of the class.



Chapter Text


Various degrees of shock were painting the different faces of her classmates when Ochako announced her discovery.

A few moments of silence passed staring dumbly at the over excited girl, until someone broke it.

"Wait, wait, wait." Denki got up from his comfortable position with a frown and tried to put two and two together. It was difficult for him. "What do you mean when you say 'it's love'?" He made quoting marks with his fingers as if it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard in his life.

Ochako, for all of her barely contained zeal, became quiet all of a sudden and her eyes zeroed in on him. She marched toward her classmate in slow strides, as if she was preparing to battle, and stopped only when their faces were inches apart.

"What I mean is…" Ochako leaned in close until their foreheads were pressed together and all Denki could practically see were her black pupils. "It's. Love." She whispered with the dramatic flair of someone who had watched too many telenovelas in their life.

"…Okay… but I can't breathe." Denki whispered back a little frightened.

Apparently that was enough for Ochako to get her point across, so she released him and stepped back, giggling sweetly and innocently, as if the last few seconds had never happened. "Don't you just love love?"

The blond boy smiled somewhat nervously, and when her attention wasn't on him anymore he turned toward Sero and Mineta and uttered under his breath. "That girl scares me."

They nodded in agreement.

"And by 'love' you mean…" Kyoka let the sentence hang in the air, not sure what Ochako's words meant, just like everyone else in the class.

The girl turned grinning and sparkly eyes at her and the dark haired one almost had to shield her eyes from the brightness of that expression. Whatever it was must be something big to delight the girl so much, right? Her question was answered in the next second.

"They fell in love!" Ochako exclaimed.

That was what she kept repeating, but what surprised her classmates was the next part.

"Because of a quirk!"

The others exchanged confused stares, like they had not heard what the girl had just said. Then, as if a little lamp turned on above their heads, they all gaped at her.

"…Wait what?!"

She hummed happily. "Yes, you heard right. It's because of a quirk!"

"Wait, wait, wait." Denki raised a hand in the air and stopped everything, again. "How do you know this?"

Ochako's bright grin turned a little mischievous. "I heard it from the inspector!"





The fuming inspector was grumbling about yet another missed chance at finally catching the criminal and throwing him in jail.

Aizawa stared unimpressed at yet another person he had to deal with when he didn't want to, he would much rather be napping the day away.

And Ochako was yet again (not really, it was the first time she was doing this) overhearing the 'secret' conversation the two were having.

She, of course, couldn't let this go. Izuku was hit after all with this 'dangerous' quirk, as the inspector put it, and so was Todoroki. They were her dear friends, she had the right to know what was going on.

Apparently someone had her exact same idea.

Ochako felt a presence behind her and spun around, already dreading being caught and losing the possibility of ever discovering what was happening. But instead of that scenario she found Momo right beside her.

The girl just signalled for her to be quiet so they wouldn't get caught and Ochako nodded quickly and pretended to zip up her lips.

They hid behind a wall, close enough so they could hear what the two men were talking about.

"Like I said, his quirk is very, very dangerous." The inspector began in a grave tone.

From where they were they couldn't see Aizawa-sensei's face, only his back, but there was a very light tension to his shoulders that gave off the seriousness, and caution, he was feeling when he asked. "What exactly is this villain's quirk?"

The inspector's mouth was set in a firm line, probably remembering the 'dangerous' quirk he had once experienced himself. He looked away, passing a hand over his face in a tired and desperate kind of way, picking the three's curiosity.

"He has…." The inspector began, a heavy tone to his voice.

By now the girls were standing on their tiptoes, anticipating the reveal, and even Aizawa-sensei seemed slightly interested.

"What this criminal possesses is…" The inspector closed his eyes, as if resigned to the fate of the world. "…an infatuation quirk."

Aizawa's shoulders sagged, as if he was somewhat unimpressed that the big reveal was this. "…What?"

Ochako instead, was gaping like there was no tomorrow and Momo's eyes were so wide her eyes threatened to fall from their sockets. The girls exchanged a befuddled look and focused back on the men.

The inspector nodded then, as if he was a doctor delivering dramatic news to his patient. "That's the truth. Whoever is hit by his quirk falls for the first person they see. He activates it by looking into people's eyes. It's a tactic he sometimes uses to confound his enemies and escape before he is captured… or just to have fun." The man sighed in equal parts exasperation and annoyance.

Ochako and Momo looked at each other again and almost squeaked, both trying to shut themselves and the other up, barely containing in the shock of what they had just learnt.





"And this is what he said!" Ochako finished reciting the inspector's words she had heard only a little while ago.

"And Recovery Girl confirmed it too." Momo added with a little smile.

The expressions of the rest of the class were similar to the ones they had when they had first heard it.

"What?!" Denki exclaimed all of a sudden, slamming his hands on his desk dramatically. "But I thought they were going to kill each other!"

"So did I!" Eijiro joined in, feeling confused and excited about the news that had just been delivered.

Ochako blinked once, twice and eyed them warily. "…What?"

"And now you're telling me that this is… this is love?" Denki raised his arms in the air, baffled. "How is it possible? What is this, a movie?"

"Wait, where did you guys get the idea they were going to kill each other?" Mina asked curiously.

Denki crossed his arms and grinned, Eijiro followed his example. "From the movies!"

Mina rolled her eyes at them. "Of course you did."

Kyoka raised a delicate but unimpressed brow at the blond boy. "If you thought they were going to kill each other then why didn't you try to do something about it?"

"I did!" Denki said almost offended at being accused of not having done anything about the prospect of his classmates fighting to death. "I planned on making popcorn and eat them when the fight for the last man standing happened." He explained his very brilliant plan, in his opinion. "By the way, I'm rooting for Midoriya. You guys wanna bet?"

Sero and Mineta were already taking money out of their wallets to start the bets, even if they had just heard the news about the apparent 'love' between the two.

"Guys. No." Kyoka scolded them. Then glared at Denki. "And you're an idiot."

"Hey!" The blond protested.

There was a sudden, high-pitched sound that echoed in the classroom, piercing their ears.

"W-What was that?"

Ojiro chuckled nervously. "…It was Hagakure-chan."

"Wow!" The invisible girl all but squealed. "This is so exciting!"

"I know, right!" Ochako joined her and they were both jumping up and down, resembling little kids experiencing a sugar rush.

In that moment Momo cleared her throat, interrupting her two friends. "Just like Iida-san suggested before we should search for more information about this quirk."

Iida nodded wisely. "Yes, we should research before making any speculation."

The class almost seemed to be in a sudden hurry to know just what this quirk was all about.

"And I only know a place where we can acquire unlimited knowledge and information." Mina spoke up, all eyes on her.

"Where!?" They asked almost urgently.

With wiseness coming from years and years of hard work and experience with this, in a grave voice the girl whispered: "The internet."

"Ooooooh." They all stared in wonder as if that was an incredible discovery. A few seconds passed in awe. Then they practically fought each other to get out their phones and start browsing.











"Ugh… we've been doing this for ages and we still haven't found anything." Denki complained, almost sprawled across one of the desks.

"Actually, we have been doing this for five minutes." Kyoka burst his bubble. "You're just lazy."

Denki opened his mouth to protest. Then closed it. Because what his friend was saying was, well, true.

"I think I found something!" Ochako finally screamed after the wait of five long minutes on the internet. "This blog might have some answers!"

They all scrambled to their feet and squished up to her, trying to read past her shoulders.

"Okay, this seems to be about a few people who have been under the effects of this quirk, they talk about their experiences." Ochako explained.

"Read what it says!" Tooru prompted quickly, not able to handle the suspense.

'It's a really rare quirk.'

Denki waved his hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah, we already know that. Go on."

'It's a really weird quirk.'

"We kinda know that too. Go on!" Mina urged.

'It's a really fantastic quirk!'

"Okay, are they all gonna be like this?" Kyoka asked flatly.

"This one had an exclamation mark, so it was a little different." Ochako told her, still very much excited.

Kyoka blinked. "Sure."

'It's an infatuation quirk. It makes you 'fall in love' with the first person you see right after you are hit.'

"Yeah, we know this too." Sero huffed.

'I was hit by that quirk and I fell even more in love with my crush! WE'RE TOGETHER NOW! 33333333333333333333'

"Awwwww!" A few of the girls cooed at the cute message.

"Someone is a little overexcited." Denki observed.

"Wouldn't you also be if you and your crush got together, kero?" Tsuuyu asked him curiously, looking at him with her huge and adorable eyes.

Denki shrugged. "Eh. How much do you wanna bet it was a girl who wrote that?"

All the girls in the class turned around to glare at him. "Why?"

"Because girls are overreac-" Denki cut himself off because a sudden force on his leg made him stop. It was Sero's foot and with a discreet but dramatic shake of his head he was advising him not to continue down that path or he might not have all his limbs attached the next day. When Denki looked at the fiery faces he decided it was probably in his best interest to listen to one of his best friends. He quickly backtracked on his initial course. "B-Because girls are very good at expressing their feelings, unlike boys who are very immature and bad at showing what they have inside their heart. Ugh, boys suck." And even made a disgusted face at the end toward 'immature boys' just for good measure.

The girls scoffed, not impressed at all, but they decided to ignore him and continue with their very important discover.

Denki sighed in relief.

'From what I can tell about having experienced that quirk there is definitely a change in personality.'

"Ooooh, a change in personality." Sero whistled curiously. "What do you think it's gonna happen?"

"Does this mean Midoriya is going to go all terminator mode and kick everyone's butt!?" Denki asked eager at the new perspective.

Sero waved him off. "Nah, that's too irrealistic."

"Awh man, there's nothing fun happening around here."

"This is an academy where we train to become heroes. There is literally everything fun happening here."

Denki shrugged.

"Hmm, I wonder how is Todoroki-san's personality going to change?" Momo muttered to herself.

Mina clapped her hands together, drawing their attention on her. "Maybe he will become a bad boy and break all the rules and then become even more cool than he already is and save the beautiful princess from the dangerous dragon and they will finally live happily ever after…" She stared dreamily somewhere far, far away.

"Yeah." Kyoka started with a little smile, then her expression flattened. "No."

"Awh! There's nothing fun happening around here!" Mina complained like his friend had done just a minute ago.

Denki nodded. "I know, right?"

Kyoka and Sero shook their heads at them.

'No need to eat or sleep for days on end because most people who have a crush are on a 'high' for the majority of the time and apparently this infatuation quirk mimics those 'highs', like staying up all night daydreaming or not being able to eat because of the 'butterflies in your stomach' type of feeling. But even without the regular eating or sleeping pattern the body is somehow able to function, sometimes even better than before.'

"Wooho!" Denki threw his hands in the air. "Those are some cool side effects, I want to be hit with this quirk too!"

"Eh? Why wouldn't you want to eat? Eating is great!" Mineta mumbled around a mouthful as he munched on Denki's snacks.

"Stuffing yourself every hour of the day isn't so much." Kyoka deadpanned.

"Hey, you got your priorities and we got ours." Sero piped up as he opened a bag of chips he kept hidden somewhere and joined his little friend.

'There is no way to erase the effects. Once you're under it you just have to wait for this temporary 'infatuation' to pass. And it takes a while depending on each person, usually a week but sometimes even three. Another thing, people hit with this quirk are also attached to the hip, practically 24/7.'

"Oooh, some lovey dovey stuff is about to go down in this class!" Denki yelled, making some weird gestures with his hands, probably pretending to be a rapper.

"Can you not say it like… that?" Kyoka asked rhetorically, distaste all over her face.

"I'm just trying to be cool!"

"Let me tell you a secret." Kyoka put a hand on his shoulder and whispered it as if it was a real secret. "It's not working."

"What else does it say?" Mina asked eagerly.

Ochako shook her head and sighed. "It ends here."

"Awh!" The girls and Eijiro whined in disappointment.

Momo cleared her throat. "To recap, what we know about this 'infatuation quirk' is that whoever uses it needs to look people in the eyes to make it work." She began.

"There is no way to nullify it. The only solution is to wait until its effects wear out and that might take a couple of weeks!" Ochako continued as if she was reciting a part

"People under its effect might have a change in their personality." Sero added.

"You don't need to eat or sleep the same amount as everyone else because when you're in love only love matters, love with a handsome prince…" Mina sighed dreamily. When she felt stares on her she snapped out of her fantasy and cleared her throat. "… and also when you're in love with anyone else, not just a prince, yeah."

"And the ones who get hit are going to be inseparable for the duration of this 'infatuation!'" Tooru shrieked.

"That might last a few days or a couple of weeks, it depends on each person." Kyoka said next.

When no one was adding anything to the list they all turned their heads toward Denki.

"Oh? It's my turn?" The blond asked his classmates, who nodded. He crossed his arms and assumed a serious expression for a few seconds. Then shrugged. "Yeah, I'd say that's pretty much it."

"You know what I think?" Sero dangled on the legs of a chair and looked at the ceiling with an air of superiority. "This kind of sounds like a drama."

"I love dramas!" Tooru squealed. She might not be visible but her enthusiasm sure was.

"Yeah, I can hear how much you love them from my room." Denki muttered in annoyance.

Mina smirked. "That's why you were crying the other day when about the husband cheated on his wife?"

The blond boy's features immediately turned disdainful. "He cheated on his wife with her sister! What kind of man does that!?" Denki slammed a hand over one of the desks as he remembered what had happened in the last episode of the drama. "Porquè Jorge? Porquè?!"

Kyoka was shaking her head as if to say 'we lost him' and Sero was trying to hide his snickers.

"Guys!" The class snapped to attention at Ochako's voice. "Do you know what this means?"

"We're going to witness a few adorable but awkward attempts at romance for the next few weeks in class?" Sero offered.

"No." She denied vehemently, clapping her hands and staring at the ceiling, almost in trance. It seemed people liked starting at ceilings when they were getting lost in fantasies. "It means two souls who were destined to each other from the start will finally burn in the fire of love."

Most of the classmates stared at each other, then nodded unsurely. "…Yeah. Sure."

"And if they kiss I will literally die and go to heaven and never come back again and look at them being lovey dovey with all the angels around me and we'll sing hallelujah!" Ochako let out all in a rush, almost jumping in place.

Denki put a hand on her shoulder and nodded in a condescending manner. Even though he probably has no idea what condescending means. "Uraraka-chan, are you okay? Sometimes I worry about you."

She grabbed his shoulders, her expression the same 'scary' one as before. "The only thing you need to worry about is your heart exploding when Deku-kun and Todoroki-kun will get together!" And she started shaking him frantically.

Kyoka shrugged. "Maybe she will make his two neurons start working inside that thing he calls brain."

Sero and Mineta started cackling.

With the knowledge they had achieved through that wise place called the internet, Ochako's enthusiasm started spreading around the class.

"A quirk that can make you… fall for people? Guys, is this real?" Ojiro blinked a few times, letting the information sink in.

"It really does sound like a movie, kero." Tsuyu mumbled to herself with a finger on her chin.

"Let's see how much this love is going to be… sparkly!" Ayoama exclaimed, striking a pose.

The class ignored him.

"It's better to let them solve this themselves." Tokoyami said aloud, but mostly to himself since it seemed the class was far too enthusiastic at the prospect of the love blossoming between the two victims of this unusual quirk.

"I think so too, it's better to let them work this out themselves." Shoji added.

Koji nodded, agreeing with them.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Mina instead was already on cloud nine.

"I wonder if love is the same as baking a delicious cake…" Sato mumbled to himself.

Tooru giggled. "I can't believe this is really really happening!"

"Who knew a Monday could be so interesting?" Eijiro asked a little shocked.

Mineta frowned a little at him. "Do you have something against Mondays?"

The boy with fiery hair crossed his arms and nodded. "Yes. Yes, I do."

"Who cares about Mondays?" Mina interrupted them. "What we should care about is who is going to confess first!"

"My bets are on Midoriya." Mineta started the bets once again. "What about you guys?"

Some of the classmates were already fighting to place their money on one of the two.

Denki, returning his usual self, sighed as if he was the wise person of the group. "Like I said, girls are overreacting."

"Yeah. Not only the girls, though." Sero nodded in their direction.

"Do you think they're gonna get together? They will start dating and get married and have a hundred kids because they're so in love?!" Eijiro started spouting off scenarios about what might happen to his two friends and most of the girls were squealing, Ochako was the loudest.

Ojiro deadpanned. "I don't really know who's worse between him and Uraraka."

Kyoka stared a little confused at the scene. "Why is Kirishima so invested in this?"

Sero shrugged. "He probably thinks what's happening between Todoroki and Midoriya is manly or something. It's cute, really."

"…Ah, must be nice being the owner of that quirk." Denki mused out loud, mostly to himself.

Kyoka eyed him suspiciously. "Why? Would you make someone fall in love with you if you had it?"

From the corner of his eye Denki looked at his best friend. Eijiro was listening in on the excited conversation, his smile was happy and contagious, and he was so…- the blond shook his head to get rid of the thoughts.

"No one in particular." He answered casually.

Kyoka looked at him for a moment more, but let it slide, going back into the mayhem most of her friends were creating.

There was one person, however, who was not taking part in the new 'discovery'.

Amidst the excited chatter and squeals Katsuki had remained silent in his seat, away from them. One elbow was propped on his desk to hold his chin in hand as he looked out of the window, seemingly lost in his thoughts.





Izuku was a boy on a mission.

That mission involved perils never encountered before, unseen dangers, abysmal difficulties… he might not come back as he left.

The weight was heavy on his shoulders and determination filled him from the inside with adrenaline rushing in his veins.

Because the mission was….

Finally telling his best friends the feelings he had for Shoto.

Which, alright, it didn't exactly seem as the most dangerous task in the world. But everyone loves being a little dramatic, right?

And he felt a strange pull in his heart, as if there was a force inside of him that pushed him to do so or else he would explode. He didn't know what this sensation was, but he knew he had to do something about it.

Luckily for him he found his best friends rather soon, they were waiting for him outside the infirmary, in the hallway.

After the last bell of the day rung Recovery Girl returned from wherever she had been and she just told them to take it easy. It left Izuku a little confused, but he wasn't in the state of mind to be thinking about anything else other than Shoto.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for him, the other boy had slipped out of the infirmary without another word and Izuku had been left with his heart rapidly beating away in his ribcage and their shared moment still echoing in his mind.

Thus came the wise (and very impulsive) decision to finally tell his two best friends what his real feelings were. Izuku took a deep, deep breath. With a confidence he rarely felt take hold of him from the top of his head to the tip of his toes he walked to them, ready to spill the beans.

"Deku-kun, how are you feeling?" Ochako greeted him with her usual smile, only it seemed brighter. Izuku didn't really pay attention to it however.

"I'm fine." He nodded, looking away for a second and mentally giving himself a pep talk before his gaze settled on the two once again. "Uraraka-san, Iida-kun. I..." He hesitated, swallowing past the little lump in his throat. "… have something to tell you guys."

Ochako and Iida exchanged a look.

"Okay!" The girl said with a grin and Iida nodded to let him continue.

He was going to do this.

The boy mumbled something to himself before speaking up. "You see… there is something that I have been meaning to tell you for a while now, but I never found the right moment and-" He cut himself off, for some strange reason aware that he was about to go into one of his ramblings, and instead tried to go straight to the point. "-I…"

"You?" Ochako echoed, practically on her tiptoes.

"Well, I- I might have a…"

"A?" She prompted excitedly, barely keeping her giddiness in.

Iida was patiently waiting.

Izuku inhaled and let out the air slowly, whispering the next words. "…A crush…on…" He glanced away, rubbing the back of his neck almost sheepishly and finally, finally confessed. "…Todoroki-kun."

"We kno-" Iida began, shattering the atmosphere of suspense that had created, but Ochako's elbow planted on his ribs stopped him in his tracks. She may be shorter than him but she is definitely strong.

"Act surprised!" She whisper-yelled under her breath.

The thing was that Ochako already knew, but Iida had also known for a while now. They had never brought it up because Izuku had never told them anything. They knew it was because he was embarrassed, after all it wasn't always easy to tell your friends you liked someone, no matter how close you were.

And it probably also had to do with the fact that Shoto was one of his strongest rivals. Izuku had formed a bond with him, but maybe that bond wasn't sturdy enough for the boy to test. So he had preferred remaining in the shadows and let his feelings on standby for the time being.

'Love is love and it is beautiful no matter what.' Ochako had told Iida once, her eyes had been sparkling and her voice had carried over in no more than a mere murmur as she was looking up at the tinted orange of the afternoon sky.

Just after Izuku had been so particularly invested in watching Shoto from afar he had body slammed straight into a pole and fell down on his butt from the impact.

And Iida had simply nodded in agreement, not really doing anything to help their best friend who was laying on the ground with the red mark of the pole showing on his face and his continuous giggling that was starting to become worrisome, all of that just because Shoto had looked his way.

For those reasons, Ochako deemed it the most suitable choice to now act surprised, this way Izuku wouldn't feel bad after he told them what he thought he had been keeping secret for the whole time.

She turned to her friend with a shell-shocked expression, pretending this was the most surprising news she had ever gotten in her life and she had absolutely no idea her best friend had liked the other boy for the whole time.


"Yes!" Izuku exclaimed, of course believing her shocked expression.

"You what?!"

"I like him."

Ochako gasped. "No!"

"Yes!" Izuku yelled back excited.

They continued like that for a while, as if they were high school girls gossiping about the latest news… well, that's kind of the half-truth.

"You don't say?! I-I had no idea!" Ochako put a hand over her heart, shaking her head in what was supposed to be disbelief. "I would have never have guessed Deku-kun! You… you have a crush on Todoroki-kun? Wow… just… wow!"

Izuku nodded, arms crossed, eyes closed and a serious expression on his face. "I know this must be very surprising for you guys."

"It is." Ochako nodded quickly. When she didn't hear anything from beside her she lightly jabbed Iida on his ribs to do his part.

The boy with glasses cleared his throat before speaking. "…What a… surprise." He tried, but his monotone was too strong.

Ochako stared at him flatly.

Of course Izuku believed him anyway. "I know, I'm sorry." He shook his head almost desperately. "I guess I am a very good actor and it was impossible to tell."

Ochako and Iida exchanged a glance then looked back at Izuku. "…Yes… that is exactly what happened. Of course."

Izuku nodded at his friends acknowledging his show stopping abilities in acting.

Now that he finally told them he felt… lighter. But there was still a gnawing feeling at the back of his mind. "I should have told you before, but I really… I could not bring myself to." His shoulders sagged. "Are you … okay…" He looked up at them through his eyelashes, feeling worry build up inside him like waves of anxiety. He didn't know what he would do if his best friends weren't comfortable with what he had just told them. "… with this?"

Ochako and Iida looked at each other and then back at their best friend, their eyes softened. How could he even think they wouldn't be okay with him having feelings for someone, and whoever that was they were fine with it. They were going to give him their support no matter what. Isn't that what friends are for, after all?

"Of course we are, Deku-kun! Why wouldn't we be?" Ochako gave him a warm smile and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Iida nodded, also putting his hand on Izuku's other shoulder. "You are still the same Midoriya-kun."

Izuku felt touched at the simple but sincere words of his best friends. The heavy weight he didn't know he had been carrying inside for all this time finally lifted, making him breathe easily for the first time in a while. Their honest smiles affected him, making him smile too.

"Guys…" He began in an almost emotional voice.

"Group hug?" Ochako proposed, opening her arms wide.

Izuku grinned and Iida's small smile widened a little. They wrapped their arms around each other, hugging tightly. Ochako practically squished them up in her arms, making them almost fall. And they started laughing, even Iida was quietly chuckling.

"I can't believe you're the first between us to have a crush. I always thought it would have been Iida-kun." The girl with chestnut hair mumbled almost distractedly.

"Why would you think that Uraraka-kun?" Iida asked curiously.

"Because you're a smart and kind boy, but a little awkward. A girl with the opposite personality as yours would have suddenly barged into your life. Through ups and downs she would have made you see things differently than what you are used to and after a while that would have lead you to inevitably falling for her." Ochako explained how she thought it would happen and managed to shrug even if she was still hugging them tightly. "You know, the stuff that usually happens in dramas."

Izuku nodded too, as if what Ochako had said was exactly what he had also been thinking all along.

"Uraraka-kun. Midoriya-kun." Iida managed to push up the glasses on his nose even in their hold. "You have a vivid imagination."

Ochako giggled and Izuku grinned until the corners of Iida's lips were turning up too.

Izuku felt so relieved, a newfound happiness filled him from within. He didn't know exactly where this positivity was coming from, but he knew that things would be just fine.

"Still, I almost can't believe I was able to hide this for so long." Izuku said enthusiastic, feeling quite proud of himself for his feat. "Wow, I seriously have great acting skills."

Ochako and Iida once again exchanged a look. "…Yeah. Sure."



Chapter Text




Izuku's image was fuzzy in front of his eyes, but it seemed clearer than he had ever seen it before.

"Let go."

The boy was saying, kept repeating it like a mantra.

He felt something at the height of his chest, it ached. Was it because of the words?

"Let me go."

He gritted his teeth, feeling a scorching sensation crawling inside his veins. It was so… wrong.

"Even if you lied… it doesn't matter. But let me go now."

The image shifted and suddenly everything was plunged into darkness. The only light was coming from Izuku's figure

His eyes.

They were so cold.

He had never seen him wear that kind of expression. It was so out of place, so shocking he felt bile rise to his throat.

Izuku should never look that way.

Not in Katsuki's eyes.

"…Deku?" He asked tentatively, not knowing where the caution was coming from, but hoping to not see that gaze break into even more hatred.

Izuku remained unmoving, not uttering a word for what felt an eternity and a second, but the glare he was sending his way freezing.

Katsuki felt cold, hard clutches grip him from the inside, something akin to fear, desperation, loss.

"I hate you." Izuku spit out the syllables like venom.

Katsuki froze.

Izuku's green irises were swallowed up in anger. "I hate you for what you did to me!"

Katsuki was weak, couldn't stand on his feet anymore. He fell down, expecting the hard ground to welcome his weight, but found the floor to be of a strange consistence, almost watery. He heard a dripping sound, steady and loud in the darkness and coming from somewhere near, so he raised his head.

Izuku was crying.

"I don't want to see you ever again… disappear from my life!" The boy begged, with arms wrapped around himself as if to seek protection, as if Katsuki was the threat.

The tears streaming down his face were endless, filling up his whole world.

"…Please let me go."

Katsuki's heart drowned in pain.

He got up, tried to, a sudden and inexplicable urge to stop Izuku washed over him, to stop him from turning around, from running away. But Izuku seemed to get further and Katsuki couldn't reach him because as much as he tried it was not enough. It never was. The boy's back kept getting smaller, distorted with the sudden light breaking in, in front of him but out of reach.

It was so frustratingly scary.

"Wait!" Katsuki tried to call out, his voice echoed in the nothingness. "Deku… no… I…"

Izuku was distancing himself from him, one step at a time, until his back started disappearing in the shadows.

With every step he took Katsuki felt the loneliness grow so quickly inside of him it hurt.














Katsuki woke up with a scream.

The first thing he saw was darkness.

His eyes started to adjust to it and it took a few seconds to notice how ragged his breathing had gotten and how fast his heart was beating. So fast it made him want to throw up. He blinked, getting used to the lack of light, Suddenly, he was filled to the brim with something different, something he had not felt in a long time, and now he could see as clearly as those images that kept on replaying over and over again in front of his eyes.


He begrudgingly trudged in the hallway, trying not to make noise. Not because he cared about his classmates resting a few walls away - he could honestly care less about their beauty sleep - but he didn't want any of them to see him in this… way.

Once inside the bathroom he immediately went to the sink, as soon as he opened the faucet and cold water splashed in he quickly gathered it in his hands and washed his face, trying to get rid of the remaining bits and pieces of the nightmare- that felt scarily more like a memory than an actual piece of his imagination - haunting him.

Katsuki paused, trying to catch his breath that had still not slowed down. He tiredly watched the rush of water slip through his fingers, something he was not able to stop. Something he was not able to keep for himself. The little droplets clinging to his fingers fell down and what he was left with was only the cooling sensation that made his hands grow gradually colder, until the point where it started to become uncomfortable. He hung his head at the thoughts circulating freely through his brain.

It was just something else he couldn't stop, wasn't it?

"Even if you lied… it doesn't matter. But let me go now."

Katsuki scrunched his eyes shut. He thought he could do it. He thought he could have ignored what was going on inside him. Ignore what went through his head everytime he saw the other boy.

And just let a few years water down how he was feeling about him.

But it had not worked. Nothing ever had.

He was stuck in his head.














As he was getting back to his room he thought about getting a glass of water first, his throat was dry and he felt the beginning of a headache pulsing on his temples already. He passed through the common room to get to the kitchen where he would just drink a glass of water and leave. No one would be awake at this point anyway and no one would see him-

Someone was already there.

It seemed like this wasn't Katsuki's lucky night.

He grumbled something to himself, even more irritated than before if it was even possible. But when he got closer the person's face started becoming clearer from the moonlight shining through the windows.

Until he recognized him.

He didn't even notice he stopped in his tracks.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Katsuki's voice was much quieter than he would have liked for it to be, but he couldn't help it, the surprise was too much.

Izuku was there.

"K-Kacchan!" He startled, looking up from the ground at the new presence in the room. It seemed he had not even heard him enter, sitting in one of the common room's couches and lost in his own world. "You-…you're here too?"

Katsuki's eyes narrowed as the guilt came crashing down on him, so intense he felt like the ground was missing from beneath his feet.

But he couldn't let him see it.

"Answer the fucking question!"

This time his voice was louder, angrier.

Because anger made everything feel better, right?

Izuku flinched and Katsuki felt like someone had punched him in the gut.

"I… was training. I did it for a little while because I couldn't really sleep, so I thought that instead of simply staying up maybe I could do something more… useful? And I figured I could spend my time that way. Then I started feeling a little tired and I thought that I shouldn't overwork myself because that would be bad, working hard is okay but overworking is never the answer, I didn't want to actually tear something and end up hurting myself or I wouldn't be able to come to class or be with everyone and that would be even worse and it would make me feel sad and…"

Izuku seemed to suddenly be aware that he had started mumbling words that were coming up more than a little fast and slightly jumbled. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and his lips curved up in a small smile. It wasn't as wobbly as usual, instead it was a little steadier than what Katsuki had probably ever seen on him, a little more… confident?

"Oops, sorry about that, it's an old habit… I was training. I finished a while ago and decided to stay here for a little." The boy looked down at his lap, where his hands were gripping at his knees, be it from nervousness… or something else.

Katsuki was a little speechless. He was looking at Izuku with wide eyes and the breath caught a little in his throat because he looked so, so–


Katsuki stopped that train of thought before it derailed from the rails.

He scoffed quietly, pretended he was looking away in annoyance, when in truth his heart was beating so furiously he could feel it pounding in his head and his palms were sweating for no apparent reason. He shoved his hands in his pockets and glared at the window on his line of sight.


That stupid, stupid nickname and the stupid, stupid things it did to him.

The pounding in his heart turned to hammering now and unseen he closed his hands into fists inside his pockets, trying not to think – but then Izuku completed his sentence and Katsuki froze on the spot.

"…what are you doing here?"

Thoughts of the nightmare assaulted his brain and all he could see was Izuku, his sad expression, his angry eyes, his tears, his-

"Let me go now."

Katsuki's breath caught in his throat.


He couldn't deal with this. Not right now.

The blond breathed in slowly, quietly so the other boy wouldn't notice… but he didn't even know what he wanted to hide from Izuku's sight at this point.

He grunted something unintelligible, not wanting to acknowledge the other boy's presence anymore, not wanting to acknowledge the way it made him feel.

Katsuki forgot the glass of water and just walked to his room, resisting the urge to turn back and look at Izuku.



Chapter Text


The next day was normal, or as normal as Izuku's definition of it could be right now.

Because the boy was not thinking about school, like he normally would, he was not even thinking about the brief encounter he had with Katsuki last night, that normally would be a constant in his mind, and he was also not thinking about… about anything he normally would. But what was on his mind was…


Of course he was thinking about him, Izuku couldn't get the boy out of his head.

The previous night he had not been able to sleep, too engrossed in the thoughts of the other boy. It had been as if his brain could not find the switch to simply turn off. Every time he remembered Shoto's words, his voice, his eyes, his everything, it was as if little sparks of electricity came to life beneath his skin, keeping him on a constant rush that never seemed to stop.

And it was still like this, even now.

Izuku was walking to class with a spring in his step, feeling ecstatic as he hummed to a random, happy tune. Ochako and Iida were following behind, with a bright smile and a default expression each.

"He's so happy today!" Ochako commented with an even happier grin than Izuku's one.

Iida nodded.

"Doesn't he look super happy?"

Iida nodded again.

"Is this what it means to be in love?"

Iida nodded again, of course.

"Love. The love they talk about in the movies! And it's here! Right in front of our eyes!"

Iida, without fail, nodded some more.

"Goodness gracious, this is love! Can you even believe it!? Deku-kun is in love!" She had to stop and take in big gulps of air once in a while, as if she was running a marathon or something.

Once more, Iida gave a trustworthy nod.

Meanwhile, Izuku was obviously still thinking about Shoto. In fact, he was thinking about him so much that he didn't even notice the student he bumped into. He became aware only after he had accidentally thrown the other boy to the ground when their shoulders came in contact.

He glanced at the now sprawled student on the floor, his grin was still in place because thoughts of Shoto were still in his head, and he nodded at him in a way he had seen the cool guys do in movies.

"Sorry, brother."

The guy glanced up confused. "…I'm not your brother?"

Izuku raised a hand with his fingers forming the V sign and with a lazy grin, and a lazier wave of his hand, he called out over his shoulder. "Peace." And kept walking towards class.

"Please ignore him, he's in love." Ochako sighed dreamily.

The other student was even more confused than before, Iida nodded here too, Ochako kept seeing love everywhere and Kyoka, who had just come to the scene, stared after the curly haired boy with a slight hint of bewilderment, but she was mostly unimpressed with it all.

"I think he has been infected by Kaminari." The girl stated, almost worried for her classmate since he started resembling Denki a little by the way he was behaving.

Ochako tilted her head curiously. "Why do you say that?"







"Guys." Denki's voice, deeper than usual for a more dramatic effect, suddenly boomed in the room as he made an announcement during one of their sleepovers, holding his head up high as if going to war. "I think I'm going to be an actor."

"Why?" Sero asked, not curious at all.

Denki opened his arms wide, looked up at the sky… which consisted of the bland, white ceiling of his room. "Because I was born to be a star. It's in my blood. I can feel it now… everyone will finally recognize and acknowledge my talent on the big screen!"

Mina hummed in disinterest. "And what about becoming a hero?"

"Hero by day. Actor by night." Denki whispered in a low, secretive voice. Then brightened up to his usual self again. "Oh hey, that could be the title for a movie. Okay, now I'll go for a little run to yell my newfound passion in everyone's faces until it gets drilled in their brains!"

They watched him barge out, still hearing his screams - 'I will become a Hollywood staaaar!'-minutes after he ran out of the room.

"I'm not staying up all night to let him in this time." Mina mumbled mindlessly, not raising her head from the magazine she was reading.

Kyoka picked up another card and scoffed under her breath because it seemed Sero was going to win this round of the game. "Nah, lock the door. He'll find another way to get in his room. Or maybe spend some more time with that man he befriended last week at the park."

Sero knitted his eyebrows in recollection. "…Didn't that turn out to be a thief he had accidentally helped because Kaminari's oblivious like that?"

"Guess he'll find another profession to put in his wish list, then."







Kyoka looked away and shrugged. "No reason."

Ochako clasped her hands together, her eyes were almost shaped like hearts. "What Deku-kun has been affected with is… love."

Kyoka eyed her uncertainly. "…If you say so."

Iida simply nodded.

Oblivious to his friends talking, Izuku had just entered the class.

And stopped in his tracks.

Because, of course, his giddiness just increased when he saw the dual haired boy taking his seat, seemingly lost in his own thoughts too. He swore he almost heard his heart going 'ping' when Shoto raised his head and their eyes met. He couldn't even feel his face anymore, distantly thinking this was what it would mean to have half of Shoto's quirk.

In a haste Izuku raised a hand. Or tried to. Because it got stuck in his uniform, in some way, and he accidentally undid the first button. He looked down at the mess his hand just made and tried to get the uncooperative appendage to unstick, nervously searching the other boy's eyes and even more nervously trying to laugh it off.

The edge of Shoto's lips quirked up in a light smile at the display because unknown to Izuku, the only word his mind could conjure up in that moment was adorable.

Meanwhile some of their classmates already in the class were watching the exchange with a deadpan.

"Are we seriously going to be witnesses to his love failures?" Sero huffed in complaint.

"Aww, he's cute." Mina grinned at the adorably awkward boy.

With a strong flick of his wrist Izuku finally managed to get his hand free and he raised it in the air victorious!

…But his necktie accidentally flew off, ending up on Iida's face just as he entered the classroom.

Mina tilted her head thoughtfully. "…well, kind of cute."

Izuku ignored his missing necktie, or the fact that it had just landed on his best friend's face, because amidst the fog-induced-crush-thoughts he had a sudden moment of clarity and realized that he was standing right in front of the entrance, looking like a (cute) fool.

He didn't know what to do, feeling self-conscious even if the giddiness had tripled in amount inside his veins.

So he decided that the best method of approach in such a situation would be a wave, just as he had planned to, before he took his own seat.

But it was not.

Because when he raised his hand again he heard a distinct 'slap', followed by a groan. He furrowed his brows in confusion and when he turned his head to the side he saw his hand had connected with something. To be more specific, it had connected with Denki's face.

"Oh." Izuku blinked, taking off his hand from his friend's face. "Hi Kaminari-kun." He then greeted him as cheerful and innocent as ever.

Denki groaned again, holding his nose and scrunching up his eyes, sniffing a little. "Oww..."

Izuku ignored him.

Facing once again the boy (of his dreams), he found Shoto still had that same expression on, which for some reason made his knees and heart feel wobbly, and it was such a nice sensation that Izuku didn't know what to do with himself.

In the end he settled for a tiny nod, that Shoto returned with the glint of a smile lighting up his eyes, as if, somehow, Izuku greeting him (or trying to) might be a reason for said smile. And if that was not the best thing that had happened to Izuku since the day had started, then he didn't know what was.

With a burst of energy coming from somewhere inside, he all but rushed to his seat, taking out a book chosen at random from his backpack and opening it, hiding his now burning face and giggling to himself.

Izuku discretely tilted his head to the side to try and steal a glance, and he found Shoto's small smile still directed at him. He flushed and immediately looked away, with an unmistakable grin he could not fight off his face.

"He looks like a school girl on her first crush." Mineta commented.

Sero looked at him pointedly. "Well, if you take out the 'girl' part, then... that's literally it."

Mineta blinked. "Oh. You're right."

Izuku started giggling uncontrollably the more he stared at the other boy, hiding in his book and kicking his feet, mumbling something unintelligible to himself all the while.

Mineta frowned. "I changed my mind, he looks more like a serial killer now."

Sero nodded in agreement. "Yeah, you're right."







Another day dragged on for the heroes, through the complicated lessons, the strenuous training, the rigorous… well, that was a lie because Izuku could not really describe the day that went past since he did not register a single bit of it. Someone could have started a fire and he would have still been oblivious to it all.

What he did register, though, was Shoto's smile, Shoto's hair, Shoto taking notes, Shoto smiling at him again, Shoto blinking, Shoto looking at him, and Shoto- really, just him. Did he already mention Shoto's smile?

Once the class was dismissed the students began to collect their things and chat about their afternoon plans, except for Izuku who all but ran out of the classroom, too lost in his own thoughts. Again. Shoto was the second to make his leave, he too was uncaring about anything that happened around him.

But there was another student who was in a similar situation to these two.

"Bakugo." Eijiro called to his best friend, but received no answer.

"Bakugo." He tried again a little louder, the ashy blond was still looking out of the window.

"Bakugo!" Eijiro placed a hand on his desk, went closer in hopes of getting his attention this time. But nothing still.

"Look, there's a sale on spicy wings!"

This had the desired effect.

Katsuki snapped out of whatever thoughts he had been swimming inside his head and looked up at the red head, startled for a moment. His eyes seemed innocent, the same wide-eyed gaze that Izuku had sometimes, and it was unusual for Katsuki to have that kind of expression, it made him look younger.

"The fuck do you want, rock face?"

But he quickly turned back to his normal self.

Ah, yes, usual Katsuki they all have come to adore anyway.

"The bell rang, didn't you hear?"

Katsuki's eyebrows knitted in the center of his forehead, blinking a few times almost disoriented. "Uh..."

Eijiro was the one confused. Katsuki was almost always the first to leave class and go, sometimes he went training, on especially good days he let himself be dragged into whatever his circle of friends had planned.

But today, he seemed a little... out of it.

'No, not just today.' Eijiro thought to himself.

It had happened yesterday too, after the 'accident'. At first Katsuki had been quiet, almost strangely so, and when they had gotten off the bus he had not even spared a glance in Eijiro's direction after bumping into him.

And even in class now. True, Katsuki was not one to usually raise his hand at every opportunity, although he tended to blurt out his opinion more often than not. But still, he never passed up the chance to make snide remarks, to classmates and teachers alike. These last couple of days instead, he had been... absent.

"Are you okay?" Eijiro asked suddenly, starting to feel a little worried.

Katsuki's eyes widened a fraction at the unexpected question. "Why wouldn't I fucking be?"

The red head didn't want to push on what could be a sore subject and risk him close off, but he also wanted to know if there was something wrong…

And if it was somehow connected to their two friends' accident.

Eijiro tried to tread carefully. "Is it... because of the quirk?"

Katsuki raised an oblivious eyebrow. "Huh? What quirk?"

"You know." Eijiro rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "…The quirk of that villain-"

"What damn villain?" Katsuki interrupted, actual curiosity tinting his expression.

"What did you say?" Denki was the one to question this time, feeling as puzzled as Eijiro looked after overhearing them.

"What fucking quirk are you talking about?" Katsuki asked through gritted teeth, starting to get annoyed.

The rest of the class had, by this point, heard the three.

Denki and Eijiro exchanged a long look.

"Are you kidding right now?"

"Do I look like I'm fucking kidding?"

In truth, Katsuki didn't look to be joking. At all.

Denki crossed his arms and narrowed wary eyes at him. "Wait... do you suffer from memory loss or something?"

"The fuck are you on, shitty brain?"

"But... yesterday, we-" Eijiro stuttered, feeling a little lost at Katsuki's expression. He truly seemed clueless. "-when we… when-"

"Fuck off already." Katsuki clicked his tongue, apparently losing interest in the matter. He got up and gathered his things, throwing the backpack over one shoulder. "See you later losers." And disappeared out of the door, leaving his classmates to stare befuddled at his exit.

"He… doesn't remember?" Momo was the one to break the silence, looking for an explanation.

"We have literally talked about this for two days straight." Mina added, just as bewildered.

Denki snorted quietly. "Not that straight."

Sero and Mineta snickered, Ochako tried to hide her own, Kyoka rolled her eyes and Iida was nodding, again.

"What?" Momo asked curiously, not having heard the blond.

"Nothing." Denki shook his head, the others did too.

"Didn't he seem… distracted today?" Toru spoke next with a contemplative finger on her chin that no one saw.

"And yesterday too." Eijiro answered, trying to think of a reason to Katsuki's sudden… change.


They frowned at the shrill laughter piercing the air, looking around for the source.

"I know why!"

"Ehh?" They looked at each other, trying to figure out who was the one with the answers.

"I know it, I know it!"

Oh, it was Dark Shadow.

Kyoka narrowed her eyes, as if thinking deeply about something truly important. And she shared it with her friends. "It's almost more annoying than Kaminari."


"You said you know the answer?" Sero asked the Shadow. "The answer to what?"

"To what's going on with Bakugo!"

Eijiro almost gasped, practically throwing himself at Tokoyami's desk. "What is it? What's going on with him?!"

"Eheheh!" The Shadow's laugh almost sounded mischievous. "Bakugo was hit by the infatuation quirk too!"

The whole class stared dumbfounded, until…








As soon as Katsuki heard the explosion he ran towards it, fed up with having to wait to take part in whatever lesson Aizawa had come up with this time. But it wasn't as easy as he would have liked for it to be since there were people screaming and running everywhere, and he had to keep his quirk in check to prevent harming anyone from the sheer irritation of it all. Although, once in front of the bank, it wasn't as difficult to locate the villains.

One in particular.

He felt annoyance and excitement fill him in equal parts as he ran towards the criminal, palms already crackling in anticipation of the explosions he wanted to set off.

Before he could catch the villain, however, he was stopped in his tracks. But the criminal had not done anything yet, he was not even touching him. There was just… something about his eyes. Something strange.

This guy could not have been much older than him and he did not look to be threatening at all. He was not what one would expect a villain to be like. He also had the kind of smug face that pissed Katsuki off to no end.

But his eyes… why couldn't he look away?

"Seems like you have some things of your own you need to sort out." The guy stated, far too calmly and pleased for someone who should have been running for their life after robbing a bank, but he also sounded… confident, as if he knew something Katsuki did not.

The blond was about to retort with some sarcasm and then proceed to beat the hell out of him, before he could act on any of the dozens of scenarios his mind had come up with however, all ending badly for the criminal, he was interrupted by his next words.

"This might help."

Katsuki had no idea what to expect.

But even so this possibility was certainly not it.

The moment the boy's eyes turned grey Katsuki stopped breathing.

There was a second, a mere second of quiet, of silence, if he dared to he might have called it peace. Nothing and no one existed except for this bubble he found himself in, distant from the outside world.

And then everything exploded.

Senses and emotions came rushing and crashing down inside of him all at once, fighting to prevail and the force behind it all was so strong he physically felt it. In that moment his body could have been turning inside out for all he knew.

And then it happened. Amidst the collision and coexistence of the chaos inside of him he caught a glimpse of a spiral.

Those eyes.

It felt like slow motion, the moment both Izuku and Shoto turned towards him.

The rush inside of him ceased to exist all together.

He felt ice in his veins and fire take over his face, never having experienced a more contrasting but pleasant sensation in his entire life. It was as if the sky lit on fire and light suddenly came sweeping in, overwhelming the entire world. This sort of fuzzy aura was everywhere, invading his vision, burning in his chest, filling his lungs. So white it would have been blinding, if not for the fact that what he could only seem to focus on were the different colors making up their eyes.

And it was so unlike anything he had ever felt before.

It lasted an eternity, this moment he found himself blocked in with no escape. But, surprisingly… Katsuki was not looking for an escape.

Abruptly his lungs finally filled with sweet, relieving oxygen and the light around him disappeared, almost melting away to let him see the world he had been unaware of. The intensity of the moment started fading away, but not the feeling, settling to a slight kind of buzz thrumming below his skin.

If Katsuki had fully come back to his senses he would have noticed that the villain was gone. But Katsuki had not come back to his senses, much like the other two.

If that moment had been in slow motion, everything that came afterwards seemed to go at twice the normal speed. He tried to pretend like everything was fine, like he knew what was going on. So he put on his best glare, pretended to be annoyed with something or someone, tried to live in the day even when it felt like it was slipping away from his fingertips. Because the truth was that he was unaware of everything, except for what was currently happening inside of him.

And the worst- or best- thing was that he ignored the same was happening to the other two boys who had fallen 'under the spell', just like he had. But with each other.







"Eheh and that's what happened!" Dark Shadow finished sharing what he had seen happen between Katsuki and the villain the previous day.

Everyone's jaw dropped to the floor.

"Why didn't you say anything before!?" Ochako shook Tokoyami back and forth as if he had committed a horrible crime, glaring at Dark Shadow in a way that said he had hidden a far too precious secret from them.

The Shadow tried to answer, but was interrupted by its owner.

"Dark shadow, how many times do I have to tell you? You should not meddle in other people's business, what they do in their life is only for them to know."

Indirectly, Ochako, and the class, had received their answer.

"But this sounds like fun!"

"No." Tokoyami denied firmly. "Spying on people's lives is not fun."

"It kind of is." Mineta and Denki muttered under their breaths.

Tokoyami shot them a disapproving look.

"No, no, it's not! It's absolutely no fun at all! Hah… ahahah!" Both boys immediately uttered as they shook their heads quickly, rubbed their necks sheepishly and let out nervous laughs, all of this in sync.

When Tokoyami nodded satisfied and focused his attention elsewhere the two sighed in relief.

"Well…" After a beat in which she had gathered her thoughts, Mina started with a slight frown on her face. "…this changes things."

"And complicates them." Sero added, almost curiously this time.

"Wait." Denki raised his hand to stop them, his brows were already furrowed in deep concentration as the new information sank in. "Can a… a what? A three-way relationship work? What do you even call it? A… threeshionship?" He scratched his head, trying to find a name that would make sense.

"Polyamory, from the Greek πολύpoly, meaning 'many, several' and Latin amor, meaning 'love', is the practice of, or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the consent of all partners involved. It has been described as 'consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy.'" Momo explained, almost as if she had been reading a dictionary.

"Oooh." The rest of the class, minus Kyoka, stared at the girl in awe.

Momo smiled at them. But, when more than a few seconds of complete silence passed, her smile faltered. "…You did not understand what I said."

"Nope." Her classmates, minus Kyoka, confirmed her statement.

"I lost you at poliomory." Denki added.

"It's polyamory." She corrected him.

"Oh." Denki frowned, feeling even more confused. "So I lost you before that."

Momo sighed in exasperation.

"Let me say it in a way you'll get this, then." Kyoka took the lead. "It's. More. Than. Two. People. In. A. Relationship." She punctuated each word, using a tone that sounded just slightly condescending, as if she was speaking with a bunch of little kids. "You understand that?"

"Ooooh." The class echoed, still lost.

Kyoka waited for it to settle inside their brains in








"Oooooooooooh!" They finally understood.

She shook her head in distaste. "You guys are slower than Kaminari."


Ojiro rubbed his chin thoughtfully, as if he was stroking an invisible beard. "So that quirk works... with three people at the same time?"

Shoji narrowed his eyes in contemplation. "Is there even a limit?"

"Wow! Imagine having that kind of power in the wrong hands!" Toru continued, more excited than worried about that prospect.

Mineta crossed his arms and nodded with a little smirk to himself. "Eheh, if I had that kind of quirk I would-"

Sero shut his mouth with some tape.

"Not now, my little grapey friend." He patted his bouncy and wobbly head. "We have more important matters to discuss."


Sero nodded at him. "Yes, really."

"Mmpgh phmp!"

Sero shook his head. "No, I can assure you I completely understand what you're saying."

"I can't even imagine what this villain has done with his quirk up until now." Aoyama also took part in the conversation, even if he was mostly checking his sparkly smile in his hand mirror.

"Oh, don't worry." Mina waved a dismissive hand towards her friends. "Cute bad guys are only bad in movies. Cute bad guys are actually good in real life." She shared her wisdom and experience with them, having seen the villain that was the cause of this all. And of course cute guys would never cause real troubles because they are too cute to do so. At least this is what Mina swore by.

The class eyed her uncertainly. "...Sure."

"Trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

They didn't think so, but they didn't need to let her know that.


Ochako's scream caught everyone by surprise.

"I remembered something!" The girl ran to Iida and started shaking him this time. "Recovery Girl had told us that whoever is hit by this quirk is… not aware of it!"

Momo nodded, remembering the conversation they had outside the infirmary room, this being one of the most surprising aspects of the infatuation quirk.

"Wait…" Denki stopped them, once again. Completely lost… once again. "You mean they don't know they have this… well, this 'crush' on each other?" He air quoted the word, scrunching up his face in confusion.

"Now that you say it… that makes sense." Sero reasoned. "If they knew they would have probably freaked out."

"Maybe Midoriya-kun." Mina hummed thoughtfully. "Todoroki-kun would have just been like…" She stared blankly ahead of her. "'oh.'"

"You do a nice impression of him." Sero complimented her.

She smiled happily. "Thank you."

"Just like Midoriya-kun and Todoroki-kun... does this mean Bakugo-kun is not aware of it either, kero?" Tsuuyu asked, tilting her head to the side cutely.

There was a bout of silence… then lightning struck them. Somehow, for a moment, they had all forgotten they had stayed behind just to talk about Katsuki, having gotten side-tracked instead by everything else.

"Hmm?" Tsuuyu regarded them curiously, it seemed she was the only 'un-distracted' one.

"If this is the case, then… we should probably not tell them what happened with the quirk." Sato sounded unsure when he voiced his opinion to his classmates.

"Why?" Most of them asked at the same time.

His expression darkened and his voice wavered slightly. "…Just imagine how Bakugo would react… if we break to him the news."

Their imagination, fueled by teen hormones and a little too much sugar running through their veins, immediately created a scenario inside their heads.


Katsuki stared wide-eyed, lips slightly parted in shock at the revelation of the 'accident'.

Out of nowhere, explosions set off all around him, destroying whatever was in his reach.

His anger was practically tangible.

"What?! You'll fucking pay for thiiiiiis!"

The ground trembled, cracking underneath such a furious being. But his screams were nothing compared to the giant threat he posed as a dragon with three heads, especially when out of every mouth he started spitting out fire and-


"Okay, the part of the dragon with three heads is a little exaggerated." Sero waved his hand in the air as if to erase the image Denki had just narrated to the class.

"Huh? Are you sure?" The blond seemed quite confident about the train of through he had taken. "'Cause that's exactly how I imagine him to be."

Most of them sighed in exasperation. But Eijiro was staring at the boy with a fond smile, soon enough being reciprocated by the blond.

"So this proves that we should never tell any of them about this." Mina concluded with a satisfied nod.

Iida and Koji nodded too.

"Or we just wait until the effects wear off and then let them know." Kyoka went on to say almost absent-mindedly.

"Is it gonna wear off, though? They seem to be pretty interested in each other." Mina pointed out, thinking about how Izuku and Shoto had been behaving after the 'accident'.

"For one of them it could only be the quirk." Kyoka countered.

Heads turned in her direction. "Huh?"

"From what we know, Midoriya already liked Todoroki. And Todoroki has shown a certain interest for him too." She explained. "I mean, only an idiot wouldn't have noticed. Even Kaminari did."

Denki nodded proudly. "Yes, I did." Then he thought over her words, which didn't appear to be as nice. "Hey!"

Kyoka ignored him and carried on. "But do you think that Bakugo would like either of them?"

The question was met with initial silence and doubtful glances shared between the others.

"Are you saying he can't… have feelings for someone?" Eijiro broke the quiet, sounding almost saddened.

"I'm not saying that." The girl reassured him with a small, almost unnoticeable smile. "But from what we have seen he has always been so…" She paused, selecting her next words carefully. "…indifferent to anything that didn't involve reaching his goal to become a hero. He has never really shown any interest in Todoroki, except for wanting to defeat him. As for Midoriya, instead, with the past they have… after the effects of the quirk wear off those two might probably go back to playing cat and mouse." She finished calmly, waiting for the response.

Her friends were pondering over it, similar but slightly different reactions on each of their faces since they couldn't deny the truth in her words. Ochako and Eijiro's shoulders sagged a little, the confusion-turned-excitement after having just discovered the 'love triangle' now weakened in front of the new prospect that this might all be over soon.

"But then Midoriya and Todoroki will probably get married!" Mina's voice suddenly caught their attention.


"We found another blog!" Toru continued, sharing her friend's enthusiasm. "A girl who was hit by a similar quirk a few years ago 'fell in love' with her best friend too! And after the 'infatuation' disappeared they got married! Isn't that what is going to happen to Midoriya and Todoroki since they are such good friends and liked each other already before this?" If she had not been invisible everyone would have seen the big grin threatening to split her face.

"Awwww!" Most of the girls cooed, and so did Eijiro.

Among the ecstatic squeals Sero's attention fell back on Denki who, instead of spouting some of his nonsense, was being unusually quiet.

"Don't think too much, you're going to hurt yourself." Sero teased his best friend with a half-hearted smirk.

"Ha-ha. Very funny." Denki muttered sarcastically. "Seriously though, what if this isn't happening just because of that quirk? What if by the time this crush 'expires', not only Todoroki and Midoriya's, but also Bakugo's… feelings…." He couldn't believe he was considering the other blond as someone capable of having feelings right now.

(The only times Denki saw Katsuki feel something were when he was angrily chasing him around because of one of his pranks, but that was another story altogether).

"… are still going to be there?"

"Hmm…" Sero took the possibility in consideration. But not being able to come up with an answer he simply shrugged it off. "Who knows?"

Denki turned to Kyoka, who seemed to be the one with all the answers. "So… what do we do now?"

"The only thing we can do." She answered honestly. "Just wait and see what happens next."



Chapter Text


Hey guys...

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Chapter Text


"Why are we here exactly?" Denki asked, again.

"Because we're good people?" Ojiro offered, though he didn't look to particularly believe that.

"Yeah." Sero shook his head. "No. We all know that's not true."

"Speak for yourself." Mina denied with a haughty shake of her head.

Sero let out a small, unimpressed sigh as looked over at her. "Mina-chan, I hate to break it to you but last week you hit a girl with your purse and yelled at her 'you shouldn't wear heels that are higher than your IQ!' just because she wanted to buy the same shoes as you."

"So?" Mina replied defensively. "It was personal defense and I can assure you that anyone who has been in my place knows that."

"Sure." Sero highly doubted that.

Momo cleared her throat to gather their attention back on the subject at hand. "Today we are here because of our extracurricular activity."

The students currently found themselves in a park not too far from the school. It had actually been one of Momo and Iida's ideas to participate in today's extracurricular activity, a few other classes had taken part in this project too which was supervised by Thirteen, who not only believed in using quirks for creation and assistance rather than destruction and battle, but also had… quite a knack for projects like this one. The activity of the day was in fact volunteering to clean public spaces, and this park was the one assigned to class 1-A.

"Picking up litter is part of being a good citizen." Iida spoke in an even more serious tone than he usually used as he fixed his glasses up his nose. "Not only is litter unsightly and capable of ruining our experience in nature, it also poses danger to animals that may ingest it."

"That is why it's so important to keep our surroundings clean." Momo continued. "A clean community discourages littering and improves overall community quality of life, and a simple but effective way of doing so is-"

"Picking up trash?" Sero interjected.

"Exactly. I know it is not as 'cool' or flashy as using our quirks to save someone from immediate danger, but that does not mean it is any less valuable. It might seem like this is only a minimal way of trying to help once we take in the bigger picture, but if it's going to positively affect you and the people around you then it is worth every ounce of effort you put in. Even in our day to day life we can all still manage to be heroes in our own way." She finished with a bright smile.

The rest of the class was left speechless, almost everyone was in awe, until a steady clap clap clap broke the silence that had created. As if being one all their headswhipped to the left at the same time, where they found the one clapping was none other than Shoto.

Shoto blinked, once, twice, then felt eyes on him and turned to stare at his classmates. "Oh. I thought we were supposed to clap at this point." He explained emotionlessly.

Izuku, on the other side of the group, doubled over and clutched at his chest.

"Deku-kun! Are you okay?" Ochako immediately went by his side, trying to find out what was wrong with him.

But Izuku shook his head, curls bouncing from side to side, and he was already in his own world. "Even the way he claps is handsome…. h-how?!" He asked himself such a true and mysterious question, trying to find an impossible answer.

"Yep, it's clear now. This one's definitely gone." Sero quipped to Kyoka, to which she nodded.

Ochako, of course, went in her own world too at that. Which mostly revolved around manhandling the first person she saw. And the victi- er, the person of the day turned out to be Denki, of course.

"Ugh! Have you ever heard anything cuter in your life?!" She all but whisper-screamed in his face, almost strangling him as she shook the boy back and forth with surprising force.

"Ochako-chan… if you keep strangling me like this I'll never be able to hear anything 'cute' ever again… 'cause I'll be dead by then…" Denki wheezed through breaths he managed to take in-between her choking hold.

She ignored him and let him fall from her vice-like grip, looking up to the sky and whispering something about 'pure first loves' to herself while Denki took some huge gulps of air, relieved to be on the cold hard ground once again.

"…She is so much stronger than she looks." He complained as his friends laughed at him.

Momo cleared her throat to get everyone to focus. "If we're all set then I think we should start, better not waste any more time."

Without a word Koji was the first to start since this was an activity he already enjoyed doing. He smiled to himself as he set to work.

Aoyama puffed up his chest and crossed his arms over it, already in a serious mode, though there was his ever-present smile on his lips. "It's going to be very hard to do so, but…" He abruptly raised a hand in the air, pointing to the sky. "I will make this place sparkle as much as me!"

Most of his friends ignored him.

"Sometimes I get the impression he thinks he's the character in an anime or something." Sato observed his classmate. "Like 'The Pretty Cure series (Japanese name: Futari Wa Pretty Cure)' where they do all those sparkly transformations, you know?"

Tsuyu hid a giggle behind her hand. "That's funny, kero."

Denki gave the park another once-over, unamused. "So, what you're saying is… we're gonna pick up other people's trash for free?"

Sero pondered over the question for a whole of three seconds, before nodding. "Basically."

"…Great." Denki let out a long sigh. "This is going to be a long afternoon."

"Hey, what's that long face for?" Eijiro came over and threw an arm around Denki's shoulder, his grin was practically blinding and the blond felt his mood lifting up just by the sight of him. "Keeping our environment clean is so manly! We have to give it our all!" He exclaimed with his usual bright and burning spirit.

Denki sighed again, this time though it was mellower and just a little… dreamy. "You're right."

Sero raised a questioning eyebrow at that, smirking a little, but Denki ignored him, pounding a fist to his chest and appearing much more determined than before. "If my best friend is doing this then so am I!"

"Um, shouldn't you do be doing 'this' for the right reasons?" Toru asked a bit puzzled.

"Yeah, yeah." Denki waved a dismissive hand in the air. "I'm doing it because I love to keep our planet clean and all that stuff."

Kyoka clicked her tongue. "Shallow." It's not like she really cared anyway.

"Hey, at least he's doing it." Mina shrugged. "That's already something."

After each one of them had been assigned a section to clean and given gloves and a plastic bags, and also a hand sanitizer, they put in effort (well, some of them) to carry out this extracurricular activity right.







Well, maybe not exactly right.

For a brief moment during this particular task Izuku was reminded of the arduous training with All Might before entering U.A. and just how happy and inspired he had felt at the clean and beautiful sight of the beach - but the memory disappeared from his mind right as Shoto walked right in front of him.

Izuku followed him with his eyes and forgot to breathe for at least ten seconds. Was it just him or did the boy become more handsome every day? And while he kept following him with his eyes, he started following him with his feet too, so he didn't notice when he walked straight into a lamp post.

"Deku-kun!" At Ochako's worried voice a few heads turned to stare at the scene.

Izuku fell on the ground like a bag full of trash, finding the sight of big, white and fluffy clouds greeting him. But it seemed that the light blue sky was also filled by little sparks of color floating up in the air, bringing a dizzy smile to his lips.

"…I can see the starts." He whispered with a content voice.

Denki looked up, then back down at him. "No dude, those are just some confetti. The wind keeps scattering them all over the place."

But Izuku ignored him, deciding that Shoto definitely had the power to make starts appear in the daytime because he was just so perfect.

"He's really gone." Kyoka commented, joining the small circle that had formed around Izuku but literally doing nothing to try and help.

"I told you so." Sero shrugged, also not doing anything to help. Although he took out his phone and with a barely hidden grin snapped a picture of the half-lidded boy laying on the ground with a dopey kind of smile.

Mina side-eyed him when she heard a click. "Did you just take a picture?"

"Possible blackmail material." Sero explained as he pocketed his phone. "Don't worry though, he's my friend and I don't blackmail friends. It's just for laughs." That was true, however if the occasion to get something out of it rised, he might contemplate blackmailing. Of course the others didn't need to know that, so he put on his best 'innocent' smile.

Mina raised a suspicious brow, but let it slide, too busy not doing anything to help either.







Denki seemingly wasn't the only one not going for 'the right reasons'.

Mineta was leaning against a lamp post, not the one Izuku had literally just ran into, another one nearby. He had witnessed the scene, and, of course, just like his dear group of friends he literally did nothing to help. Instead he conjured up a plan of his own that in his opinion would kill two birds with one stone.

"Hey." Mineta nodded at two girls passing by in front of him, with a grin that just spelled 'too cool for the world'- at least in his head he thought so- as he struck a pose. He picked up a piece of paper and threw it in the air, catching it in his bag. "Saving the planet is cool. Go and tell your friends."

The girls giggled and whispered to each other, thinking he was a cute kid who had volunteered to help his parents clean up the park, instead of the hunky and macho type of guy Mineta thought to be in that moment. But no matter, when the girls waved at him and called him adorable his ego was already soaring high in the sky.

"This isn't so bad after all." He told himself.

"Yo, what are you doing?" Sero asked once he left Izuku and joined him.

"Dude, chicks totally dig the 'cool guy who saves the earth from the trash' type! Didn't you know?" Mineta told him like it was the secret of the century.

Sero looked to be hit by a sudden realization at the words. "…Why didn't I think of this sooner?"















"What's up?"

The two boys were both striking poses against the lamp posts now, they had even managed to snatch two pairs of sunglasses somehow to give a more believable feel to their 'cool' type.

"What are you guys up to?" Two other girls passing by asked them, smiling at who they thought to be a big brother taking care of his little brother.

"You know, just saving the earth and stuff. No big deal." Sero replied, putting on a bit of a show to entertain them.

The girls giggled, flirting right back.

"This isn't so bad after all." Sero whispered to himself.

A few feet away stood Momo and Iida, taking in the scene.

"…Well, I didn't think this would be the outcome, but at least they are still trying to help. And that is a good thing… right?" Momo asked unsure, trying to tell herself it was a good thing.

Iida nodded, to make her feel better.





And of course Mina, who sometimes shared the same exact thinking process as Sero and Mineta, was next.

"…I don't understand why we can't use our quirks, it'd be much easier that's for sure." She mumbled to herself. "And less disgusting."

The girl was currently scraping off used gum from the park benches.

She had missed the whole thing, but there had been something about hard work and having to take action with your own two hands and how it would pay off in the end, and other bits and pieces from the speech Thirteen had given them before and that Momo and Iida had repeated after.

Mina rolled her eyes at that. Don't get her wrong, she was all for putting in effort when needed, but she certainly had imagined spending her afternoon in more fun ways than… well, as Denki had put it, 'collecting other people's trash for free.'

"I should make all these pigs clean my dorm room, I want to see if they'll ever throw another wrapper on the ground after that." She muttered to herself, sending mental curses to whoever had decided to throw their trash around so freely when there were literally trash cans all over the place! If only she could meet them and strangle each one of them in person-! Mina took a deep, calming breath to settle her nerves and return back to the task at hand.

"Ew, ew, eww!" She made a disgusted face as she picked up the fallen pieces of gum and threw them in one of the bags she carried, shaking her hand to get rid of the stickiness she could feel even through her glove. She actually rubbed her hand on the jacket of a random passerby and turned the other way pretending to whistle when said passerby gave her a confused glance but went on his way unsuspecting.

As she exhaled through her nose in annoyance and went to start another part of the bench, her eyes met those of a boy walking right by, he looked to be her age. He raised an inquiring eyebrow, nodding his head at her.

"Oh, hi there." She whispered under her breath after taking in the cute boy, then cleared her throat as she uttered in a louder voice. "Hey." She nodded back at him with a flirtatious bat of lashes. "I'm helping clean up this world bit by bit, you know, saving the planet and stuff."

"Cool." The boy replied with a smirk as he went by, glancing back at her every so often.

Mina pressed her lips together to keep in a smirk of her own. "…This isn't so bad after all."













A small distance away Shoji and Ojiro were completing their own tasks, not without having seen what was happening with their other classmates.

Shoji looked from Izuku and Shoto, to Denki, then Sero, Mineta and Mina. He was a little baffled.

"Why do I feel like everyone is doing this for the wrong reasons?"

"They're doing it for… love." Ochako whispered lovingly as she passed by.

The boys shared a look. They didn't even know if she had heard them or if that was just her standard answer to everything now. They shrugged.

Ojiro watched their attempts at work (mostly failing ones). "I wouldn't exactly call daydreaming so intensely you walk into lamp posts and hitting on random people with the excuse that you're saving the earth… 'love'. But to each their own I guess?"





In the middle of working his butt off –not really – Denki suddenly had one of those bursts of inspiration he called pearls of wisdom, so of course he decided to share it with people. And in that moment he found Kyoka, Toru and Aoyama to share his wiseness with.

"Look at it. Just… look at it." He suddenly pointed at the park and the buildings and just about anything around them. "Look at all of this."

Aoyama and Toru spared a brief glance to their surroundings to humor him, Kyoka couldn't care less.

"Now look at yourselves." Denki pointed to himself, gesturing at them to do the same.

His friends exchanged a glance and looked at themselves, Kyoka didn't.

"What I'm saying is… we shouldn't only be worried about the trash on the outside." The blond closed his eyes for more of a dramatic effect and raised a balled up fist to his mouth, keeping his tone low and serious. "But we need to sort out the trash inside ourselves too, because we're all just a bunch of garbage."

There was a beat of silence around the small group as they all looked at each other, no one particularly bothered to be called 'a bunch of garbage.'

"Profound." Kyoka said dryly.

Denki gasped quietly and brought a hand over his heart, touched. "Thank you."

"I was being sarcastic."






Some time later, our favorite bro-duo was giving out some free advice to our favourite lover boy- er, Izuku. Because of course Denki couldn't pass up the chance to help a friend in need (waste time, which meant working less), so he went to collect his best friend. And so, preoccupied for their dear classmate and friend, the two best friends decided to put their energies together and give him reassuring advice.

Denki and Eijiro threw an arm around each other's shoulders and nodded in unison.

"We gotta, bro."

"Dude, we gotta."

They marched up to the boy with resolution, ready to give him what they had named their infallible 'Bro Advice.'

One minute Izuku was throwing away a chewed plastic straw and asking himself just what was the point of chewing straws, the next one he had two arms around his shoulders. When he looked up, and to his left and to his right, he found two matching grins.

"Uh…" He blinked, confused. "…Hi?"

"Dude-" Denki began in a serious bro-mode.

"-listen here-" Eijiro continued just as seriously.

"-we know you don't know-"

"-but it's okay 'cause-"

"-when you have a problem-"

"-but you don't know that you're having a problem-"

"-you don't even need to worry about it-"

"-just let things go the way they're supposed to go-"

"-live freely-"

"-and keep on holding on-"

"-until you'll figure it out eventually-"

"-we know you can do this!"

They finished, literally finishing each other's sentences with twin blinding smiles on their faces.

Izuku blinked, once, twice, thrice. "Uh… thanks?"

The two bopped their heads in a nod. "No problem!" And went on their merry way, still in sync.

Izuku was left puzzled, blinking at their retreating backs.

"What just happened?" Ochako asked before Iida could, they had been standing next to him the whole time.

"I…" Izuku slowly shook his head from side to side. "…am not sure."













"What was that?" Mina asked the duo once they were within earshot.

"That was-" Eijiro raised a hand.

"-Bro-Advice time!" Denki raised his other hand.

And they high-fived without even needing to look at each other. And again, they left, walking away in sync.

Their friends were left staring at their retreating backs too, just as confused as Izuku.

Kyoka rubbed her shoulders as if she was shivering from the cold. "Do they freak out anyone else when they finish each other's sentences, or is it just me?"

Sero shook his head. "Definitely not just you."





Back to the lover boy- er, Izuku. Back to Izuku now.

Izuku was currently picking up what was littering the street, candy wrappers, plastic bottles, chewed straws and whatever else was on his path, but the thing was, he had such a wide smile on his face it literally looked like he was walking on cloud nine.

A little kid passed by in that moment and tugged on his mother's hand. "Mom, what's he doing?" The little boy pointed to Izuku, curious about the answer.

The woman took a moment to glance at the excited teen collecting what looked to be broken eggshells with a big, big smile on his face. She drew her conclusions. "He's probably on drugs or something." She waved a dismissive hand in his direction. "Never do drugs or you'll end up like him."

The boy looked on in awe at just how happy and giddy and dopey Izuku looked to be in that moment. "Cool!"

Izuku, who had no idea he had just been mistaken for someone on drugs started whistling a happy tune to himself as he kept working. But when a certain someone passed by next, he definitely did notice. It wasn't difficult since he had been thinking about him non-stop, of course Shoto would be the only one he actually paid attention to.

"Hi." Izuku all but blurted out, feeling butterflies spasming a bit inside his tummy. His hands loosened, making the bags in his grasp fall, a few of the litter he had collected came tumbling out but that was just another thing he didn't notice.

Shoto smiled the smile that Izuku had called in his head the 'I'm obviously too cool for the world but I'm still here to show you I have a big enough heart to stand in the presence of lesser beings than me'.

At least that's what Izuku thought.

"Hi." He greeted back, low and soft and just a little bit breathless, as if he was going through exactly what Izuku was.

The green haired boy ducked his head in embarrassment, the beat of his heart felt like a drum wanting to burst out of his chest. And of course he started giggling without reason.

Shoto sighed what would be a dreamy sigh, though it was very soft and almost inaudible, as he watched the happy boy he had a huge crush on being… well, giddy. And giggly.

And Shoto definitely had a soft spot for giggly Izuku.

Mina, who had been quietly but surely observing the scene from afar, was having bit of a joy fit inside her fangirl heart. And maybe it wasn't as crazy as Ochako and Toru, but still pretty intense. In fact she could swear in that moment it was almost like there were… sparks flying between the two of them.

"Guys, check that out!" She quickly alerted whoever was on the vicinity. "There's sparks flying between those two!"

"Oh, no, those are just confetti from some kind of festival or celebration." Denki explained again, bursting Mina's fangirl-y bubble. "The wind's a little strong today and they're just flying everywhere."

Mina's face went from amused to less than impressed and with a heavy exhale she side-eyed her friend. "Way to ruin the atmosphere, Denki-chan."

Denki shrugged, not really caring.

Unfortunately for the boys, and for their classmates (mostly Mina, since Ochako and Toru were not nearby) who were totally invested in their staring contest and bashful smiles, Shoto was whisked away by Iida and Tokoyami in that moment. He missed what happened next.

Izuku kept giggling to himself and soon he started feeling like he was walking on soft, soft and sweet clouds made up of cotton candy. When instead he just had accidentally walked himself into a pile of garbage.

His friends, who suddenly popped up after the 'accident', were all staring with various degrees of worry and amusement. Mostly amusement.

"Oh no, is he okay?" Ochako asked in a little bit of shock, probably the only one a little worried about what had happened.

She was always there at the right moment, it almost seemed like she had spidey-senses and could feel when one of her dear friends was in trouble or in an uncomfortable situation.

Sero narrowed his eyes at the boy appearing to be on could nine lying among the trash bags. "Define 'okay.'"

He seemed to also have spidey-senses, as if he could feel when one of his friends was in trouble or in an uncomfortable situation and he would always be there to blackmail them or have a laugh at their expense.

"He literally walked himself into a dumpster without noticing. How do you even do that?" Mineta asked out loud, a bit of awe seeping into his voice. "Man, if this is not a talent then I really don't know what is."

Denki appeared next, nodding in agreement.

Just like Ochako and Sero he also seemed to be there during these situations. No spidey-senses for him though, he was just always there.

Ochako put her hands over her heart, seemingly forgetting her concern as her head filled up with thoughts of lovey-dovey feelings. "This is the effect love has on the heart of someone."

"If being in love is like this-" Denki gestured at the still smiling Izuku, seemingly experiencing a sugar high among the trash. "-then I'm gonna take a hard pass." He added while trying to hold back a grin at the funny faces Izuku was making.

Kyoka checked her nails without even sparing him a glance as she spoke next. "Weird for you to say that when the other week I saw you literally walking into a glass door and breaking it. And that also happened without any help from 'being in love.'"

The group started cackling and she smirked to herself, while Denki crossed his arms and huffed in indignation with a mutter of 'I don't know what you're talking about' under his breath.

Someone else who didn't go unnoticed passed by in that moment, and that was none other than Katsuki.

He stopped in front of them.

A hush fell over the group that no one dared to break, each one of them dying a little bit inside from the desire to know just what he would do in this kind of situation.

Katsuki took a step forward, making everyone hold their breath for a moment, and another, and another, and another.

Denki almost fainted from how long he was trying to hold his breath in and Kyoka gave him a light jab on his stomach, making him bend over and gasp as he took in the sweet oxygen. Everyone spared half a second to shake their heads at their idiotic friend.

Katsuki suddenly stopped in front of the dumpster that contained one still daydreaming boy. Then he grinned like an idiot, but an adorable idiot. "Heh, nice."

And walked away just like that.

Another moment of silence captured the group.

And Denki was the first to break it. "Hmm, for some reason I expected Bakugo to be the one to throw Midoriya inside a dumpster."

"Midoriya is the one who threw himself inside the dumpster though, so it would be pointless for him to attempt to do it a second time." Sero reasoned.

"I don't know, guys." Mina butted in, a thoughtful expression crossing her features. "Bakugo's grin seemed to say 'hey, to be honest you're really an idiot, but I also think you're really cute and you look endearing to me so please keep being an adorable idiot forever.'" She 'translated' the grin, nodding to herself. "Yeah, that's literally what he meant, didn't he?"

The boys were regarding her with hesitance, almost impressed, while Ochako nodded excitedly.

Sero raised a curious brow in question. "…Really? You got that just from him grinning?"

"Of course, don't you know that smiles are never simply just smiles?" Mina decided to be so kind as to give an explanation to the ignoring boys, not ignorant (though some of them were in her very humble opinion), but ignoring, because some boys tended to ignore such crucial details at times. "For example, just before Izuku-kun walked himself into a pile of trash bags, Shoto-kun smiled at him, and that smile said: 'even if I see you almost everyday I could never get tired of looking at such a breathtaking smile bloom on your face and sometimes I dare to hope I might be the reason behind it.'"

Well, at least that was what Mina thought.

She raised her head to the sky adoringly, just like Ochako had done before. "I mean, if that is not real love then I literally don't know what is."

The boys were still not convinced.

"…I think you're giving way too much importance to this." Denki huffed. "I mean, they're just smiles."

"Oh, you poor, little, stupid, naive boy. It's clear you don't know anything about love." Mina pitied him in a condescending tone and then strutted away like she was the new cupid of the century or something. Ochako followed right after her.

The blond blinked at her retreating back. "Wait…. did she just call me stupid? Everyone heard that, right? She just insulted me."

But he was mostly ignored.

"What's up with girls and 'love'?" Ojiro asked curiously.

Sero shrugged. "I don't know dude, but they look happy so just let them think whatever they want."

And like that the group that had created dispersed once again.

In the end they all forgot about Izuku still daydreaming inside a dumpster.

To be honest Izuku forgot about it too, the trash bags he was lying on were kind of really comfortable. He only realized where he was an hour later and got out.





Not long after five heads poked out from behind a tree.

Fear not, the students of 1-A had not forgotten about the revelation of the previous day. How could they after learning that apparently one Bakugo Katsuki was 'victim' of this strange quirk. Such a big revelation!

So of course a while later after leaving Izuku to his own devices, the group re-grouped. This time around there were Mina, Ochako, Sero, Denki and Kyoka, as they had decided to go straight to the reason of yesterday's big talk in class, the reason being Katsuki himself.

Because his behavior had been… interesting, to say the least. And that is to say that nothing interesting had happened yet.

Katsuki was doing his share of the work, just like everyone else (only half of the class) was doing. And he was… strangely calm. At least for his standards. He wasn't yelling at anyone for starters, he wasn't trying to start a fight (not that he usually did, but sometimes he was a little unpredictable and jumped right in at the chance of squaring off with someone) and he was… diligently picking up the litter he came across.

"Is he okay?" Surprisingly Kyoka was the one to ask.

"I don't know." Sero rubbed his chin thoughtfully, like he was trying to solve a mystery. "He looks… calm."

"Never thought I'd ever hear the word 'calm' associated with Bakugo in my life." Denki shook his head with an expression close to shock displayed on his face. "The world must be ending."

Ochako smiled sweetly. "Love makes you do things that often seem impossible."

"That, or being hit by a rare quirk might mess with your emotions to the point of altering your personality and possibly brining you to near delusion." Sero added in a drawl.

Ochako shook her head, voice full of emotion instead. "No, this is definitely love."

Sero sighed half-heartedly. "Whatever you say, Uraraka-chan."

Mina nodded determinedly. "Well, as his friends we have to find out what's going on with him and one of the only ways to do so is…" Then pushed the blond next to her out of their 'hiding spot'. "Go and ask him."

Denki gaped affronted. "Why do have to be the one to ask him?"

"Because we won't care if he gets mad at you and hits you." Sero answered without hesitation.

Denki gasped. "You traitors-"

"Don't listen to him." Kyoka interrupted what would no doubt start as a long talk about what friendship really means and end up in wailing and whining on Denki's part. She didn't have those three hours to waste today, or ever. "We just think you're better suited for this."

Denki's eyes sparked up at the words. "Really?"

No, Kyoka almost said out loud, but she nodded instead. "Really. You can be very… subtle when you want to be, and that's exactly what we need here."

Denki nodded like he had never heard anything truer in his entire life and quickly spun around, marching right up to Katsuki.

When he was far enough Sero snorted and Mina cackled, Ochako was barely holding in her chuckles.

"Subtle? Him?" Sero threw an incredulous look at her.

Kyoka rolled her eyes. "…I hope his ego doesn't get even bigger now, I barely can stand him as it is." She pretended to sigh out in irritation, but everyone knew she had a soft spot for Denki.

"Hey, at least he's going willingly." Sero grinned at his best friend's resolve to go and talk to their other friend. "And I'm glad I'm not in his place."

For a split second Denki looked back at them, and they all plastered a smile on their face and raised a thumb up. Minus Kyoka.

"We believe in you!" Mina encouraged him further.

Denki nodded again, as if this was the most difficult mission he had ever been assigned and everyone counted on him for the much-awaited victory.

It didn't take him long to finally reach Katsuki and when he did he stopped just a few feet away. "Yo."

Katsuki spared him a glance and went back to picking up trash, but he didn't say anything to drive him away either and it actually looked like he might be listening to whatever Denki had to say. Well, this was kind of new.

"So…" Denki started, just a bit hesitant. "…you need any help with that?"

Katsuki shook his head and shrugged. "Nah. S'fine."

Denki practically froze on the spot.

If it had been anyone else of his friends that same response would have been completely normal, but Katsuki? Did they just have a… normal interaction?

Wait what?!

Denki's head whipped back in a sudden panic, and he found his friends mouthing something at him with flailing arms and wild gestures that probably meant for him to keep going. And of course they were all still safely hidden behind the tree so they wouldn't be seen, and would be protected in case Katsuki's 'good behaviour' turned explosive. He rolled his eyes at them, but he kept going with the plan because he couldn't deny his curiosity at the possibility of getting to see this new side of him. What shocked him even more though, was when Katsuki spoke next.

"But if you want I could help you…"

Denki all but gaped at him. He had also never considered hearing those words out of his mouth. Was the world really ending today? Was Katsuki actually being nice for a change?! Was he really-

"-look for your brain inside one of these trash cans." Katsuki continued and his face broke into one of his usual mocking sneers. "Though it's so smallit's definitely gotten lost with all the other bullshit people throw away. Not like it's such a great loss since you never used that shit anyway."


Denki's face fell flat. "…No thanks."

Forget his curiosity, he was out. He turned on his heel and left behind a still smirking Katsuki.













Once he regrouped with his friends he was sporting a big scowl on his face (that kind of made him appear like he was pouting).

"Oh, he's fine." He gritted out to the others. "He is totally fine."

They already knew thanks to Kyoka who was actually capable of being subtle, and so had subtly used her quirk to listen in to what the two blonds were saying.

"And still not nice at all." Denki crossed his arms and turned his head the other way with a 'hmph' that just made him appear more angry (childish).

"Don't say that." Ochako immediately went in defensive-mode, because since Katsuki wasn't here to defend himself – which would result in him probably throwing trashcans and blowing up things in people's faces – and Eijiro and Mina weren't here to defend him either – Mina had actually seen another cute boy and mumbled out an excuse about having to educate people on recycling and all but sprinted away- the brunette felt that now it was her job, not only as a classmate but also as a friend, to defend her Katsuki's honor. So with a self-assured nod she narrowed her eyes and in a firm voice she stated:

"Bakugo-kun is nice."

Unfortunately for her, this group of people in particular didn't exactly share her view, so when she was met with blank stares from Denki, Sero and Kyoka she continued with just a little less confidence than before.


When she was met with further unresponsiveness from the three her pride deflated just a little bit, which made her offer with an uncertain shrug in the end.

"…In his own way?"

Sero nodded at her - in a way that was definitely condescending- and gave her shoulder a comforting pat. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, Uraraka-chan."





And except for just a few more mishaps here and there-

"Uh, someone is gonna do something about that or…?" With an expression between terrified and unimpressed Mineta pointed to where a full-on-aggression-mode blond was using his quirk a few feet away.

"How dare you litter the streets you fuckers?!" Katsuki roared as small explosions burst from his palms, scaring off the few people nearby. "The world isn't your dumpster so stop throwing your shit in it!"

"'The world isn't your dumpster…'" Denki mulled over the words. "Why do I feel like that might be an inspiring quote to Midoriya after today?" He snickered, finding himself way too amusing.

His friends ignored him.

"Nah, he looks pretty happy." Mina shrugged it off, observing an irate Katsuki making a trashcan fly in the air, reminding his classmates of another anime character they would not mention due to possible copyright issues. (A/N: Shizuo Heiwajima, anyone?)

There was a little smile on Katsuki's face that Mina was absolutely sureit translated to :'today I saw the boys I suddenly find myself having crushes on being happy - and dumb - so I'm happy too and now I'm going to use my quirk to get rid of all this happy energy somehow.'

She was pretty sure that was a good thing so she nodded to herself. "I say let him chase his bliss."

Sero, who had been relaxing on a bench after a hard day of work – a couple of hours mostly spent showing off how 'cool' he was while flirting - looked on as their explosive friend blew up a lamp post. "Hmm, I feel like I should strongly disagree with that statement… but I'm too lazy to do it now."

-the afternoon went by smoothly.





When it was drawing closer to evening the class was finally finished with their task and needless to say the park was spotless, no thanks to a few lazy people in the group.

"Oh, finally!" Denki heaved in relief, taking a seat right there in the grass after such a hard day of work, as if he had spent a great amount of energy. Spoiler alert, he had not.

"Yes, finally." Mina shared his sentiment. Tough she shared his workload too which, again, wasn't much.

"Heh, I got two numbers today." Sero boasted instead with a triumphant smirk.

Momo practically electrocuted him with a glare.

"And I also helped clean this beautiful park. Nothing makes me as happy as keeping our community safe and clean! That's so cool!" He added right after with a thumb raised in the air for good measure.

Momo nodded satisfied.

"Good job, everyone." Iida nodded at his classmates with a proud glint in his eyes.

"Thank you for your hard work." Momo continued. "Now all there is left to do is write an essay about today's-"

She didn't even get to finish that a chorus of tired groans lifted from the people who had not done much, which included Denki, Sero, Mina and Mineta. Ironically, the people who had actually done more than required, and that included Koda, Sato, Shoji, Toru, Tsuyu and Tokoyami, didn't seem bothered by a bit more work.

Aoyama instead was not paying much attention, too focused on the work he had done that afternoon… and on himself. "Of course this place is still not as pretty and sparkly as me, but we'll have to make do." He grinned, adjusting a few strands of hair as he checked himself out in the mirror.

Momo ignored them, ending her 'speech' with a smile. "Always remember that a clean space is going to provide a clean mindset, too. And a clean mindset can help us achieve our goals faster… and with a little luck it might also help in getting rid of the clutter inside of our hearts."

They all expected another round of applause, honestly this time around Momo also expected it, so when they heard nothing they were all a bit more than bewildered.

Toru looked around in surprise. "Where are Midoriya-kun and Todoroki-kun?"

Kyoka seized Denki and Eijiro by their arms with a narrow grip. "Did you guys do something?"

The blond raised his free hand in surrender. "Hey, hey, hey, why are you jumping to conclusions and blaming us first things first?"

Kyoka released them with a shrug and glanced at Denki. "Because I mostly blame you for everything."


But Eijiro shared his friends' confusion as he rubbed the back of his neck and tried to search for the two with his eyes. "Apart from the Bro-Advice? No, we didn't do anything."

"Maybe they already went back to school?" Ojiro suggested.

"Or their heads were so up in the clouds they both walked in another dumpster this time?" Sero added as he cracked a grin and Mineta snorted.

"Don't joke about that. "Ochako reprimanded them, though she was hiding a chuckle of her own. "Maybe it's better if we go look for them though…" After all who knew what those two could be up to if they were left completely unsupervised?




Izuku had just finished sanitizing his hands, mentally patting himself on the back for his hard work. Though he was another one that belonged in the group of those who had not done much, but in his defense he had an actual excuse for it (having very dreamy daydreams about the boy of his dreams, caused by a unique quirk he had been hit with) even if he wasn't aware of it like everyone else was.

Just as he was about to go and find his classmates, he heard someone call out to him.


Izuku was so distracted that he didn't recognize the voice at first. Until he turned around, finding Shoto standing only a few feet away from him. He almost gasped from the surprise but his body had frozen up, keeping him locked in place while Shoto did the opposite, taking slow, steady strides forward. With each step the beats of Izuku's heart seemed to grow louder.

The other boy stopped only when they were one foot apart, with Izuku's back almost against a wall he had not even noticed was there in the first place, and Shoto was so close to onlookers it might seem like they were somehow trying to hide from view.

Only when Izuku heard his name again and realized this time his friends were calling for him, did he manage to partially snap out of the trance he found himself in.


But he was interrupted by Shoto lifting a finger to his own lips and letting out a low 'shh'. The single gesture was enough to have heat wash over Izuku's cheeks in waves, making him almost miss the way shivers were raking down his spine.

Slowly, Shoto's other hand came up to rest on the wall, just beside his head… almost as if… he wanted to stay here with him… just the two of them… just a little longer.

The thought alone was enough to make the voices of their friends fizzle out from Izuku's mind until they faded away.

The last rays of sunlight were shyly peeking from around the corner, enough to give the last bursts of vivid colors, as if trying to intensify the scene, somehow making the boy in front of him appear him even more dazzling than he already was.

And Izuku found himself mesmerized.

He couldn't look away even if he wanted to, but he would never want to even if given the chance.

What he wanted to do was to find a way to make the seconds tick by slower, find a way to erase the distance separating them, move just a little closer, make this last just a little bit longer. He could feel the thudthudthud of his fast heartbeats pounding in his head, but that really didn't seem to matter when the boy who had been occupying his thoughts for what felt like an eternity and a day simultaneously was barely a few inches away.

If only he had the guts to reach out with his hand he would be able to touch him. And even so, this already felt enough, being locked in this sensation, being content to just be in his presence, being happy to have him just out of his reach. It brought in him such a peaceful feeling he never knew he could have experienced before and he just wanted it to never end.

He started wondering if it somehow was the same for Shoto.

They stayed in this corner of quiet where the rest of the world was too far away to be of any concern anymore. What mattered was just the two of them, simply gazing into each other's eyes as the moments melted away.



Chapter Text



Today was the day, Denki had decided.

Today would be the day he would tell his best friends about his feelings. After seeing Izuku being so brave and open and… honestly, mostly an airhead about it, he certainly couldn't be left behind! So no matter the consequences, no matter how dangerous the risks, it would take bravery, it would require strength, and he would lose blood sweat and tears in this war, but he would take the chance!

And alright, maybe he was being a tiny itty little bitty dramatic about it, but oh, well.

So that afternoon, right after their extracurricular activity, instead of heading back to their dorm rooms Denki decided to out with his secret.

"Hey guys, I'm feeling like having a milkshake right now."







Denki, Sero, Kyoka and Mina currently found themselves sitting in the booth of a colorful diner that served milkshakes, ice creams and all sorts of desserts to the blond's knowledge. He thought this would be the perfect time and place to let his best friends know of his secret because… well, honestly because he was hungry and craved a milkshake, no other reason.

"Man, I'm craving sugar." Mina announced to the table, sharing his enthusiasm, as she quickly scanned through the menu with a practically ravenous expression on her face.

"You're always craving sugar, Mina." Kyoka commented idly.

She grinned. "If I crave it then means it's good for me!"

"I don't think that's how it works."

Sero fell back in the comfy cushion, hands behind his head in a relaxed pose. "Ah, I needed this after such a hard day of work."

"How much did you work?" Kyoka asked curiously.

"Twenty minutes."

"Yes, that sounds pretty hard work by your standards." Mina agreed.

"Oh cool, I worked fifteen minutes." Denki added with a grin.

"That is also a pretty heavy workload for your standards." Kyoka added, for once sincere.

Sero glanced around the group, noticing their little bouncy friend missing. "Hey, where's Mineta?"

Mina chuckled a little. "Oh, he's still 'working."







Mineta was, in fact, still leaning on that same lamp post, surrounded.

"Aww you're so cute!"

"How old are you?"

"Are you lost? Where are your parents?"

But Mineta was far too gone to comprehend what the girls talking about, it was like his brain had a filter that only made him hear the compliments, so he just nodded and let them pay attention to him.







Kyoka raised a contemplating brow. "Should we tell him that girls approach him because they think he's a lost child?"

The boys snorted and Mina waved a dismissive hand. "Nah, let him figure it out on his own."

"You know, it was kind of fun today." Denki mused out loud, also reading the menu even though he was thinking about ordering pretty much everything. He had as much of a sweet tooth as Mina, who nodded excitedly at him.

"Especially Izu-chan!"

Sero snorted. "Izu-chan?"

"Yeah, I got bored of calling him Izuku-kun, so it's Izu-chan now" Mina sing-songed in answer.

"And what about me?" He asked, curious.

"You're Se-chan!"

"I don't like it, change it."

Mina's grin widened. "Too bad, I like it and I'm gonna call you Se-chan for the rest of the day."

Sero pouted. "…Dammit."

"He was… kind of distracted? I think I even saw him making snow angels in the trash bags." Denki frowned at the thought. "Or, trash angels. Or whatever they're called."

"I know, right? He's so cute when he's in love!" Mina cooed, looking up at the ceiling.

The boys looked up at the ceiling too, but shrugged when they didn't find anything interesting.

"Guys." Denki began out of the blue, staring at each of them in turn. "Today you're actually here because…I have a confession to make."

"I thought you wanted a milkshake?" Sero asked confused.

"Yeah, that too." The blond shrugged. "But I also have a confession to make."

And of course his friends took that as an opportunity for a guessing game.

"You didn't stop wetting your bed until you were ten." Sero started.

"What? No, of course not, I- who even told you that?"

"Don't worry about it." The boy mumbled, turning to the other side and whistling inconspicuously.

Mina was next. "Since you've always been attached to your mother, in middle school you accidentally called your teacher 'mom' at least twice a year."


"Are you asking me that?"

"I-" Denki paused, quickly shaking his head. "No! You're confusing me!"

And Kyoka took part, too. "You have a burning skull tattooed in your back. And now you're thinking about getting a skull tattoo for your face with worms crawling out of your eye sockets."

Denki narrowed his eyes in confusion and a bit of disgust at the mental images caused by her words. "…No."

She didn't look to be completely convinced. "Are you sure?"

"After the initial excitement, I am pretty sure I would have nightmares for the rest of my life if I did that. And I'd probably never be able to look in a mirror again."

She shrugged. "Suit yourself."

"You want to tell us that you forgot to zip your pants this morning?" Sero pointed at his lap.

"What!?" Denki looked down, panicking. Then found his pants were actually zipped up.

"Ha! Made you look!" He raised a hand and Mina high-fived him from across the table, guessing next.

"You want to buy new shoes to match your new outfit, but you're caught up in the dilemma of sparkling red or sophisticated gold?"

"I think that's actually your dilemma."

She put her head in her hands in a way that could be called… dramatic. "You're right, red or gold!? This decision is killing me!"

Sero closed his eyes, as if trying to envision what he was going to say. "You were playing baseball in your room but accidentally hit the pot of flowers in your balcony and it landed on someone's car?"

"No." Denki shook his head. Then nodded. "I mean yes, but that's not it."

Sero opened his eyes wide, surprised. "Dude, really?"

"Ah-uh. When I looked out to see if it had landed on someone I found it on a car, the windshield was completely broken. Don't worry though, no one was inside it."

Sero almost hissed in sympathy when he thought about the owner of that car.

"It's all good." Denki continued in a cheerful voice. "I left a note where I said I was sorry."

"Yes, because all you need to do when you destroy someone's car is leave them an apology note."

"Yeah, that's what I though too so I did it!" He nodded with a grin.

"No, I was being sar-" But Sero didn't finish that sentence. "You know what, never mind." Then leaned next to Kyoka, lowering his voice to a whisper. "Sometimes he doesn't get what sarcasm is."

"He always gets it with me." She whispered back.

"That's because you're the queen of sarcasm."


"You're welcome."

"I was being sarcastic."


"Guys, please, this is serious. I really need to tell you…" Denki inhaled deeply, trying to reel in the million thoughts scattering around in his brain, searching for the right words to use. He could do this, yes, he could do this, he could- "Oooh milkshake!"

He forgot about it as soon as he saw a tray full of milkshakes in his line of vision, and practically squealed when one was put directly in front of him.

Kyoka rolled her eyes. "What were you about to tell us?"

Denki looked up befuddled, his mouth full of the sweet deliciousness already. "Wfthath?"

"Before the milkshake?" Mina asked, passing him a napkin.

He gulped down what was in his mouth. And shook his head. "I can't remember."

"You said it was important." Sero snorted. "Seriously, you have the attention span of a three-year-old."

Denki let the straw fall from his mouth, gasping in outrage. "What's that supposed to mean? I… I feel so offended that you, my friend, my buddy, my partner in crime, my brother from another mother, you would think so lowly of me? What has this mad world come to now… after all that we've been through together? I can't believe it. Here I am, ready to share with you a part of my soul and you attack me like this? When I am serious about something you know I- oooh sprinkles! I love sprinkles!" His attention shifted immediately once Mina's order arrived, already leaning over the table to steal a few of the sprinkles while she cackled at his sudden change in mood.

"Just proved my point." Sero muttered and took a big spoonful of his vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top.

But Denki was too focused on his dessert to hear him, though when a red sprinkle caught his eye it was like something in his mind went zing and he was reminded why he had dragged his friends here in the first place.

"Oh, yeah, I remember now!" In Denki's defense, milkshakes were delicious and when he had something he liked in front of him he tended to forget about, well, everything else. "Guys, I gathered you here today-"

"You didn't 'gather' us. You just said you wanted a milkshake and that you had no money for it, so you asked me to buy one for you. And I said I wouldn't pay for you. Then you asked Sero and he also said he didn't want to pay for you. Then Mina offered to pay for everyone and here we are." Kyoka explained generously.

He ignored her. "-because I… have something I've been meaning to tell you for some time now."

"That you-"

But before Sero or Mina could begin with the guessing game all over again, he did it. He blurted out:

"I like someone!"

Silence fell over their table and he knew he had their attention now.

'Here goes nothing', he thought before finally, finally telling them what he had known for a long while now. He only took a few seconds to take another deep breath in, his nerves were on fire, he felt hot and cold at the same time and he was sure his heart would come right out of his mouth with how hard it was pounding inside of him and-

"…I like Kirishima." His big secret came out in a whisper.




"You what?!"

Kyoka didn't look that surprised, whereas Mina and Sero practically spit in his face from the shock.

"Okay, gross." Denki wiped the splutters of ice cream from his face. "But… yeah… I like him?"

"Are you asking us that?!"

"No, I like him! I swear!"

And, okay, the more he said it the easier it was. Wow. And here he thought this kind of confession would equal going to war.

Sero narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "Wait, you weren't hit by the quirk too, right?"

"No, no, nothing like that." Denki quickly replied, looking to the side for a moment as his cheeks heat up. "I…I've liked him for a while now, no quirks involved."

"How long?" Mina immediately questioned, almost jumping on the table from the excitement of the news.

"Uh…" Denki pretended to think about it as he stared at the ceiling. "…A few weeks, maybe?"

Actually it was more than that, he could even pinpoint the exact moment he fell for Eijiro. But he didn't feel like sharing that now. This was more than enough, he would tell them the whole story another time.

"I thought you liked girls?" Sero continued, just as curious as Mina.

"I do. I mean, girls are nice and kind and real pretty, but…" Denki couldn't keep the big smile from threatening to split his face in half. "…they're not Kirishima."

All of a sudden Mina started clapping, just as Shoto had done a few hours ago, as she sat back and nodded in complete agreement. "What a mood."

Kyoka sighed. "Mina, I know that is a 'catchphrase' you want everyone to use, but it's not going to work. People would never say something so stupid."

Mina slammed a palm on the table. "Just you wait and see! By the end of the year everyone will be screaming 'what a mood!'"

Kyoka and Sero exchanged an exasperated look, both shaking their heads.

Mina went back to her gleeful self in 0.1 seconds, and if a moment before she was sitting in the booth across from Denki, the next one she was squishing him in a hug. "I'm so happy for you!"

"Yhu ahwe?" Denki's question came out surprised and a little muffled from the way she was rubbing their cheeks together, as if he was a puppy or something.

"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be? Aww, you'd make such a cute couple!"

He searched the table for the reactions of the other two and found them smiling. Well, Sero was smiling, but Kyoka's lips were tilted up the slightest bit too. "So, uh… it's cool?"

"Of course it is, buddy!" Sero threw an arm around him in half a hug. "Man, this sure is the season of love or something."

Mina snorted. "Maybe you'll find someone to fall for too.

"Ha. Ha." He pretended to laugh. "My one and only true love is money."

Kyoka nodded. "I second that."

"Ugh, you guys are so shallow." Mina scoffed at them, but went back to suffocati- er, hugging Denki happily.

Kyoka small smile didn't leave her lips, though she had a strange glimmer in her eyes. "Tell you what, we're even going to help you confess to Kirishima. If you'd like."

The other boy of the group sent her a confused look. "We are?"

"Of course we are." She smiled innocently, then yanked him by his arm and lowered his voice so the other two wouldn't hear. "Think about all the blackmail material we could get from this."

"Oh!" Sero's own face suddenly split in an excited grin and he straightened up. "Yes. Of course we are going help our best friend!"

Now, of course the two of them wanted to help Denki… they just wanted to gain some blackmail from it too. So they decided to go with the best of both words.

"Wow, guys, seriously!? Thank you!" Denki, completely oblivious, accepted their help gratefully. Suddenly overwhelmed with emotion, he put a hand over his heart, touched. "I just want to say that I really appreciate you doing this for me and being so-"

But Kyoka interrupted him with a dismissive hand. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I want to eat now."

And just like that the 'confession of the century' was over.

"Hmm…" Denki crossed his arms, wearing a contemplative expression as he hummed to himself. Though to an outsider's perspective it would appear more like a pout.

Sero nudged his pensive best friend with an elbow. "What is it?"

"I just thought telling you this was going to be a pretty big deal." He told him, feeling just a tiny bit disappointed. "Something involving, you know, screaming, hair-pulling, someone throwing a flower pot-"

"Dude, what is it with you and flower pots?"

"-but I guess this is cool too." Denki finally let himself relax, smiling.

That is, until they heard commotion coming from behind the kitchen doors.

" You can't go now!"

" I don't care! I quit!"

And then a pot of flowers came flying out, breaking one of the windows. While everyone inside the diner was in shock Denki laughed whole-heartedly.

"Now this is what I was talking about!"

In a second he was on top of the table, for some reason screaming at the top of his lungs:


Not even three seconds later the diner erupted in absolute chaos.

Kyoka let out a small, exasperated sigh. "I didn't sign up for this."

(She actually went to the bathroom and locked herself there and read a magazine until the food war came to an end. Which made her the only 'survivor', her clothes were spotless compared to everyone else's.)

Denki's big secret was finally out and it felt like a huge weight lifting off his shoulders, just like the heavy vase with flowers he found outside that was used as a decoration for the place, and he accidentally threw it on the glass cabinet where the desserts were exposed, shattering it to pieces.

But of course he made sure to leave a note where he said he was sorry, so everything's good!



Chapter Text



Izuku sighed, chin resting on his palm and a faraway gaze, lost in introspection, navigating himself in a sea of deep, deep thoughts. What is the reason of all reasons? What is the meaning of life? And why do they serve fries only once a week in the school's cafeteria? Could these troubling questions ever find an answer-

Oh, let's stop kidding around.

He was thinking about Shoto, of course he was.

More precisely, he was thinking about his impeccable appearance, about his resilient strength, about his quiet but clever wit.


About his ability to use his quirk, dazzling in his show of control as it made whoever was watching unable to tear their eyes away from the easiness with which he directed his next hit.


About his subtle gestures, about words at times uttered nonchalantly, about this impenetrable sense of security that seemed to follow him like a shadow wherever he went.


About his luscious locks, heavenly straight and mismatched, and so, so perfect on him, even if real perfection was what could be trapped inside those eyes-


Izuku stood up straight, caught off guard by a new sudden voice breaching his thoughts and… no, wait, the voice wasn't inside his head.

But outside.

A sudden investigation carried out by a quick look around provided him with useful information about his surroundings, as he finally took notice that this could mean only one thing…

…he was apparently still in class.

And Aizawa was staring at him as if he wanted to tear off his head… or, wait, was that just his normal expression? Because if it was indeed the norm for him then they might have a problem here, didn't the man know that it was easy to scare people off like that? And what if he decided to date? - Gasp - Would his dates be scared by his scathing glare?! Oh no, he had to do something to help his dear teacher and his nonexistent dating life! All he had to do now was think of a way to get rid of that permanent glare and-


Izuku snapped out of his thoughts. Again. He cleared his throat, blinking up at his teacher in the perfect picture of innocence. "Yes?"

"What are we talking about?"

With newfound resolve and unwavering persistence inside of him, even though he absolutely had no idea what they had been discussing in class, not even the slightest bit, like a hero preparing for battle Izuku furrowed his brows, narrowed his eyes, opened up the still closed book in front of him which he had forgotten after taking it out from his backpack, and with fiery determination he blurted out:

"The incredibly strange creatures who stopped living and became mixed-up zombies."

If being unimpressed could have won you a prize, Aizawa would now be sporting a golden trophy two feet tall. Instead of correcting his student, or even asking if he had accidentally hit his head somewhere, Aizawa stared him down.


And for a second no one dared to interrupt.

"Dude, that's the title from a movie." Denki commented after a beat, snorting loudly.

And just like a chain reaction, everyone burst out laughing. It didn't even matter if it was funny or not, someone had just disrupted the monotonous passing of hours during class, even if it had been a dad joke- and mind you there are actually a few rare and funny gems between those- they'd be laughing to their heart's content anyway.

Aizawa's glare- Izuku still couldn't tell if it was a permanent kind of expression or not – told him without the need of words, 'Are you serious right now?'

"You never know when you need to be prepared for an upcoming zombie attack. I very much like to keep myself informed on the matter, and frankly Sensei, you should too. I could even lend you a book on it if you'd like." He elaborated, nodding along to his bluff.

Someone fell out of their chair at that and the chorus of laughter sounded just a tiny bit like hysterics from hyenas.

Aizawa's eyes narrowed imperceptibly, but at last he broke off the staring contest, settling for a roll of his eyes as he dragged himself to his desk with a lazy exhale. "…They don't pay me enough for this."

Izuku turned to his right, looking at his best friends with a thousand watt smile behind his raised book, which was upside down, showing them a proud thumb up.

Iida nodded at him with his usual seriousness, as if Izuku had said something highly intelligent. Ochako instead had her face pressed to her desk as she tried to contain in her cackles, slamming one hand repeatedly on the flat surface and raising a thumb up with the other.

Rather than laughing with the rest of the class, Shoto was smiling at the scene because he couldn't help but find the boy just so endearing in that moment.

Even Katsuki had been affected, seeing as he was trying to hide something between a snort and a chuckle in the palm of his hand, pretending to be looking out the window so no one else would notice.

















Speaking of Katsuki, his childhood friend had not been the only one distracted in class today. In fact the blond might just have been even more distracted than Izuku. And if Aizawa hadn't been so unimpressed with Izuku (and lazy) he might have stopped at Katsuki's desk next, seeing as his head was practically up in the sky with the clouds.

He was usually so attentive in class, practically the only one who knew all the answers – in his very modest opinion (and maybe the only one spoke up… or yelled, even when he shouldn't) - but there was this something he had seen the day before that just wouldn't let him focus on anything else.

Because the day before Katsuki had found himself walking in on a particular sight.

It had not even been on purpose, a simple accident, a casuality of sorts. After the extracurricular activity he had grumbled and grunted at, but ended up carrying out anyway, he was well on his way to the dormitories- that was, until he found himself face to face with two familiar faces. Well, not exactly face to face, but say, face to back of the head? Katsuki had been just a few feet away from the hidden face of Izuku, hidden by Shoto, who he only saw the back of the head of.

Naturally, he did what he would always do in such a situation and… hid himself? No, that didn't sound right… but it was actually what had happened. And it was stupid, because he could have simply passed by and thrown a snarky remark at them. He could have completely ignored them. And if he listened to his inner prankster, who sometimes was the only voice of reason in his head, he might have even decided to pull on a little trick and fire up their spirits.

But… none of those options had happened. For some strange reason what had occurred was him hiding behind some bushes- not unlike his friends had done a few hours ago before him. And for another strange reason he had simply stayed there to… observe? He wasn't even sure about it himself.

And he might have given that more thought, if it hadn't been for the fact that his mind seemed to wipe out in a blink when he saw the two boys who were… partly at fault for daring to occupy so many of his thoughts lately. Not like he would ever admit that, oh no, he was very much trying to deny it to himself actually, with… mixed results of success.

But even from where he was, it was undeniable the way the two seemed to gravitate around each like magnets losing to gravity's forceful pull.

And seriously, it might have been his imagination but he swore there were actual sparks flying!

Despite the burning curiosity rushing through him and holding him in place to see what could unfold before his eyes, the sizzling panic taking a much more powerful hold on him in the end was the one to win. He couldn't sit still and wait to see what would actually unfold.

Without hesitation he was already walking away, and walking turned into running, and in a matter of seconds the distance he kept putting between them was almost a relief… almost.

If he had lingered longer he might have seen that nothing more had actually happened, but as it was he had been so caught up in his own emotions there had been sparks flying, literally this timeJust ask the innocent bystanders at the park who had been subjected to an exploding show of said emotions.

What might have been the strangest of all things, however, was how such an unfamiliar situation didn't bring to him the most natural and known response he tended to sort almost everything old and new through: anger.

And the fact that there wasn't an ounce of anger inside him was what angered him, and confused him to no end.







Meanwhile another blond was dealing with his own romance (or lack thereof).

He had even taken note of it in his diary.


Unofficial First Try At Flirting With  Red  (Attempt N. 0)


...although no one needed to know this.

Just like Katsuki, Denki was hiding too… but in plain sight. To tell the truth, he had been following his secret crush- well, not so secret anymore - that afternoon, because according to his friends this was the perfect time to make his move.

So he was now quite impatiently waiting for Eijiro to get back to school from his weekly jogging session with Tetsu-Testu, and said friends were waiting with him.

"Guys, are we sure about this?" Denki couldn't help but ask for the millionth time, trepidation clearly lacing his voice, and no matter how deep he shoved his hands in his pockets he just couldn't seem to stop their fidgeting.

Kyoka clicked her tongue. "Why are you asking us? Shouldn't you be the confident one?"

"Don't say that like it's easy!" Denki wailed, pointing his pointer in accusation at the small group. "We're talking about Kirishima here!"

"…Right." Sero stated emotionless, not seeing how the situation could be so dramatic for the blond, though he had never liked anyone before, not the way Denki seemed to like Eijiro anyway, so he couldn't really berate him for his nerves.

"What are you eating?" Mineta asked beside him, feeling his stomach rumble a little as he eyed the snack.

"Popcorn drizzled in caramel." Sero replied while popping one of the little morsels in his mouth. As if he would begin mission blackmail a frie- uh, his mission help out a friend with an empty stomach.

Mineta pulled a face at that and all thoughts of hunger fled from his mind."You're kidding me."

"Dude, listen to me. This combination of salty and sweet, it just… works." To further prove his point, Sero clapped his hands with a loud smack, entwining his fingers and nodding with an expression so serious it could rival Iida's.

Mineta crossed his arms and scoffed in disbelief. "Next you're gonna tell me that they make popcorn with chocolate."

"They do, actually."

The smaller boy gasped outrageously. "You're kidding me!"

"Guys! Can we get back to me here!?" Denki waved his hands in the air, trying to get them to focus on the problem at hand. His romantic life! (…or lack of)

"Sorry." Sero and Mineta apologized in unison, though they showed no sign of stopping their discussion involving the wonders of popcorn.

"Okay, it's okay, I can do this." Denki spoke, more to himself rather than the others, pacing back and forth in a small circle. "I've done so many scary things in my life, of course I can do this. I mean, I've fought against ferocious villains to help that beautiful lady-"

"Isn't that just a rumor you started yourself to become more popular?" Kyoka asked in a drawl.

"-and in middle school I stayed up the whole night to cram for a math test that would result in fifty percent of my grade-"

"Didn't you fail in math that semester?" She continued disinterested.

"-and one time I didn't clean my room even if my mom asked me to. Twice. …That was scary."

The girl blinked a few times, pausing. "…I actually agree on that."

After nodding to himself and taking in a breath so deep he ended up choking a little, he turned one last time toward his friends. His eyes were shining with determination he didn't really feel. At all.

"How do I look?"

"Amazing." Mineta and Sero reassured, four thumbs in the air.

"Pep talk?"

Mina took in a deep, deep breath, but without choking, and practically yelled in his face. "You can do this! You are the best! Make all of us Eiji-chan's fans proud by bravely showing your love!"

"Last encouragement?"

Kyoka marched up to him in careful strides, stopped in front of him with raised arms and, with both hands, slapped him.

"Ow!" Denki rubbed at his sore cheeks. And grinned. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it. I like having the 'last encouragement.'"

"Because it fills your heart with warmth when you get to help out a dear friend?"

Kyoka waited a moment before answering. "…Of course. It has nothing to do with getting to slap you."

"Great!" Denki exclaimed oblivious.

Mina giggled to herself and Sero shook his head while Mineta rolled his eyes, as if in exasperation.

Denki took one, two, three steps towards the boy of his dreams, who was getting closer by the second… and then stopped.

"Guys, I'm gonna mess this up so bad." He barely let out through gritted teeth.

And was met with silence.

"Oh no, Kaminari, don't worry. You're not going to mess up. Just remember to be yourself and everything will be just fine." The blond said what his friends were supposed to be saying to him in that moment.

Still, no one spoke.

"Oh c'mon! You guys!"

But before he could wail and whine and waste a little more time, he was already being pushed out of his hiding spot… which was still in plain sight since he was in front of the U. A. institute, but details.

"He is going to mess this up so badly." Kyoka commented bored, once he was out of earshot.

Mina nodded enthusiastically. "Mmh-mmh."

















Denki, seeing that Eijiro was getting nearer, and was on his own too- either Tetsu-Tetsu was lost or had something to do before coming back – gave him that little bit of courage that he decided to pour every drop of into what he liked to call a direct approach.

"How's it going?"

"Oh, hey bro." Eijiro stopped next to his best friend, panting slightly as he greeted him with his usual award winning smile.

But Denki, instead of being his usual self, was leaning on a nearby wall like had seen countless 'bad boys' do in movies, his head tilted up in a 'cool way' to acknowledge the other boy. "So… you come here often?"

"I…" Eijiro stared at the U.A. institute right in front of his eyes, then at the blond, feeling more than a little confused. "I… go to school here?"

In his panic to 'flirt', Denki had apparently just forgotten that they not only went to the same school, but they were actually classmates, as in they shared classes together.


Shoot, how did he mess up already?!

Seemed like this attempt at flirting was harder than he had initially thought.


The boy sighed dejectedly, ready to throw away this 'bad boy' persona and lock himself inside his room and probably never come out again, and maybe even buy a cat to keep him company during his forced years of solitude, because flirting was definitely a lot more complicated than movies made it look and he was so tired already, even if he had flirted for… a minute, maybe? Yes, it might have been a whole minute he told himself. (fifteen seconds)

"Hey, you okay?"

"Huh?" Denki looked up surprised, but found himself even more surprised when Eijiro's face was suddenly a few inches away.

His eyes seemed so full of concern all of a sudden, shining ruby red exposed to the rays of the sun, and their proximity froze the breath in his lungs. It was far too late when he noticed a palm being pressed to his forehead.

Denki didn't know why, but in that moment he found it so shocking that the red head's hand would be warm against his skin. It just felt so warm it might as well have started a fire inside of him. His breath came out in short, laboured exhales and he swore he might be seeing double.

Because Eijiro was close… so close…

too close…


Denki ended up short-circuiting himself.

"W-Woah! Kaminari!" Eijiro drew back from the sudden burst of electricity.

And found himself face to face with the 'yay' version of the blond.

In the distance, Kyoka was trying so hard not to laugh. No matter what happened, no matter how, no matter when, no matter where, this was never not going to be funny for her.

"Not gonna lie, we all knew this was going to happen. But let me still say what everyone is thinking. Heh, what an idiot." Sero said somewhat affectionately through a mouthful of popcorn, laughing as he filmed everything on his phone.

















When Denki came back to his senses, which was half an hour later, his plan of now becoming a hermit, and isolate himself on top of a secluded mountain, and maybe get three cats, sounded that much more tempting.

…This was the worst!

How was he even going to write about such a striking failure in his diary?!

And instead of receiving attention and affection from his friends, maybe even pity, all he did receive was laughter. In his face. And disinterest.

"You can't even hold the attention of an airhead like 'little grapey' for more than half an hour." Kyoka all but rubbed salt in his wounds as she pointed behind them, to where Mineta was in fact fighting with Sero about something that involved popcorn by the sound of it, Denki's 'failure' already forgotten. "So how do you even expect to get more than one minute of Kirishima's attention?"

"…Shut up." The blond whined, pouting, busying himself with drawing on the ground with a random stick he had found lying around.

"You know what that means?" Kyoka continued undeterred.

"I don't want to hear-"

"It means you're a loser." She added anyway.

"Shut up!"





Izuku was getting ready for another night spent awake, since it seemed sleep wouldn't come easily tonight either. Even so, he had this sizzling energy inside of him, a sort of static that electrified him from the root of his hair to the tips of his fingers. And even if it was past midnight he decided going to the gym to work it all out might be in his best interest.

On his way there however, he had not anticipated running into another student. And here he thought he was the only one having a random bout of insomnia.


Startled, Katsuki's head whipped around and he looked as surprised as Izuku felt at the sudden encounter.

The hallway they found themselves in was barely lit and it was clear they were the only ones there. The almost defeaning silence resulted in a tension so thick it couldn't even be cut through with a knife.

Images of Shoto and Izuku were abruptly pushing themselves in front of Katsuki's eyes, as if his mind was working overtime to show him the two, just like he had seen them the day before, together, and that was enough to get a reaction out of him. Trying to stop himself, he tightened his fists on the towel around his neck, refusing to show any other outward sign that would betray his inner thoughts. He lowered his head, hiding his expression with his fringe, and ignoring the onslaught of thoughts and emotions and everything in between that just a casual meeting was able to build up.

He bumped their shoulders while making his way to the safety of his room, but it wasn't with the harsh indifference he had hoped. Instead, the gesture almost came off as friendly in its restrained subtlety. Much like his voice, which had dropped lower than he had wanted for it to. "Out of my way, nerd."

Izuku's eyes were fixed on him, but he didn't say anything more. What he did was simply comply, making his way down the hallway and away from him.

For the first time Izuku didn't try to mumble his way out, he didn't try to add anything more, his eyes didn't linger on him, his head didn't fill with discomfort at the thought of what Katsuki would think of him, and he didn't try to find a way to get the blond's attention however he could, even if only for a little bit. He kept walking, eyes straight ahead as the distance grew.

And maybe for the first time Katsuki was the one to stop in his steps, he was the one to look back. His eyes were glued to the boy's retreating back as it slowly became smaller. He felt something warm taking up residence in his chest, but it wasn't an uncomfortably tight feeling or the nauseous sensation of a knot that just wouldn't undo itself. It was an unfamiliar kind of warmth that kept spreading itself inside of him, as if it was blooming.

But he did his best to ignore it.

He just needed to wait for this, whatever it was, to stop. That way he could go back to the normalcy he was accustomed to … right?


Chapter Text



Tonight Izuku had spent it once again training, hoping to tire himself enough this way so maybe sleep could come sooner. But cooped up in four walls of the gym, no matter the nice equipment, had been quite tedious in its repetitiveness, so he decided he would train while taking a breather.

And now, after running twenty laps around the institute, he was starting to feel just a little bored.

He leaned a hand on a nearby tree to catch his breath, and it was in that moment that he noticed a figure looming in the dark. Heart picking up in speed, he told himself there was no way he could be in danger on the safe grounds of the U.A.

But when the unknown figure seemed to only be looming closer, he straightened his posture as apprehension made him take a guarded stance and walking measured, cautious steps forward. The footsteps almost echoed in the silence and Izuku's fists balled up at his side, deciding in that moment he would get ready to fight whoever this was, when all of a sudden-

"Young Midoriya!"

Izuku startled so badly he almost fell on his butt. But it took less than a second for him to recognize the voice belonging to the figure now stepping out of the shadows, who was none other than the number one hero.

"All Might!" Izuku exclaimed happily, beaming up at his idol.

"What are you doing out here at this hour?" All Might asked, somewhat confused to have run into the boy so late in the night.

"Oh, that's…" Izuku rubbed at the back of his head in a sheepish sort of way, still smiling up at the hero. "I couldn't really sleep, heh, so I thought I'd train a little."

A beat of silence passed between them, before All Might's boisterous laughter filled the space as he patted Izuku on the back, almost making fall again from the impact of his strength. "And to think a few months ago you couldn't even get up after a punch, and look at you now, training after hours!" He sniffled a bit and even wiped away a tear.

"T-There's no need to bring that up now!" Izuku cried out defensively, but mostly embarrassed, making his mentor laugh again. But soon he was narrowing his eyes up at the man, staring at him curiously as he asked his question right back. "Wait, what are you doing here at this hour?"

"I have a meeting to head over to." All Might replied, looking towards the school. But paused, and as if an afterthought added next. "Why don't you come with me?"

Izuku titled his head. "Huh?"

"It's not a meeting per se, but a late late meeting, the part of the meeting where the meeting has already happened so it's the meeting after the meeting." All Might nodded to himself as he gave the perfectly logical explanation to his student.

Izuku blinked, more than a little confused after having heard the word 'meeting' so many times. Still, he nodded. "Okay."

In all honesty if his mentor asked him to throw himself inside an active volcano he would, so of course he'd say yes to a meeting that apparently was not a meeting.

All Might's laughter rung clear in the night. "Great! Let's go!"







The two walked along the lit hallways, turning a few times here and there to reach one of the conference rooms where the meeting was taking place. Izuku had to admit that he had been a little worried for the hero, it had been a while since he had last seen him, and even if he heard about him on the news or could reach him anytime on the cellphone, seeing him in flesh and bones, knowing that he was fine, it made him feel better.

"Remember, even if a late one this is still a meeting." All Might told him seriously. "You are going to be surrounded by mature and professional adults. Show them you can be one, too."

"Mature and professional." Izuku repeated, nodding to himself with a fiery determination settling on his features. "Got it."

Once in front of the door the two shared a look and All Might knocked two times. When they heard nothing from the other side, the man went ahead and opened it-

Squeaking laughter, incoherent blubbering, tables and chairs strewn across the room, confetti covering the floor and even someone dancing on the table. This was the sight that greeted them.



A beat of silence and-

"You started without me!" All Might pointed at them accusingly.

'I have to fit in with this group of mature and professional people!' Izuku thought with newfound determination and awe for the handful of teachers/pro-heroes in the room.

Because despite the show they had just walked in, the boy still thought this was what being professional meant – maybe the sleep deprivation was starting to catch up with him – and to show them how mature and professional he could be too, he put on a pair of sunglasses, that seemingly appeared out of thin air, and with a hand he leaned on the closest wall, winking from underneath his sunglasses and 'shooting' them with a finger gun. "'Sup, people. How's it goin'? Ya know how it is, always keepin' it… professional."

Aizawa, who was slumped on one of the chairs, narrowed his eyes partly in confusion and partly in exasperation. "Kid, don't take this the wrong way… but you're spending too much time with Kaminari."

All Might patted him on the head. "I think that's professional enough out of you today."

"Cool!" Izuku gasped, thinking he had just done something extraordinary.

Now taking a moment to take a real look at the room, the boy noticed that along with Aizawa, Present Mic, Midnight and the principal were also taking part to this 'meeting'. There was someone else too, but the guy was lying face down in the corner of the room and Izuku really couldn't tell if that was someone he recognized or not.

Nemuri, who had been dancing on top of one of the tables, or rather, moving her body in ways that might give the impression of dancing, turned to look at the newcomers with a bit of puzzlement.

"Why did you bring-" She pointed at Izuku. "-it along?"

"The 'it' you are referring to is a kid." Hizashi was the one to reply, silently snorting to himself.

The woman waved a careless hand in the air. "Yes, whatever."

"Oh, I met with him just now, and thought to myself 'why not bring him along?', so here we are now." All Might answered the question with a grin.

Nemuri scoffed. "Oh, I didn't know we now could bring whoever we wanted to strictly staff-related meetings."

"…I mean, isn't that what you did with him?" Hizashi mumbled, pointing to the guy passed out on the other side of the room.

"It's his birthday!" She countered.

"So bringing a stranger in because it's his birthday is okay, but bringing in a student you know and trust is not?"


"That's not true!" The passed out guy interjected with a yell from the other side of the room. "I don't even know who that woman is! I've been kidnapped!"

"Shut up!" She screamed back at him, reaching him in a couple of fast strides, and after a few furious whispers thrown back and forth, silence reigned once again, and she turned to sweetly smile at the other occupants of the room. "He likes joking around, don't mind him."

Hizashi raised a suspicious but amused brow. "Sure."

The others ignored the scene altogether, used to such antics.

"Ah, Izuku Midoriya!"

Izuku turned at the voice, searching for it, only to lower his gaze and finding himself face to face- er, face to muzzle with his principal.

"Mister principal!" Izuku all but shouted in awe.

"Your fur looks as shiny and well-groomed as always, sir." All Might complimented as always with a grin.

"It is very shiny." Izuku added, his eyes almost sparkling in wonder. "You, sir, are fascinating."

"Thank you, that is what I tell myself everyday when I look in the mirror." Nezu joked, or did he, laughing heartily, making Izuku and All Might join in. "By the way, the secret is keratin." He whispered it like it truly was a top-secret information.

"He's always fishing for compliments." Midnight muttered under her breath to Present Mic. Suddenly, she froze as she felt the principal's glare boring into her back, and shivering, she nervously forced a chuckle. "Not like that could ever be a bad thing, ah ah ah!"

"Heh, like you aren't fishing for compliments half the time." Hizashi muttered right back, shaking his head at her.

Fire burned in Nemuri's eyes. "What did you just say?!"

While the two teachers quarreled in the background, Izuku walked further into the room, noticing a few catering tables set to the side and taking in all the kinds of foods displayed with a newly formed appetite. "Oooh snacks!"

"There is always a snack for whoever gets angry." Nezu sing-songed as he took a sip out his cup of tea, which Izuku noticed he didn't have before.

The boy tilted his head up to look at his idol, then down to look at his principal. "You mean hungry?"

"No, he does mean angry." All Might replied, taking a protein bar for himself. "But when you get hangry- that is the worst combination."

"You're not yourself when you're hangry." Present Mic mumbled with a shake of the head from across the room, still trying to escape from Midnight's clutches.

All Might shook his head too. "You're really not."

As principal Nezu went to calm the quarreling teachers with a small pat on the head, that looked to be more of a swat, and with a selected choice of snacks, Izuku turned to his mentor with huge eyes.

"Having him as a principal is… amazing!" He whisper-yelled in excitement.

"I know!" All Might whispered back just as excitedly, as if he was a student too.

But after another scan of the room, Izuku suddenly froze when his eyes landed on his other teacher yet again.

"Aizawa-sensei!" He gasped in shock, practically running to him and slamming his palms on the flat surface the man was tiredly leaning on. "You're… drinking?!" He whispered in shock, pointing at the glass filled with an amber colored liquid, immediately drawing up in his head the worst case scenarios.

"You mean this?" Aizawa mumbled, raising the glass in his line of vision as he calmly explained. "This is tea."

Izuku blinked in confusion. "…Uh?"

The man pointed somewhere behind him. "Those two destroyed my cup and there were only a few spare glasses left." He briefly explained, taking a sip for himself, soon after sending Izuku a pondering look. "Why do you sound surprised, though? Do you honestly think I could handle being around these people so often and completely sober-"

"No, no, no!" All Might immediately 'intervened', slapping a hand on Aizawa's mouth. "There's no such thing as alcohol involved here ahah! Absolutely not!" He crouched in front of the boy and looked at him with a sort of intensity only a father could look at his son before giving him a life long lesson. "Drinking is a very bad thing that no heroes ever take part in! It's a curse among curses! And you won't ever partake in such a dangerous and illicit activity that would curse you for life, will you?"

"Of course not, sir!" Izuku all but yelled in his face, even going as far as to salute. "I will never partake in such a dangerous and illicit activity that would curse me for life!"

All Might heaved a sigh of relief.

"I won't ever-" But Izuku was already bouncing away when something new caught his attention, leaving his teachers to stare after him.

"You know, instead of being so protective all the time you should trust that your students have enough good sense to make their own decisions." Aizawa stated, though he almost smiled at his friend after he heard him call alcohol a 'curse' in front of his fifteen year old student. Not even most parents were this careful around their kids, you certainly couldn't say All Might wasn't an attentive educator.

"…I know." The hero mumbled. "But I…- no, young Midoriya, that's an electrical outlet! You can't touch that!" And practically teleported himself to where Izuku was in his haste to stop him.

Aizawa rolled his eyes and went back to sipping at the tea the principal had especially brewed for them, although from how the night was going he was starting to have his suspicions about Nemuri 'fixing' said tea.












After a while of Izuku being drawn in by everything he saw like a little kid, and All Might trying to stop him from putting himself in trouble like a worried father, there was a seemingly veil of calm reigning over the small group now as they were all seated and facing each other in a semi-circle once they had rearranged the tables, or had tried to.

Even the meeting was going accordingly, as they were mostly discussing school-related matters, with the occasional interruption of course, and Izuku was listening in with rapture interest, sometimes intervening too, sometimes asking a curious question.

"Quick question." He announced to the room, raising his hand high in the air just like during a lesson. "Have you ever given someone a bad grade just because you didn't like them?"

…And maybe his questions weren't completely related to the subject at matter, but he was finally sitting in a very adult and very professional meeting, and his brain-to-mouth-filter was practically non-existent (thanks to a certain quirk he's been exposed to), and he was a curious boy by nature anyway.

"Of course not!" All Might exclaimed with a grin, as sincere and righteous as ever.

"What? What kind of question is that?" Midnight regarded the boy with disdain for asking such a thing. "Do you think professionals like us would ever stoop so low only because of spite toward someone?" And then she looked to the side, muttering. "…But yes, yes I have."

"So have I." Present Mic added.

"I did too." Aizawa added bored.

"Of course." Nezu nodded too.

"Gah- you what?!" All Might was so shocked by the response he almost returned to his original form.













"-and that is why we need to teach more self-defence despite the use of quirks, to avoid a case such as this one." Nemuri finished her speech with confidence amid the nodding heads of the other teachers as she read from the papers she had prepared for that meeting. And still with that confidence, she went to take a chip from Izuku's opened bag of chips. But started when the boy pulled the snack close to his chest as if it was a treasure, it even looked like he would start barking any second.

"This is mine now." He whispered quite intensely, eating like his life depended on it.

"What happened to him?" Present Mic asked a bit surprised and a bit weirded out.

"Maybe it's that quirk?" Midnight whispered in mild fascination and mild disgust at the way Izuku was devouring whatever was in front of him. "I heard it makes you feel things more… strongly."

Hizashi turned to look at her colleague surprised. "How do you-" But was interrupted by All Might's sudden shout of "No, young Midoriya, that's Aizawa's hair! You can't eat that!"













And after another pause they were back on track, sort of.

"Now, about that student I was telling you-"

"What student?" Izuku asked, interrupting Present Mic.

"Oh, it's just a little scoundrel we have to deal with." Midnight elaborated, clearly annoyed. "Very undisciplined, rude and overall a pain in the-" At yet another look she received from Nezu, the teacher laughed it off and instead of what she was about to say she ended with, "-neck."

"If you allow me." Izuku cleared his throat, folding his hands on the table and straightening his back, his body language all but screaming the word 'professional'. "What appears to be a fit of rage at the start, in truth could be a mere by-product of unresolved emotional issues that if repressed result in arising conflicts. Only serving to mask the real issues at hand. which could simply be resolved with communication. Fostering a relationship based on trust with students can go a long way in preventing disruption simply out of mutual respect for one another, since students may resist structure early on, but they ultimately embrace it because they feel safe in a structured learning environment."






"…I didn't get a single thing this dude just said…" The guy still lying in the corner of the room spoke out of the blue, only to go back to sleep.

Izuku nodded to himself. "This is my take. Take that as you will."

Nezu clapped his hands, chuckling enthusiastically, "That is great, Midoriya-kun! Have you ever thought of becoming a teacher?"

"Do we have psychology classes in this school I know nothing about?" Midnight asked out loud, seemingly to no one in particular. "…And has he always been this resourceful?" She continued intrigued, leaning in a little to scrutinize the only kid in the room, as if she could discover all his secrets this way.

"Of course he is resourceful!" All Might immediately went to the boy's defense. "Do not insult my students."

"I am not." Midnight quickly placated the adorably protective number one hero with an easy smile, shrugging. "I was simply wondering, that's all."

"Why do I feel like he is actually talking about himself and a close friend of his? Am I the only one wondering that?" Present Mic asked, but went ignored.

"My wisdom may be a blessing." Izuku said with a chuckle, but suddenly he lowered his head, hair falling in front of his eyes. Out of the blue he slammed a hand on the desk, raising his voice in a dramatic turn of events. "…But most times it is a curse!" And thus shattering the illusion of 'mature and professional' he was able to keep up for… one minute.

Hizashi shook his head. "Uh-oh, looks like the kid might have drunk some apple juice."

"I thought being dramatic was one of his personality traits?" Nemuri asked curiously.

All Might nodded. "It definitely is."

"He is also spending too much time with Kaminari." Aizawa added. "And that's never a good thing."

"Wait just a moment…" Nezu interrupted, sounding as dark and intense as Izuku had only a few seconds ago. "Did you just say… apple juice?"

Present Mic flinched, sharing his sentiment. "You know about that too?"

Nezu nodded gravely. "That is one beverage of a kind, it has… peculiar effects on humans and non-humans."

Izuku raised his hand again.


"A few of my classmates drink apple juice all the time."

"Oh." Nezu blinked, taken aback. He stroked his chin and looked up at the ceiling in contemplation.

The others looked up the ceiling too, finding nothing.

"…That explains what happened the other day." The principal continued in a hushed voice, drawing their attention.

"What happened the other day?" Both Izuku and All Might asked at the same time.

"Well…" The clear reluctance on the principal's face- er, muzzle, made the air grow tense with anticipation, and as the seconds ticked by the want to know what Nezu could be talking about only grew stronger.

"What happened?!" Midnight almost threw herself at the principal, wanting to know at any cost just what could have possibly taken place that he principal was so resistant to share with them, what could this secret be?

"I…" Nezu shook his head with remorse, making the hair on everyone's nape stand from the sheer severity of his expression.

"…What is it?" Present Mic gasped quietly, expecting the worst.

"Sir?" All Might was almost ready to eat his nails from the unbearable wait. Even Aizawa, who was mostly unaffected by, well, everything, looked interested.

Izuku was practically sweating bullets waiting for the answer, this somehow felt even more intense than strategizing a plan against an unknown enemy during the vividly realistic exercises they took part in.

"I…" Nezu raised his head at last, looking at each of them straight in the eyes, and finally… broke into a grin. "I'll explain another time! Let's party!"

They all fell off their chairs anime-style.

"You can't just draw people in only to bring them down like this!" Midnight yelled her complaints, but she was ignored by the principal, who was now having a turn at the karaoke they had previously set up in the room.

"This principal… is so cool!" Izuku couldn't help but once again gape in awe at their unique principal, if only all principals could be this cool, thought the boy amazed.

The chaos in the room didn't come to an end because Midnight, in a fit of burning curiosity, took to finding answers from the closest person to her. Which happened to be Present Mic. Which she started choking.

"Tell me! Tell me what happened that day! Just what is this apple juice capable of?!"

"H-How the heck am I even supposed to know that?!"

"Oh no, Midnight's burning curiosity for the intriguing and possibly dark tale of Nezu-san is going to kill him at this rate!" All Might commented the scene as if he was a spectator, fearing for his dear colleague and friend's life. Doing absolutely nothing to help him whatsoever. "Do something!" He urged Aizawa for help instead.

"Night." But Aizawa had other plans as he disappeared inside his sleeping bag, which had appeared out of nowhere, apparently done for the night.

"He's sleeping!" All Might commented again, and again did nothing to help poor Hizashi.

Nezu made a small gavel appear out of nowhere and hit it a few times against the nearest surface he found, which happened to be other unconscious guy in the corner of the room. "Ahah, well, the meeting is adjourned!"

"So cool." Izuku repeated to himself as he stared at his principal with admiration.

After another minute of no one doing anything to help Present Mic out of Midnight's clutches, All Might decided that maybe it would be in their best interest to leave the meeting, seeing as it was past four in the morning by now, and quickly bid his goodbye to the still conscious people in the room, which weren't a lot.

"Oh, Midoriya-kun?" The principal called out to the boy just before they reached the door. "Remind your classmates about the upcoming festival in two weeks."








Seeing as All Might had somewhere to be, Izuku decided to accompany him just outside the school gates. He even asked if he could go with him, but All Might said it was too dangerous for him to be there and that the boy needed to get at least a few hours of sleep to give his best during the lessons of the day. With a bit of reluctance, Izuku agreed in the end.

"Good luck!" He wished his mentor.

All Might grinned. "Thanks, I-aaack!"


One moment All Might was the number one hero, the next he was still the number one hero, only back to his original self. Which startled Izuku, his shout was so loud it made the few birds nearby fly away in fear.

"Oh, I didn't expect we'd waste this much time at the late late meeting." Toshinori said with a chuckle as he rubbed at his scalp in a sheepish sort of way, just like Izuku did sometimes.

Izuku let out a long breath, willing his heart to slow down at the shock. No matter how many times it happened in front of his eyes, it was always surprising and terrifying, in a way or another.

"Young Midoriya."

Izuku looked up at the hero, a bit taken aback by the serious tone the man had assumed. "What is it?"

After a moment Toshinori placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, a gesture that never failed to bring him comfort.

"It's going to be okay." He raised a thumb up and smiled his award-winning smile, whoever saw it could swear that there was a spark at the corner of his mouth, as if this smile could be a quirk in itself. "It will be all right!"

Izuku tilted his head to the side, blinking at his mentor in confusion. "What's going to be alright?"



But it was as if he knew something that Izuku didn't, and even if the boy ignored what it was the reassurance in his words and actions was as clear as the day. Plus, All Might's laughter was as contagious as always, and Izuku felt a burst of happiness rush through him. It was honestly no wonder when he also started laughing along with the hero he admired most in the world. In the end it almost turned in a competition to see who could laugh the most.



Two passersby happened to witness the scene.

"What are they doing?"

"Careful, don't hang around weirdos or you'll become one of them."

They quickly walked away, leaving the two to laugh whole-heartedly in the upcoming dawn, as if their happiness and good mood were urging the sun to rise.

And although Izuku had no idea why All Might would reassure him now of all times, he still felt relieved in some way, as if he knew that everything would be okay in the end.






Bonus Scene:



Two figures were slumped tiredly in one corner of the room as the first rays of light filtered in through the windows, illuminating the other occupants who were already sleeping soundly.

"By the way, I never asked, how did you figure out the boys were hit by the quirk?" Hizashi asked the question that had been on his mind for a while now, seeing as the only people who knew were Recovery Girl, the principal, All Might, Aizawa, and himself after he had been told by Aizawa (though it had taken more time and favors than he had hoped for to get to know this 'secret'.)

Nemuri snorted a bit haughtily. "Oh, please, it was a deduction based on my skills, what else?"

He sent her a flat look. "..You overheard us talking the other day, didn't you?"

"How do you know that?!"

He sighed, crossing his arms across his chest with grimness. "Despite the circumstances, this is a delicate matter. We have to be very careful about it, seeing as we don't know the possible consequences of what this situation could bring."

"Of course. Do you think professionals like us don't know how to handle this type of situation discreetly?"

They both nodded, settling in as best as they could to get a few hours of sleep before the day properly began, Aizawa hadn't moved from his sleeping bag, Nezu was curled up in on himself as he hugged the karaoke's microphone in his sleep and the guy Nemuri had brought was still unconscious by the other side of the room.

After thirty seconds-

"So, you wanna bet?"

"Do you even have to ask?"

-predictably, the two were already betting on it.

"Half of my paycheck is on the nerdy." She stated self-assured. "He's going to confess first."

Hizashi clicked his tongue, shaking his head unconvinced. "Nah, it's too easy like that. I think the half wondrous one will be the first to confess."

"You're on."

They shook on it.

"By the way." Hizashi asked again, this time there was a shit-eating grin splitting his face. "…Didn't you already go through something like this?"

Nemuri, tired from a bit of sleep-deprivation and… whatever else had happened in the last few hours in this room, turned sleepy and unfocused eyes toward her friend and colleague. "What do you mean?"

"I seem to recall-" He began, using the same haughty tone she tended to use at times. "-that a few years ago you paid a guy with this type of quirk to use it on you and your crush at the time, correct?"

Her jaw practically fell in shock. "How do you know about that?!"

As a new choking match took place, Aizawa turned around in his sleeping bag and scribbled down something on a small notebook he always had with him. "…new… blackmail… material…" He mumbled to himself, going back to sleep and doing absolutely nothing to help his dear friend Hizashi.



Chapter Text



Something strange was seemingly taking place, at least Izuku thought so. The days were starting to get a bit fuzzy, almost blurry around the edges, whereas the nights were surprisingly clear.

This night was one of the clearest too, as it found the curly haired boy sitting on the comfortable couch of the common room. The lights were off, so as not to disturb anyone who was currently getting a restful night of sleep, but this time the television was on.

Izuku couldn't distract himself with training, not this time around, his thoughts were too loud to drown out. And moreover his body wasn't willing to cooperate with him right now, he felt a pang of guilt, thinking he was simply being lazy, but given that he had been able to sneak in only a few hours of sleep in more than a handful of days, maybe it was for the best he listened to his body this time and simply relaxed... or tried to.

Although the white noise coming from the buzzing static of the television was not proving to be quite as entertaining as he had hoped, making him sink more into his head.

"The hell?"

Izuku blinked, snapping out of the daze he found himself in. Slowly lifting his gaze from an unfocused spot on the floor, he found narrowed, dark eyes bore into his own.

And even if he should be thinking about anything but this, at the forefront of his mind, screaming in bold letters, was the single question of just how could Katsuki's eyes be gleaming this shade of red even in the darkness-

Fortunately for him, he did not have the time to linger on such unfamiliar thoughts since his classmate proved to be the distraction he was not expecting to be granted tonight.

"The fuck are you doing here?" Katsuki growled out lowly, almost defensively. Even if there was the slight amount of un-amusement splashed across his face when he added. "...Again?"

Izuku glanced around, seemingly looking for an answer. "Well, you see, there was this interview about All Might scheduled late in the night, and I really didn't want to miss it, so I thought I'd just-" But in the end he stopped himself, exhaling slowly.

Katsuki raised an almost curious brow at the explanation, waiting for him to elaborate further.

"…I can't sleep." Izuku finally confessed, averting his eyes.

The blond was somewhat taken aback by the unexpected answer.

...To think it was the same reason he himself was here in the first place.

Katsuki opened his mouth, ready to snap at him, to retort, to mock him even, but all he could think about was why. What was the reason why Izuku couldn't sleep? And all of a sudden, as if under a spell, his mouth was spouting out words he couldn't keep under control.

"You shouldn't think so damn much then." Once again, it came out less biting than he intended for it to, making him harshly bite into his lip against what was viewed as a defeat in his mind. But Izuku speaking next was already pulling at his attention.

"Heh, it's not that easy." The boy mumbled, looking down where his loosely linked fingers rested on his lap.

Oh, how Katsuki knew.

Because thinking was what had gotten him stuck in this rut of sleeplessness, he couldn't help but wonder if Izuku had fallen in his same trap, too.

(...And he couldn't help but wonder who was guilty of Izuku's sleepless night, a part of him knew the answer.)

It was then that he started taking in, really taking in, Izuku. Leaning against the cushions of the couch, slightly illuminated by the lit screen, somewhat tense but relaxed and laid-back.

That tension wasn't caused by the blond, like it usually was. No, it was the cause of an inner work. And if he listened closely, Katsuki could almost swear he heard the cogs behind the boy's brain whirl and turn around in the tireless process of drawing his thoughts.

Truthfully, it was like Katsuki was seeing a new side of him, and for a moment, for a single fragment of a moment, he wanted... get to know this side of him.

He startled, taking a small step back as if he had been burned. It was almost as if the unfamiliarly horrifying thought had woken him up.

"What are you doing here, Kacchan?" Izuku questioned back finally, since he had given his answer already he was curiously awaiting the other boy's.

But Katsuki had no intention of letting him know what was going on in his mind, that was currently descending into a mess even he couldn't blow away.

He craned his neck to the side, scoffing quietly. "None of your business."

Instead of finding Izuku push back a little, maybe in curiosity, or even a bit of concern, he was met with a simple "okay".

Katsuki bit his lip again, not understanding why he felt frustrated and a bit nervous at that. Deciding not to linger in any possibly spiralling and dangerous thoughts, he started his way toward him room, swearing he would will himself to sleep even if it rained fire tonight!

"Good night, Kacchan." Izuku called out to him before he was completely out of sight.

Even with his back turned, Katsuki could still hear the echo of a smile in his voice.

And felt a slow warmth wash over him, taking him whole.

The blond scowled, wanting to turn around and maybe flip him off, or even say something rude, or- but a sudden thought intruded his brain, overshadowing the others, making him grit his teeth and tighten his fists.

Izuku couldn't be the one to have the last word.

"…Night, Deku!" He exclaimed somewhat angrily, with just the bare hint of hesitation.

No, Izuku couldn't. Because whatever this was, Katsuki wouldn't lose to him!

Mind made up, the blond made his way to his room, feeling satisfied now.

Izuku smiled after the blond's retreating back, surprised he had been acknowledged.



And he didn't know why, but it somewhat made him feel like a winner, even if there was no competition in sight?